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MATURE: Different

May 30, 2012
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  1. She/Her
So this is a play I wrote for class, well act one since the rest is a work in progress. I rated it mature to be safe since it has characters talking about sexual things and using some language. The class really enjoyed it and I got pretty good reviews on it. So this is mostly unedited from what I presented in class with only a few things added to the stuff before the main story.



A 23 year old college student studying to be a veterinarian. He enjoys annoying others in any way that he can. He can control blood. He almost always has his face obscured by a large black hoodie. He is very protective of Eva. His left eye is black and his right eye white.

EVANGELIQUE RHOZDENIYE MOARTE: A 21 year old college student studying programming. She tries to avoid other people and keeps to herself. She dresses in jeans and large hoodies. She always wears a pair of black leather gloves. She is called Eva for short. Has the ability to control life force.

TIMOTHY: A ten year old that can talk to animals. His parents are dead and he lives under the guardianship of a distant relative. He has four pets.

MAN: Some guy at the bar that does not approve of abusing women.

PERVERT: A man that thinks he is cool and can get any girl he wants. Has anger, drug, and alcohol issues.

Attendee of the bar that picks up on idiocy well.

SOME GUY: The boyfriend to a girl that Grim annoys. He has a temper and does not enjoy people who do anything he doesn’t approve of to his girlfriend.

OFF STAGE FEMININE VOICE: Timothy’s guardian.

On Stage

(The items for on the stage should be swapped out according to the scene.)

A table with two chairs
A box that can hold a Venus flytrap inside
A Venus flytrap
A glass with Sprite in it
A bed
A nightstand
An alarm clock
A bench
Several textbooks
A desk with papers on it
The front part of a car
A truck door on the side of the stage
An aluminum Louisville Slugger
A red scythe
A bottle of Sprite
Kindle 3G
Phone Charger for iPhone

Dedicated to my friends and family for always loving and supporting me.

Act One

Scene One
(GRIM sits in a dark corner of a bar. In front of him is a glass of Sprite, untouched. Next to him is another chair with a box on it. He is watching the door, waiting for someone to enter. After a minute he finally sees EVA enter through the door. He quickly checks to make sure the box is well hidden by the darkness of the corner. Content that it is, he returns his attention to watching for EVA. As she arrives at the table, she slams her hand down on it. GRIM doesn’t even flinch at the noise.)
EVA: Give it back!
GRIM: I have no idea as to what you’re talking about.
(EVA glares at him, her face furious.)
EVA: Don’t lie to me you stalker freak! I know it was you! Just like you’re always watching me after programming.
GRIM: You call me a freak, yet you’re the one that wears gloves all the time, no matter what. You avoid others and your major itself is meant to avoid human interaction. You seem much more like a freak than me. And again I have no idea what you are talking about.
(Many in the bar look over at EVA as her voice rings throughout it despite the noise. A man comes over to check on the two, and make sure that EVA is okay.)
MAN: There a problem here?
GRIM: None at all officer. It’s just that time of month for my girlfriend, so she tends to yell nonsense things at me. I’d rather not have an up close audience if you could let us be. I’m not going to touch her though she might hit me.
(EVA fed up takes the glass of Sprite and pours it on GRIM’s head. MAN is surprised but doesn’t move or say anything.)
GRIM: BITCH! (Launches from his seat as he says this.)
EVA: Give it back. Do not screw with me. I swear you won’t like it.
GRIM: Oh come now. Screwing with you sounds so pleasurable.
(EVA becomes speechless. She opens her mouth as if to say something but then closes it right away. GRIM smiles triumphantly. The MAN looks confused as though contemplating what to say. EVA defeated sits down across from the GRIM. )
EVA: (Towards MAN.) Can you leave us?
MAN: But what if he-
EVA: Leave.
(The MAN looks between them again before finally leaving. EVA turns her attention on GRIM. She takes a deep breath.)
EVA: Okay what is it that you want? You had to have wanted me here for some reason. So what is it?
(GRIM sits silently for a moment. He pulls the box out of its hidden place and places it on the table.)
GRIM: Nothing.
(He gets up and leaves. EVA sits there shocked by his actions. She sits silently for a few minutes before finally opening the box. Inside is a Venus flytrap. She takes out the plant and leaves the bar carrying it.)

Scene Two​
(EVA exits bar into the parking lot with many cars, and few streetlights to light it, causing much to be hidden in shadows. In the parking lot is a guy laying on the hood if his car, and another is about to get into his truck to leave. The man about to leave notices EVA.)
PERVERT: Need a ride?
EVA: No.
PERVERT: Whatever then bitch.
(MAN ON HOOD laughs at the PERVERT.)
MAN ON HOOD: Yeah she’s a bitch for not going for the date rapist.
(PERVERT is obviously annoyed by this comment. He glares at MAN ON HOOD as MAN ON HOOD heads into bar laughing. PERVERT takes out keys and a metal Louisville Slugger. He starts keying the car and smashing it with the bat. EVA takes out her iPhone and starts recording the man, trying to be careful not to be seen. When he is done she shoves her phone into her hoodie pocket and starts walking quickly away. The PERVERT sees her. Running over he grabs her roughly taking the phone from her pocket and slamming it against the ground. He smashes it with the bat, then he smiles an evil smile at her.

The PERVERT raises his bat. EVA drops her Venus flytrap and starts removing her gloves. Before either can finish their action, a red blur slams into the PERVERT’s stomach, knocking him to the ground. GRIM comes out of the shadows and stands protectively in front of EVA, a red scythe in his hands. He is serious.

The PERVERT starts crawling away, pissing his pants in the process. After a small distance away he starts running. He jumps into his truck and drives away. EVA looks at GRIM fearfully. He moves his hand over the scythe, causing it to become a pot. He sets it down on the ground then picks up the now potless Venus. He places it into the new pot and picks up as much soil as he can. He stands up holding the Venus flytrap. EVA’s expression becomes one awe and the fear leaves her face. GRIM gently takes her hand and leads her out of the parking lot. )

Scene Three​
(EVA enters college campus, a new iPhone in her hand along with a plastic bag from a gardening store. GRIM stands leaning against the gate, a box of donuts and two cups of coffee in his hands. EVA does not notice GRIM there.)
GRIM: Morning. How you feeling?
(EVA turns toward him annoyed.)
EVA: What do you want?
GRIM: Just breakfast. No annoying. Just silently eating.
(EVA watches him for a few moments before walking over to him and taking a cup of coffee. She sits down on a nearby bench and begins drinking it. GRIM joins her, setting the donuts between them. The two eat silently for a few minutes.)
GRIM: So do you use the cloud?
(EVA looks at him as though he’s insane.)
GRIM: iPhone. iCloud. You can back stuff up on it, thus if you use it-
EVA: I did that. I gave the police a flash drive this morning.
(The two are quiet for a few minutes longer.)
EVA: How did-
GRIM: Blood.
EVA: Wha-
GRIM: I can control blood. Just like how you can take life from a person through touch. I can teach you to control it if you want. I know a place, I-
EVA: NO! Nonononono. No. No. No.
GRIM: Eva list-
(EVA shoots up from her seat and drops the coffee. She runs offstage. GRIM sighs and picks up the mess of breakfast, throwing it out. He watches as a girl passes by and trips over her own feet. He laughs at her as he exits the stage.)

Scene Four​
(EVA enters a room. It is small with few things inside of it. There is a bed, nightstand, trash can, closet built into the wall, and a desk. On the nightstand is an alarm clock, and a phone charger. The desk has several text books on the floor by it, some papers on it, the Venus flytrap on it, and a Kindle 3G on top of it as well. GRIM lays on top of her bed, his feet hanging over the end. EVA rolls her eyes and sets her backpack down by the desk, sitting in a chair that is in front of it. She takes out a laptop and turns it on, placing it on the desk, shoving papers out of the way as she does. Some flutter to the ground as a result. She begins typing some coding into her computer.)
GRIM: Welcome home honey.
EVA: Go screw yourself.
GRIM: I rather you do it.
EVA: And I rather you disappear from my life but we can’t always get what we want.
GRIM: (singing) You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometime you find, you get what you need. (Stops singing) And you know what you need Evangelique?
EVA: To get laid? I’m guessing you’re offering to be the one to screw me.
(EVA stops typing and looks over at GRIM. She studies him, trying to get a read on him. It proves futile and she frowns, giving up and returning back to her programming.)
EVA: So what do I need?
GRIM: Control.
EVA: Get out of my dorm room. Now. Just leave me alone already. I don’t want to pl-
(GRIM rises from the bed, walking towards EVA as he speaks.)
GRIM: Don’t you want to marry or have children? Feel love, friendship, touch? Don’t you want to live? Eva.
(GRIM is right by her by this point. EVA stares into the dark abyss of his hood. She opens her mouth to speak but finds herself unable to utter a word. She continues staring, her expression shows that she agrees with him. Despite her expression she starts shaking her head no. This is cut off by GRIM kissing her, his hood enveloping their kiss, hiding it from the audience. EVA shoves him away roughly, causing him to trip over some textbooks. He falls onto the ground, his hood coming off. He is shocked and seems worried. EVA’s expression should go from angry due to the kiss, to bewilder upon seeing GRIM’s face. She is in awe and begins studying his features.)
EVA: Your eyes they are (pause) beautiful. I have never seen eyes like those before.
(GRIM frowns)
GRIM: I’m the first person you have ever seen with eyes like these? You have never seen another?
(EVA shakes her head)
GRIM: (to himself quietly) You don’t remember…
EVA: What did you say?
(GRIM gets up and leaves the room, slamming the door behind him.)

Scene Five​
(Light comes on on stage. There is a background of people walking down a sidewalk with some shops behind them, and a busy street between the two sidewalks. Opposite to the shops on the other side of the street is a bench. GRIM is sitting on the bench, an unopened bottle of Sprite in his hands. He sighs as he stares ahead, straight at the audience. The chatter of passing people on the sidewalk and the sounds of children playing at a playground can be heard. TIMOTHY enters from audience. He walks over to the bench and sits down sighing heavily.)

(During this scene the two should not look at each other until it is stated. GRIM should start off looking just sad but grow into a more serious expression with each line until TIMOTHY looks at him. By this time he should be dead serious. TIMOTHY should not believe GRIM until he sees him. When he sees him then he himself should become serious.)
GRIM: Kid you’re too young to be sighing like that.
TIMOTHY: And you’re too old and young to be watching children at a playground.
(GRIM laughs with a maniacal undertone.)
GRIM: Good point. I’m curious now. What’s wrong with you?
TIMOTHY: Nothing you would understand.
GRIM: I was a kid once too you know. I can understand.
TIMOTHY: Well I’m not a normal kid.
GRIM: You have some kind of ability?
GRIM: What is it? Moving water? Controlling air? Flying?
TIMOTHY: Don’t make fun – (TIMOTHY stops midsentence as he turns his head to finally see GRIM. Seeing GRIM’s serious expression he himself becomes serious, finishing his sentence in shock at GRIM being serious.) –of me. (Pauses) I can understand animals.
GRIM: That sounds like a nice one.
TIMOTHY: It’s not. Their voices give me headaches, and bullies always pick on me. The animals know it and don’t leave me alone.
GRIM: It’s better than something that can kill your family.
TIMOTHY: Not when your family does that themselves.
(GRIM pauses in thought.)
(Starting at this point the two’s expressions and tones should start lightening.)
GRIM: What’s your name?
TIMOTHY: Timothy.
GRIM: Age?
TIMOTHY: Ten. What about you?
GRIM: Grim age 23. And I promise I’m not a stranger danger. Just looking for somewhere to think. I associate good memories with a park (Pauses) well did at least. You here by yourself? It’s a school day.
TIMOHTY: With my guardian. She let me skip today so I could have at least today away from bullies.
GRIM: I see. (Pauses) Want some ice cream?
(The two get up and leave the stage for a few moments. They come back carrying ice cream cones.)
TIMOTHY: What is that flavor that you’re eating?
GRIM: Bacon, chocolate, strawberry, and cookie dough packed into coffee ice cream. It’s delicious. What flavor are you eating?
TIMOTHY: Reese’s, Oreo, cookie dough, and brownie bit into chocolate ice cream. A lot more normal than yours.
GRIM: Don’t knock it till you try. Actually how about we switch some so we can try each other’s. (Timothy nods in agreement and the two switch a scoop each.) Mmm. Good choice. This is delicious.
TIMOTHY: Yeah I stand corrected. Yours is good too.
GRIM: Thirsty? I have a sprite here. I have no plans on drinking it and it’s unopened.
TIMOTHY: Sure. (Takes sprite and tries to open it one handed. Fails. GRIM opens it while TIMOTHY holds it. TIMOTHY takes a drink, using his legs to hold it while he re-closes it.) Thank you. This made me feel a lot better. (Gives GRIM a large smile. Maybe have him eat the ice cream messily so that it adorns his face.)
GRIM: No problem. Actually I feel a lot better too.
TIMOTHY: You said that parks used to give you good memories. What did you mean by that?
GRIM: When I was your age there was this girl that I met at a park. We always played together until I was taken away. We go to the same college, however she doesn’t recognize me. Doesn’t remember me at all. And my eyes aren’t forgettable.
TIMOTHY: So what do you plan on doing?
GRIM: Leaving her alone like she wanted. I can’t see any point in doing anything anymore.
TIMOTHY: Though if you love her then why not fight to bring back her memories? Maybe an accident took them away or something.
(GRIM looks at TIMOTHY thoughtfully for a moment, then smiles.)
GRIM: Thanks. You’re right. I am going to keep fighting.
TIMOTHY: Oh that’s my guardian. I have to go. Hope to see you again Grim. (Gets up and runs off stage to the audience.)
GRIM: (To himself.) You too TIMOTHY.
(GRIM gets up and leaves stage.)

Scene Six​
(GRIM is walking on the college campus. SOME GUY suddenly grabs him and throws him to the ground.)
SOME GUY: Hey freak. My girlfriend tells me you laughed at her.
(GRIM looks over to see the girl that fell previously. He stands up.)
GRIM: Did she also tell you how we screwed? Though she sucks. I suggest a new girlfriend.
(SOME GUY punches him. He staggers.)
SOME GUY: You watch your mouth bastard.
GRIM: Your girlfriend certainly didn’t watch hers. It was all over me, especially on my-
(SOME GUY punches him again. He tackles GRIM to the ground and starts punching him. GRIM knees him between the legs and then head-butts him. He quickly gets up, making distance between him and SOME GUY.)
GRIM: What? Don’t like hearing that your girlfriend cheats on you? The truth sucks but we have to hear it. We always have to hear the truth. You. Me. Her. Everyone. JUVI says so. Thus we must hear the truth. We must always hear the truth!
(GRIM starts laughing maniacally.)
SOME GUY: You sick bastard. What the hell is wrong with you?
(GRIM smiles sadistically.)
GRIM: Your mother.
(SOME GUY punches him again. GRIM falls to the ground. SOME GUY starts kicking him. EVA enters stage and sees the fight. She runs over and grabs onto SOME GUY.)
EVA: Stop! Leave him alone! Stop please!
(SOME GUY pushes her away, causing her to fall to the ground. GRIM becomes clearly angry. He gets tackles SOME GUY from the ground. He straddles him and begins punching him in the face over and over. A sadistic smile crosses his face as he seems to enjoy the action. EVA gets up and grabs his arm before he can punch again.)
EVA: Stop. It’s enough. Please stop. (Her voice is on the brink of tears.) Please just stop. Please. (She leans her head against his hand. A few tears fall.)
(GRIM stands up wordlessly and emotionally. EVA takes his hand and leads him off stage. The girl runs to her boyfriend, helping him up, and likewise leading him off stage.)

Scene Seven​
(GRIM and EVA enter EVA’s dorm room. She makes him sit on the bed. She leaves for a few moments, and then comes back in with a medical kit, few bottles of water, and a few rags. She begins cleaning the blood off of GRIM.)
GRIM: Why?
EVA: Why what?
GRIM: Why?
EVA: Am I helping you? You don’t deserve it considering you are the one that mostly likely pissed them off first. However they seemed to be overreacting. Plus if I don’t tend to you then who will?
GRIM: Why?
EVA: Don’t I leave you to bleed to death? I should since you deserve it, but I don’t like watching people die when I could have saved them.
GRIM: Why?
EVA: Did I take you to my room? Because I don’t know where yours is. Either way you wouldn’t get lucky.
GRIM: Why?
EVA: Why what?
GRIM: Why don’t you remember me?
EVA: I’ve never met you before.
GRIM: Thirteen years ago.
(EVA doesn’t speak for a while. She instead busys herself with cleaning up GRIM, lost in thought. GRIM watches her every move, seemingly interested. After finishing cleaning off the blood, she begins bandaging him.)
EVA: I don’t remember. (Pauses) I don’t like to remember from that time.
GRIM: How could you forget hope amongst despair?
EVA: Because hope is a lie.
GRIM: What do you mean?
EVA: If hope was real then my father would still be alive.
GRIM: It’s still real.
EVA: It’s not.
GRIM: Yes it is.
(EVA shoots straight up from her tending situation. Anger adorns her face.)
EVA: No it’s not. Hope is one big giant lie. There is just despair. It takes and takes and takes until you have nothing.
GRIM: You have me.
EVA: What?
GRIM: If hope did not exist then I would still be in JUVI.
(EVA goes quiet again. She finishes tending to him.)
EVA: All done.
GRIM: What no lollipop?
EVA: (Chuckles.) Like Charlie.
GRIM: You do remember!
EVA: No I don’t know why I said that. I don’t know who that is.
GRIM: A ringpop.
EVA: A ringpop?
GRIM: Seriously a ringpop.
(Both begin laughing cheerfully. EVA sits on bed next to GRIM.)
EVA: I want to learn. I want to control these powers.
GRIM: So let me help you.
EVA: I’m scared.
GRIM: I know, but I promise you I won’t let anything happen to anyone.
EVA: Promise?
GRIM: Promise.
EVA: Do you know what it’s like to-
GRIM: To what?
EVA: Never mind. It’s nothing. When do we start?
GRIM: Tomorrow.
EVA: Alright then. Tomorrow.
GRIM: I’ll see you tomorrow then Evangelique Rhozdeniye Moarte.
(GRIM leaves.)
EVA: Dangit. I forgot to ask his name.
(Black Out.)
Really cool to get a play/script-like story on here! Really entertaining too! I thought I would have trouble with visualizing the scene with this format, but I didn't. You set the scenes nicely and use dialog effectively to move it along. Nice!
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