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Digimon Genesis (T)

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Jun 22, 2007
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Setting: Steele City, USA / The Digital World
Year: 2012

Many millenniums ago, a war between two powerful forces raged in an effort for supremacy in the Digital World. One side was already in power and looked upon by their subjects as the guardians of the Digital World. There were six of these guardians initially, but after initial thoughts by their leader, it was proposed that six more potential members be considered into the group. Thus, the members took it upon themselves to nurture the DigiEggs of each new member and raise them until they were strong enough to fend for themselves as a guardian of the Digital World. These guardians showed great attributes and virtues that anyone would want to mimic.

The other side of war included desperate and dastardly individuals who wanted nothing more than to overthrow the guardians of the Digital World and remodel the world to their choosing. Driven by sinful thoughts and actions, these "demons" as they were called by civilians, slowly began to rise to power after several subjects began to questions the sincerity of their guardians. Thus, this led to a plan of action to overthrow the guardians of the Digital World in the form of riots, violent battles, and several days of absolute chaos in the Digital World. Although this group was small, the villainous quality rivaled the heroic nature of the guardians they wanted to dethrone.

The differences of opinions of thoughts obviously clashed, leading to war. The guardians simply wanted to protect the land that they ruled over generously, while the demons showed no mercy in destroying everything in their path. Lives were lost, landmarks were destroyed, and bits of data were left permanently deleted. There was absolutely nothing the guardians could do protect their land or even themselves. They were simply not strong enough to face the task of removing the demons from their land. It was either be annihilated at this moment or retreat from battle and come up with another plan. Being the brave and noble figures that they were, the guardians put their absolute trust in the DigiEggs they had nurtured and sent them into the Real World, in hopes that they would find a partner to help them to grow and become stronger. Those DigiEggs would not have survived what would happen next.

The demons knew that the guardians were ill prepared when it came to facing such unbelievable and unexpected power, so they unleashed all of their energy into one focused attacked. This world was unfit for them, so it was best that they completely destroyed it and built it from the ground up. Unfortunately, the demons were successful in completely vanquishing everything in their path, including themselves. However, their leader knew that this would happen and protected himself from the attack. He also knew that the guardians were sly in sending the DigiEggs into the Real World. So, when the Digital World reformed, he too collected DigiEggs: the DigiEggs of his fallen comrades. Determined to completely destroy any thought of the guardians, the demon leader took it upon himself to become the supreme ruler of the Digital World. But he did not want to stop there. The Real World was his next destination as he needed a source of energy to fuel the DigiEggs he posses. Learning that human emotion triggered a secret energy in Digimon, the demon leader's goal was now clear: he wanted to be ruler of both worlds.

With every life form unaware of the demon leader's intentions, the hopes of both worlds rested on the six DigiEggs the guardians sent to the Real World and who ever held possession of those Digimon. Will they be up for the challenge that they unknowingly signed up for? This is a new beginning... This is... DIGIMON GENESIS.


1. Open
2. Open
3. Open
4. Open
5. Open
6. Open


1. Bearmon
2. Coronamon
3. Lunamon
4. Psychemon
5. Biyomon
6. Crabmon


D-Touch - The official Digivice of the Tamers, the D-Touch is a key component for the new Digidestined. It was created by a combination of the technology of the Apple iPhone as well as the data inserted by each of their partner Digimon, thus creating the D-Touch. Having similar functions to an ordinary phone, the D-Touch is capable of calling other phones, as well as contacting other D-Touches in the Real World or in the Digital World. There is an application for almost every need for the Tamers as it pertains to Digimon.

The Demon Lords - The Digital World and the Real World's biggest threat, the Seven Great Demon Lords are fueled by the negative thoughts and actions of humans and have continue to strengthen overtime. Led by their leader Lucemon, the 7GDL's biggest goal is to become undigitized while taking over the Real World.


1. The Digimon presented are the Digimon are the only Digimon that are available, meaning there are NO other Digimon that you can have.

2. No role is gender specific, meaning that Lunamon (a female Digimon) can have a male partner, just as much as Kokuwamon (a male Digimon) can have a female partner. That being said, I will have the last say as to who has what partner Digimon paired with them. It makes things more interesting!

3. This roleplay is a text and 'episodal' based roleplaying. What I mean by this is there will not be a "point system" or "leveling up" in this roleplay. I'm not really too fond of that. Also, this roleplay will be divided up into different 'episodes' and 'arcs' in order to push to plot and head towards a goal for this RP (to save both worlds!). That being said, each character in this roleplay will be VERY important! No character is greater than the other in those terms. Each character will have specific episodes and obstacles that they shall overcome! We will work together on plotting in the OOC thread!

4. Basic roleplaying and site rules shall apply for this Roleplay. If you don't know those rules by now, I suggest you look them up.

5. As far as applying for this roleplay, this roleplay is NOT "first-come, first-serve" and also I will not allow "reservations" for spots. If you are applying for a position, let me know in advance, but there will be no "reserving" per se.

6. I plan for this RP to be an epic, of sorts, meaning that there could possibly be a sequel, who knows? All that I want are quality posts and quality players in this Roleplay who will be active in and out of character. Once the casting is filled, I will have another set of regulations that I would like for everyone to abide by, for the sake of the roleplay and its players.

7. For information regarding the Digimon in this RP (attacks, digivolutions, history, etc.) please visit this website as I will not provide a link for every single Digimon that we just so happen to come across.

It is my preference to have have an even cast of three male and three female characters, however I understand that that may not happen. However, keep this in mind when applying. I really want an even distribution of genders with this roleplay. Also, when applying, keep in mind that your character believes that his or her Digimon is the only Digimon that exists. They do not know about other Digimon.

Other than that, get to applying you little rascals!


Full Name (realistic names please)

Nickname: (if any)
Age: 17-19
Gender: (male or female)
Birthday: (month and day)
Partner: (leave blank)
Digivice: (leave blank)

Appearance: (decent length)
Personality: (decent length)
Family: (decent length)
Background Info: (decent length, note that all characters live in or reside in steele city)
Random Facts: (list anything interesting)
Flaw: (whats your character's flaw)
Hello :)
Im a huge Digimon Fan and was thinking of Digimon Genesis myself today, now I see I can join a little Cohort to write it, that is so much more EPIC! :)
Then I realised there were specific Digimon...
But Coronamon is there... he's probably like my 2nd Favourite... So this is just so AMAZING :)
As for my Character... If you want him ;)
I like characters that I base off myself, i feel I can relate to them more personally ahaa... I Hope that okay? :)
His Full Name would be Benjamin Steven West
Yes my name is also Ben.. but thats not my own full name ahaa :)
Ben can be his Nickname :)
Age: 19
Birthday May 14th... Sounds similar to someone I know >.<
Oh Gender... he's a Male :)
Partner and Digivice you want left blank?.. Okay :)

Top End of Average Male Height, so 5'10/11" Not thin, but not a Zonker... Just a little extra padding, as they say over here in England :) He is often seen wearing Blue, actually Blue will be his main colour Im thinking :) Im unsure whether to have him with Glasses, if so they would be Dark rimmed, Square ... Possibly he can wear them on and off? Slightly Stubly, ofen clean shaven though and his hair is darker brown :)

He is excitable, he is constantly happy, i mean CONSTANTLY ... but when he gets that mood... damn he gets it ;)
He is a very creative guy... not in the artistic front... well i mean who doesn't like to draw sometimes... He is very musical playing 3 instruments and sing... any digimon partner would grow up singing to ;)
He can be quite a leader figure, and can often take control... But when he thinks he is right.. Damn he is right ;) (More about this when I tell of his flaws :) )
An important fact is .. Well two actually... One is that he never discriminates between different people, or creatures, Perhaps this can spur your ideas for an episode... For example a Slug has as much rights as a Human to live, as does say an Agumon to a LadyDevimon
But he is very ruthless when it comes to the destruction of life and lives for a pointless outcome... Showing his good-side and the obviousness that he became a digidestined :)
Lastly, his Intelligence that is a major part of him... He will be the Izzy of the Group, if your familiar with Digimon Adventure :) But not a computer geek, a science/ life geek :)
For instance, on meeting a digimon for the first time, not knowing what one was he would be finding out where on the evolutionary tree (Phylogeny tree) it would belong :)
Oooh One last thing :)
He is great with People and creature... what the heck, he is a socialiser he can talk the talk and is very easily fitted into new situations :)

His family is pretty simple ... and actually fits into his Background info


Family/Background Info :) :
Because Im English and proud :)
Ben was born and raised in England, he came to Steele City (Is this the Steele city of Nebraska?) as a means to study (Or possible to experience Scientific working) from the UK :)
As stated above he fit right into american life, but isn't yet into the unusual tasting water... ahaa a little quirk there ;)
He is an only child of Working class parents (Working class being a Builder Father and School Cook Mother :D )
Any more background Info you need... Just ask for Specifics :)

He (As stated above) is a music person
He sings everyday, plays 3 instruments ... Pretty good if Im honest ;)
And can have little OCD's about things :)

Thing must be his way or no way.. Simple :)
Normally he is the right decision in situations.. (Or at least he thinks he is ;) )
So he gets his way (Obviously from being an Only Child growing up :D )

Hope thats enough Info .... and Eeeek Im excited for this
I just LOVE Digimon :)
They are the Champions afterall ;)

Thanks for reading :)
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