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Digimon: The Reckoning

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Dog of Hellsing

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Mar 11, 2010
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There exists another world, parallel to our own but entirely separate. This world, known as the Digital World, came about from the use of digital devices such as computers and GPS. The energy of these devices created the Digital World, and residual energy created basic life forms known as Digital Monsters. This world and these beings were as real and solid as our own, except instead of being made up of molecules, the building blocks of life and matter were data.

Because it was created directly from devices such as computers, the Digital World had a direct connection to the Real World in the form of compressed data streams. This connection allows for Digimon to cross from their world into ours, and for normal people to travel to the Digital World. In some cases, Digimon befriended humans and helped them; other times, Digimon came into the Real World to conquer it. And there were cases of humans traveling to the Digital World for their own greedy ambitions. Luckily, humans and Digimon who had become friends were able to stop these threats to the worlds and keep the peace between them.

However, peace can only last for so long…

A Digimon known as Anarcomon had plotted for many years in the Digital World. He wanted nothing more than to have both the Digital World and the Real World under his rule. He was a Mega-level Digimon, one of great power, but he had seen how others before him had fallen and knew that even if he made an army of followers, he would be defeated by those who had come to be known as DigiDestined. Instead, he knew he needed to find a human partner from which to draw more power. He didn’t dare travel to the Real World and reveal himself, though, and instead sent other gullible Digimon to the Real World to find suitable humans.

The disappearances began.

People of varying ages, from child to adult, were abducted by the Digimon under Anarcomon’s control. Each was brought before him, to be brainwashed into serving Anarcomon and helping him. None of them were suitable for being Anarcomon's partner, though, at least not until a young man named Keith Williams from the United States was brought forward. Almost instantly, a twisted bond developed between he and Anarcomon; the two were partners, their fate having been decided by powers beyond them both.

Keith, however, was not of the same mindset that Anarcomon was. In fact, he was a mentally unstable young man, having a disorder similar to autism that made him extremely anti-social and childlike in his actions. This broken human wasn’t seen as a valued friend, but instead manipulated and used by Anarcomon. With the power from the bond with his DigiDestined, Anarcomon enacted the next step of his plan.

Over the years he had developed a weapon of sorts. It was a cannon, one that could fire highly-concentrated data. Anarcomon’s idea was simple, if not outrageous; fire the data cannons at the streams of compressed data that connected the Digital and Real Worlds, which would cause them to become unstable. Once they were fractured enough, they could be broken. For the streams were not only roads between the Worlds; they also kept the worlds separate, and without them, there would be chaos as the worlds collided and merged.


There are hundreds of minor data streams and ten major ones. The Minor Streams act as support for the Major Streams; should all ten Major Streams be destroyed, the Minor Streams will be unable to prevent the worlds from merging. Anarcomon has already destroyed three of the Major Streams, and the strain can be felt in both the Real and Digital Worlds. The backlash of so much raw data is causing normally peaceful Digimon to become highly aggressive, and the instability growing between the worlds is making it easier for them to cross over into the Real World. So far, numerous DigiDestined and their partners have been able to stop these threats, but they are becoming more and more frequent. On top of that, the data is allowing Digimon to Digivolve on their own, so there are Champions and even the odd Ultimate-level Digimon coming through.

The imbalance is also causing unusual things to happen in terms of the DigiDestined. Under normal circumstances, a DigiDestined only had one Digimon partner, but recently many DigiDestined have been finding a second partner as well. Those who have tried to find out why this is don’t have solid proof, but it seems the discord going on in the Digital World is affecting Digivices and causing them to respond to multiple Digimon.


*Anarcomon’s Army:- Digimon and humans (including DigiDestined) who would prefer the worlds to merge and live under Anarcomon’s rule. People joining this side will be working to ensure the data streams are all destroyed, as well as stopping those who try to interfere.

*True DigiDestined: Digimon and humans (including DigiDestined) who want to stop the merging of the worlds and prevent Anarcomon from spreading his tyranny. They will stop at nothing to protect the Real and Digital Worlds and are desperate to prevent any other data streams from being destroyed and also seek a way to repair the three already broken.

*Lone Wolf: Those who seek to take advantage of the chaos for their own reasons, be they pure or corrupt.


Digivolving can happen in several different ways. A Digimon can Digivolve on their own without human help if they manage to absorb enough data, but a Digimon who has a human partner can Digivolve at will by drawing on the energy of their partner and having it transferred to them via a Digivice. There is no need for Tags and DigiEggs used for Armor Digivolving are stored in the Digivice after being found.

*Normal Digivolving: This is basic Digivolving, where a Digimon moves on to its next form, known as a level. There are several different levels- Baby, In-Training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, and Mega. A Digimon doing normal Digivolving will follow this chart and cannot “skip” forms.

*Warp Digivolving: This is when a Digimon jumps straight from Rookie level to Mega level. This requires a great deal of energy and the Mega level can only be held for a short amount of time.

*DNA Digivolving: When two Digimon fuse their data and become a single entity. This can happen only when both Digimon are at the same level, and the result is the next level up (if both are Rookie, the fused Digimon will be Champion). If two Mega level Digimon DNA Digivolve, it will result in another Mega.

*Armor Digivolving: DigiEggs can be found as the RP goes on, and these can be used to Digivolve a Digimon to a separate line than it would normally follow. When a DigiEgg is found it is stored in the finder’s Digivice. It can be accessed at any time, but only works on Rookie Digimon. A Digimon that Armor Digivolves cannot DNA Digivolve or Biomerge in order to Digivolve further. A Digivice can hold two DigiEggs at a time.

*Biomerging: A Digimon can fuse with its partner in a special Digivolution known as Biomerging. This happens by the Digivice converting the human into data so they and the Digimon can combine, sort of like with DNA Digivolving. A person can Biomerge with any Digimon at Rookie, Champion, or Ultimate level; any Biomerge causes the Digmon to jump straight to Mega level. Like Warp Digivolving, this takes a great deal of energy and the form can only be held for a short amount of time.

**DeDigivolving: When a Digimon expends or loses too much energy, it will undergo reverse Digivolution known as DeDigivolving. Under normal conditions, a Digimon will DeDigivolve to its Rookie level, but in extreme situations they may DeDigivolve all the way back to their Baby level. A Digimon can force itself to DeDigivolve by “shedding” excess data.


1) DigiDestined on either side can have either one or two Digimon partners.

2) This is a separate universe from any of the previous seasons, so none of the scenarios/characters from the canon exist in this. However, you can still pick canon characters, though their backgrounds will need to be changed in some places to reflect the lack of their canon not existing.

3) In the Real World, a Digmon’s data is “reconstructed” in a manner that makes the data take on the properties of flesh and blood organisms. Though they are still technically made of data, they can bleed from injuries, get bones broken, or have damage to internal organs, as their data replicates these features in living beings of the Real World.

4) Mega level forms can be held for the following amount of posts: 3 before reverting to Ultimate, 4 before reverting back to Champion, 5 before reverting back to Rookie automatically.

5) Most Digimon have the strength to remain in their Rookie form under normal conditions, though as the RP progresses, they can gain the power to stay in higher levels such as Champion or Ultimate.

6) It’s possible for humans to travel to the Digital World via their Digivices, but the Digital World is in a state of chaos with so much raw data flying around. Be prepared for a grueling, unpleasant trip if you decide to go there.

7) Digimon can have a gender, or if you prefer, can be genderless.

8) Every seven posts, Anarcomon's cannon will fire, destroying another of the Major Streams and countless Minor ones. Unless, that is, it can be stopped...


It’s entirely possible to die in this RP, though death means different things depending on if it’s a human or Digimon.

For Digimon, death means completely losing their physical form and reverting back to raw data. If a Digimon dies in the Digital World, its data goes to a place known as Primary Village. There, its data is reconfigured into a DigiEgg, which spawns in a random place in the Digital World. However, if a Digimon dies in the Real World, its data must be stored in a Digivice or the data will disperse and the Digimon will be lost forever. A Digivice can hold a Digimon’s data for an indefinite amount of time, but the Digimon can only be reborn if its data is sent to the Digital World.

If a human dies, they go to one of two realms; if they lived a just life and were good, they will go to the Hereafter, and if they lived a corrupt life and were evil, they go to Hades. A person can return to life, but first they must undergo a series of challenging trials to ensure they are worthy of getting a second shot at life.


1) Follow the ToS (Terms of Service, what you agreed to when first joining the forum).

2) No god-moding.

3) No bunnying unless given permission to do so by the character’s owner.

4) The occasional cursing here and there is fine, but don’t drop f-bombs everywhere.

5) Light romance is fine, but keep it PG please.

6) Please be literate when posting; avoid using chatspeak or smilies unless it’s in an IC email or something along those lines.

7) For the sake of the RP, please try to post at least once every few days. If you’re going to be unable to post, let someone know so they can control your character and prevent the RP from dying from lack of character interaction.


Role (what side you're on):
Description (at least one paragraph):
Personality (at least two paragraphs):
History (at least two paragraphs):
Additional Information:
Digimon (can include information such as background, personality, ect):


*RP Thread
*Discussion and Cliff Notes Thread
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Name: Kirah Swada


Age: 16

Role (what side you're on): True Digidestined

Description (at least one paragraph): Kirah stands at 6"2 with a lean build. His messy spikey raven hair is never tended to. Kirah's skin tone is a slightly pale. During Fall-Winter Kirah dons a red scarf around his neck and never takes a off. Spring-Summer Kirah never takes off his Autobot symbol logo cap. As for his facial features, Kirah has a very noticible scar under his left eye that he is not ashamed to too let anyone stare As for his eyes Kirah has dark chocolate brown eyes.Kriah's outfit are usually blue jeans accompanied by a sky blue T-Shirt. He usually wears sneekers as he shoes. A black vest may be on top of his T-Shirt on colder days along with black fingerless gloves. Kirah could also be seen wearing black tinted sun glasses to stop anyone from looking for him.

Personality (at least two paragraphs): Kirah is what most people call lazy/laid back, he fails to meet dead lines, a bit unreliable and worst of all the people that try to correct him of his ways just get ignored by him. However Kirah is very friendly and open to anyone. Kirah around a crowd is usually the center of attention and is loud, happy and active. Kirah however hates being isolated and solitary and can't stand being alone in a room.

Kirah is shown to be a quick thinker when in urgent situations such as in sport or presentations and could exectute a well strategiesed plan. However when he is just himself Kirah can be called slow and distracted. To summarise most people call Kirah a mix-bag of emotions and you'll be glad which emotion that comes out of him.

History (at least two paragraphs): Being the only male and non-adopted out of his 4 siblings Kirah had a very femine household with just him and his dad as the males. However each of his sisters loved him.

Kirah had a good school life, he wasn't the captain of the soccer team yet he was in it, he wasn't the most studious but he came there to have fun. People always recalled him as the boy who lightened up your day and he lived up to that title.

His family life was nice and warm, where he would have the occassinal sibling fights over the smallest things. His mom was American and Dad Japanese. The range of older sisters he had were American and Japanese. When friends were over his household was very multicultrual incoporating Japanese customs with an American life-style was the phrase to describe it.

However this happiness soon ceased after everyone except his eldest sister were abducted by the Digimon. These events destroyed Kirah and he set off to hunt these creatures down every night by sneaking out after midnight to patrol his area trying to capture one and abduct one then interegote it for information of his family's disapperance. During one day at school Kirah heard a voice speak to him inside his head "You are destined along with others to stop the evil that plagues this Earth and the other world. Tonight you'll meet your partner." Puzzled Kirah assumed he was getting delusional from the lack of sleep he had been having. That night while on his laptop Kirah's screen flashed brightly and soon an egg appeared. Thinking that it was a Digimon Kirah took a small disliking towards it until it hatched into a Babdymon and soon formed a bond with it.

Additional Information: I'm sorry if it was reserved Digimon were reserved by other rp'ers or set Digimon so I'll just go with one that hasn't been reserved

Digimon: Dracmon

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dracomon is like any other general Dracomon nexcept he dons a white scarf around his neck which he had obtained while becoming Yamamoto's partner.

Personality: Dracomon is very bold, noble and reckless. He likes to rush into conlusions very quickly and loves to rise to the occassion by taking on challenges he himself won't be able to accomplish. However Dracomon fights for his friends and cares deeply for each one close to him.

Evolution Line: Petitmon>Babdymon>Dracomon>Coredramon (Blue)>Wingdramon>Slayerdramon>Examon w/Brakedramon
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Kilara Blake



True DigiDestined

Kilara is 5’6” tall and weighs 115 pounds, slender and subtly muscular. Her blonde hair hangs down a bit past her knees, and her eyes are a pale jade flecked with violet specks near the pupil. She wears a sort of “dress” that ends a few inches above her knees, with sleeves that aren’t attached to the main outfit. She wears knee-high white boots, and a silver choker encircles her neck. Hanging from the chain is a blue pendant with an inverted silver triangle attached to the bottom, and strange silver earrings decorate her ears. Not pictured is a katana carried in a simple black sheath that is strapped to Kilara’s back.

Kilara is friendly and kind-hearted, and she likes to talk and tell tales. She hates senseless violence, which is one reason she wants to stop the chaos Anarcomon is causing. Despite not being a fan of violence, however, she knows there are times when one has to fight to uphold one’s beliefs and defend one’s values and loved ones. However, Kilara much prefers words to fighting. If a conflict can be resolved peacefully, she’ll do her best to see to it that things are settled with as little bloodshed as possible. Many people take this to mean she’s timid or weak; many a foe have learned the hard way that Kilara is a fierce opponent who is very skilled in wielding the sword she carries.

Kilara is the kind of person who would rather give someone the benefit of the doubt and as such tends to be too trusting. She’s been lucky so far, as no one has betrayed her beyond a minor broken promise or some such thing, but those who are close to her worry that her trusting nature may one day hurt her badly.

Kilara also has loyalty issues. She’s not lacking in that aspect; indeed, she has far too much of it. She’ll risk life and limb to protect someone she’s only known for a few minutes and oftentimes goes out of her way to help complete strangers, without expecting compensation. Those she knows well or cares for deeply tend to fret over her fiercely protective nature. Enemies learn quickly that injuring or kidnapping a friend or loved one of Kilara is both the best and worst way to get to her. On the one hand, nothing will stop her from finding the one responsible short of being physically restrained in some manner; on the other hand, when she finally finds the one responsible, she tends to be so enraged that she makes an army of rabid bears look like fuzzy cuddly rabbits. Ironically enough, she gets mad at those she loves when they put themselves in danger to help or save her.

Kilara’s life was pretty calm and average. She was born in the United States, Ohio to be exact, and her mother and father both owned a catering company called On The Go. Kilara did good in school and graduated with a grant for a college she’d always wanted to go to, though instead of going right to college, she ended up getting attached to the family business and hung around to help run it. At the age of 18 she became an Assistant Manager to On The Go.

Of course, Digimon started to appear soon afterward, and Kilara was more than happy to let others do all the fighting. She really didn’t want any part of being a DigiDestined, seeing as she disliked fighting, but fate didn’t really care what she wanted. One day, as she was out picking up supplies for the business, she stopped by her house to check her email. However, upon booting up her computer, there was a blinding flash of light and she ended up getting sucked into the Digital World via a data stream.

Once there, Kilara found herself in what appeared to be some sort of desert oasis. A black Digivice materialized before her, and the moment she touched it she sensed a powerful presence behind her. Confused and scared, she turned to see a tall and imposing creature standing before her. Pale-skinned and muscular, he was wearing a black suit, a cape, and a red mask over crimson eyes. The being said his name was Myotismon and that he’d been waiting for Kilara to arrive. Overtaken by everything, Kilara ended up passing out for a few minutes.

After some rest and time to come to grips with what was happening, Kilara quickly got over her initial shock. However, the Digital World was a dangerous place even then, and she was eager to get home to the familiar Real World. It took some doing, but eventually the two managed to catch a data stream back to the Real World. Upon returning home, Kilara’s parents were understandably uneasy and unnerved to find that their daughter had brought home a 6-foot-tall vampire Digimon. In order to put them at ease and to not be in the way too much, Myotismon DeDigivolved to DemiDevimon, his Rookie form.

Not much changed after that for the next few years, though DemiDevimon and Kilara did get into the occasional fight with what they termed Wild Digimon. However, it started getting worse on Kilara’s 20th birthday. Champion and even Ultimate level Digimon were emerging in the Real World, and the two kept hearing talk of some Digimon called Anarcomon. They also learned that data streams were being targeted and destroyed, and this was what was causing so many aggressive Pokemon to come into the Real World.

A few months after her birthday, Kilara and DemiDevimon, who’d Digivolved back to Myotismon to battle the surge of Wild Digimon that had been appearing, ran into a Mega level Digimon named Beelzemon. He was allied with Anarcomon and had been sent to wipe out any interfering DigiDestined in Kilara’s hometown. However, upon meeting Kilara, he found he was unable to destroy her. It seemed he, like Myotismon, was fated to be Kilara’s partner. He was so surprised by the sudden twist in destiny that at first he refused to acknowledge the bond. Instead, for several months after that first meeting, he channeled his feelings into anger and continuously sought Kilara, oftentimes beating her and Myotismon but leaving before dealing a finishing blow.

Eventually, though, Beelzemon ended up breaking down after a particularly nasty fight in which he inflicted a wound that was worse than he’d intended on Kilara. Apologizing and begging for forgiveness, the Digimon finally allowed himself to accept his fate instead of fighting it. Kilara, glad that she was no longer forced to fight her partner, was more than happy to pardon his actions. Her parents were less than thrilled with their daughter’s decision, seeing how much stress and sorrow he’d put the young woman through over the past weeks.

It’s been three months since then, and the constant fighting of enemy Digimon means Myotismon and Beelzemon prefer to remain in their Rookie forms to converse energy these days. Unfortunately, they actually don’t know much than anyone else despite Impmon’s previous alliance, as he was never really in direct contact with Anarcomon but instead was always given orders through other Digimon.

Additional Information:
Despite having fought each other bitterly for several months, Impmon and DemiDevimon are now good friends. However, Kilara bears twisted scars on her right hip and side from the last injury she received from Beelzemon, and it causes Impmon a great deal of distress when he sees them. As such, Kilara always does what she can to keep the scars from sight whenever he’s around.

Name: DemiDevimon

Digivolution Line: Zurumon > Pagumon > DemiDevimon > Devimon > Myotismon > VenomMyotismon

Personality: Despite DemiDevimon in general being known as impulsive liars and all-around unsavory, this DemiDevimon has a fiercely loyal and protective nature towards Kilara thanks to being her partner. He hates the idea of lying to her, though he’ll do so if he thinks it will keep her safe. He has no trouble with lying to others, though, or playing harmless (if annoying) pranks on them. His protective nature towards Kilara only gets stronger as he Digivolves; as Myotismon, it’s pretty much impossible to get him from her side, as he’s become rather paranoid that a high-level Digimon will drop out of the sky and eat her or that some other horrific fate might befall her should he stray too far away. He hasn’t gone beyond Ultimate level, though not for lack of trying. Neither he nor Kilara know why he can’t go to Mega Level, but it’s one of the things they’re trying to figure out.

History: Like Kilara, DemiDevimon led a rather average life, for a Digimon at least. This basically meant fighting for his very existence against others who sought to defeat him and grow stronger, and for a while he was rather jaded in terms of caring about others. However, as the years passed and he Digivolved, he became aware of something…calling to him. When he managed to Digivolve to his Ultimate level, the feeling became so powerful that he began to search the Digital World for the source. He was eventually led to a desert oasis, where a young human female was. Upon seeing her, he knew she was what he’d been seeking. Ever since, he’s changed in a lot of ways, mainly in the fact that he now cares more for others than himself. He’s also realized he seems to have taken on a bit of Kilara’s dislike of fighting, though he’ll throw down without hesitating to fight for her.

Name: Impmon

Digivolution Line: Kiimon > Yaamon > Impmon > IceDevimon > SkullSatamon > Beelzemon

Gender: Male

Personality: Quiet and reserved, Impmon isn’t much for crowds or attention. He prefers to remain unnoticed, as it’s easier for him to protect Kilara when possible enemies don’t realize he’s around. While he’ll talk freely with DemiDevimon and Kilara, he only really speaks around others if directly addressed or making a statement. This leads many to think he’s aloof and indifferent, but he honestly just never has much to say to others most of the time. He’s prone to bouts of depression over his treatment of Kilara in the past, and of DemiDevimon as well to a lesser extent. Like his fellow partner, he is vicious in his devotion to Kilara, perhaps even more than DemiDevimon.

History: Impmon was always a loner by nature and never really wanted anything to do with what was going on in the Digital World. However, Anarcomon recognized Impmon’s potential and, with various threats delivered by other Digimon, forced Impmon into working for him. Impmon’s main job was destroying Digimon that were clearly trying to put an end to what Anarcomon was planning, and from his many battles, he eventually reached his Mega level. At this point, Beelzemon was sent to the Real World to stop DigiDestined from crossing into the Digital World. His first foray into the Real World saw him meeting Kilara, and upon realizing his destiny as a partner to her, Beelzemon spiraled into a shock-induced rage specifically aimed at the young human. For several months he badgered her and her current partner Myotismon, beating them but never able to deal a fatal blow to either. Then, during a fight that abruptly turned brutal, Beelzemon used a Darkness Claw on Kilara and inflicted a critical injury to her right side and hip. The blow broke several bones and caused damage to a few internal organs, as well as tearing out a good chunk of flesh. When he realized how far he’d sunk and suddenly terrified of losing his partner, Beelzemon suffered an emotional breakdown. He apologized over and over, begging for Kilara to forgive him for what he’d done. Ever since that day, when he accepted his fate, he has completely given himself over to protecting his partners.
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Name: Neon Sanders

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Role: Anarcomon's Army

Description: Neon is a mildly athletic kid who's build isn't perfect, but he can certainly be considered healthy. He has very typical eastern European traits, mostly focusing around the eyes and builds found in Germany, and the high cheek bones found in the Ukraine. His complexion matched the harsh climates found in those areas of Europe: hard and white. He has short brown hair that is usually under control, however it has a tendency to curl off into bizarre points. His eyes are brown, particularly the color one would associate with dirt, however the edges will occasionally turn shades of green or yellow. He isn't extraordinarily tall, but he has some length to him; probably somewhere very close to six feet tall. His limbs have the outlines of muscles, but only bulges and nothing too defined. He prefers lighter colors, no matter where they may be found on the rainbow. If he had to have a usual outfit to wear, it would probably involve a t-shirt and jeans, with the option of a belt. His shoes were something he put importance on; he could never deal with laces, so Neon always bought from the nicer brands of deck and boat shoe companies.

Personality: Have you ever had one of those wishy-washy friends who everyone associates with, but they secretly hate their constant changes of opinion? Meet Neon, the model for that stereotype. Neon is a young man at the crossroads of his life with a real uncertainty on what direction he wants to take his life. This problem shines through with his uncertain approach to issues and his lackadaisical feelings during crisis. Although Neon may seem scared and unwilling on the outside, inside he has a great passion for the little things in life and a desire for something greater in life. This lust for purpose is what he likes about Anarcomon's army; it gives him goals, and provides him with a sense of feeling and reward whenever he accomplishes a task.

Neon isn't inherently evil, he is just a wandering soul who has been hypnotized into actually feeling something when he hears Anarcomon's congratulations and praise. His moral compass was never quite set right, and Anarcomon uses this to his advantage. His troubles with distinguishing between right and wrong are chronicled through Neon's deepest regrets. The shining example of Neon's issues with moral distinction has been projected into the polarizing view points of his digimon companions. Lopmon appears to be Neon's dark side, harboring his feelings of angst and superiority. Monodramon is the exact opposite, being blind justice. Neon isn't somebody who is unable to function, like so many believe. Neon just lost his feelings, and working for Anarcomon is the only thing that lets him feel anymore.

History: Neon grew up in an orphanage just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He never knew his parents, however this also meant he didn't have to experience the sadness that came with knowing. Instead, he just used his imagination to create extremely improbable reasons for why he had been abandoned. These reasonings always made his parents out to be extraordinarily nice people who cared and loved for him. He was content with this image, and it helped him get through his days in the orphanage. The orphanage was a very poor establishment that was funded just enough for the city to feel like it was helping. This shortage of funds led to the orphanage being very miniscule in the food and services they provided to the kids; even going as far as to make their motto "Minor est Magis", or "Less is More". This way of life was meant to encourage activity outside of the orphanage and build friendships among the orphans. It worked the opposite. This way of life created a caste system where the older and stronger kids were in charge, and the younger kids were the workers who went out on the streets and worked or begged for money. The money brought in by the younger kids was regulated by the older kids, and they would distribute percentages to the younger kids who worked for them. It was a miniature scale model of the feudal system.

Neon originally got swept up in this system; however, due to the harsh life on the streets and the constant crime, he developed ideas of escaping. He eventually found his way out of the system, by being adopted. It was hard work, but after scowering the streets day after day searching for the person who could pull him from the dark world he rebelled against he stumbled upon an incident that perplexed him. There was a bizarre creature attacking a defenseless young man. Neon's better judgment was taken over by his hatred of the evil in this world. He tackled the creature that was attacking the man, and quickly grabbed the man and made a run for it. When they both were clear of the monster, Neon asked the man what had happened. The man didn't respond, he just got worked up and stormed off.

The next day, when Neon awoke, he was surprised to find that someone had signed his adoption papers. He only knew the man's name when he was on his way to meet up with him: Keith Williams. He was brought to an apartment complex where he was to meet Keith. He approached the room, only to find that the door was open. He entered, and heard white noise coming from further inside. Neon followed the noise into a room with the man he had saved the day before, and a computer that had glowing white screen and it was letting off the buzzing sound. That was when Neon met Anarcomon.

Additional Information: Due to his upbringing as an orphan, he has a general affinity towards those without parents or a home. He can never seem to bring himself to attack anyone meeting that criteria, and has an extremely large amount of empathy towards any orphans he may come across. As well, Neon loves watching movies and playing games with characters who do heroic deeds for orphans. At times, he will eengo as far as quoting those sources just to feel justified in what he does.


Digimon: Lopmon

Digivolution: Conomon > Kokomon > Lopmon > Wendigomon > Antylamon (Virus) > Cherubimon (Evil)

Gender: Female

Personality: Lopmon is considered Neon's dark side. It is a projection of Neon's most prominent negative emotions: mostly angst and superiority. Lopmon believes it is better than all other digimon, and it has the skills and confidence to back it up. Lopmon demands the best and will always give her best, even if she isn't particularly fond of the cause. Lopmon gets enjoyment out of putting others down, but is reserved enough to only do so in combat. Lopmon is a big mouth who says whatever she likes, and she is a firm believer that she and Neon should take over the digital world instead of Anarcomon.

History: Anarcomon immediately saw the potential that Neon had, and began training him from the get go. He taught him how to use his digivice, and the many different options he had anytime he got himself into a battle. Neon learned these tricks extremely quickly, and was ready to find his partner within a couple of weeks. Being the evil genius that he is, Anarcomon could see how each of his subordinates and captees were compatible with Neon. It took only a brief scan for him to think of the Lopmon that was imprisoned for attempting a coup. She had managed to take down two of Anarcomon's medium-ranked trainer pairs before being captured. She was powerful, evil, and most importantly she was an orphan. When Neon met Lopmon, there was an instant connection. The two maximized eachother's abilities, and worked together flawlessly. They both shared their stories and insecurities when it came to thoughts of their parents, and they helped work through any issue that arose.

Digimon: Monodramon

Digivolution: Ketomon > Hopmon > Monodramon > Strikemon > Cyberdramon > Justimon > Fujinmon

Gender: Male

Personality: Monodramon is Neon's good side. He takes Neon's memories and feelings, and puts them to extremes. He is a very powerful and capable fighter, however he will only fight when it is in selfdefense or for the protection of somebody else. He is a very pure and virtuous digimon who never wavers in his belief in what is right and wrong. There are no shades of grey to monodramon, only evil and good; to him, his duty is to destroy all of the evil in the world. Monodramon never gets hot-headed, however he does recklessly get into fights he shouldn't. He is a firm believer in vigilante justice, and he can't stand watching a crime be committed. He constantly tries to convince Neon to do the "right" thing.

History: Monodramon immediately left the digital world when he heard about the crimes and travesties committed against the humans by the soldiers of Anarcomon. As soon as he arrived, he witnessed a young man being attacked by an Arkadimon. He tool off to get tithe location as fast as he could, but before he arrived, a teenager had tackled the digimon and ran off with the young man Arkadimon was going to take off after them, but Monodramon quickly took care of it. Monodramon became fascinated by this teenager, and decided to follow him around. Eventually, he watched as Anarcomon brainwashed him and set him up with Lopmon. Both together proved a great threat to the stability of the digital and real world, so Monodramon challenged the two. When battling, Monodramon showed it had the advantage in power over Lopmon, however Neon's quick thinking as a tamer paid off and ended with Lopmon winning. As Lopmon was going to go in for the final blow, Neon stopped her and asked Monodramon if he would like to join him. They both felt their shared destiny and Monodramon agreed to help. His goal is to turn Neon onto the path of righteousness however he can.
@dajman1996: Looks good, you're accepted. Don't forget you can add another Digimon partner if you want to.

@Neonsands: Whoo bad guys! I'm loving it, good to go.

@vampiremessiah51: Several people, such as Neon there, were around when I was coming up with this and reserved those Digimon. However, even though in the past no DigiDestined have ever had the same Digimon at the same time, this doesn't follow any of the cannon. The main reason I was allowing reserves was to try and prevent everyone from wanting to start with the same partners. However, I'll willing to allow multiple people to have the same Digimon, so long as it doesn't get to the point where ten people want to start with Gabumon lol.
lol gabumon is by far my favorite digimon. I might try for betamon though I'm trying to find evidence of another in-training for other than bukamon XD
yeah I was using that. I just tend to think of each digimon having it's own line, and being able to move into seperate lines, so when digimon are forced to share certain levels it feels odd. I just went with bukamon though because it made the most sense for him.

Name: Alan Wagner
Gender: Male

Age: 19

Role (what side you're on): True Digi-destined

Description (at least one paragraph): Alan stands at 5'10'' and is roughly 150 lbs giving him a lean build. His hair is long and black falling to about his shoulder blades and he has piercing gray eyes. He wears a black T-Shirt with thin fiery red designs on it swirling about the shirt reaching up towards his head. His pants are black cargo pants which he tucks the ends of into black combat boots. Over his T-Shirt he wears a duster that falls to about his ankles. He tends to fill the pockets on his pants and duster with extra supplies or important items such as maps and a compass. He clips his digivice to a chain that hangs from his belt within easy reach.

Personality (at least two paragraphs): Alan is generally very focused and serious. He has little patience for foolery and messing around and constantly focuses on important tasks at hand. Much of his free time is spent planning and training with his digimon to prepare themselves for the struggles they may need to face ahead. He tends to take failure somewhat hard especially if his allies are hurt in the processes. His goal driven focus may also give him "tunnel vision" and cause him to ignore the needs of others.

He's incredibly close with his digimon however and cares deeply for his friends and allies and will staunchly defend them. His digimon regularly forces him to crack grins and snicker in it's attempts to get him to lighten up. During victorious or personal moments with others he will generally be very friendly and more open than he is when he's trying to get something done. He relishes these moments as they allow him to connect with others which is generally something that comes very hard for him. He tends to otherwise be somewhat reclusive and relies on others respecting his intelligence and strategic mind to compensate.

History (at least two paragraphs):
Alan was born in Germany but his family moved to the United States when he was nine years old. As a result he has always had trouble fitting in with other students and was generally very annoyed with his peers because of his no nonsense personality. He was a highly ambitious student and constantly strove to be the best, always focusing on getting the best grades in the class. Other students however became highly irritated by this and in turn resented him for it. By the time he got to high school he was generally a very lonely boy. Most of his social interaction came from the chess club where he could put his strategic mind to use to great effect. He was generally well respected amongst the nerds though Alan was never very attached to anyone.

This all changed somewhat for him during his senior year of highschool when his mother became pregnant. Suddenly his life was going to include someone else for once and this somewhat excited him. As he moved onto college his mother gave birth to a new brother for him and Alan looked forward to helping raise his new brother and having someone to talk to eventually. One night however a wrench was thrown into the works. Alan awoke to the sound of breaking glass coming from his little brother's room. He ran as fast as he could and as he threw open the door he saw two grotesque creatures stood next to his new little brother's crib. He charged at them intending to fight the creatures off but one opened it's mouth and released a burst of sound that blew him straight through the wall of his little brother's room. He listened lying in a daze as the creatures argued about whether an Anacromon would find such a tiny thing useful or not but the other countered that Anacromon just said to bring humans. He struggled to rise as he saw one of the creatures reach into his little brother's crib and carry the child out the broken window.

It was ruled as a kidnapping by the police, and everyone refused to heed his story. Frustrated Alan went into the forest and began punching a rock to let out his frustration. As he finally began to collapse from exhaustion a rift opened and a strange created with a fin on its head popped out. Alan growled and righted himself but the creature explained that it was a digimon and it's name was Bukamon. Whatever it was, it seemed less threatening than the other two and they began to get along. Bukamon explained that it could get stronger and maybe help save Alan's little brother, and so the two began training every day in the forest in hopes of someday saving Alan's little brother from the clutches of Anacromon.

Additional Information:

Digimon (can include information such as background, personality, ect):

Pichimon => Bukamon => Betamon => Seadramon => Megaseadramon => Metalseadramon

Betamon is incredibly supportive of Alan and constantly tries to help him better himself just as much as Alan hopes to better Betamon. During stressful moments such as battle Betamon is almost as serious as Alan himself but in his down time he becomes far more easy going and usually spends most of his time (outside training) trying to make Alan laugh and talk to the others. He is very loyal to Alan and doesn't take anyone talking badly of him lightly.
@vampiremessiah51: Your partner(s) doesn't/don't have to follow a specific line; things like DNA Digivolving or Armor Digivolving can take them down different lines. The Digivolution line just shows the line they normally take during Normal Digivolution. It's easier in my opinion to do it that way, but if you'd prefer a custom line, by all means go ahead and do it. Just as long as it makes sense; so no Patamon Digivolving into MetalGarurumon lol.

If you wanna tweak your Digimon's line go ahead and do it, but for now that looks good, so you're approved. I'm gonna wait another day or two for some others to have a chance to sign up, and then I'll start the RP.
yeah i know they can. I just like to organize things way too much so I'm just weird like that XD
lol vampire I had Gabu :p

Clint Hunter



Anarcomons Army

Clint stands at about 5'8" and weighs 150 lbs, which is about average for his age. He has short black hair, but he always keeps it underneath a camo baseball cap. He wears a black jacket that the sleeves come over his hands sometimes, and underneath he wears a white T-shirt that is a little big on him. He wears blue jeans, but the jeans have many pockets on them to store neccessery items.

Clint isn't very outgoing to humans, growing up as a loner. His only friends were his two digimon, so he dosen't really know how to act around other humans. He has a very bubbly attitude when in a group of people, and his boyish traits can also get him into trouble, so he is often scorned or looked down upon by others.
To Digimon on the other hand, Clint is one of the most loyal people you will find. He will risk his life for just about any Digimon, and will risk anything that he possibly can for his own two Digimon, Gabu and Arma. He won't listen to anybody who tells him to quit worrying about monsters so much and pay attention to real life.

Clint had a very lonely childhood. At the age of 14 his parents even became worried and began seeking out friends for him. Clint was also very intelligient though, and could work electronic devices like alot of older, more advanced humans.
By his late 16's, the Digimon suddenly started to appear. He knew just about everything there was to know about Digimon, and never wanted to quit learning, so he studied Digimon and battled others as much as possible so he could see Digimon behaviors.

Clint suddenly became aware of DigiDestined people, and knew he wanted to become one. A Digivice never came to him, so he set to work making on eof his own. He knew every inch of a Digivice, and he knew that making one would be hard. He worked for days on end, editing, building, destroying Digivice after Digivice. The Digi's just never would come.

Then the day came. Clint had just finished a Digivice, and it had actualy powered on! Enoying his mini-acheivement, Clint watched the screen, looking for any sign of a Digimon. None ever came.

Slowly, after even more failed attempts, Clint started to become jealous of the DigiDestined. He hated the fact that Digimon came so easily to them, so willingly. Then, late at night, his room began to spin. The room spun faster and faster, until Cliff passed out from dizziness. When he awoke he was on a stone cold floor in front of a huge monster.

Clint couldn't believe it, it was a Digimon! "Hello human. I have seen you try and try to get a Digimon of your own. I have seen your hate of the DigiDestined grow. I want to recruit you for my army. Together, we shall merge and rule both the Digital World and your puny Human world. Shall you accept, I will entrust you with two of my minions, and if you shall decline, I will be forced to brainwash you of ever being here," the great Digimon said. After hearing this, Clint knew that this was the famous evil Digimon Anarcomon.

"I-I-I accept," he said. The Anarcomon raised one mighty hand, and a Black Digivice with red marks that looked like cuts on a human body appeared. It landed in Clints hands, and two Duigimon shot out of it, appearing before Clint. Clint immediately recognized the two to be Gabumon and Armadillomon.

"Im going to call you Gabu and Arma for short," Clint said to the two, with more confidence now.

Over the next year or so, Clint worked furiously againt the DigiDestined. He was even able to lead the squad that destroyed the third mainstream. Gabu and Arma combined haven't Digivolved much, and stay those two forms most of the time to save enrrgy for when they need it.

Additional Information:
While destroying the Third Mainstream, Arma was hit very hard right above the right eye very hard, and if it is hit hard enough, momentarily blindless will take over Arma.

Name: Gabumon(Gabu)

Digivolution Line: Punimon> Tsunomon > Gabumon > Garurumon > WereGarurumon > MetalGarurumon

Personality: Gabu is very outgoing and try's to make as many friends as possible, no matter who they are. This is why he stayed a low ranking grunt for so long. Anarcomon didn't like this Digimon from the start, so he gave it to Clint just to get rid of him. Gabu loves to battle, but if he hurts his opponents really hard, he will feel bad and guilty.

History: Gabu led a very easy kid Digimon life. As a Punimon and Tsunomon, before he Digivolved to Gabumon and stayed there, he had an older sibling that was very protective of him and so Gabu never really had to battle. Gabu decided to join the "bad" side when he was just about to Digivolve to Gabumon. He really wanted to take over the human world so there would be more room for Digimon.

Name: ArmadilloMon(Arma)

Digivolution Line: Tsubumon > Upamon > Armadillomon > Ankylomon > Shakkoumon > Vikemon

Personality: Arma is a very loner Digimon, and hates doing things in a team. He can be stubborn to Clint at times, but respects him and only him. Arma hate losing and isn't very friendly to any opponents. He is arrogant to say the least. Arma won't take on any digimon lower rank then him, saying that they are too weak.

History: Arma was actually born into the army. His father was already working for Anarcomon, so Arma had no real choice. HE hasn't led much of an extroidanary life, other than when they destroyed the third main stream. While fighting, a shard came and hit Arma very hard above the eye. Now, whenever Arma is battling, he must be sure to make sure that nothing hits right above his eye. If it happens, he will be momentarily blinded, giving him a disadvantage in the battle.
@KantoMasta: Looks good, but remember that the Streams are actually destroyed by the cannon Anarcomon built. Though it's entirely possible that a major fight broke out to prevent the cannon from firing tee-hee.

At any rate, YAY MORE BAD GUYS. You is accepted.
Name: Halas Zolarinski
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Role: True Digi-Destined
Description: Halas has brown hair which goes down just to his eyebrows and a sharp jawline. He has striking, electric blue eyes. He is well-built, after playing sports for so many years and working out nearly every day. He is around 6' 2" and weighs about 180lbs, very little of which is fat. He usually wears a thin, zip-up hoodie and black athletic shorts with black running shoes underneath. He wears sweatbands on his wrists and a shell necklace that was given to him by his girlfriend.
Personality: Halas, for looking like such a badass, has quite the happy-go-lucky personality. He is constantly making friends and stays loyal to them til the very end. If aggravated, his personality will turn for the worst and he might go on a rampage of sorts. While that rarely happens, it takes quite a bit to calm him down. He will do anything to protect his friends and loved ones, even sacrificing himself to keep them from harm's way.

Halas likes to keep everyone happy and good-spirited and is quite the jokester. He also plays a few pranks that may or may not be appropriate, but he usually doesn't care. Although he doesn't hold grudges very often, if you were to insult his family or girlfriend, well, don't expect to talk to him anytime soon.

History: Growing up in Florida and having to work almost every day just to support his mother and two sisters made Halas the man he is today. Even though he wasn't poor nor rich, he needed to work for hours, helping his mother pay off the bills. In between school and work, Halas somehow makes time for his friends and girlfriend. He goes to the gym early in the morning to try to work out as long as he can. His father left him and his family when he was 12. His father hit him nearly every day until he was bloody and bruised. There was no father figure with that man, but he found it in his school's football coach. He showed him the ropes and taught him what it takes to be a man.

In his first year of high school, Halas met his girlfriend of 3 years, Kailey. She came from a past just like Halas' own and the took their relationship to the next level. They won Prom King and Queen and were voted most likely to get married in the yearbook. People wish to have a relationship like theirs. People have also tried to break them up, but ultimately failed.

When he was 16, his father saw how well he was doing in football and decided to get back in his life to get in on the money that was soon to pour in. Halas took this as a huge insult to his family and himself. In a huge argument, Halas and his father got into a fight which lead to his father going to jail for a long time with two broken arms and a broken hip. Halas took this event in stride and used it to motivate himself even more. He became all-star football player of the year in Florida when he was 17.



Gender: Male

Guilmon and Halas go way back. They have been through hell and back, yet somehow always come on top. They work as a team and almost nothing can get in their way. Guilmon is just like Halas in every way, hence how they get along so well. Guilmon basically grew up with Halas. Both had hardships and had each other to boost each other up and grow from the experience. He is just like a brother to H



Gender: Male

Veemon is like Guilmon and Halas, yet so very different. He is a prankster like them yet he prefers the full-frontal-powerhouse way of solving all problems unlike Halas's strategic way of fighting. He was found in a gutter and Halas took him in as one of his own. He is just like a brother to Guilmon and Halas.

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@Zolar: Nice, you is accepted. Man, poor Kilara is like the only chick in this whole thing so far, not counting a female Digimon and an NPC girlfriend XD.
@Zolar: Noooooo, we need more females, even if they're just NPCs lol.

Also guys, I took the liberty of posting the RP now since we already have 6 people. The SUs themselves will remain open for anyone else who wants to join, but for now, go here to jump in :3.
Name: Kaori Takahashi

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Role (what side you're on): True DigiDestined

Description (at least one paragraph): Kaori is rather short for her age and stands at 4'2. She is often mistaken to be much younger than she actually is due to her height. Kaori weighs 172lbs. Kaori is something of a tom boy and prefers t shirts and hoodies to dresses because they are more comfortable. Kaori is usually seen wearing khaki pants or blue jeans with small holes in them. Kaori wears worn Nike shoes. The shoelaces are untied and loosely hang at the sides of her shoes due to Kaori not knowing how to tie shoelaces. Her long brown hair has a small hairclip in the side. Occasionally, she ties it up in a ponytail. Kaori's main hoodie is blue and has stars on it. Her main t shirt is dark green with no symbols on it. Kaori occasionally wears glasses when she is deep in focus.

Personality (at least two paragraphs): Kaori has a dry and sarcastic sense of humor. She often speaks in a bored tone of voice. Kaori tries not to involve herself in others problems unless it involves her and expects others to show her the same courtesy. Kaori firmly disbelieves in giving people false hope and will be honest with people, no matter how brutal the truth. Due to past experiences, Kaori has become emotionally distant from others. Many mistake her emotionless attitude to be cold. Kaori is in fact, trying to become more emotionally honest with others but has little to no emotional experience. Kaori dislikes physical contact and finds hugs awkward. The most affection one would receive from Kaori would be a handshake.

Kaori is a firm believer in science and is an atheist. Kaori believes that people shouldn't have to rely on a divine power and should take their fate into their own hands. Kaori refuses to believe in anything that isn't logical or scientific and often takes a lot of convincing to believe otherwise. Kaori enjoys technology, and carries a laptop around with her. Kaori relies heavily on her computer for most of her knowledge. Kaori also carries a small bag containing books on science and mathematics. Kaori is often seen reading these books. Kaori is an extremely quiet person and doesn't talk much unless directly addressed by someone. Kaori tries not to voice her opinion and generally tries to follow the majority's opinion.

History (at least two paragraphs): Kaori is a few months short of graduating high school. Her high school years have been generally uneventful. Kaori discovered her Digivice during a date at the arcade where her date attempted to show off by winning her prizes. The Digivice was one of the prizes won and her date, thinking that the Digivice was just a toy, laughed and tossed it to Kaori. Kaori has not had a steady boyfriend and doesn't really desire one. Kaori is far too busy for dates and boyfriends and often finds romantic interaction extremely awkward and time consuming.

At an early age, Kaori was abused by her father. Kaori's mother did nothing to stop the abuse, leading to Kaori eventually becoming distant and cold to her mother. At age fifteen, a neighbor heard Kaori's father yelling and called the police. As a result of this, Kaori was placed in a group home. Kaori has lived in the group home since then but still remained emotionally distant despite her caretaker's attempts to get her to make new friends.

Additional Information: None that I can think of.

Digimon (can include information such as background, personality, ect):

Name : Agumon
Gender : Male
Personality : Agumon has only recently digivolved from Koromon. He has been with Kaori ever since she was fourteen and has helped her through the hard times. Agumon is a loyal Digimon who loves to fight and firmly believes in seeing the good in people.

Name : Hawkmon
Gender : Male
Personality : Hawkmon's personality matches Kaori's moreso than Agumon's. However, despite their similar logical mindsets and emotional distance, Kaori and Hawkmon don't always see eye to eye and she gets along much better with Agumon. Hawkmon often serves as a hovering nanny type figure often making sure Kaori is protected.
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