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Dragon's Den - Fantasy Roleplay (with Pokémon) [0/5, sign-ups closed]

Jul 16, 2021
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Dragon's Den - Fantasy Roleplay (with Pokémon)
The story is set in a mediaeval fantasy world inhabited by Pokémon, some of the human characters and locations from the Pokémon world can be found there as well, although they will be different from their canon counterparts (mediaeval fantasy Pokémon AU I guess).

To make things less complicated, both Pokémon and characters will be from gen 1 to 4 (Kanto - Sinnoh).

The narrator (that’ll be me) describes what’s going on, usually using the second-person point of view and ends the description of the situation with a question that might suggest to the player what to do next.

The player(s) asks for details about the situation and describes their (their character’s) following actions, which do not have to follow the narrator’s suggestions, and their (their character’s) feelings using the first-person point of view.

I want this to be a casual, easy-to-play game with an adventurous atmosphere, similar to the game popular among kids known as Dračák, which is very loosely based on the game Dračí doupě.

I won’t be using the English names for this world’s version of Pokémon characters since purely original characters will appear in the story as well, and I don't want you to know exactly who is who in the first moment of your encounter with a character. I'll probably use a character's name from a language other than English (yes, I'm aware that this still might make a character immediately recognisable); my question is: would you like the same thing for Pokémon, too?

I’m not going to include all Pokémon and characters in the story, so please let me know which ones you would like to be included! It also might be useful to know what ships you like : )

And of course, we need characters (your OC is a human).

Character info I need (feel free to add more)

Name (anything you think that fits the setting and is not too complicated to spell, the maximum length is 12 letters, letters such as å, ö, ě, í, etc. are O.K.)

Approximate age (older than 12)

The set(s) of pronouns they use

Personality, likes and dislikes, their strengths and weaknesses, skills, what are they afraid of and how much (everyone is afraid of something, so at least one thing please!), mental health condition(s) if they have some

Physical description (it would be extremely helpful to me to know what exact adjectives should be used for their eyes, hair, figure, voice, etc.), describing their clothing is optional but it would be great if you do so, physical health condition(s) if they have some

Backstory – to know what to include in your character's backstory (why are they in this situation?), please read the beginning of the story;
You feel tired, as all of your companions do. It is no surprise – you have been walking the whole day, but at least you finally reached some town.

One of your companions sighs to gain the attention of your group.

“We’ll spend the night here,” says he as he runs his hand through his dishevelled carmine hair.

You and the rest of the group are surprised by this statement and ready to protest – neither of you has enough money to afford to stay overnight in an inn.

“Don’t worry,” adds he with a smile when he sees your faces, “I’ll pay for everything.”

All of you are relieved but once again wondering who he is.

You don't know well any of your companions, but you have been travelling with them for more than a week now while this man joined your group just a few days ago after saving you from wild Pokémon in a forest – you can still vividly recall the moment when he released a long, blue, serpentine monster from a ball to fight them.

You have no doubt that this man is not just aimlessly wandering across the kingdom like you and the rest of the group do. He always has this determined look in his golden eyes – it scared you at first, but you soon found out he was very friendly.

When you reach an inn, you have dinner. You and everybody else are not finished with your meals yet, when the carmine-haired man, his name is Siegfried, speaks:

"Friends…" starts he, his usually strong and confident voice sounding unsure now.

He quickly glances across the room to assure himself you are alone and then looks at you with an apologetic smile on his face.

“I… have a favour to ask you.”

Will be rated TEEN (according to the Writer’s Workshop rating guide); please do not play if you are not comfortable with the following:
I’m not going to write historically accurate Middle Ages, but these are things that in my opinion belong to the mediaeval setting, even fantasy one.
  • Violence, death, murder, etc.: There won't be lakes of blood everywhere but when it comes to bloody scenes, I'll try to make them as intense as possible for a TEEN rating.
  • Religion: Fictional religion, which is not supposed to be similar to any existing religion, appears in the story.
  • Social inequalities: Something similar to the feudal system, and sexism – men and women are not equal.
  • LGBT+ people in this world: We can generally say that society in this world is towards LGBT+ people tolerant. I wrote an overly detailed article about this, but I haven't even translated it – it sounded terrible while I think the situation in this world is not that bad (also, this won’t be too relevant to the story); if you think that this is something that may potentially upset you, feel free to ask me about details.
  • More things might appear here, but I cannot list everything; please ask me if you're unsure!

The maximum number of players is 5.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!
Finally signing up for this one (life got in the way lol)

I'm still writing up my thing, but could I have elaboration on the LGBT+ aspect of this world's society? Mainly for character building purposes.

Oh yeah and are there any Legendary Pokémon known/worshipped by humans
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People in this world are expected to marry a person of the opposite gender and raise children together (adoption is a possible option for same sex couples). If one has a relationship with a person of the same gender outside of their marriage, it is not socially unacceptable but it still might be unacceptable for one's married partner.
The demands on one's marriage are usually stricter among the nobility, but it's not a rule.
A person's gender and sexual orientation are both completely irrelevant to everyone if one is a clergyperson, in the military, or an adventurer of some sort (which means that only these people do not have to fit themselves into the gender binary).
If there is some specific information you would like to know, ask me again.
Oh yeah and are there any Legendary Pokémon known/worshipped by humans
Yes :enzap:
name: forskaer
age: 21
pronouns: he/him
personality: is very good at hiding his emotions, and almost always stays calm and very chill, but if he gets angry enough he will be VERY angry and will basicly try and kill whoever he's angry at.
likes: being smarter than somebody, and very good puns.
dislikes: being wrong, (depending on if i can have a shiny umbreon, somebody insulting his umbreon.)
afraid of: his master ball not working.
this is sorta both physical and mental, he can fall asleep in 10 seconds, but is also a super light sleeper.
physical description: has brown hair, green eyes, little tan so that he is a very light brown in skin color.
clothes: a leather outfit with high quality boots, and he seems to have a lot of this turquoise stone on his outfit...
how he got there: he is a professor on a project that is making a master ball, and the first one is one he has and will take to catch a zygarde 10% that has been sited regularly in an area.
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well, umm can i have a shiny umbreon and/or catch one near the start?
Yes, you can.
If you want it to be your Pokémon from the beginning, please add some characterisation of it, its known moves, and how did you catch/befriend it.

he is a professor on a project that is making a master ball, and the first one is one he has and will take to catch a zygarde 10% that has been sited regularly in an area.
Your characters are not supposed to have a goal;
You have no doubt that this man is not just aimlessly wandering across the kingdom like you and the rest of the group do.
I apologise that I hadn't clearly stated that.

zygarde 10% that has been sited regularly in an area.
Zygarde is a gen VI/6 Pokémon.
okay then he stole the master ball from the lab and is on the run from the authorities.
umbreon details:
moves are: hyper beam, bite, crunch, and dark pulse.
its a shiny umbreon; what else is there to say?
I caught it in a luxury ball, and it was not a battle then catch more of a "if you want more food from me I need to catch you."
Can I join (is this still open??)
It is not, sorry :(

I looked in my notebook where I planned this all out and… there sure are some interesting plot holes (I did not have the knowledge necessary for creating a good story back when I wrote this, and I do not have the time to rewrite it nor do I feel like hosting something with this much story right now… I hope you understand).
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