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Dream starter

Dratini and Deino come to the mind. It would be an epic struggle to raise them and then enjoy the satisfaction you get when you get them to their final form!

Could say the same thing for Magicarp as well.

Yes and no. I agree that it is hard to train karp till lvl15 till it learns tacke=le and even then it is a sitting duck till lvl 20. However, you would get a Magikarp at lvl 5. So, you need to train only 15 levels before you get your superpower of your team. Dratini and Deino aren't too strong to start with till they evolve at 30 or 50(!). And they donot get to their final form till 55(!!) or 64(!!!). Thats a lot tougher than magikarp.
A Mew would be kinda fun as a starter. Due to the fact it can learn almost all the moves.
In my pearl game, I hacked in a milotic and a gyarados double team. Shit's awesome. These two have been my starting pokemon.
I'd want Eevee as a starter. It would be great because there are so many evos to choose from.

agreed & MAGIKARP
I was gonna stay the exact same thing.

Hmm looks like I'm gonna have to go with Buizel, Cottonee or Growlithe. Sounds reasonable? Water, Grass, Fire.

Look at them just standing there, waiting, thinking they're going to get picked.​
I'm livin the dream and starting off the game with Togetic when I get White 2. I'm abandoning my original starter XD.
Flying, Fighting and Rock would be an interesting starter set in which case Geodude, Machop and Pidgey would work well.
Hmm, without TMs Gastly wouldn't be able to hit the generic Normal types and regional birds until level 22 and Litwick evolves at level 41, way too late for a starter.

I'd go for Nidoran, preferebly the male one. They evolve at the usual starter level of 16 into two different Pokemon depending on gender. I'd evolve mine, quickly get a Moon Stone, and rip through to game with Nidoking. Their great special movepool thanks to TMs makes an early stone use very worthwhile.
I got tired of the Grass/Water/Fire tradition, a nice set of starters which don't belong to either of those types would be cool for once. They could make them all part Psychic and fill me with happiness. But sadly, that won't happen. Ever.
In regards of already existing Pokémon, I'd pick... wait, I don't know. Too many to choose from. Maybe Ralts. Or Gothita. Or Solosis. Or some others...
A post-Gen II fire starter that doesn't become part Fighting type.
Come on GameFreak, make it happen.

I also wouldn't mind a new trio of types. Fighting, Rock and Flying could work? Then have them evolve to cover their weaknesses:
Fighting/Electric, Rock/Psychic and Flying/Steel would be badass starter types.
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I realise it has been said before but Shinx would be my choice. Although, Eevee would make for a clever game as you could have a cap on friendship (so it doesn't evolve at all) until a certain point in the game where you are forced to choose which eeveelution you wish by the prof or something OR you aren't given a pokemon, you have had the eevee since you were very young and instead, (when it comes to the right time) the prof gives you the choice of the eeveelutions as you begin your adventure.
Mienfoo. I can just imagine my player character carrying it around in her arms like Misty did with Togepi.
Dream starter? For regulars, I think probably a Lucario, but that's quite early on in B2W2 in Flocessy Ranch for Riolu.
My other pick would actually be Pikachu, with a Light Ball picked up part-way through the story.
And for Legendaries, maybe one of the Creation Trio. Meloetta for Events.
However, what I am doing for Black 2 is transferring my Keldeo once it's been EV Trained and has the necessary moves; a sort-of backup if you like.
Eevee is prob the best single possible starter since it has something for almost everyone.

but my personal choice on who i would want to start with is Beldum
I'd like to see something like bug/grass/rock

Then the starters could get a second type that gave it an advantage against the other starter that it was originally weak against. (This isn't perfect because grass against bug is the only that creates a real disadvantage).

Anyway, how about those starting types with the final forms of bug/fighting, grass/fire, and rock/poison (grass/fire and rock/poison being first of their kind)

I'm picturing the bug starter resembling a Joltik and growing into something like a Pinsir
The grass starter could grow from something like Bulbasaur into a Venusaur / Torterra / Torkoal combination (or even something like a volcarona)
Lastly the rock starter would be something small like a Roggenrola and evolve into something like Golem with purple colored poison features

Having trouble thinking of a reference for a rock/poison type pokemon.

Anyone else think this would be fun or have a better idea for the designs of the starters and their evolved forms?
For me, it would naturally be Buizel, cause I think it's adorable, and it's my favorite Pokemon of all.
I dunno, something weird probably. I think in a couple months, I'm going to transfer all my old Pokemon to my shiny new White 2, and start a Bug run of White with a Durant egg. Or transfer a Durant egg to White 2. Because Durant owns so hard.
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