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Dub Voice Actor Guesses/Discussion - The Next Generation

Yo, James Brown Jr. is here
Khaya Fraites voices Vanessa Tempo, Shanelle Onyx and Nicole Steel in Rainbow High
Credits for HZ001

Alejandra Reynoso
Anjali Kunapaneni
Crispin Freeman
Daman Mills
Erica Mendez
Faye Mata
Kira Buckland
Lisa Ortiz
Major Attaway
Mara Junot
Michael Schneider
Zeno Robinson

Bill Rogers
Billy Bob Thompson
Ed Bosco
Erica Schroeder
Haven Burton
Marc Thompson
Michele Knotz
Sarah Natochenny
Steve Blum
Tyler Bunch
Xanthe Hunyh
The first six episodes of Horizons are now up on BBC iPlayer.

The Voice Characterization list includes Erica Mendez, Kira Buckland, Larry Kenney (THUNDERCATS HOOOOOOOO), Major Attaway, Mara Junot and Michael Schneider.

It's now in alphabetical order too.

Major Attaway is definitely Murdock, same for Mara Junot as Orla, Erica Mendez looks to be Molly, Larry seems like he'd be Ludlow and Michael Schneider is probably Zir.

Matthew Mercer also joins the list in Episode 6 so he's either Gibeon or Spinel.

Some of the new VA's joining the series include Nancy Linari, David Kaye, Sean Burgos and Paul Mercier.

Nancy sounds like she's Liko's Grandmother and Sean Burgos as Roy's father.
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So we got some newcomers. Very much a given that we always get new voice cast additions when a new generation of the anime comes around.

Also, David Kaye of all people voicing for Pokémon? The same guy who voices Clank in the Ratchet & Clank franchise, of which also had Steve Blum involved in the voice cast. If you’ve seen several of David’s performances, he has incredible vocal range.
We also have our new three script adaptors taking over from Cathcart - Rachel Robinson, Hilary Thomas and Barton Bishop.

Rachel has done countless adaptations for the likes of Bang-Zoom, FUNimation and Studiopolis on shows such as Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun, Boruto, Cells at Work! Code Black and Show by Rock.

Barton Bishop is a very surprising face as he's previously worked for 4Kids on series like the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise from 5D's up to Arc-V, Dinosaur King and the original Shaman King. He was previously involved back in the Advanced days with Season 6.

And Hilary needs no introduction as they oversee production for the dub but this is also their first crack at script adapting too.
This is a very nice big cast! It looks like we’re going to have a mixture of newcomers and veterans.

Nice to see familiar faces like Sarah Natochenny, Bill Rogers, Marc Thompson, Michele Knotz still Erica Schroeder still being part of this new era of Pokemon. I believe I also saw Megan Hollinshead in the cast list in one of the other episodes. I’m assuming she will continue to voice Nurse Joy in this series.
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