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Mafia Dungeons & Dragons Mafia (13p) - Game End

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What about my feelings?

You know how much I wanted this and how much Zexy mentally exhausted me this game. I would have probably figured ExLight was Mafia earlier if he didn’t use his genuine frustration against Zexy, which I read as genuine and mistakenly read him as Town for.



You know the right thing to do here.
Anyway, thoughts on my theory, ExLight?

You gotta admit, that Zexy becoming a Bomb in this game when I joked that he was one in yours is… incredibly coincidental.
I mean it's possible, yea, would be fresh in the mind
I'm not sure if it had MUCH thought put into it? Like, i don't think he'd claim that so mafia didn't shoot him as traitor, but more just because it was an opportunity

like, since it was more my fault he stuck with a bomb claim because I was the one to bring it up in the first place there's decent non-null chance of him just taking the opportunity to claim that as legit to try making into late game, I've done that as scum when people misread something as a soft and end up making a fake claim for me

just redirector would definitely make more sense in the setup too, bomb is fairly over the top with all the protection and it was really frustrating me earlier on

I was very surprised when he effortless conceded the fact that he was a bomb because if it was me in that slot I would've denied the shit out of it, specially if I hadn't tried making softs like zexy was trying, kinda like mido did, y'know? he didn't outright confirm it but after people started talking about it he kinda went with it without resisting

if he's a traitor I'll probably scream myself to sleep tonight :sadsola:
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