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Bulbapedia Edit Request(s)

The WTP narration can’t go back to the people just being Ash and his friends.
And why can’t why use Trainer Niantic? Is for copyright?
Most likely copyright but the more than likely reason is this is to prevent some random player from trying to impersonate the company and possibly phishing info from other players.

Well @prog rocker showed this thing from The Legend of Localization:
Cream Tangerine said:
“If you were playing Seiken Densetsu when it was first released, how would you determine what the heroes’ official names were? You’d probably turn to the game’s manual and/or the game’s strategy guides.”
I never understood why someone would care. Their names are whatever you called them. Otherwise why let you choose?
Fir413 said:
How would you
talk about the characters otherwise? In this game it doesn’t matter much cause it’s not as plot heavy? But can you imagine Final Fantasy VII threads where people discuss wheather Spiky Blonde Big Sword Guy can revive Dwad Flower Girl?

NOTE: There were some typos but I fixed them.

And because those names (TrainerNIA or NIATrainer) appear in Pokémon GO's website in promotional material, those are their names.

Now who reads the dub WTP SS001 narration? Screenshot with captions. @BigDocFan, who reads it?
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I've added the gen 8 physical moves to this page but then realised the Let's Go moves should technically be on there too. The special move page would also need an update as would the status move page. I don't wanna do it because adding it all is tedious so I'm putting the request here.
Who can give me a picture of captions reading Journey WTP narrations.
Repeated Questions
Hi, please keep in mind to keep repeated question to a minimum. We understand responses can be slow, but we'd stress utmost patience for users making their edit request until Bulbapedia staff get around to responding to them. Thank you.
I think the Pkn GO protagonists are what they are called in promos because we use names like Elio, Selene, Chase, Elaine, Scottie, Bettie, Victor, and Gloria. If not, we can call the male player chase because of what is used on the LGPE page but that's for connecting with Pkn GO.
I mean here are the names they use:

I say we use the third image because during Treehouse, to show two players, they were Victor and Gloria.
Speaking of which, tell me @abcboy, please tell me why you made their pages to the public, sir. I know! We can refer to them as Avatar, @colours. Compromise 100%?
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Both the pages for the Isle of Armor and The page for the Crown Tundra state in the Pokémon section of the page that
Pokémon found in the wild and those owned by other trainers in The Isle of Armor/The Crown Tundra will be scaled to a player's team, this will be based off of levels.
(emphasis mine)

However, people have discovered that the level scaling is not based upon levels but rather in-game progression. See this post here. So my edit request would just be to update the pages so that it refers to progression rather than levels. Thanks.

Edit: The Isle of Armor page has been updated to properly reflect the level scaling, however, the Crown Tundra page has not.
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I believed I've found an inconsistency between a couple of bulbapedia pages.

In the "Ability" section of the "Personality value" page, it says that in Gen III the lowest bit decides the ability, but in the "Storage" subsection of the "Generation III Onward" section of the "Individual values" page, it says that in Gen III the most significant bit decides the ability. So which one is it? xP

There are several mentions of the Luxury Ball being obtainable as a prize from any contest hall in Gen III if you win with a Pokémon that has won a Master Rank contest and has already won that particular contest. But no matter what I do, it seems you can only get Luxury Balls as prizes for winning a Master Rank contest a second time.

I just want to know if this is really the case, since even on the pages for Verdanturf, Fallarbor and Slateport, it's mentioned you can obtain Luxury Balls in Ruby and Sapphire for repeatedly winning contests there with a Master Rank ribbon holder.

I'm confused!!
Hi all, I've been digging around files on my computer while developing a custom Pokemon Tabletop Simulator game and I found some dreamworld style TMs and HMs, I don't know if they're official art or Fan art, Here are the links to the TMs and HMs, I noticed that there weren't any of these images on the wiki, I was hoping that they could be added to the respective artwork sections.
I have no idea why the shapes of Kubfu, Urshifu and Zarude haven't been updated yet since they have been released into the game, but Kubfu and Zarude are tailed bipeds while Urshifu is a tailless biped. The source for this information is Pokémon HOME.
So, I see that they are switching to the Switch era menu sprites. BUT, there's a problem with that change. That problem, is the inconsistency between those sprites. So, instead of giving us a full sprite change, Gamefreak decided to ONLY create new sprites for fully evolved Pokemons. What about the rest then? Well, those guys stay in their 3ds era sprites. This also applies to the Pokemon that aren't in Gen 8 (ex: Johto to Kalos starters). Those also don't get a new sprite. Some may get them in Crown Tundra, but the remaining fully evolved Pokemons get nothing. So, my suggestion is to stick to the 3ds era sprites until Gamefreak gives us a full sprite update, because of the inconsistency between the Pokemon. Hopefully we get a complete sprite update after the Switch era is finished. If we actually get that, we can change the sprites to become the sprites of that era. So, I found a comment on the Smogon forums on a topic similar to this and user Coolman6001 said that it would look weird when the fully evolved Pokemon that didn't get new sprites appear along side the Pokemon with new sprites.
Here's an example of what Coolman6001 said
See? It looks weird when you have the Switch sprite of Zekrom next to the 3ds sprite of Landorus. Like, you have this big Zekrom on top of this small Landorus. Now let's see what it looks like if reversed.
Ok, this looks more weird than the other one.
So, in conclusion, I agree with Coolman6001's statement of it looking weird to see the ones with 3ds sprites appear alongside the ones with the Switch sprites. So my recommendation is to wait until Crown Tundra releases. Then, we'll discuss again on the sprite changing. For now, to not make it look weird, I suggest going back to the 3ds sprites . 1599404119008.png

If you don't think it looks weird, look at some weird messyness on Serebii

So please. If you don't want to see inconsistency messes like this, change it back to the 3ds sprites until more Pokemon get Switch sprites for now.
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I don't know if this is where I put this, but I saw on Barry's Bulbapedia page that it doesn't listen his Japanese voice actor in Masters so Ithought I'd put it here. His Master JVA is Tsubasa Yonaga. I only know that because I saw his names in the credits on the game on the day it released and kept it on Japanese so I could see which character it was. And he turned out to be the voice for Barry. So I hope this helps someone out
I would like to report a problem. Even though I am logged in, a video player is appearing, and it is disturbing the articles a little. Another thing is that the search box disappeared together with several other tools that were on the side of the screen, along with the box.
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