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Elite Academy


Jun 22, 2007
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Categories: Original, Pokemon
Rating: PG13

Elite Academy


Fortitudo, Pertinacia et Victoria
(Courage, Determination, and Victory)​


Book 1 - Elite Academy: The Unknown Dungeon
Chpater 1 - The Beginning
Chapter 2 - The Invitation
Chapter 3 - A New Team
Chapter 4 - The Marketplace
Chapter 5 - S.S. Elite
Chapter 6 - Welcome to Elite Academy
Chapter 7 - Rivalry Renewed
Chapter 8 - Battle Tested
Chapter 9 - The Invasion
Chapter 10 - Reasonable Doubt
Chapter 11 - Eye of the Beholder
Chapter 12 - The Unknown Dungeon
Chapter 13 - The Traveling Man
Chapter 14 - Spliced
Chapter 15 - Fear Itself
Chapter 16 - Rise of Darkness
Chapter 17 - Team Cosmos
Chapter 18 - Message Sent

Cast: (As of Book 1)

Tyson Wood - A reserved, humble 14-year-old boy from Pallet Town, Kanto.
Xander Peakes - A sarcastic, wise-cracking 14-year-old boy from Sandgem Town, Sinnoh.
Camille Jacobsen - A sassy tomboy 14-year-old girl from the Seafoam Islands, Kanto.
Wheeler Bartlett - An arrogant, snobby 14-year-old boy from Lavaridge Town, Hoenn.
Ian Garfield - A shy, nature-loving 14-year-old boy from Celadon City, Kanto.
Candace Jensen - A beautiful, classy 15-year-old girl from Cherrygrove City, Johto.
Skyla Dogwood - A sly, witty 14-year-old girl from Goldenrod City, Johto.
Hanley Hawthorne - A slow, dopey 14-year-old boy from Fallarbor Town, Hoenn.
Jean-Paul Anthony
- An intelligent, skillful 15-year-old boy from Pastoria City, Sinnoh.
Brandon Elm - A determined, courageous 17-year-old boy from New Bark Town, Johto.

Professor Rowan - Former Professor of the Sinnoh Region and current Headmaster of Elite Academy.
Professor Bertha - Former Sinnoh Elite 4 member and specialist in the Ground-type. Professor of Breeding courses.
Professor Will - Former Johto Elite 4 member and specialist in the Psychic-type. Professor of Catching and Team Building courses.
Professor Bruno - Former Kanto Elite 4 member and specialist in the Fighting-type. Professor of Traveling courses.
Professor Fantina - Former Sinnoh Gym Leader, Grand Festival Champion, and specialist in the Ghost-type. Professor of Coordinating courses.
Professor Steven - Former Hoenn Champion and specialist in the Steel-type. Professor of Training and Evolving courses.
Professor Lance - Former Kanto Elite 4 member, Champion, and specialist in the Dragon-type. Professor of Battling courses.

Team Cosmos:
Cyrus - Former leader of Team Galactic.
Archer - Former leader of the second coming of Team Rocket.
Ariana - Former executive of the second coming of Team Rocket.
Petrel - Former executive of the second coming of Team Rocket.
Proton - Former executive of teh second coming of Team Rocket.

Introduction to the Elite Academy Series

This series follows the story of a young man from Pallet Town. However, unlike many children his age, Tyson Wood (age fourteen starting in Book One) has not left on his journey, nor does he have any idea if he will ever be allowed to leave on his journey. He follows the strict rules of his parents and remains humble and respectful to his parents. However, while researching random Pokemon topics on the internet, Tyson discovers the web page of a vast academy that homes several of the worlds best prodigies in the branches of Pokemon Training, Coordinating, Breeding, etc. Tyson desires to become a part of this academy and will stop at nothing to gain acceptance.

But every story has its antagonist. With the demise of Teams Rocket, Magma, Aqua, and Galactic, many people in the world are confident that peace has finally overcome the evil in the world However, when reports of the formation of a revamped team arises, it leaves several Pokemon officials, especially Professor Rowan, wondering if these reports are valid or not. And is this new team a threat to people every where? Only time will tell what the motives and intents of this team are. All that the Pokemon League Conference can do is sit back and prepare for the worst with the given history of evil organizations in the world.
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Elite Academy
The Unknown Dungeon​


Chapter One
The Beginning

"Professor, run this idea by me once more. My apologies, I just want to fully understand the thought and purpose behind the change this year." I cloaked man with spiky red hair said as he took a seat at the opposing head of the table. His orange eyes stared at the elderly man dressed in lab robes sitting directly adjacent from him.

"Of course, Lance. I'll be glad to do so. This idea is not necessarily favored amongst the Pokémon World. Ever since I introduced this idea four years to select households, my idea has been looked down upon. But I'm confident that it will be a success."

His name was Rowan. Professor Rowan, former lead professor of the Sinnoh Region. Every year, the six lead officials of a wondrous school known as Elite Academy met every year in Rowan's penthouse in Jubilife City, Sinnoh. Although more times than not, these meetings were brief overviews of the school year, this year would be slightly different.

Rowan stroked his thick, white beard before standing and walking over to the window of the conference room and staring firmly out the window, "This year... we will be admitting students who have no prior experience as Pokémon Trainers, Coordinators, or Breeders. Thus meaning we will have less than amateurs roaming the corridors of Elite Academy."

"With all due respect sir, I oppose this idea. Profusely. It's absurd!" A voice from beside Lance blurted out. The man was dressed in a black suit with a red scarf, "We will surely lose accreditation if we go through with this project and---"

Rowan quickly turned on his heel to face the silver-haired man, interrupting his statement, "Which is why this is a five-year project. Our academy goes under accreditation every five years and we passed with flying colors in the previous years. Now, are you saying that our professors are inadequate to teach Trainers with no prior experience?"

"I think what Steven is saying is that it is a big risk," said a rather muscular guy sitting across from Steven. "Honestly, I'm for the idea with the purpose you told me earlier, sir. It makes complete sense and is our duty as Pokémon League officials to have the protection of our young people in mind first."

Nodding approvingly, the headmaster said, "Thank you, Bruno." Rowan re-focused his attention on Steven, "Now, I haven't told anyone but Bruno this... but, I have received reports from the law system that a new team organization is on the rise. With the happenings of Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, and Team Galaxy years ago, we should not allow young people to roam the world at the age of ten without any extensive training from Elite officials as you all."

"I'd like to chime in, Headmaster."

"Go ahead, Bertha."

Clearing her throat, an elderly woman stood, her stylish gray hear bouncing as she said, “I know it's not traditional to do this, but traditions are made to be broken. Nonetheless, we are not doing this without some form of thought input. Four years ago, we sent out notifications to each household about what we are doing. It's up to the parents to decide whether or not they believe in us."

A pause occurred as several of the professors, excluding Steven, nodded their heads in agreement.

"Likewise," she continued, "we've given them study materials to prepare their children for school. They have had ample amount of time to prepare for what we have in store for them at Elite Academy. We have new facilities, training grounds, and areas for our students that will compare to journeying, as well as book and computer learning." Bertha took her seat and gave the floor back to Rowan.

"With that being said, are there anymore questions?" Rowan looked around and took the silence as a no, "Well then. Meeting adjourned. I shall see you all at Elite Academy in the coming days."

The entire faculty gathered their things and departed from the conference room, eventually exiting the building. Two professors lingered behind: Bruno and the contest master and silent-for-this-meeting, Fantina.

"Why so quiet, m'lady?" Bruno asked his fellow Professor as they walked across the hallway.

"Oh, nothing. I'm just... tired. I've been working at the Hearthome Gym all summer as a surprise Gym Leader for the passing Trainers. I've also been a judge at the Contest Hall." She rubbed her hand on her cheek, exhaling through her nose.

Bruno looked at her sideways as they entered an elevator near the end of the hallway, "I know that sigh. What's wrong?"

She shook her head as the elevator closed, "This new organization Rowan spoke of. It's like a never ending chain of evil. It makes you wonder can the world ever be right. Can it ever be civil? Can we all agree for a change?"

Bruno raised his eyebrows, silently thinking as he stared forward at the elevator door; just a few more floors before the bottom one. He looked at her and said, "You know, I don't know if that's even possible. I do know that if the world agreed on everything, it would be plenty boring, right?"

"I suppose, Bruno."

The elevator opened up as the two exited into the city of Jubilife.

"See you at the Academy, Bruno."

"Same to you, Fantina."


Pallet Town was probably one of the most legendary towns across the entire world. To many of the worlds Pokémon Masters, it was simply known as home. From the astounding Red to the marvelous Blue, this town has been known to breed majestic Pokémon masters every single year it seems. Although most natives of this town send their children off on their journeys at the age of ten, some families decide to keep their children around longer because they feel that ten years old is just too young. Though this seems like the logical explanation for most, one other family has another reason.

This family is the Woods family. The Woods family tradition is to become a Pokémon Breeder. The father of the family, Kenta Wood, is a native of Pallet and began his leap into the Pokémon world at the age of five by helping his on the same farm his current family lives on. He married his wife, Carla Wood, whom he met at a Breeding Conference in Viridian City. To this day, it is implied by most Pallet natives that those 'crazy Woods' have never seen outside of Pallet Town or Viridian City.

Kenta and Carla had a son fourteen years ago and named him Tyson. Most families would allow their son to choose his own trade, but it would appear that Tyson was born to become a breeder, just like the entire Wood family. Despite this, Tyson has grown to appreciate breeding, but he would rather do something else with his life and jump from the norm.

It was an ordinary morning like any other. Tyson was laying in his bed as the sunlight beamed into the window on this August day. Being caught by the light, Tyson's hazel eyes opened and he eventually rose from his abode of slumber. Completing his stretch, Tyson stood up and walked over to his dresser with the mirror on it. He definitely was the son of Kenta and Carla Wood because he had his father short spiky brown hair and medium skin and his mother's hazel eyes.

After looking at himself, Tyson wondered over to his closet and opened it up. Having an array of basically the same type of clothes, Tyson grabbed whatever was in the first slot of the hanging line: a red shirt and overalls. He squatted down to the floor and grabbed some barn boots and brown leather gloves as well. After getting dressed, Tyson walked down stairs and noticed that his parents were already gone to the barn. Typical. He grabbed a slice of toast remaining on the kitchen table before heading outside and starting his day.

It was not humid for a change, to Tyson's liking. The Sun was nice, but the cloudless sky and gentle breeze was refreshing. A warm smile appeared on Tyson's face as he walked through the tall grass before meeting with the barn door and opening it. Surprising enough, his father nor mother was not in here.

"Maybe they're doing something else," Tyson thought to himself.

His duty for this morning was to feed the Pokémon, including the new import, a purebred Miltank. This Miltank was bought merely to breed with the family's purebred Tauros to make a Miltank with extremely rich milk. In addition, there were some Ponyta and Rapidash stables that needed to be cleaned as well, to Tyson's dismay.

"If I have to clean more poop up, I'll seriously throw up." Tyson sneered as he placed some poffin on the left side of the Miltank and Tauros's bowl, while placing water in the other. The two Pokémon greeted him happily and began their breakfast.

As Tyson ventured into the stable, sure enough there were brown clumps of feces lying around on the hay that needed to be cleaned. Closing his eyes and exhaling, Tyson muttered a curse word to himself before heading over to dispose of it in a garbage bag that was tied to his waist.

After cleaning up the stables, Tyson ventured out the barn door before bumping into his father. Luckily, they both maintained balance and Tyson did not spill the bag open.

Scrunching up his face, Kenta said, "Wooo, boy. That poop is rank! Definitely the worse smelling one yet. Make sure you put that baby in the mixer so we can make some fertilizer for our crops!"

"Yes sir." Tyson said reluctantly before attempting to walk off.

"Hold on, son." He reached into his pocket handed Tyson several PokéDollars, "I need you to go to Viridian and by some more Poffin Mix and Berries."

"I thought we made some ourselves?"

"Yeah, but you know the humidity over the past week has torched our product. It won't be for another month until we get our products back right. Besides, I'm sure you want to leave Pallet for a change."

Tyson nodded, slinging the bag over his shoulder again, trying his best to avoid the smell.

"Well, get a move on, partner. Hurry back, too. Your mother is making Cinnabar burgers and fries tonight!"


After fertilizing the residue, Tyson immediately took a shower. He could not go to Viridian smelling like poop. There was no way that was happening. As the shower water splashed against his bare body, Tyson began to wonder how and when he was going to tell his parents he was ready to journey out into the world to see what it had to offer. Or at least leave his home. So many of Tyson's friends had left four years ago, while he was forced to remain here and be reduced to slave-like tasks on a daily basis.

After cleaning himself, Tyson stepped out of the shower and draped a towel across his lower body. He exited the bathroom and walked across the hall to his bedroom and closed the door, locking it without thinking about it. As he walked into his room, Tyson looked on his desk at the things he had set out that he would bring on his 'quest' to Viridian City: a bag, a Poketch, and his PokéGear. Tyson was surprised his parents purchased these items; it was not as if he was to leave home anytime soon.

Tyson decided to wear something casual on his journey: a white t-shirt, red hooded jacket, jeans, and his new black and red running shoes. After getting completely dressed and gathering his key items, Tyson went over to the computer and decided to randomly do searches on Pokémon. Tyson, despite no prior field knowledge of Pokémon, was exceptionally knowledgeable about all of the known Pokémon. He always said if he was to become a Trainer, he would start with a Charmander.

While searching, a link at the top of the search engine piqued Tyson's interest. It read:

'Elite Academy Registration - Apply here to see if your child qualifies!'​

Feeling a bit bold, Tyson clicked on the link and immediately an application page booted up before him. Eyes widening at the opportunity, Tyson filled out the application with much excitement and pressed the 'Submit Application' button. But when the next screen uploaded, Tyson was sent back to the same application page. However, at the top of the online registrar, a bold, italicized, red link read:

'This child has already been registered for Elite Academy. A confirmation letter will be sent if your child has been accepted.'​

"What? Already registered?" Tyson said to himself quietly, "But, who could have already registered me? My parents don't use the computer. Not often anyway..."

"Tyson! When are you leaving for Viridian? It's almost noon!" A feminine voice yelled from downstairs.

Tyson immediately logged off his computer before opening his door and sprinting downstairs, "Right now, Mom."

Once he got downstairs, Tyson noticed his mother chopping up fruit and placing them in a mixer. She was making Tyson's favorite, Fruit Blend Smoothies.

"The food should be ready by the time your back, honey." Carla smiled at her son and nodded, "Hurry on, or your father will be mad. Normally you don't leave this late."

"Fine. Fine. I'm going." Tyson smiled and headed out.


Heading north, it took Tyson little to no time to reach the beginning of the Viridian Forest. While he walked, Tyson whipped out his PokéGear and booted up the internet once more to do a bit of research on this Elite Academy he had previously attempted to apply for. It piqued his interest even more than anyone would even apply him for this school. After searching for the school on the internet, he discovered the home page of the website and scrolled down to 'Brief Description of the Academy':

'Elite Academy of Pokémon Arts and Sciences is a grand academy located between western Johto and eastern Hoenn. The main campus has residence on an extremely large island, but the entire area owned by the academy is an archipelago. The mission of is to enhance the young people of the world's knowledge of battling, catching, training, coordinating, breeding, evolving, team-building, traveling, and the history of the Pokémon World. Likewise, the courses will consist of in-the-class learning as well as hands-on learning. Provided with the help of Elite Professors, we will be sure to help your children achieve their dreams and goals in becoming a Pokémon Master through our school motto: Fortitudo, Pertinacia et Victoria (Courage, Determination, and Victory).'​

While walking through the forest, Tyson had to stop in his tracks as he read the description of the academy. It gave him goose bumps thinking of the expertise he could be provided with at this academy. More so than now, Tyson was hoping he would receive a confirmation letter in the mail.

He decided to scroll down the page even more now as he noticed the date all acceptance letters should be received, "August 12th... Whoa! That's today! I better get a move on then!"

Tyson began to sprint to Viridian now, all the while scaring a flock of Pidgeys into flying away from the running young man. Elite Academy was in his sights and he could only hope that his dreams of leaving home would be answered.
Chapter Two
The Invitation

In no time Tyson emerged out of the Viridian Forest and had made his way into the PokéMart. Walking down the aisle, Tyson overheard a woman conversing with her daughter. No surprise to Tyson, the topic of Elite Academy was being discussed.

"Mom, you signed me up for Elite Academy right? All of my friends have applied."

"Yes, for the umpteenth time. I took care of that last week. The question is: have you been going over the study materials they provided for you?"

"Well," the girl pondered an excuse to give her mother. "You see, I thought about studying earlier, but the Grand Festival was on for three weeks. Therefore, I got distracted, but for good reason."

"So you're basically saying you 'studied' by watching the Grand Festival?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying, Mom."

Tyson found himself slightly laughing at the minor standoff between mother and daughter. When he finally was recognized by the two females, Tyson gently waved nervously before grabbing poffin mix off the shelf and proceeding down the aisle.

When he gathered all the materials his parents asked him to get, Tyson went into the checkout lane, paid the necessary amount, and went on his way. He had hopes of getting back to Pallet before two o'clock and he was making quick progress, thanks in part to his new running shoes. Tyson began his sprint into the Viridian Forest, darting past the same Pidgeys he had frightened earlier. Unfortunately, luck was not on Tyson's side this time around as he tripped over a thick root, stumbling face first onto the forest floor.

"Oomph!" Tyson mumbled as he picked himself up, spitting out blades of grass from his mouth, "That definitely was not one of my best trips."

It was then Tyson overheard someone from the other side of a large tree nearby. It sounded like a crazed man. Standing up, Tyson went over to eavesdrop, resting his back on the bark as he slightly poked his head out to listen closely.

"It would appear that only one child from Pallet will be attending Rowan's Academy in the fall. Most of Pallet Town's youth have already started their quests which could have a negative impact on our plans."

Then, a silky feminine voice was heard.

"Regardless of that, there have only been exactly twenty-five children who have left Pallet Town over the years. As far as we are concerned, one less brat to deal with is fine in my book."

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Something about those Pallet Town brats really irks my nerves."

"Your nerves!? Imagine how the Boss felt when he was defeated Pallet natives."

"Pallet Town brats? One child? The Boss?" Tyson thought to himself.

"Did you hear something?" The female asked, "It sounded like leaves rustling."

Tyson took that as his cue to evacuate the forest and get his rear end back home.


Rather than running home, Tyson decided to walk at a brisk, steady pace to ensure that he did not trip again. As he approached his house, he noticed that the front door was open, which could only mean that the Wood residence had a guest. Right now, Tyson could care less about a guest in the house; the most important thing to him was an envelope in the mail that had anything to do with Elite Academy.

As he approached the pathway to the front door, Tyson stopped at the mailbox and opened it. There were no envelopes. The mailman definitely had already delivered due to it being past two now. Sighing, Tyson jammed his free fist into his pocket as he walked through the door, speaking to his parents and the guest sitting on the couch.

"I'm back," Tyson said. He then realized who it was sitting on the couch, "Bruno of the Elite 4!?"

The muscular man smiled at the young, baffled boy as he said, "Well, I'm a former Elite 4 member now." He sipped some tea provided by Tyson's mother, "I'm a Professor at Elite Academy now and have been so for quite some time now."

"Elite Academy?" Tyson looked to his parents, "You signed me up for Elite Academy?"

Kenta shook his head, hands in pocket. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Nope, not at all son. You were recruited by Professor Rowan directly to become a pupil at this Academy."

"It just amazes me," Bruno interrupted, "that you didn't receive any study materials despite being recruited. Nonetheless, I'll be sure to fill you on things when we go to Celadon."

"Whoa." Tyson looked to his parents again, "You're gonna allow me to go to Elite Academy?"

"It seems prestigious," Carla said. "And if an Elite 4 member sees potential in you, I have no problem with allowing you to go. Just make sure you keep in contact with us."

Kenta nodded and smiled a bit, "Normally, I would detest and defer from letting you leave, but Bruno convinced us with some supporting details about how much you could learn and accomplish at the academy."

Tyson bit his lip as he stared at the white carpentry beneath his feet. Finally, the chance of a lifetime had arrived for him and already he was unsure about carrying out the task. What exactly could Bruno have said to alter his parents’ thoughts about granting access to leave his home? Why couldn't he be the one to play the role of clincher when it came to this? These questions spiraled around Tyson's brain as he exhaled through his nose.

"Something wrong, honey?" Carla questioned.

"Heh," Bruno chuckled. "The boy is just absorbing this all in. I mean it is a lot to take in at once, especially coming from a young man who has never had this opportunity before."

Tyson looked up as Bruno and nodded his head in agreement. He couldn't find words to say and was completely overwhelmed at how fast things were going. Earlier he was so ready to leave, but now that opportunity came knocking in the form of one of the best Pokemon Trainers in history, Tyson was playing the role of a shaky little boy.

"Umm," Tyson began, "can I have overnight to sleep on this and think about it? I promise to have an answer by sunrise."

"Absolutely," Bruno nodded. "I'll be back here at 8 o'clock tomorrow morning. Until then, I'll be taking residence in the Viridian Forest. My Pokemon and I have to complete some intense summer training before school starts back. Until then!"

Carla showed Bruno out as Kenta walked over to his son, placing a firm hand on his shoulder. "Let's eat. I'm sure some burgers will help you get your mind set on a clear decision."


After his meal, Tyson sat outside on the porch swing resting his hands on the back of his head as he watched people of the town go about their daily routine. Children were playing tag in the street, adults were doing yard work, and house Pokemon were keeping a watchful eye over both. Tyson began to wonder, as he usually does, how he and his future Pokemon would work together as a team. He feared that one day he would lose control or the trust of a Pokemon he owned and it would turn against him. It has happened in previous years and no human gets any special treatment in this world, no matter what title they claim.

As Tyson sat there, it appeared that the Woods' family pet made its way out of the doghouse in the backyard and on to the porch in the front yard.

"Growlie, where have you been all day?" Tyson said as he looked down at the elderly Growlithe.

Growlie came to the Wood household years before Tyson was born. In fact, Growlie does not even have a Pokéball, because he merely befriended Kenta after the elder Wood noticed the Growlithe herding his flock of Mareep.

Growlie clambered on to the porch seat and rested his head in Tyson's lap, waiting to be massaged. Tyson willingly did so and looked out yonder again. Unlike Tyson's parents, Growlie knew all of Tyson's hopes and dreams.

"Well, Growlie," Tyson said, looking down at the Growlithe, "I've got a big decision to make by tomorrow morning. What do you suggest, boy?"

Growlie began to pant happily, his tongue sticking out as he lifted up to lick one of his owner's cheeks. Tyson laughed to himself and quickly wiped away the saliva from his face and rubbed it against the wooden arm rest.

"I guess that means you'll be happy as long as I'm happy," Tyson smiled. "Right?"

Growlie barked.

"Right," Tyson nodded and stood up. By now it was becoming slightly darker with dusk in the horizon, "I think I'll go walk around the forest for a bit."

He picked up the bag that was lying beside the porch swing and slung it over his shoulder. Normally he would notify his parents about him leaving to the forest, but this time Tyson felt that he could keep this to himself. Besides, it would just be a normal walk in the forest... right?
Chapter Three
A New Team

Something about the Viridian Forest at night calmed and soothed Tyson down. Out here, it was much easier to think rather than at his home in Pallet. As he walked, a few wild Hoothoot watched him closely. One in particular began to hop from branch to branch in an attempt to study the human closely. Unlike earlier, the forest was quiet and tranquil. Tyson stopped for a moment as he approached a tree and looked up at it.

He considered climbing the large earth-built structure, but he considered the feelings of the Pokemon that lived in that tree and decided not to. Instead, Tyson sat down between two thick roots and rested his head back on the surprisingly comfortable bark. Now was a more perfect time than ever to go over the pros and cons of attending Elite Academy.

"Okay," Tyson began thinking to himself, "if I don't attend the academy, I'll be stuck at home participating in the same routine on a daily basis. However, I've grown accustomed to doing that so it's not that big a deal."

He rubbed his hands together as he reached into his bag and pulled out a brochure that Bruno had given his family while the Elite 4 member visited.

"But," Tyson said out loud, "Elite Academy has so much to offer. I could learn from the best, begin my own journey, meet new friends, and make a name for myself."

Soon, the same Hoothoot that was studying Tyson before fluttered down from the tree branch and began to waddle closer to Tyson. The Owl Pokemon appeared to be extremely friendly and didn't seem to mind Tyson's presence.

Smiling, Tyson said, "Hey there, fellow."

Then, from the seemingly the canopy of the forest, a large body mass came slamming onto the ground beside the Hoothoot, causing the Pokemon to fly away quickly. Tyson jumped, allowing time for his eyes to analyze what just happened and what had collapsed in front of him. The figure appeared to be a Pokemon with four muscular arms. Tyson was unable to decipher the color of the Pokemon, but he knew that if he had time to identify the color successfully, this monster would surely attack. Just as he was about to run, a voice from behind the beast yelled at Tyson.

"Tyson!" a familiar voice called. "Don't be alarmed. It's me, Bruno! My Machamp will not hurt you!"

Tyson eyes lit up when he heard Bruno's voice. He ran around the Machamp where he met up with the Pokemon Master.

"Listen closely," Bruno said. "I know this is all is going to appear to come at you fast, but my team and I being attacked by rabid Pokemon. I'm not sure where they came from. However, with you having no Pokemon on you, you need to get out of here as soon as possible."

Tyson looked up at the much larger Bruno as the man spoke. He understood his words clearly, but he had to rebuttal, "I want to help you. I'll be at Elite Academy soon, right? Well, what better starting experience than helping to fend off wild Pokemon."

Snarling sounds could be heard from past the tree where Tyson was sitting. Both Tyson and Bruno turned their attentions towards the source as Machamp stood ready in front of them. From the shadows emerged two canine-looking Pokemon, foaming at the mouth as their blood red orbs glowed in the moonlight.

Tyson faltered slightly as he bared his teeth in fear, "Mightyenas!"

These Mightyenas did not look like ordinary Mightyenas. Their teeth were far sharper, hair was far bushier, and claws were far lengthier. The two Bite Pokemon charged at Machamp, one clamping onto the Fighting-type Pokémon’s bottom left arm while the other clamped to the bottom right arm. Yelping in intense pain, Machamp flailed its fist in clockwise and counterclockwise motions in an effort to get rid of the rabid Pokemon.

"Machamp, Seismic Toss," Bruno commanded.

After receiving attack orders, Machamp leaped up with both Mightyenas' mandibles still attached to its arms. Tyson and Bruno both looked up as Machamp jumped at least twenty-five feet in the air before flipping forward. It then proceeded too thrust both of its bottom arms down, hurling the Mightyenas off its arms and spiraling towards the earth. In an instant the Mightyenas' bodies crashed into the dirt, bouncing off the ground before fully fainting. Machamp landed on its feet powerfully and gave out a victory roar, pumping its chest repeatedly.

"Good deal, Machamp," Bruno nodded at his most powerful Pokemon. "Take a well deserved rest."

Bruno took out a Pokéball and a crimson beam shot from the compressor of the orb, engulfing Machamp's entire body before capsuling it within the sphere. Just as Bruno returned his Pokemon, similar red beams shot out of the sky, only these beams looked like whips that dragged the bodies of the Mightyenas. The beams shrouded the Mightyenas' bodies before returning them to a source.

Standing on a hilly portion of the forest was a man dressed in a dark jumpsuit. His turquoise hair appeared sharp and erect, as if it were completely solid. The man turned on his heel as he disappeared into the night, leaving Tyson wondering who could possibly possess such savage Pokemon and sic them on passing people.

Bruno gave a fierce look to the man before he left and then said to Tyson, "I reckon that's a confidant to the new evil organization." He looked down at Tyson who appeared to be calmer now.

"You mean like Team Rocket?" Tyson questioned. "But I thought they disbanded several years ago."

"It's more than just Team Rocket, kid," Bruno replied, shaking his head and then looking up into the sky. "I don't know what exactly we're dealing with right now, but I'm pretty sure Rowan knows more than anyone else. If we want the direct answers, we'll have to ask him. However, I highly doubt he would discuss this sort of topic with a student."

Tyson nodded, understanding completely.

"All the more reason to attend Elite Academy!" Bruno added, beaming so much that it appeared as though he was squinting.


The next morning definitely was not like any other morning for Tyson. It's not every day an Elite 4 member is sitting at your kitchen table sharing breakfast with you. Tyson came down the stairs dressed in his pajama attire. His mother had made his favorite meal: pancakes, bacon, eggs, and Bluk Berry muffins.

As Tyson took a seat beside Bruno, the muscular man looked to Tyson's mother, "You make a fabulous breakfast, Carla. I'm sure Tyson will absolutely love the food at the academy as well because the product is just as good!"

Kenta walked into the kitchen, newspaper at hand. He overheard Bruno's comment and raised his eyebrows, "Oh, so you've decided you'll go to the academy, son?"

After gulping a big bite of his muffin, Tyson said, "Yes. Last night, I notified Professor Bruno---"

"Please," Bruno interrupted, "just call me Bruno. Professor makes me sound old. True I am, but not nearly as old as Rowan." He gave a hearty laugh.

Tyson smiled as well and corrected himself, "Right. I notified Bruno last night that I'm ready to attend Elite Academy."

"And you came to this conclusion how?" his father asked. It wasn't that Kenta had intentions to disagree with his son. He just wanted to see where his son was coming from for a change. It was interesting to him that his son was articulate.

"Well," Tyson began, "I've had aspirations to be a Trainer for quite some time. I know the family tradition for every child is to ultimately become a world class Breeder, but I think I want to try my hand at battling Pokemon." He paused for a moment to gather his thoughts before speaking again, "I appreciate the discipline you and Mom have taught me, but I'm fourteen years old. I think, no, I know I'm capable of achieving great things, especially with the way you two have raised me."

Both of his parents smiled brightly, nodding their heads in unison as they listened to their only child speak. It was as though he had matured right before their eyes.

Bruno chimed in, "Well, Mr. and Mrs. Wood, it appears as though you've got a fine young man on your hands. I promise to keep him out of trouble at the academy. And if he does get in trouble, he'll have to deal with me. As you can see, I'm a big man. Therefore, I don't think he would want to disappoint and upset me." He elbowed Tyson lightly with a joking chuckle.

"You better get packing then son," said Kenta.

"That's right," added Carla. "You're going to Elite Academy."


Later on that day, Tyson sat in his room aboard the S.S. Anne. The ship was in pursuit of Celadon and would not take very long to reach its destination. Tyson sat on the rough mattress of the bed as he stared out the spherical window. It was the first time Tyson had ever been on a cruise ship and he was amazed at the deep blue hue of the sea.

With the idea of being a Trainer on his mind, Tyson decided to change into suitable clothing: a burgundy windbreaker with a darker shade of burgundy hoody, fitted blue jeans, and red and white sneakers. With these clothes on, Tyson felt completely different from his overall-wearing days back at home. Now, he felt like a Trainer.

There was a knock at Tyson's door and he got up to answer it.

Bruno was standing there, dressed in his normal karate attire, "Hey, glad to see you're comfortable. You changed clothes, I see."

Tyson grinned, looking down at his attire, "Yeah, I normally don't wear these types of clothes, but I guess I have a chance to now."

Bruno appeared to be a friendly person to Tyson and he had already gain respect from the young boy. It was nice for Tyson to know that he had someone he could turn to at the academy when he had a question about something.

Smiling, Bruno said, "Well, we'll be in Celadon City in about thirty to forty-five minutes. I'm pretty sure some of your future fellow classmates will be there too."

Tyson smiled, "Nice. So why are we going to Celadon City?"

"To get your school supplies, of course. You'll get some regular items, key items, and your first Pokemon too."

"Awesome! Thanks for the insight! I think I'll just hang in here for a while until we reach our destination."

"Alright then," Bruno nodded before closing the door behind him.

Tyson smiled to himself as he jumped back onto his bunk and looked out the window again, marveling at the beauty of the world. For the first time in a long time, Tyson felt liberty. The few words of Bruno excited him even more. He would be getting his first Pokemon. Things were about to get moving in his journey to becoming a Trainer and he would be sure to cherish every second of it. The fluidity of the ocean gently rocked Tyson's eyes shut as he drifted to sleep.
Chapter Four
The Marketplace

A thirty minute nap seemed like a lifetime for Tyson as he slowly woke up at the sound of the ship horn. The S.S. Anne had just anchored at the port of Celadon City and all passengers were to make their way off. Tyson sat up and gathered his things as Bruno opened the door.

"We're here. Are you all set?"

Tyson, struggling with his bags, nodded and said, "Yeah, I'm ready."

Bruno chuckled and said, "First year. You'll learn not to pack so many clothes, heh. We've got shops at the academy that sells clothes for an affordable price."

"Gee," Tyson teased, "you sound like a salesman."

Once the two got off the vessel, they immediately headed into the city. Although it was big, Celadon City was quite friendly. As Tyson looked around, he saw several people his age going in and out of stores in the marketplace. A distinguished blond boy caught Tyson's eye because he was fumbling with his low-tech Poketch.

"I saw your Poketch earlier," Bruno nodded at Tyson as they walked along the sidewalk. "It's on the requirement list, but most students have them prior to attending school. All you need is this." Bruno handed Tyson the Elite Academy required items list:

-Uniform Fitting
-Books: "Breeding and You", "How to Build the Perfect Pokemon Team", "Pokemon World Geography", "Beauty in Battling", "Evolution 101", "Training Regiments", "Pokemon Biology", and "From Cover to Cover: Becoming a Pokemon Master"
-Potions, Antidotes, Awakenings, Repels, Paralyze Heals, Escape Ropes, and PokéBalls
-Starter Pokémon

"I scratched out the items you already had in advanced." Bruno said.

"There are so many books!" Tyson exclaimed.

"Yeah, there are," Bruno replied. "But more times than not, Professors at Elite Academy tend to favor hands-on experience rather than book experience. It's part of a new movement."

"Eh..." Tyson still didn't approve.

"Come on! We've got to hurry and get your supplies before the S.S. Elite arrives!"


First, Tyson found himself at the Celadon Shopping Mall. He was standing on top of a platform in front of a tri-mirror display. A woman entered the room as Bruno stood on the wall, arms folded as he waited for the assistant to measure Tyson for his uniform at the academy.

"So, you're going to Elite Academy? Where are you from?" the assistant asked while measuring the length of his legs and arms. Off to the side, the lady's Meowth extended the measuring tape to a suitable range.

Tyson held out his arms, displaying his wingspan, as he answered the question, "Yes, ma'am, I am. And I'm from Pallet Town."

After she completed measuring his lengthier body parts, the assistant measured Tyson's waist before looking up at him at the mentioning of Pallet Town. "Pallet Town, hmm? Interesting. Not a lot of kids from that town go to Elite Academy or academies in general. They usually go straight to journeying."

"Tyson Wood here is an exception," Bruno added. "We expect great things from. Who knows? Maybe he'll start a tradition of Pallet Town children attending Elite Academy. It is my understanding that he's the only child from Pallet enrolled at our academy."

The lady whipped the measuring tape back into the holster with the sound of a clack. She stood up, writing down her results as she faced the two, "Well, I wish you the best of luck, Tyson Wood."

"Thank you, ma'am." Tyson said, nervously for some reason. That woman was quite appealing to his eyes.


Inside the Celadon Bookstore, Tyson and Bruno elected to separate the task of finding books. Tyson was to find the first three, while Bruno was to locate the last four. Walking down an aisle near the back of the carpeted store, Tyson peered through the shelves and looked at the last names of authors to find the right book. He began to walk sideways as he read the last names out loud.

"John, Johnson, Jonas, Jones," Tyson whispered, before bumping into a male carrying books.

The books flew into the air before landing down on Tyson's body and the other boy's body as well. Both collapsed to the ground at the minor pain and slowly got to their knees to reassemble the book pile.

"Ah, man," Tyson began, "I'm sorry for knocking your books down. I totally got sidetrack and distracted. I do that often."

The boy nodded, understanding where Tyson was coming from. "It's alright, no harm done."

He appeared to be friendly to Tyson and was much taller and lankier than him as well. His hair was short and an emerald green color. His eyes were equally as green, but his skin was pale, almost white.

"I'm Ian, by the way," he smiled. "Ian Garfield," the boy dusted off his buttoned-up white shirt and blue jeans as he stood up, extending his hand to Tyson as means of helping and greeting.

Tyson used Ian's hand to support him in standing up and shook it upon reaching stability.

"Tyson Wood. Nice to meet you, Ian."

"Likewise, Tyson. Are you enrolled in Elite Academy as well?"

"As a matter of fact, I am. You're the first person I've actually come in contact with who is attending the academy, outside of a Professor anyway."

The two continued to converse as Tyson found his books quickly with the help of Ian, who appeared to be a bit of a bookworm.

"My parents attended the academy when they were my age. It's only right to continue the tradition and attend it as well. I heard the wildlife and nature there is splendid," Ian sighed at the mere thought of rubbing his hands in the shrubbery that outlined the academy.

Tyson chuckled, finding this weird boy amusing, "Well, I can't say the same for my parents. They've always been Breeders and farmhands. I'm the first member of my family to attend the academy."

"Oh," Ian raised his brows, "then you've got a bit of history to make then, I suppose. I wish you luck then. Well, I have to go get fitted for my uniform. See you on the ship?"

"You bet!" Tyson grinned.


After purchasing his books, Tyson, along with Bruno, just needed to stop by one more store before receiving his Starter Pokemon and returning to the port. The Celadon Department Store was by far the biggest PokéMart in the entire region of Kanto and Tyson was amazed at its structure. Heading inside, Tyson and Bruno immediately noticed how crowded it was on the first floor.

"Oy," Bruno groaned. "This happens every single year. Luckily, I've got my connections. Follow me, Tyson."

The two struggled through the crowd and made their way to the staircase. After climbing a seemingly endless flight of stairs, the duo reached the fifth floor of the department store. This floor was relatively empty and the only person on this floor was the salesman behind the counter. Bruno approached the counter with Tyson right behind him.

"I have a student here who needs a Starter Pack," Bruno said, leaning on the counter.

The salesman was an elderly looking man with an extremely large nose. He inhaled deeply, smelling the aroma of Tyson. Feeling awkward, Tyson raised an eyebrow and clenched his fists as he and Bruno exchanged glances.

"Uh," Bruno began again, "do you need his hometown?"

"He's a Pallet Town child," the man interrupted. "I can smell the cleanly odor in his hair."

Soon, the man disappeared to the backroom of the store as Bruno and Tyson exchanged glances again.

"You know him?" Tyson asked.

"Yeah," Bruno chuckled. "One year, I got quite desperate because of the large crowds on the bottom floors, so I decided to give the fifth floor a chance. Ever since then, he's been my go-to guy for students."


"Because, he gives students the best materials," Bruno nodded, his eyes peering to the left as the man returned. "Here he is now."

In the salesman's hands was a sack. He looked inside the bag and began to state what was in the bag, "I've got Super Potions, Antidotes, Awakenings, Super Repels, Paralyze Heals, Escape Ropes, Five PokéBalls, and a Great Ball. Will that be all?"

"Yes, sir." Bruno grinned as he paid the man with Tyson's supply money.


Finally, after a seemingly long day in the Celadon City marketplace, Tyson and Bruno returned to the dock where a new ship was currently ported. This ship was noticeably larger than the S.S. Anne and appeared to be a ferry. Several students and their parents were standing at the dock, waiting to board the vessel. It was then Tyson began to think about his parents and what they were doing right now. The thoughts were not regretful, as he knew his parents were proud of him and his decision.

Right before Tyson arrived at the dock, he received his Starter Pokemon at the Game Corner. In his hand, he held the PokéBall that contained his Starter and he stared at it with a smile on his face.

"My very own Pokemon," Tyson smiled. "I always wanted a Pokemon and with you being the one I've always wanted, I promise to raise you properly."

"Hey, guys! Look at the weirdo marveling his weak Pokemon's PokéBall," a voice from behind Tyson yelled.

Tyson quickly realized that it was him being teased and turned around, gazing his eyes upon a group of boys. The voice specifically came from the lavender-haired boy in the center of the pack pointing at Tyson.

Unsure of what to say, Tyson remained silent and focused his attention on the ship as the students began to board. Bruno and the other Professors had already boarded the ship, leaving Tyson struggling to find a friendly face, unless he could find Ian again.

As he got on board, the inside was just as marvelous as the outside. Each floor of the ship had deep hallways with several rooms on each. Before boarding, each student received a Card Key to their respective rooms and they were told to stay in those rooms when nightfall came. Tyson's room was located on the third floor, fifth room on the left. He walked down the long hallway before stopping at his room, sliding his card in the slot, and opening the door.

The inside of the room wasn't exactly spacey. Tyson had to put his luggage in a compartment outside of the door. Still holding his Starter Pokemon's PokéBall, Tyson walked in and sat on his bed. The room was empty.

"I guess my roommate will show up eventually," Tyson said to himself as he lay on his back on the bed. The students were told not to release their Pokemon until further notice, but the anxiety in Tyson led him to want to release his Starter, to get to know it. However, he would not break a rule on his first day of becoming a student of Elite Academy.

Soon, a familiar face had walked into the room. At first Tyson though it was Ian due to the tallness of the male, but soon realized it was not. Nonetheless, the face was still familiar.

"Oh, hi," Tyson said, sitting up. "I don't know if you know me, but I remember seeing you in the marketplace. You were tampering with your Poketch if I'm not mistaken."

"This old thing?" the boy held up his blinking, broken Poketch. "Yeah, that was me. Fortunately I bought a new one." He reached into his bag and placed it on his wrist, tossing the other out of the open ship window.

"I'm Tyson Wood, from Pallet."

"Oh, a Pallet boy! That's awesome," the blond boy grinned. "I'm Alexander Peakes. Please, just call me Xander. It sounds cool and the ladies love it."

Tyson raised a brow.

"Okay, not yet," Xander said, referring to the 'ladies'. "But I'm working on it!"

As Tyson and Xander proceeded to get to know one another, the ship honked its horn and was set sail for Elite Academy.
Chapter Five
S.S. Elite

About a half hour had passed since the ship had set sail for Elite Academy. Tyson and Xander became fast friends, telling each other about their likes, dislikes, families, etc. Tyson had learned that Xander, too, had parents who were Breeders and that he was unsure on what he wanted to become in life. Xander appeared to be an easy going fellow who generally kept a positive vibe most of the time and Tyson appreciated that about the blond boy.

The two were sitting in their bunks, talking about random battles that came on television when a knock came at their door. Tyson looked up as he saw through the circular window on the door and noticed a female's face.

"I'll get it," Xander hopped up and opened the door.

The girl walked in and right away one could notice her long, jet black, curly hair. She appeared to be an islander, as her skin was fairly tan and her eyes were aqua blue. She was dressed in a lime tank top, blue jeans, and white tennis shoes.

"Ah," Xander said sarcastically, "Camille Jacobsen. What brings you to our humble abode?"

"Good afternoon, Alexander," Camille said sharply. "I was just walking around to see if I saw any familiar faces and sure enough the first window I look in is yours."

Tyson scratched his head, chuckling under his breath as he heard Camille call Xander by his real first name. Camille definitely had a sassy nature by her. She wasn't like many other girls and Tyson was unsure if that was bad or good. He would have to get to know her to find out.

"Who's your friend?" Camille asked.

"This is Tyson Wood, from Pallet," emphasized Xander.

"Pallet Town, huh?" Camille's eyes glanced at Tyson.

"Yeah, I don't see what the big deal is though," Tyson shrugged. "I mean it's like any other city I suppose."

"Maybe," Camille said. "I'm sure you know that Xander's from Sandgem Town, Sinnoh. I, however, am a few miles south of where you're from."

"Cinnabar?" Tyson asked.

"Nah, my family moved away from there after the volcano eruption destroyed a good percentage of the buildings there," she answered, sitting down beside Tyson on his bunk. "We've been living on the Seafoam Islands since then. All eight of us."

"Eight!?" Tyson and Xander asked in unison.

"Yeah," Camille laughed, "If you count one, two, my parents. Three, four, five, six, seven, my older brothers. And I make eight. I have three brothers in the academy right now. With it being my first year here, they're already overprotective of me."

"Who wouldn't be protective of the baby of the family?" Tyson joked.

"I know, right?" Xander added. "Probably think she can't handle her own once she gets into school. I completely understand, though. Girls aren't exactly tough as nails when it comes to Pokemon."

The two boys laughed together, causing Camille to go red in the face. Not with embarrassment, but with anger.

"For your information, I will become the best Trainer this world has ever seen! I may be a girl, but that doesn't mean that I'm incapable of doing what a boy can do! I'm assuming you two have never heard of Cynthia!?" shouted Camille.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Calm down! Thirty minutes on the ship and you're already finding something to yell at us about. I was just joking anyway," Xander chuckled uneasily. "Cynthia is one of the best Trainers in the world."

Tyson nodded, "I caught one of her matches against Aaron of the Sinnoh Elite 4. She's pretty strong."

Calming down now, Camille said, "I apologize for getting loud then. I'm just so used to being around boys all day. Dealing with roughhousing, horse playing, everything."

"So you're scared to break a nail?" Xander teased again.

"Heh," Camille snorted, as she wasn't going to fall for Xander's tricks this time. "Let's just say I'm one of the guys."

"Sounds pretty good," Tyson smiled. "No one likes prissy, stuck-up girls anyway."

"Right," Camille agreed, nodding at Tyson. "Anyway, enough about me. What Pokemon did you two decide to start with? They integrated something new this year, saying that you could only receive a Starter from your region. I chose to go with Squirtle. It appears that our class is the inaugural class for everything, eh?"

Xander grinned as he took out his Pokemon's PokéBall and swirled it on his index fingertip. "Turtwig for me," he said.

"What about you, Tyson?"

Tyson looked over at the PokéBall resting on his pillow. He reached over to grab it and said, "Charmander."

"Interesting how we all chose different types of Pokemon," Camille said. "I chose Water. Xander, Grass. Tyson, Fire."

Xander grinned to himself as he began to theorize, "So, technically, I could defeat you, you could defeat Tyson, and Tyson could defeat me?"

"That initially makes sense," Tyson interrupted, "but I think battling has more to do than what type is stronger than the other type. For instance, I'm pretty confident a Blastoise could learn Ice Punch or Blizzard to defeat a Torterra."

"Exactly," Camille cosigned with Tyson. "This further shows your lack of knowledge for battle, Alexander."

Xander rolled his eyes as he leaned back on his bunk, "Whatever."


Later that night, Camille invited Tyson and Xander to meet her older brothers in the lounge area of the third floor. The entire lounge was immense with couches, a smoothie bar, and televisions displaying old Pokemon League matches. Tyson and Xander took a seat near the central area of the lounge and were given smoothies by the maids who worked at the bar.

"This is definitely the life," Xander whispered to Tyson.

"I agree. I can get used to this." Tyson laughed.

As the two boys slowly slipped their smoothies, Camille came over to the area with three boys following behind her. Each boy had jet black hair and blue eyes like Camille. In fact, the three appeared to be similar to look like cell phone signal bars standing next to each other, going from smallest to medium to tallest.

"Tyson. Xander," said Camille, "these are my brothers Carl, a second year, Craig, a third year, and Chris, a fifth year... in order from shortest to tallest. Hehe."

The boys all met and shook hands and afterward, the eldest Jacobsen spoke first.

"So, Camille tells me you two pretty much know nothing about Elite Academy?" asked Chris.

"Actually," Tyson said, "Xander's pretty knowledgeable about what goes on at Elite Academy. I'm the one who knows little to nothing about it. But I do know about Pokemon... of course. Who doesn't?"

"You would think that," Carl smirked.

"Yeah, but there's so much to learn at Elite Academy, even the smartest guy could learn a thing or too," Craig added.

"Which is why we should let little sis get a head start," Chris looked to Camille, who smirked. "How about explaining to all the first years what goes on at the academy? I know you're a first year, but you should pretty much know the conversations like the back of your hand."

Camille stood out of her seat as many other first years surrounded the lounge area. She mainly directed her words at Tyson and Xander, "Well, Elite Academy has a lot to offer. My brothers participate in the DBT's."

"DBT?" Tyson questioned.

"Dorm Battle Tournaments," Xander answered for Camille.

"Yes," Camille said, "Dorm Battle Tournaments are all the rage at Elite Academy. There are four dormitories: FireRed, OceanBlue, ThunderYellow, and LeafGreen. Each dorm has a team of seven Trainers with three alternates. Every other day, each dorm sends three Trainers to go against the opposing dorms three Trainers. This goes on until every dorm has faced each other twice. The top two dorms with the best record then participate in the DBT Championship to see which team wins the Cup."

Tyson was intrigued by this. He bit his lip as he looked over to someone who had a question.

"How does one join a team?" a boy asked.

"Well," Chris jumped in the conversation, "I'm the captain of the FireRed team. I usually hold tryouts for my players. However, if I happen to catch someone outside of the arena and I'm impressed with their skill, I'll approach them with an offer of joining the team. For your information, if any of you are sorted to the FireRed dorm, we will have two spots open for first years."

"I have a question," Xander raised his hand reluctantly.

"Yes?" Camille asked.

"What about the people who want to do Contests? No love for them?" Xander said. "I mean I'm just speaking hypothetically of course. I wouldn't be caught dead participating in a Contest."

There was a murmur among the children sitting around the lounge as the Jacobsen brothers burst into laughter at the thought of a male competing in a Contest.

Camille scratched her head and replied, "Um, well, those are called DCT's, which are Dorm Contest Tournaments respectively. Not as many people are in DCT's as they are in DBT's, but they are equally as competitive, I suppose."

"Oh, okay," Xander said, leaning back in his seat.

"Alright, tell'em about the areas," Craig said to Camille. "Go on."

"Well, there are a plethora of areas to explore and catch wild Pokemon. Forests, beaches, snowy mountains, steaming volcanic areas, and so on. There's a rumor of a new area opening up, too, so that should be interesting."

"And," Chris jumped in again, "there are restricted areas that students are not supposed to adventure too."

This caught the attention of pretty much all the first years.

"The most heavily guarded area is The Unknown Dungeon," Chris said in a spooky tone of voice, though it didn't scare the young students too much.

"What's in this dungeon?" Tyson asked, curious.

"No one knows but Rowan, I'm afraid," added Craig. "However, rumors swirl around that a biogenetically engineered Pokemon is being worked on down there by scientists. They say it has enough power to rival that of the legendary Pokemon, Mew."

"Mew's just a myth," Xander folded his arms, leaning back in his seat.

Carl snorted, "Says the Contest boy."

The group laughed at the blond boy, further teasing him with his interest in Contests. That fresh start for Xander sure did not seem to be working out too fairly for him. Meanwhile, Tyson was interested in seeing this Pokemon. For so long, the Wood family helped breed Pokemon the right way. From what Craig had just said, scientists were trying to create a Pokemon themselves. It just didn't seem right, no matter what the motivation or inspiration was. Then again, it was a rumor.

"So," Xander changed the subject, "Rowan was once the professor of the region I lived in. He's headmaster of the academy. What's he like?"

Camille was too unsure about how to answer Xander's question and left the floor to Chris, the eldest.

"Well, Rowan is definitely an amazing person. He's there when you need him, provides the ultimate advice, and is by far the leading figure in the Pokemon world. Higher than any Gym Leader, any Champion, any Elite 4 member, and any Frontier Brain."

"So, what's his occupation?" a girl asked.

"Originally a Trainer," Chris continued, "Professor Rowan decided that studying Pokemon was his calling. He specialized in the study of evolution and later discovered that ninety percent of Pokemon are connected through evolution."

"Also," Camille said, "he discovered that the evolution of a Pokemon is comparable to that of the coming of age for a human. Ergo, evolution is maturity. I read that in Evolution 101."

"Isn't that a required book?" Tyson asked.

"Um, yeah. I read it the first few chapters earlier. It's really interesting," Camille smiled.

"Such a bookworm," Carl flicked his youngest sibling's head.

"Such a nerd," a voice from across the room shot at the Jacobsens.

"Oh that's definitely a Bartlett," said Chris, smirking at the boy who made a comment.

"You're damn right it's a Bartlett," the lavender-haired boy said, "Wheeler Bartlett. The next Pokemon Champion."

Camille snorted, "You and everyone else."

"Zip it!" Wheeler shouted. "A girl like you wouldn't know a thing about battling. I bet you're afraid of Pokemon aren't you?"

Just as Camille was about to retaliate, the room suddenly got quiet as clicking footsteps could be heard on the tiled floor. Steven entered the lounge area and stood over the students as he shot a scowl to the first year students who were asking so many questions, completely disregarding Camille and Wheeler's potential clash.

"If you took the time to actually research the school, you wouldn't be as clueless as to what it is about."

"Professor Steven, they're first years and an inaugural class of students who have no prior journey experience," Chris stated.

"That's an excuse!" Steven retorted. "It can't be helped, though. I'll definitely be earning my paycheck this year. Just make sure you're here to learn and not goof off."

The room got eerily quiet as all the students appeared to wait for instruction from Steven. There was sure to be more to this outburst than just a personal scolding of the first years. It was getting late.

"Off to your bunks," Steven said calmly. "We'll be arriving at Elite Academy in the morning."

He turned on his heel as the entire crowd of students returned to their quarters. Tyson and Xander walked to their room and climbed in their bunks.

"That silver haired guy was Steven, the former Hoenn Champion," Xander told Tyson. "He's as fierce as his Steel-type Pokemon."

"Got that right," Tyson added. "He seems stiff and unlikeable. We'll just have to see how he is at school. See you in the morning, Xander."


The two boys went to sleep as Elite Academy awaited the S.S. Elite in the morning.
Chapter Six
Welcome to Elite Academy

The next morning, the students on board the S.S. Elite were awakened by the sound of the ancient bell that sat atop Elite Academy. Tyson opened his eyes slowly as he realized... he was here. Finally. He got dressed and looked out the window. Elite Academy was a vast array of building. The main campus looked like a high tech castle institute with different geographical areas surrounding it. Tyson also noticed that there were a few islands surrounding the main isle and he came to the conclusion that these islands were accessible.

After looking out the window, Tyson looked over to Xander who obviously was a heavy sleeper because he was still snoring loudly in his pajamas. Amused, Tyson tossed his pillow at his blond friend.

"Wake up, man," Tyson chuckled. "We're here."

Xander snorted as he hopped to his feet, completely confused. Then, he came to realization and said, "Oh, right. Let me get dressed."

After the two gathered their things, they went out into the hall and then got off the boat via the ramp that was connected from the third floor down to the shore of the island. Hundreds of students were lined up, waiting for instruction by Bruno and Steven, while other students went on ahead inside the castle.

Tyson, with Xander right behind him, made his way to the head of the pack. He was trying to get in close contact with Bruno to ask him something.

"Bruno!" Tyson shouted to the muscular man.

Bruno, arms folded, turned his head towards the crowd of first years and then said, "Oh, Tyson! How was your trip? I see you made friends with Peakes."

"It was nice. Where are those other students going?"

"Oh, those students are going to the ballroom for the opening ceremonies. We start those by presenting the first years to the entire school and then sorting them into their respective dorms for everyone to see. Every single person gets their one chance in the spotlight."

"Oh, okay," Tyson said as he watched the rest of his fellow classmates exit the boat.

When all the first years were together, Steven followed off with the rest of the students while Bruno stayed back with the newbies.

"Welcome to Elite Academy! I am Professor Bruno, your Traveling professor and it is my honor to welcome you!" Bruno said loudly so that not only everyone could hear him, but so that everyone could simmer down.

Tyson's eyes ventured around as he identified Ian with a few boys, Camille talking to a girl, and Wheeler standing with his two friends from the Celadon dock.

"Now, upon entering the Ballroom, you will meet with the Professors of the Academy and be sorted into your appropriate dorm. The headmaster, Professor Rowan will go into further detail once you get inside. Follow me!"

Bruno turned and led the first years into the large front gates of the academy. The gates were uniquely designed and resembled an ancient bird Pokemon. When they got inside, the first years were amazed at the Pokemon assisting them. Several Machokes took their belongings in a helpful manner while a few Machops carried anything else that needed to be carried. Bruno continued walking down the extended hall and walked inside the supremely large Ballroom where all the students and Professors sat. The FireRed students sat in the front left corner; OceanBlue, front right corner; LeafGreen back left corner; ThunderYellow, back right corner.

The first year students were in a single filed line in the center aisle of the ballroom. On the stage were several professors seated at a table in an orderly fashion. The most notable ones were those sitting near the center dressed in the corresponding colors of the dorm they looked over. Lance was dressed in a dark red cloak; Steven, a dark blue suit; Fantina, a green sundress; and Bertha, a yellow sweater with a black dress underneath. In between these four Dorm Heads was the elderly, but healthy, Professor Rowan dressed in a silver doctoral robe.

"May I say, good morning to all students, staff, and Pokemon of Elite Academy! To our first years, welcome! I am Professor Rowan and it has been my honor to sit at your headmaster for the past twenty years! Elite Academy holds a history of being the starting line for several remarkable Trainers, Coordinators, and Breeders all over the world. But it is not without strenuous studying and harnessing ones abilities that one can achieve greatness. The lessons you will learn at this academy from each of our professors will benefit you greatly in the long run and I hope each of you will do your best through..."

"Courage! Determination! Victory!" the second through fifth year students exclaimed. After a bit of cheering and hollering, the students calmed down and allowed Rowan to continue.

"Now, every new year at Elite Academy we begin the opening ceremony by sorting the first years into the house of their appropriate battle style. Our panel of Professors would analyze a snippet of a battle and then decide on the dorm that best fits them. This year, however, with new technology we will be doing things a bit differently."

The students began to murmur amongst themselves as an assistant came into the Ballroom with a large machine with a scanner on it, as well as a large LCD television screen, big enough for the entire student body to see.

Tyson and Xander exchanged unsure glances before looking back to Rowan as he spoke again.

"This is the DNA Scanner, provided my colleague, Professor Oak of Kanto. With this machine, a mere handprint will analyze your personality, character, and desires and then focus them together to predict the best dorm for you. There are four possible dorms you could be sorted into. The FireRed dorm, the OceanBlue dorm, the ThunderYellow dorm, or the LeafGreen dorm."

Professor Bertha stepped down from her seat at the table onstage, and walked onto the open floor where there several boxes containing school uniforms. There were a different variety of uniforms, including class uniforms and field uniforms. In her hand, Bertha held a thick packet that contained the list of all the first years.

The class uniforms for boys consisted of a sweater and sweater vest, slacks, and casual shoes. In addition, there was a tie that correlated with the student’s dorm. It was assumed by the academy staff that the student already had purchased collar shirts to go with this portion of the uniform. The field uniforms for the males consisted of just a jacket with the dorm colors and logo on it. They were allowed to wear their own pants.

The class uniform for girls consisted of the same sweater and sweater vest that the boys wore. However, girls wore a plaid skirt correlating with their dorm colors and had a tie the color of their dorm. The field uniforms for them consisted of a dorm-themed, more fitted jacket than the boys and the girls had the option of wearing pants or a skirt.

"Without further ado, I shall give the floor to the lovely, Professor Bertha."

The students applauded the elderly lady as Rowan sat down for the time being.

"Students, when I call your name, please step up to the DNA Scanner and press your entire right hand onto the machine. After two seconds, remove your hand from it. Once that is done, the logo of your appropriate dorm will appear on the screen and I will hand you your uniform. Finally, you will sit with your fellow students and wait until every student has been sorted."

The entire Ballroom got quiet in anticipation.

"Up first, Glenn Riley from Canalave City."

A short, tubby boy with bushy blue hair walked up to the machine first. He was a bit nervous as he pressed his hand down on the scanner. The machine lit up brightly as it uploaded the information from the boy's body. Immediately the screen read:

Quiet, Intelligent, Loyal...

After the words disappeared from the screen, a thunderous logo appeared on it and the ThunderYellow students roared in excitement.

"ThunderYellow!" Rowan said, looking to the screen, "Receive your uniforms and sit with your classmates, my boy."

Glenn smiled, running to get his uniform from Bertha and then went to sit with the other ThunderYellow students.

"Next, Camille Jacobsen from the Seafoam Islands. I think we all know where Mrs. Jacobsen is going," Rowan lightly teased with her, mentioning that all of her family members were FireReds.

Camille smiled happily as she went over to the DNA Scanner and placed her right hand firmly onto the scanner as it lit p once more. Eventually, the screen read:

Hard-Working, Brilliant, Brave

The words suddenly turned into flames on the screen as the FireRed dorm logo appeared and the FireRed students began to holler for another Jacobsen entering in their dorm.

"FireRed!" Rowan shouted.

Camille waved excitedly to her brothers as she grabbed her uniforms and went to sit amongst her FireRed brethren.

The process continued on seemingly forever. Tyson lost his patience as it appeared now more than ever that he was going to be last. While he waited, he watched Xander and Ian get sorted into FireRed and Wheeler, OceanBlue.

Finally, Professor Bertha said, "Last but not least, Tyson Wood from Pallet Town."

The crowd began to murmur again as they watched the first Pallet Town native to attend Elite Academy in years approach the DNA Scanner. Nervously, Tyson placed his hand on it as it read his DNA and came up with words to describe him:

Humble, Diligent, Prodigious​

Tyson looked up at the screen after removing his hand. It took the scanner longer than usual and the crowd was starting to get restless. However, the words on the screen began to catch fire as the FireRed logo appeared on the screen. Tyson smiled happily, knowing he had so many new friends in the FireRed dorm.

"Mr. Wood, our final sorted first year student, is a FireRed!" Rowan shouted across the Ballroom.

The FireRed students stood up applauding as Tyson came over with his uniforms.

"I knew a Pallet kid would come to Elite Academy one day," one of the male FireRed students said.

"And he's a FireRed!" a FireRed girl said.

Tyson took a seat reserved for him in between Camille and Xander.

"Good to have you join us, Tyson," Camille smiled.

"It looks like they want us to be connected," Xander grinned. "It's funny how things turn out."

"Yep," Tyson agreed. "This is going to be a great year. I can already tell!"

After Bertha sat down, Professor Rowan returned to the podium as he lifted his hands, silently telling the students to get quiet. "There you have it! Our first years are officially members of the Elite Academy family! We will now partake in a breakfast and I will return to the podium with further instruction!"

Several butlers and maids came through the entrances of the Ballroom with a platter of plates for the students. As they ate their meals, which consisted of pancakes, waffles, bacons, eggs, sausage, and Oran Berry Juice, several of the FireRed students at the table began conversing.

Ian came over and sat across from Tyson and said, "Hey Tyson! It seems we're in the same dorm." With him came two more first year students. One was a short, athletic looking boy with dark red hair and the other was a fat bald boy.

"Yep," Tyson nodded. "This is a Xander and Camille, by the way."

Camille and Xander acknowledged Ian.

After introducing himself, Ian introduced the two boys, "These two are Lucas and Barry."

Lucas, the short one, smiled and said, "So, are y'all going to the opening battle? I hear it's supposed to be a rivalry battle. Wonder who's giving it a go?"

"A rivalry battle, eh?" Camille asked, interesting.

"Yep," Barry chimed in. "If anyone, I bet it's Professor Lance versus Professor Steven. They've been rivals since they were younger."

"I heard about that," Tyson said, eating a piece of his pancake and then swallowing. "Would be interesting seeing how Professor Lance's Dragon-type Pokemon fair against Steven's Steel-type Pokemon."

"Isn't Steven the guy who yelled at us on the ship?" Xander questioned. "I don't like that guy too much. He's a bit stiff and uptight."

"Perfect for a Steel-type Trainer, I suppose," Ian shrugged.

Once the breakfast was over, Professor Rowan returned to the podium.

"Quiet please!" Rowan shouted, hushing his pupils. "As most of you know, we begin each year with a preliminary battle between two Professors. Well, this year, we have a treat. By popular demand, the head of the FireRed dorm will face off with the head of the OceanBlue dorm."

Tyson glanced at Lance who had a big smirk on his face. The FireRed leader had his eyes focused on Steven, who appeared to care less judging by his laid back posture and 'obliviousness' of Lance's eyes.

"Yes, students. This means Professor Lance and Professor Steven will have a battle today! One Pokemon for each combatant and winner take all!" Rowan exclaimed, hyping up the students even further.

The entire students stood on their feet, making as much noise as possible. A mere hour into the school year and the most exciting battle perhaps in Elite Academy history was about to take place.

"For now, you will be led to your room of residence by your Dorm Officer. You will then change clothes and head to Alpha Battle Arena to witness the match. Good luck and have a great day! You are dismissed!"


The FireRed dorm was located in the southwest corner of the main building. The entrance to the dorm was guarded by a large door with a Charizard printed on it. The Dorm Officer led the FireRed first years to the entrance and turned to face them.

"What's up guys? I'm Brandon Elm and I'm your Dorm Officer."

The girls of the group giggled as they listened to Brandon speak. Obviously, they found him handsome and rightfully so. Brandon was tall, tan, and had caramel brown eyes that would make any girl melt. Of course, the guys weren't impressed one bit.

"Upon entering the door, the boys’ dorms are to the left and the girl’s, on the right. In central area is a lounge with televisions, computers, and all of your high-tech needs. Boys and girls are allowed to visit each other’s dorms, but are not allowed to sleep in them, for obvious reason."

Some of the girls openly disapproved of that rule to which Brandon laughed.

"Any questions? No? Well, go get dressed and return to the lounge in fifteen minutes if you want to sit with us at the battle. If not, go on ahead to arena. Oh! You guys may release your Pokemon as well! Have fun!"

Brandon opened the door as the students rushed into the dormitory. Heading up the stairs on the left, Tyson ran to the third floor where he was assigned his room. Fortunately for him, the students of the academy got to decide who they wanted to room with and Tyson was already comfortable with Xander. When he got to his room, Tyson opened the door allowing him and Xander in. The room was pretty decent: two beds, a large window, a couch, television, and a fireplace.

"Dude, this is better than the boat!" Xander said, claiming his bed near the television.

Tyson walked to his bed and noticed that their belongings were already on the wall. "I wonder how long it took to figure where everyone's rooms were. They had to come in and place bags everywhere and whatnot."

"I can only imagine," Xander said. "Oh! Let's release our Pokemon!"

"Right!" Tyson said as they both took out their PokéBalls and pressed the compressor on the front.

Both spheres burst open as two Pokemon appeared before them. The first to appear was an orange lizard Pokemon with a flaming tail. The other was a lime green turtle with a twig on its head.

Tyson looked over at the table near the center of the room and noticed two Pokedexes sitting there. The first one went off and opened up upon sensing a Pokemon. Tyson grabbed it, pressed the blue button as the device said:

"Charmander, the Lizard Pokemon. The flame on its tail indicates Charmander's life force. If it is healthy, the flame burns brightly."​

Tyson smiled as the Charmander looked up at its Trainer curiously. Tyson then pressed another button on the Pokedex to look up more information on his Pokemon.

"Hmm, my Charmander is male and knows Scratch, Growl, and Ember."

"You gonna name him?"

"Yeah, he's gotta have distinctiveness," Tyson said. He thought for a moment before saying, "I'll name him Draco. He looks like a baby dragon."

Draco appeared to like his name as he held up his head and spurted out a few ember pellets. Luckily, Tyson dodged in time before he got burnt in the face. Meanwhile, Xander's Turtwig grew bored with this situation and fell asleep on the floor.

"What's wrong with your Turtwig? Shouldn't it be, I don't know, excited about being out of the PokéBall?"

Xander raised his eyebrows at Tyson's question, "Yeah, I guess. I always get the bad ones."

"But it's your---"

"I know it's my first, gosh," Xander groaned as he lifted his Pokedex to get information on his Turtwig. After reading the information, Xander said, "He's male and knows Tackle, Withdraw, and Absorb."

"See?" Tyson grinned, holding in laughter. "He's not so bad."

"I'll name him Twiggy."


The two boys got changed into their field clothes as they went down to the lounge a bit earlier than what was recommended by Brandon.

"Let's walk around a bit before going to the arena," Xander recommended.


With Draco walking beside Tyson and Twiggy being carried by Xander, the two boys exited the FireRed dorms and enter the wide corridors of the academy. There were pictures of previous students at the school who had achieved excellence and also pictures of Pokemon who had helped the students along the way. As they walked near the entrance of the school, Tyson noticed Professor Rowan conversing with an assistant. He was unsure if they were allowed to roam the halls now, so he grabbed Xander and Draco and hid behind a convenient spot near the wall.

"What are you---?"

"Shh!" Tyson interrupted Xander as he tried to see if the headmaster had heard or saw them.

Fortunately, Professor Rowan did not and the two boys caught wind up the discussion.

"How is the research going?" Rowan asked the man.

"For now, sir, things are looking up. We've successfully placed the subject in a plasma module container, preventing it from using its power to break free. We're currently running some tests on it and we should know more about it in the upcoming months."

Rowan had a bit of worry in his voice, "Will it be a threat to the academy working on this? Do I need to shut down the dungeon?"

"It would best to cease all student activities in The Unknown Dungeon until further notice, sir."

"Alright, I shall make the announcement to the school later. Thank you."

The assistant departed as Rowan entered the arena. The boys and their Pokemon came from hiding as Tyson narrowed his eyes.

"I wonder what they were talking about." Tyson asked.

"I don't know, but it seems classified," Xander nodded.

"Hmm, guess we'll have to find out ourselves then," Tyson looked to his friend. "Until then, I'm ready to watch a fierce battle!"
Chapter Seven
Rivalry Renewed

Every seat in the Alpha Battle Arena was filled with a student's bottom as the battle was about to go underway. Tyson, Xander, and Camille sat together as they watched the two combatants on the field prepare themselves. The trio had a decent view, seated in the middle section of the audience and was directly aligned at the center mark of the battlefield.

"Why didn't you guys meet us in the lounge?" Camille asked.

"We wanted to explore the academy a bit before coming here," Xander replied.

Tyson shifted in his seat as he made sure no one was looking at him or heard him. "We overheard Professor Rowan discussing with an assistant about something in The Unknown Dungeon," he said. "Where exactly is that place anyway? Your brother's were talking about it on the ship. After hearing what Rowan was saying, I'm starting to think the assumption that Craig had is true."

"My brother's also said Chocolate Moo-Moo Milk is the best cure for the common cold," Camille replied, rolling her eyes. "If what you're saying is true, and I have no doubt that it is, then that means that something definitely is going on. The best thing to do is to go down in the dungeon and investigate ourselves."

"There is no way we can just try that without any prior knowledge of The Unknown Dungeon. We need to know what types of Pokemon reside in there," Tyson said as he stroked his chin.

"Aren't you and Bruno, like, best buddies?" Xander asked Tyson, exaggerating the friendship between him and Bruno. "I bet he would give you some information about it if you ask."

"That might be easier said than done," Tyson replied.

The crowd became restless as they waited for the battle to begin. From the northern tunnel came Professor Rowan, waving to the crowd as the audience roared with applause. While Rowan received a standing ovation, a referee came from the southern tunnel with a microphone in both hands. The two met at the center of the field as Rowan received a microphone from the official.

"We will now begin the preliminary school battle! I hope you all enjoy yourselves! I will now turn over the master of ceremonies duties to official Pokemon League referee, Mr. Akuya!"

Rowan exited the field and took a seat in the stands next to the other Professors.

"Good afternoon! I am Mr. Akuya and I shall be refereeing today's main event!"

The crowd cheered.

"This match will be a one on one match with the usage of one Pokemon only! Our first battler introduced," Akuya looked to the eastern tunnel, "is a grand champion of the Hoenn region. Specializing in the Steel-type, give it up for the Head of the OceanBlue dorm, Steven!"

Steven emerged from the tunnel into clear view, dressed in his traditional business attire. He looked to the crowd and saluted them with a silent expression on his face as he took position in the blue corner of the battlefield.

"Our other battler is a legendary Champion of the Kanto region. He's been taming Dragon-type Pokemon since he was young, put your hands together for the Head of the FireRed dorm, Lance!"

There was a considerable amount of praise and jubilation for Lance. Compared to Steven's, Lance's applause was much louder and lengthier. Folding his arms, Steven merely stared into Lance's eyes as the dragon master smirked, leering back into his opponent's. Each of them drew a PokéBall in unison awaiting the referee's signal.

"Are two contestant's ready?" Akuya asked.

"You bet!" Lance said.

"Affirmative," Steven responded.


"Let's go, Metagross!" Steven shouted as he lobbed his PokéBall forward.

"Dragonite, I choose you!" Lance exclaimed, doing the same.

The intensity of the battle could be clearly seen at the beginning by the mere toss of a PokéBall. Both Lance and Steven's PokéBalls flew forward in a line drive motion before ricocheting off one another and bursting open the process. Both of the called Pokemon emerged from their PokéBalls and were eager to fight one another. Lance's Dragonite immediately took flight as Steven's Metagross stayed stable on the ground looking upward.

"You first," Steven said, scoffing at his rival.

"Oh no," Lance replied. "I insist that you go first!"

"Fine by me. I'll wait no longer!" Steven spat aggressively. "Bullet Punch!"

Metagross's body suddenly vanished quickly as the immense Iron Leg Pokemon went into attack mode. Dragonite, unsure about where Metagross disappeared, looked around cautiously before Steven's Pokemon appeared behind the Dragon Pokemon and whacked it across the back. In minor pain, Dragonite went hurling to the ground but caught itself as it flapped its wings to face the now levitating Metagross.

"Heh, nice one." Lance complimented Steven. "But I've got something up my sleeve too. Dragonite, Dragon Dance!"

Dragonite flew backwards, away from Metagross, and began to fly in an eerie pattern. While it flapped its wings, Dragonite's body began to give off static energy, as if it were charging up.

"One of Dragonite's signature moves," Camille said in amazement that she was seeing this up close. "Professor Lance used this in a League battle against his sister, Clair. I think he specifically had Dragonite learn this move to battle against Steven, though."

"But, there's no point of using Dragon Dance if Professor Steven can just use Iron Defense with his Metagross," Tyson replied, focused in on the battle. He was really paying attention to the way Lance and Dragonite bonded on the battlefield. Even though Dragonite was falling down to the ground earlier, it recovered without command.

"Maybe he's focusing on increasing the speed of Dragonite. Dragon Dance does increase both attack and speed," Camille shrugged.

"With the attack being a bonus, it's a pretty good strategy. Combine that with the possibility of Dragonite knowing physical Fire-type attacks and you've got yourself a strong Pokemon."

"What do you think, Xander?" Camille looked to the blond boy who had been quiet during the conversation.

"Eh? Oh!" Xander was still focused on the battle, "Well, I don't really care. I mean, did you see how cool Metagross's Bullet Punch was? And the way Dragonite charged up Dragon Dance was poetry in motion!"

Tyson and Camille gave Xander a blank look before shrugging it off and agreeing with him. Nonetheless, the battle was still going on. By now, Dragonite had Dragon Danced a couple of times, but the speed and repeated use of Metagross's Bullet Punch were starting to take its toll on it. By now, Dragonite's body was severely harmed by the constant mashing of the Steel-type Pokemon's fist.

"This is just like you, Lance," Steven said. "Afraid to fight, having to rely on special moves to boost your Pokemon's abilities. Goofing around this entire time! The people want to see a battle and you're giving them a contest."

"You're so impatient, my dear friend," Lance chuckled. "The battle is coming, but strategy plays a part in my game plan. But as for now, my strategy is complete. Dragonite, let's get this show started! Fire Punch!"

With both Pokemon still airborne, Dragonite flew towards Metagross, its fist catching fire. Rearing back, Dragonite thrust its fist forward coming in sever contact with the 'X' on Metagross's face. The Iron Leg Pokemon collapsed to the ground, affected greatly by the Fire-type attack. Struggling to get up, Metagross got on its four legs as a burnt mark appeared between its eyes.

"Eh!" Steven grunted. "Iron Defense!"

Metagross laid down firmly on the ground as its body shimmered in the light. Dragonite flew down and landed in front of the defensive Pokemon.

"Fire Punch!" Lance shouted again.

With both hands aflame now, Dragonite began to repeated use Fire Punch on Metagross, directing all of its energy at the burnt spot on the primary Steel-type Pokemon. The standoff of Fire Punch versus Iron Defense went on for several minutes until one deciding Fire Punch shattered a bit of steel on Metagross's body. A small flame appeared on Metagross's forehead, causing it to wail in pain.

Then, Steven shouted, "Take Down!"

Metagross shook off the pain it was suffering from and forced its massive body into Dragonite's gut, sending the Dragon Pokemon flying back and bouncing off the ground repeatedly. Dragonite was slow to get up and bared its dentures. It was still capable of battling but Metagross, on the other hand, was struggling due to the recoil of Take Down.

Steven gritted his teeth, knowing defeat was imminent.

"Now, it's time for some thermal shock!" Lance said with a smile. He loved getting inside of Steven's head. "Sorry Steven, but I can't lose in front of our pupils. I might lose legitimacy."

"Metagross, Meteor Mash!" Steven shouted quickly, ignoring Lance's trash talk.

"Aqua Tail!"

Metagross got off of the ground as its front left fist became shrouded in powdery stardust. It then tossed its entire body at Dragonite, who was flying in from the opposite side, aquatic energy surrounding its thick tail. Because Dragonite was much faster and agile than Metagross, it was able to dodge its fist. Dragonite hen flip forward, slapping its Aqua Tail on the flaming spot on Metagross's forward, instantly knocking it out.

Akuya lifted his right hand, "Metagross is unable to battle. Lance and Dragonite are the winners!"

Lance grinned as he went over to congratulate his Dragonite while Steven returned his Metagross. The FireRed section of the Alpha Battle Arena cheered on their leader as the OceanBlue section remained indifferent about the outcome of the battle.


The day after orientation, all everyone could talk about was how impressed they were by the battle yesterday. Sure Steven's Metagross was terrific, but Lance's Dragonite was just a beauty in a battle. Tyson and Xander both were happy that their first class of the day was Lance's class: Battling 101.

Lance's room was spacey and wide and had a few chairs shaped like a semicircle as they were face towards the front of the auditorium-sized class. Tyson and Xander sat in the front amongst their classmates while Lance stood in the front of the class, beginning his lesson.

"The history of battling goes back to before the creation of Pokemon," Lance began as he displayed a slide show on the wall. "Cavemen were using ancient Pokemon to battle in order to claim territory, food, and even wives."

"Sounds like my kind of time period," Xander joked as the class laughed along with him.

Lance beamed and continued, "In current times, there are all forms of battling: double battling, league battles, and the newly formed tri-battles." He shut down the slide show as he faced the entire class, "But nothing will ever compare to the traditional one on one battle."'

"That was a pretty good battle yesterday, Professor," Tyson nodded. "The way you utilized an array of moves was impressive."

"'I wasn't impressed," said Wheeler, who was seated behind Tyson. "You used girly moves and stalled the entire time. It was a complete and utter snooze-fest."

"Let's see you go up against him then!" Xander turned to face the OceanBlue.

"Wait a minute, aren't you Contest Boy?" Wheeler's friend, Skyla, teased.

Before Xander could make a witty remark, Lance interrupted the debate, "Everyone, quiet! Now, Wheeler, it's clear to understand why you were not impressed yesterday. That wasn't one of my... best battles. However, today I think I'll allow you to show me what you got. Come on up here." Lance motioned Wheeler to the miniature battle field in the room.

Wheeler got up and stood on one side of the battlefield, folding his arms as he waited further instruction from the dragon master.

"And as an additional treat, you can choose your opponent for this battle," Lance added.

"Wood," Wheeler said instantly.

"Alright, Mr. Wood, come on up here."

Tyson eyes widen but then went back to normal. He was anxious about his first battle and confidence began running through his veins. With one Pokemon at his disposal, Tyson wanted to see exactly what Charmander could dish out. Both boys drew their PokéBalls.

"Alright, this will be a brief interpretation. This battle will last exactly two minutes. I will evaluate each of your efforts after time is up. Begin!"

"Go, Olympia!" Wheeler threw his PokéBall forward, releasing his Starter, a male Torchic.

Tyson nodded and tossed his too, "Come on, Draco!" His Charmander emerged from his PokéBall and was on standby.

"Two Fire-type Starters!" Lance took a seat among the students. "Should be interesting!"

"Olympia, Focus Energy!"

The Torchic stood in one spot as he began to focus himself on the battle. Draco, being anxious, ran at Olympia quickly, its body catching fire.

"Draco, Scratch!"

Draco continued to run at Olympia and appeared to have intention on scratching the Torchic, but ended up carrying out a fiery tackle. Tyson, coming from a family specializing in breeding, knew right away that this Charmander had been thoroughly bred in order to learn this attack. Olympia was sent flying to the wall almost on impact and Lance stopped the battle for cautionary measure.

"That was awesome, Tyson," Xander grinned and snickered. "What level is Draco, 70?"

Tyson shook his head as he quickly returned his flaming Charmander, "He's a thoroughly purebred Charmander."

"Which is why it knows Flare Blitz at such a young age," Lance added, retrieving a battered and burnt Olympia off his classroom wall, allowing it to be returned by Wheeler.

The class was in complete silence as they looked at Wheeler's disgusted and embarrassed facial expression. Tyson chuckled uneasily as Xander was enjoying every second of this.


"Please tell me you're making that a key move in every battle you have against an OceanBlue," Xander whispered to Tyson as they sat at a table in their next class, Evolutionary Training.

"What are you guys talking about?" Camille asked, not looking up from her book as she read.

"Tyson and Wheeler battled today in class and Tyson's Charmander owned Wheeler's Torchic. Flare Blitzed 'em!"

Camille looked up with a raised eye brow. "Your Charmander knows Flare Blitz? What luck."

Tyson shrugged and whispered, "I dunno. I guess it is kind of lucky. But I can't allow Draco to use Flare Blitz until he's fully evolved. He could hurt himself at this age. You know the repercussions of a Pokemon using those types of attacks."

"Psssh," Xander scoffed, "If Twiggy knew Frenzy Leaf, I'd utilize it every battle, just because I could."

Steven noticed the two boys whispering back and forth and made it his duty to see what was so interesting about his class that they had to talk about it amongst themselves. He stood behind them while the boys still argued, before placing a hand on one of their shoulders, each.

"Why are you two talking?" Steven asked calmly.

"Um," Tyson said, "we were just um... Xander, um..."

"Xander?" Xander said as he looked to Tyson. He assumed that Tyson was blaming him for the discussion, "It was Tyson who, um..."

"Well," Steven cupped his hands together and said coldly, "you two can, um, recollect your thoughts in, um, detention. No more talking!"

Steven walked away as Camille watched him closely so that she would not receive detention when she spoke. "Guess you two learned your lesson, huh? Now, can you please be quiet? I'm trying to memorize the causes of evolution."

Tyson and Xander groaned quietly as Steven kept an eye on them at his desk.


Classes were going by fairly smoothly for Tyson. His first few classes had memorable moments already, especially in Lance's class during the battle against Wheeler. Many people were talking about that battle even more now that they were outside in the Deep Forest Area located on the western portion of the main island for Team Building 101. Professor Will, an odd acting and odd looking man, had assigned each student to capture two Pokemon of different species before returning to the entrance of the forest. While in the forest, Tyson quickly managed to capture an abandoned Electrike and a sleeping Hoothoot. Once he returned to the entrance, a few of his fellow students were waiting, including Camille.

"What do you capture, Tyson?" she asked.

"An Electrike and a Hoothoot," he said simply. "You?"

"Well," Camille began, "I got a little excited about our first opportunity to capture Pokemon, so I ended up catching a Meditite, Combee, and a Swablu."

"How did you capture a Meditite in a forest? They're only native to mountains," Tyson said with a confused expression on his face.

She smiled and winked at him as she wagged her finger at him, "A magician never reveals her secrets."

"Of course," Tyson rolled his eyes as he looked to the forest as more students came out.

Soon, all of the students arrived at the entrance again, excluding Xander. Professor Will stood in front of the entire class as he peered into the forest for any sign of the boy. When he did not see him, he notified the class they all were going to go back into the forest to search for the young man.

"Follow me, class," Will sang as he led his pupil into the forest.

Tyson looked to Camille uneasily as he wondered what could be taking Xander so long to capture two measly Pokemon in this beginner's area.

After quite the hike, the class stumbled upon a dirty, dusty, and muddy Xander coming from deep within the forest. He held two PokéBalls in his hands as he held them up to Will, "I'm done! I'm done." The boy was extremely out of breath.


After the school day had ended, Tyson and Camille met up in the FireRed lounge area and they waited on Xander to complete the process of taking his bath, which was taking longer than expected. While waiting, Tyson decided to name his Electrike and Hoothoot. He named them Ike and Hooter respectively. Both Trainers were sitting in love chairs as they waited for the third member of their 'trio' as their Starter Pokemon interacted with one another. Draco built an immediate friendship with Camille's Squirtle, Sheldon.

"I can't believe Xander got muddy catching just a Croagunk and a Kricketot," Tyson said, chuckling a bit. "He's definitely a character."

"Yeah, but it's strangely starting to become normal," Camille shrugged as she looked the male dorm's stairwell and saw Xander dressed in his now clean field clothes.

"Okay, I'm ready!" Xander shouted, running down the steps.

The trio headed out into the hallway as they were in pursuit of Bruno's class. Bruno was easily the most reliable Professor for Tyson and he had high hopes that the muscular man would tell him a tad bit about The Unknown Dungeon. However, Tyson had an unsure feeling. He didn't want Bruno to lose his job by telling a bunch of first years about a project they had no right to ask about. Yet, Tyson's curiosity was big, he could not help himself.

They went inside Bruno's class without knocking and opened the door. Because they did not take Bruno's class until second semester, the theme in his class completely amazed them. There were maps, pictures, and all sorts of geography related displays across the entire class room. The class was warm and inviting just like Bruno's personality. The large man was sitting at his desk before he looked up and saw Tyson and his friends.

"Oh, hello you three. Wasn't expecting to see you guys until second semester. Can I help you with anything?"

Tyson took initiative as he led Xander and Camille to Bruno's desk and stopped a few inches in front of it. "Yeah," he began, "I have a question about the academy."

"Understandable," Bruno said. "This academy has a ton of things a first year would question. Go ahead."

"Well," Tyson began, "it's about the, uh..."

"The what?" Bruno asked, a concerned look on his face.

"The Unknown Dungeon," Camille answered for Tyson.

"Oh the exploration area in the basement? That place has been off limits since the second semester last year. Why would you have a question about that place?"

"Tyson and I overheard Professor Rowan talking to a lab assistant talking about an experiment taking place in the dungeon. We as students feel that we have a right to know what it is," Xander shrugged as he said this bluntly.

Tyson and Camille shot a glare at him.

"What? You two were beating around the bush," Xander shot a glare back at them.

"Ah," Bruno interrupted the stare off, "The Unknown Dungeon is only to be discussed only by staff members at this time."

The trio had a disappointed expression on their faces. "Yes sir," the three said in unison before leaving out of Bruno's class.

As they got into the hallway, the trio crossed paths with Wheeler and his friends, Skyla and Hanley. Tyson exchanged glances with Wheeler, Camille with Hanley, and Xander with Skyla. A bit of a rivalry was already being made.

"You got a problem, Wood?" Wheeler said coldly to Tyson.

"No he doesn't, but I think your Torchic does after what his Charmander did to it!" Camille growled at Wheeler, "It's all around the school, Wheeler."

Wheeler, secretly embarrassed, sped up his pace as he said, "Let's get out of here, guys." Skyla and Hanley hurried behind him.

"That guy is all talk, I swear," Xander shook his head. "Even when you beat him he still manages to keep his yap open. Amazing."

"Yeah, well I guess it'll take a few more defeats to shut him up," Tyson said as he watched Wheeler walking away.
Chapter Eight
Battle Tested

A few weeks had gone by and Tyson's experiences at Elite Academy were beginning to become more and more of a routine. However, he was not complaining as he loved being at the academy and learning the many things about becoming a Trainer. Every day after classes, he and Xander would go out to the front lawn of the school and participate in battles to train their Pokémon. By now, Tyson grew comfortable with Draco, Ike, and Hooter.

It was a rainy day in the areas of the academy islands and the students were confined to staying inside as the school day progressed. With a few weeks until midterms, Professor Will decided to do a personal examination of each of students' Pokémon teams up to this point and point out the positives and negatives.

"Alright class," Will spoke loudly as he adjusted the mask on his face, "I need everyone to prepare their Pokémon teams for inspection! First up, Camille Jacobsen."

Camille stood, holding four PokéBalls in her hand as she went to the front of the class and faced her fellow classmates and professor.

"Release your Pokémon, please," Will stated.

"Yes sir," Camille said as she did so, releasing her recently evolved Wartortle, Vespiquen, Meditite, and Swablu. "Everyone this is Sheldon, Elizabeth, Charmy, and Cirrus."

The class was amazed at Camille's progression as a Trainer. Unlike most of her fellow classmates, two of Camille's Pokémon had evolved and appeared to be on the level to that of a second year. With a beaming smile on her face, Camille nodded and waited for commentary on her Pokémon.

"So, you've captured three Pokémon since enrolling at Elite Academy. Also, you have evolved two of your Pokémon," Will said with a nod. "I'm impressed. Your team is well balanced with different types of Pokémon and they all appear happy. I will give you high marks, Mrs. Jacobsen."

The class applauded as Camille returned her Pokémon and sat down.

"Next, Mr. Wood."

Tyson bit his lip as he stood up, hating the fact that he had to go after Camille. There was no possible way that his team could compare to hers. Tyson reached the front of the class and turned to face his classmates and Will as he released his Charmander, Electrike, and Hoothoot.

"Um, this is Draco, Ike and Hooter," Tyson said, unsure of himself.

"Hmm," Will began, "your Pokémon are of different types. I'll give you that. However, I think your Charmander should have evolved by now and I question the ability of your Electrike."

Ike was sitting on his hind legs scratching its face inattentively. The Electrike appeared to be young and immature.

"Well, Ike is kind of young so---"

"Ah, no interruptions, please," Will said quickly. "I am impressed with the composure and aura of your Hoothoot. It's on the verge of evolution unless my eyes are deceiving me. Keep working with your Pokémon and you'll be fine. You receive average marks, Mr. Wood."

Tyson nodded as he returned his Pokémon and went to his seat. He had trained his Pokémon frequently, but did not get explain to Will why his Pokémon did not evolve just yet.

"Guess I'll have to show them later," Tyson thought.

The evaluation continued on throughout the entire class. Xander's Turtwig, Croagunk, and newly evolved Kricketune received highs marks, as well as Wheeler's Torchic, Seadra, and Trapinch. Tyson couldn't figure out why he didn't receive high marks, while pretty much everyone else did.

As class ended, Tyson got up and walked over to the door before crossing paths and bumping into a girl in a LeafGreen uniform. Looking up, he saw how beautiful the girl was. Her skin was soft, her eyes were emerald green, and her long brown hair was lush and silky. Tyson stopped in his tracks, lost for words as he looked at her.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she smiled nervously. "I didn't mean to bump into you like that. I was in a bit of a hurry to get to my next class. It's on the other side of the school."

Tyson nodded and said quickly, "Oh that's okay." He paused for a moment before saying, “I’m Tyson by they way.”

"Oh, great," she smiled before walking away. "Nice to meet you Tyson. I’m Candace. I have to go so I'll see you around then, okay?"

Tyson nodded as he continued to watch her leave. Xander and Camille came to his side as they both looked at the girl walking away and then at Tyson's eyes.

"Candace Jensen syndrome," Camille said as she shook her head.

"That's her name?" Tyson asked her.

"Yep," Camille snorted. "She's a second year from Cherrygrove. Craig drooled over her last year until she shot him down. He wasn't her type."

Xander scoffed as the trio began to walk into the hallway, "I don't understand how guys could go for a girl that basically every other guy likes. It's too annoying."

Tyson sighed in an infatuated tone as he said, "Whatever..."


"Let's go Hooter!"

"Come on Butler!"

Tyson and Xander were outside of the academy, battling on the front lawn of the island. The school day and rain had just ended and Tyson was really bothered that Will was not impressed with the development of his Pokémon Team.

It was mid-battle now and Xander's Kricketune was butting heads with Tyson's Hoothoot. Butler came at Hooter with a Fury Cutter in mind, while the Hoothoot took flight, dodging the claw of the Cricket Pokémon. Tyson could see the progress in Hooter’s battling skills. His agility in flight and gliding was seemingly second to none.

"Good job, Hooter," Tyson complimented his Pokémon. "Now, Hypnosis!"

Hooter flew above Butler as the Kricketune looked up in a confused manner. He then hooted as his eyelashes ruffled slightly while a spectrum of circular psychic energy blasted onto Butler's body. The Kricketune faltered slightly before falling backwards to the ground, snoozing. Hooter swooped in and finished the job with a fierce Peck right into the neck of Butler.

Pouting, Xander returned his Kricketune and walked over to Tyson to shake hands with him. After Tyson returned Hooter, Xander said, "Good match, dude. Hooter's a tough cookie."

"Thanks," Tyson nodded, "but I had a type advantage so it's nothing to brag about."

The two walked over to the fountain and sat on the stone portion of it. The fountain was in the shape of four Gyaradoses, spurting out torrents of water from their mouths.

"So what do you have planned for the rest of the day?" Tyson asked Xander, wiping his forehead. "I think I'm gonna eat, study, and then train my team some more. Midterms are in two months and I want to be overly prepared."

"Eh, same. I guess I'll try to study. I can eat, though," Xander laced his shoes before looking up and seeing Wheeler approaching them with a piece of paper in his hand. "Don't look now, but Wheeler's walking toward us."

Tyson looked up as his eyes met Wheeler's. Determined to know why Wheeler was around them, without his friends no less, Tyson decided to remain quiet until Wheeler spoke. "I'm here to deliver a letter to you, Wood."

Tyson raised a brow as Wheeler handed him the note. He still remained silent as Wheeler walked away. Right away, Tyson realized the note had a sweet and attractive fragrance on it. It smelled of soft, pink flowers. Well, one couldn't exactly know how pink smelled, but Tyson had a feeling that the origin of this smell was a pink flower. The stationery was soft, yet firm and the words were stylized in a dark pink ink with cursive font. Definitely a female's doing.

Tyson did not even read the note yet before Xander snatched it out of his hands and read it out loud:

"Dear Tyson,

I'm really sorry for bumping in to you after class today, but I'm glad it happened. You're really, really cute and I wouldn't mind getting to know you better personally. Meet me in the library tonight at midnight. Don't worry about getting caught in the corridors. Just have your Student ID with you and you'll be fine. Can't wait until midnight!

Sincerely, Candace"​

Xander looked up from reading the note and glanced at Tyson who appeared to be in complete infatuation. The boy sat there, cheek in palm as his eyes gazed at whatever was across the lawn. Xander shook his head and handed the boy his note.

"I don't know man," he said, "something smells fishy about this."

"What do you mean?" Tyson smiled. "The note is completely authentic. It even smells like her." He took a big whiff.

Xander scoffed, "Of all people, why would Candace give a note, which was directed to you, for Wheeler to deliver? And why would Wheeler, a blockhead who doesn't like you, give you the note in the first place? Fishy!"

With a smirk on his face, Tyson stood as he gathered his things. "I think you're jealous," he said.

"Whatever man," Xander shrugged off Tyson, "it's your funeral."

"And I'm sure you'll be at my funeral," Tyson teased. "Anyway, I've got some things to do so that I can meet Candace in the library tonight. Later!"


The grandfather clock in the FireRed dorms chimed twelve times, waking up Tyson in the process. As he slipped from underneath his covers, Tyson was already fully dressed in his class uniform. All he needed to do was put on his shoes. Once he did, Tyson gathered his necessary items and quietly headed out of the dorm and into the lounge.

Fortunately, no one was awake which made it easy for Tyson to sneak out into the corridor. In the hallway now, Tyson walked normally as he passed by a few fire lit lamps. It was actually beautiful that the hallways were lit like this since during the day most of the light sources were provided by bulbs. Before he knew it, Tyson had reached the double door entry to the library near the LeafGreen dorms. Reaching for the right doorknob confidently, Tyson attempted to turn it. Locked. His heart dropped at feeling of the locked door... until he realized there was another door.

Tyson reached for the left doorknob and felt the entrance swing open without a sound. The library was a huge triple-leveled room consisting of several shelves, books, and computers. Tyson walked around with his jaw dropped as he was amazed at the size of the building. He continued walking around until he heard a noise that stopped him in his tracks.

"Tyyyson..." a voice from the upper floor of the library said in a melodious tone.

Tyson stopped, immediately recognizing the voice as Candace's. "Candace?"

"Come heeeere, Tyyyson. I'm upstaaairs. "

Following the sound of her voice, Tyson headed up the two flights of stairs that led to the third floor. It was just as dark as it was downstairs but there was a light source coming from the right corner of this floor. Assuming it was Candace, Tyson walked over towards the light and stopped once he met it on the other side of a series of shelves. To his liking, Tyson found a girl sitting on her knees with her back facing him. She was dressed in LeafGreen attire and her hair was long and brown.

"Candace?" Tyson smiled, reaching out to touch her shoulder.

The girl turned around and stood quickly, her eyes were glowing a crimson color as she floated into the air. Tyson held up his hands in defense before turning around running into the darkness. The ghastly girl pursued the boy in his flee in immediately cornered him on the other side of the floor. With desperate times calling for desperate measures, Tyson had no choice but to defend himself.

"Hooter, I choose you!" Tyson shouted as he released his Hoothoot. "Foresight!"

Hooter flapped his wings as he flew up to the girl's level. Facing off with her, Hooter’s eyes started to glow a bright red color as the outer covering of the girl's body dematerialized off of her body, revealing a rugged purple Pokémon.

Tyson pulled out his Pokédex and examined the Pokémon:

"Mismagius - the Magical Pokémon and the evolved form of Misdreavus. Its cries sound like incantations to torment the foe. It appears where you least expect it. "

Gritting his teeth, Tyson cursed himself as he said, "I should have listened to Xander. I should have known this was a set up by Wheeler. Hooter, Confusion!"

Hooter reared back before shooting a beam of weak telekinetic energy at Mismagius. The Magical Pokémon swooped out of the way before firing a wave of energy at the Hoothoot. Being struck by the attack, Hooter fell down at Tyson's feet before hustling to get up.

"Argh," Tyson groaned. "Come on, Hooter!"

Hooter nodded at his Trainer before facing the incoming Mismagius once more. Closing his eyes tightly, Hooter began to glow in a bright white light, halting the Mismagius in its tracks. Hooter's body grew quickly as Tyson shielded his eyes. Eventually, a newly evolved Pokémon appeared before him. What was once a Hoothoot was now a Noctowl.

Being much more powerful and stronger, Hooter took flight again before firing Hypnosis at Mismagius. The Ghost-type Pokémon was hit by the attack and slowly floated to the ground. One could tell by the struggling in its eyes that Mismagius was trying its best to fight the sleep spell, but it was to no avail.

"Good job Hooter," Tyson said as he smiled at and praised his now Noctowl. "Now all I gotta do is find a way to get back at Wheeler for lying to me." Tyson stared at the Mismagius and was about to approach it until it disappeared.


Tyson returned to the first floor of the library but saw a shadowy figure standing at the doorway. The figure was all too familiar for Tyson as he stopped in his tracks.

"Tyson Wood," Steven spoke. "Why are you in the library at this hour?"

"I got attacked by a Mismagius!" Tyson exclaimed.

"That's not the question," Steven said coldly. "Why are you in the library at this hour?"

"I... I was trying to do some outside research on evolution," Tyson lied. He was horrible at lying and Steven probably could tell he was judging by his tone. “Professor Will said that my Pokémon should be evolving by now.”

Steven observed the boy closely and merely said, "Detention. Off to your dorm, now."

Tyson nodded reluctantly as he returned Hooter to his PokéBall and walked down the corridor toward the FireRed dorms. Steven watched the boy until he was sure he was gone before walking in the opposite direction toward Rowan's office. He entered inside to meet Rowan and Bertha discussing something.

"I've spoken to people outside of the Academy and they have speculated Giovanni to be behind the recent destruction of architecture Saffron and Goldenrod," Bertha spoke lowly to Rowan before acknowledging that Steven had entered the room.

"Giovanni hasn't been seen in years," Rowan immediately shot down Bertha's news. "He was once a colleague of mine and I'm positive that he wouldn't try his luck at absolute power again after failing once. He gives up too easily." He paused for a moment before looking over at Steven.

Nodding, Steven said, "Professor Rowan, I have some... disturbing and possibly dangerous news to address to you."

"Go ahead, Steven."

"I just patrolled the library and found Tyson Wood exiting it."

"That boy... he's very interesting to me. Did you issue him a detention? And what is so disturbing and dangerous about a first year breaking the rules?"

"Yes sir, I did issue him a detention, but that's not what I'm talking about. There was a Mismagius in the library."

Rowan stood up, his hands pressed to his desk. "A Mismagius?"

"Yes sir," Steven nodded, "and last time I checked, Mismagius were not native to the archipelago. Especially this island."

Rowan walked away from his desk and looked to Bertha who remained quiet and concerned. He stroked his chin and stared at the ground before looking up at Steven. "Then, it's begun. There's a reason why a Mismagius is at Elite Academy. It's only a matter of time before something happens."

"Then how do we deal with it?" Bertha spoke up. "We can't close down this school."

"Of course not," Rowan said. "We're going to keep a watchful eye over this campus. That way, we can be prepared if anything happens."
Chapter Nine
The Invasion

The weekend was notably one of the most fun times of the week for Elite Academy students. This weekend surely was going to be exciting because it marked the beginning of the Dorm Battle Tournaments. Each weekend, the four dorms face off with an opposing dorm. This trend continued in a round robin format until the most victorious two teams faced off towards the end of the school year. Unfortunately for Tyson, he would be missing the first match of the season.

"What do you mean you can't make it to my first match, Tyson?" Camille exclaimed, grabbing the boy by the collar. She was obviously highly upset with her friend.

Tyson held his hands up in defense while being strangled by the female. "I got a detention last night for exploring the library!" Tyson exclaimed, looking over to Xander for support.

Xander leaned against the FireRed lounge's brick wall and shrugged off whatever Tyson had to say as he simply said, "I told you not to do it and what do you do? You do it."

"What exactly were you doing in the library anyway!? You choose midnight to go to the library, Tyson!? Really!?" Camille released him as she placed her hands on her hips.

Fixing himself, Tyson slung his backpack over his shoulder and said, "Wheeler gave me a fake note saying that Candace wanted me to meet her in the library. It appeared to be authentic!"

Irked by his buffoonery, Camille scoffed loudly. She stormed towards the door, glared back at Tyson, and barged right out of the FireRed dorms. Tyson sighed deeply as he swatted his palm on his forehead and nodded from side to side.

Feeling like a know-it-all, Xander chuckled and placed his hand firmly on his best friend’s shoulder. He got a minor grip on Tyson's shoulder as he said, "If I were you, I'd find a way to fix this. Otherwise, there's no telling how long Camille's going to be mad at you. I recommend being her punching bag for a week."

"No thanks," Tyson chuckled, lifting Xander's hand off his shoulder. "I'm headed to detention. Hopefully Professor Fantina will allow me to leave detention early. It is the first DBT, after all."


The capacity of the crowd astonished Camille. As she stood in her academy uniform, she stared across the battlefield at her opponent, a ThunderYellow male with jet black hair. Her eye wandered into the audience as she managed to spot the FireRed section. All of her friends were cheering her on, but the absence of Tyson bothered her slightly.

"I guess I'll use his no-show as a ventilation device," Camille smirked slightly as she watched the referee approach midfield.

Once the referee reached the center of the field he called to the audience for their attention as he lifted both hands, indicating the beginning of the match. "Attention Elite Academy students. This battle will be the third in the first series of the DBT battle between the FireRed Dorm...." he paused to allow the FireRed students to roar for their representative, "...and the ThunderYellow Dorm." He did the same for the ThunderYellow students.

Camille was a bit at ease, hearing her comrades cheer for her up in the stands. She gave them a small waved as she quickly saw her brothers being the loudest of the fans. Shaking her head with a smile, Camille looked to her opponent as the referee continued through to the introduction of the challengers.

"In the red corner is Camille Jacobsen, a first year student hailing from the Seafoam Islands! And in the blue corner is Tommy Love, a third year student from Evergrande City!"

In the FireRed section, Xander sat with Camille's older brothers and immediately questioned them about pitting her against a more experienced third year, "Don't you guys think it's a bit crazy to have Camille battle a third year? This early in the school year I mean..."

"I'm confident in my sister," Chris stated, folding his arms as he stared down at the battlefield. "She's a Jacobsen, meaning that she was born to battle. Sure, a loss would be bad, but as long as she puts up a decent fight, I can't be too mad at her."

"I guess," Xander muttered, a bit unsure of Chris's reasoning. Battling wasn't in the blood, it was gained. "But whoever wins this match gets an early lead in the standings. You won your match and that other guy lost. Camille needs to win so that FireRed can get a head start."

"Hey," Craig interrupted Chris and Xander's conversation, "where's that other guy you were with on the boat? Tyson, right?"


Weekend detention was being held in Professor Fantina's room today. One would think that detention wouldn't be served on the weekend, but that was only if a student was in severe violation of Elite Academy's rules. Tyson was out exploring the academy past curfew and thus, he was severely breaking an Elite Academy rule.

As punishment for his violation, Tyson had to help Fantina decorate her room. She was a firm believer of decor and the prettier things in life and Tyson couldn't help but to feel like that weird guy who was on those home improvement shows. In the middle of decorating her room with flowers and other pottery, Tyson looked back to his Coordinating professor.

"Professor Fantina?"

"Yes, Mr. Wood?" Fantina answered without turning her back. She was currently arranging the bouquet on her desk.

"Why aren't you interested in the DBT? I mean, I know you're a master Coordinator and all, but what about the DBTs? It's one of the most popular events on campus."

"I don't support DBTs because no one supports DCTs," she turned to face him, slowly approaching the window he was near. "Every Saturday morning, Elite Academy hosts DBTs and every Sunday Morning, we host DCTs. The crowd for the DBTs is much larger than the DCTs and that upsets me."

"But it's understood that battles are more liked than contests, since contests came on to the scene much later than battling," Tyson shrugged, stopping what he was doing.

"Not true," Fantina protested quickly, lifting her right index finger. "If you read Beauty in Battling, you will understand that before Pokémon used special attacks each other, they were used to attract mates. For example, you have a Charmander. If your Charmander was in a competition with another for the heart of a female partner, he had better have a powerful and bright Flamethrower; otherwise he would have no mate. Beauty is what attracted partners and it also is a form of art."

That did make sense to Tyson. He had a read a little bit of Beauty in Battling but didn't realize the sense that Professor Fantina was making. He nodded in agreement as he said, "That actually makes a lot of sense. Never thought of it that way. In a way, battling and coordinating need each other. Breeding too!"

"Exactly," Fantina smiled a nodded. "You're definitely mature for your year. How exactly did you get a detention?"

"It's a long story," Tyson quickly responded. "Let's just say it includes a girl, Wheeler, love note, midnight library adventure, evil Mismagius, and Professor Steven. Luckily I had Draco there to help me."

Draco was sitting on the window sill, staring outside. The Charmander wasn't much of an expressive Pokémon, but he did care about Tyson a lot. He helped Tyson out of a pickle on the jungle area island and helped Tyson fight his way through the coniferous forest island. He along with Ike and Hooter had become very close to Tyson and they trusted him.

Fantina giggled as she placed a hand on Tyson's shoulder, "That sounds about right. Evil Mismagius? What's a Mismagius doing on Academy Island I wonder?" She thought to herself, but pretty much knew that it probably had something to do with Team Cosmos. "Anyway, let's finishing decorating this room. I've got to have it ready for Monday classes."


The Dorm Battle Tournament between Camille and Tommy was coming to an end as they both were down to their last Pokémon. Camille had her Wartortle Sheldon. Her Vespiquen and Swablu had put a good fight against Tommy's Quilava and Hitmonchan. But now Tommy was down to his strongest Pokémon.

"Let's go Slaking," Tommy shouted as he released his first Pokémon onto the battlefield.

The Truant Pokémon roared a little before lying on its side in a relaxed, closed-eyed position. Sheldon stared back at the Slaking, slightly intimidated, but not backing down as long as Camille wasn't going to back down.

From the stands, Xander shook his head and said, "No way Camille's Wartortle is going to take down that Slaking, dude. That thing is definitely high leveled."

"Shut up, first year, and let's let Camille's battle do the talking!" Carl retorted, causing Xander to go silent.

"Sheldon, we've got to wear it down while it's not attacking. Its ability won't allow it to attack consecutively so take advantage of that!" Camille commanded to her Pokémon. "So let's start off by spraying it with a Water Gun!"

Sheldon jumped up as high as he could and sprayed the Slaking in the face with a thick torrent of water from his mouth. Almost immediately, Slaking dove out of the way and responded when Tommy called for a Focus Punch. Lifting its powerful fist upward, Slaking's fist came into contact with Sheldon's shell, sending the Water-type Pokémon hurling back towards Camille, knocked out in an instant.

Camille ran to Sheldon and dropped to her knees at her KO'd Pokémon. "Sheldon! Sheldon!"

"Wartortle is unable to battle. The winner is Tommy Love of ThunderYellow. The ThunderYellow Dorm is today's victors!"

The FireRed students groaned as the ThunderYellow student section roared with jubilation and excitement. Xander looked to Camille's brothers with an 'I-told-you so' face, but they ignored him as they went to go console their little sister.

Meanwhile, Professor Rowan made his way to the center of the battlefield as he shouted out to his students, "Attention students! Tonight the Elite Academy will be hosting a celebration festival for the hard work and dedication you've each displayed over the past few weeks in the academy. Feel free to come out and celebrate on the front lawn because it will certainly be a lot of fun! Thank you!"


"Last time I checked, detention wasn't an 'all day' type of thing, Tyson!" Xander shouted as his friend and roommate. They were currently standing outside of Professor Steven's office while Tyson waited on his night duty with the OceanBlue leader.

"Yeah, I know. I'm just trying to get back in good graces with Professor Steven. Maybe he won't ride me as much if I kiss up to him," Tyson shrugged.

"Why you would want to kiss up to him anyway? He's so... not fun. Anyway, have you seen Camille around?"

"No, I've been busy with Professor Fantina all day."

"Well, she's probably locked in her room. That ThunderYellow's Slaking completely kicked her Wartortle's butt, dude. It was a one-hit KO!"

Tyson's eyes widened as he scratched the back of his head, "Then I guess I'm glad I didn't go. I've never seen Camille down about battling. She's as good as anyone."

"Apparently not as good as him, dude," Xander grinned as Tyson shook his head.

"Sure Xander. Listen, get out of here unless you want to help Professor Steven and me in patrolling the entire main island."

"I'll pass," Xander grinned, backing away as he pointed at Tyson with both hands. "You've got it dude. Later!"

Tyson waved off Xander as he finally opened the door into Steven's office. The first impression for Tyson was that everything looked clean and tidy. There were pictures on the wall of Steven and his Pokémon, as well as a couple of comrades from the Hoenn Region. Also, there was a trophy case that displayed most of Steven's accomplishments in some form or another. In complete awe, Tyson found himself looking over the components of each trophy carefully, amazed at how much Steven had done for the Pokémon World.

"Impressed, huh?" said a voice from the door.

Tyson quickly looked up and saw Steven standing in the doorway. "Uh, yes sir, actually. I didn't know you did all of this."

"Comes with hard work and years of rigorous training. No one is special in this world and you are not born with titles," he looked to Tyson closely as he approached him. "People think that because you were born in Pallet you were aimed for greatness. I've got no problem with that, but don't treat any person like he's special and he hasn't done a thing!"

Tyson remained quiet as he gulped silently, watching Steven head back towards the door.

"It's almost like Lance all over again... but that's another story for another day." A sigh escape Steven's lips as he said, "Let's go."


The festival hosted on the front lawn was quite popping. There were a lot of students out participating in activities, battles, and other fun things that the festival had to offer. It was an unofficial fair hosted by the Dorm Officers, but nonetheless, it was a pretty nice function.

Xander walked around the area, passing by a few other students from opposing dorms, looking for other students he could converse with. With Tyson on night duty and Camille nowhere to be found, he was pretty much riding solo tonight. Sure he could hang with Camille's brothers, but they weren't in the best of moods with Xander, especially after he predicted that Camille would probably lose. He was just stating the obvious, in his opinion.

Going down to the shore, Xander took a seat with Twiggy resting on his lap, Bruise, his Croagunk, sitting silently behind him keeping guard, and Butler, his Kricketune, was resting in his PokeBall, taking a break from a battle that Xander was in earlier.

"You know.. this sucks! If people would just listen to me, they would know that I speak the truth! I wouldn't lie to anybody, no matter how farfetched it sounds!"

As he sat there, he noticed some weird movement in the water. Unsure of what to expect, Xander stood up to get better look and, at that moment, a fleet of Tentacruel burst out of the water and floated towards the festival. Alarmed and scared out of his mind, Xander ran back to the festival with Twiggy clinging to his back and Bruise still standing guard as if nothing had happened.

"Everyone!!! Quick!!! Run!!! Tentacruel heading this way!!!"

The music that was being played stopped as everyone wondered what exactly this boy was blabbering about now. It was obvious that he came from the shore.

"Duh! They're Water-type Pokémon, of course they live in the water, geesh Contest boy!"

"You're always lying about something. What are you? The boy that cried Mightyena?"

Soon, the floating Tentacruel reached the festival and began to cause utter chaos as students and faculty alike began running every which way to avoid getting hit by falling poles and tent tops.

"I told you guys!" Xander shook his head as he ducked out of the way of a pole while a group of Tentacruel fired Poison Sting in multiple directions. Ducking for cover, Xander found himself hiding with Ian.

"Pleasure to run into you again, Alexander," Ian said politely.

"Not now, hippie. We're in an ugly situation right now, clearly," Xander snapped at Ian.

Ian pouted but said, "I understand that much. What I don't understand is why the Tentacruel are attacking if we're not bothering them. On land, I might add."


Tyson walked silently aside Steven as he and the Professor of Training and Evolving made progress in patrolling the academy's corridors. Clearing his throat as he thought of something to say, Steven sparked conversation.

"Although, I can add that every trainer from Pallet Town has gone on to leave a legendary mark on the Pokémon World." He seemed to be completing his sentences from earlier, which somewhat caught Tyson off guard. "But you... you're an inaugural boy, meaning that you have no prior experience with Pokémon. That would be fine if you weren't from Pallet, but apparently everyone thinks that something is so special about children from Pallet that they are born with immense skill. I have no record of that prophecy at all... and I'm a history major."

Not sure of what to say, Tyson simply said, "Ah, for the record... Professor Steven, I have no idea of what you're talking about. I'm just a country boy who wanted to get out of his hometown to explore the world. As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing special about little old Pallet Town."

"Kissing up to me will not work, boy," Steven responded as soon as Tyson finished his sentence. He tended to interrupt Tyson often in that manner.

"Yes sir," Tyson sighed looking down. "Well, so much for that."

It was then Tyson realized that they were walking past small double doors with a series of several locks on it. Confused as to what it was, Tyson asked, "Professor, what's this door lead to?"

"That is the door to the Unknown Dungeon. It was once an area that our students could explore. It housed a variety of mountainous and oceanic Pokémon, but it was shut down last semester for scientific purposes. You are to not enter it, not that you could find a way to."

"Right," Tyson said to himself and apparently Steven. So this was the Unknown Dungeon that he had secretly heard about. There had to be some way to get in. A few locks on a door definitely couldn't stop Tyson. His curiosity was getting the better of him and he was sure that Xander and Camille would be willing to join. Well, Xander anyway. There was no telling how Camille felt right now about Xander missing her first DBT. Not to mention she lost her battle.

Tyson appeared to be lost in thought until a voice rang quickly in his head.

"Get down, Wood!" Steven shouted, tackling Tyson to the ground as a beam of flames and dark energy was shot at the two. When the dust cleared a Houndoom and a pack of Houndour emerged from the dust. Unlike most of these demonic canine Pokémon, this Houndoom and these Houndours looked completely menacing and blood thirsty.

Steven bared his teeth and said, "Hmph, this must be Team Cosmos's doing. Why else would these Pokémon be interested in the Unknown Dungeon's entrance?" He looked to Tyson, "I hope you brought some Pokémon with you boy, because this is going to be a tough one!"

"I've got your back!" Tyson nodded as he took out two PokeBalls.

It was weird, but for the first time, Tyson felt like Steven accepted him, despite no way of knowing it. He had to at this point because they were being stared down by some scary looking Pokémon who looked far stronger than Tyson's. With Steven on his side though, Tyson had faith that they could stop whoever was leading this invasion.
Chapter Ten
Reasonable Doubt

Cornered at the entrance of the Unknown Dungeon, Tyson and Steven had no other choice but to protect the entrance. Tyson didn't know exactly what was in the Unknown Dungeon that he was protecting, but obviously it meant something to the Academy if Professor Rowan was keeping it under wraps. However, that didn't mean he wouldn't find out for himself exactly what was being contained within those dungeon walls.

As the pack of Houndour led by the sole Houndoom slowly stepped toward the duo, Steven braced his teeth as he tried to come up with a plan to stop the incoming Pokemon. "I'm a specialist in the Steel-type. These Pokemon are of the Dark and Fire-type class so I'm certainly at a disadvantage. The main thing is to take out those little Houndour brats first. Then if we take on the Houndoom together, I'm sure we can win this."

"Worth a shot," Tyson muttered as he finally released a Pokemon with the toss of a Pokemon. "Let's go, Ike!"

Tyson's tiny Electrike was released from his PokeBall. Sure Tyson could have used his other Pokemon, but they would be of no use. His Charmander nor his Noctowl would both be barely effective against this lot.

Once Steven released his Armaldo, the battle proceeded to commence. It appeared that the Houndoom was acting as a Trainer for the Houndour because it lingered in the back, barking out commands while the Houndour sprinted toward Tyson's Electrike and Steven's Armaldo. Almost immediately, a fury of flames came firing at them, causing Tyson and Steven to dive out of the way. Armaldo, without any command from Steven, used an impressive torrent of water from its mouth in order to extinguish the flames. While this happened, Ike lingered behind Armaldo for protection.

Landing on the ground a few feet away from the entrance, Tyson looked up at Steven who had dove in the opposite direction. "It was as if Armaldo read your mind."

Steven nodded as he stood up, dusting himself off, "When you battle with your Pokemon long enough, you form not only a physical bond, but a mental bond as well. I've used that counter many a time against Fire-type attacks. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But Armaldo trusts me nonetheless. Now, quit fascinating over things and help me out, son!"

"Right," Tyson nodded, standing up. He began to think to himself of a way he could deal with these fast moving Houndour. And then it hit him. "Ike, use Thunder Wave!"

Ike roared lowly before increasing the volume of his voice as a blue static ring emerged from his fur and sparked the pack of Houndour, paralyzing them in their tracks. Finishing up the job, Armaldo unleased another Water Pulse torrent on the Houndour, forcing their bodies to go airborne and sending them out of the nearby giant window.

The remaining Houndoom watched as his pack was defeated quite harshly and grew quite angry with its opposition. Tyson had to admit he was a bit frightened by the menacing look on the Houndoom's face, but when Ike stood in front of him, exchanging a look with the demonic Pokemon, his confidence came back.

"It should work again, Ike. Thunder Wave!"

Ike shot another blue ring of static energy toward the Houndoom, but it was easily dodged by the fully evolved Pokemon.

"It's seen that move, Tyson. It was observing our battle style at the expense of its pack. Quite dishonorable if you ask me," Steven muttered. "Just stay back until you find a window of opportunity to attack. Your Electrike is small enough to the point where Houndoom probably won't be able to detect it if it's distracted by Armaldo. Slash, Armaldo!"

Armaldo roared as it ran toward Houndoom, its claws looking more sharpened than before. Houndoom lunged at Armaldo, crunching its teeth against Armaldo's exoskeleton covered claw. Armaldo roared out in pain as it slammed Houndoom's body on the ground, trying its best to get the Pokemon's grip off its body.

"Now, Wood!" Steven shouted at Tyson, "Don't worry about Armaldo. I'm sure your Pokemon's attack isn't that strong to do too much harm to it."


Ike entire body became engulfed in blue electrical energy as he stomped the ground, growling under his breath. Suddenly, a bright white light surrounded Ike's body as he grew larger, his head becoming more pointed in an upward direction. Once the evolution was complete, Ike the Electrike was no more and in its place stood Ike, the Manectric.

"Sweet," Tyson whispered to himself.

Ike roared even louder as he carried out the attack that Tyson had commanded earlier. The blue electrical energy surrounding Ike's body was much larger than it previously was. Once he was fully charged, the newly evolved Manectric charged towards Armaldo and Houndoom head on. In the nick of time, Armaldo was able to free itself from Houndoom's jaw, leaving the Dark and Fire-type Pokemon wide open for a physical attack. Immediately after its release, Houndoom was violently struck by Ike's Spark attack and was sent flying into a wall, knocked completely out.


As time continued to pass by, it seemed like the entire shore of the island was flooded with rampaging Tentacruel. By this time, however, several of the Elite Academy staff were on standby and prepared to put an end to this invasion.

"Rowan, we need to get the students into the Great Hall. Leave the Tentacruel to Bruno and me," Bertha said to her comrade while taking out two Pokeballs.

Bruno agreed with her, "Yes, Professor. Our Pokemon can handle these monsters. Gather the children in the Great Hall and we will be there shortly."

"You two be careful," Rowan nodded as he shouted loudly to the crowd of students who were more than prepared to join the fight. "Attention students, if you would please evacuate into the building and seat yourselves in the Great Hall. Your Professors will lead you to your appropriate section!"

Xander scoffed under his breath as he said to Ian, "Now would be the perfect time for us as students to show off our battling skills! Why are we running from this battle?"

Biting his lip as the crowd of students moved back into the academy, Ian said to Xander, "There must be a reason for this. I mean, there are quite a plethora of Tentacruel, but I'm certain that we as a unit would be able to take them down quickly."

"It can't be helped I suppose," Xander exhaled through his nose as they were all seated in the Great Hall.


Several moments after their battle with the Houndoom and Houndours, Tyson and Steven proceeded to make their way to the Great Hall after being alerted by Professor Rowan of the attack on the shore of Elite Academy Island. Meeting up with Bertha and Bruno at the main entrance, Tyson and Steven stopped for a moment to catch up on what exactly happened tonight.

"Well, it's quite obvious what's happening," Steven said, after being informed by Bertha of the rabid Tentacruel. "Team Cosmos wants in on the operation. The main aspect that bothers me is why even risk attacking this island, knowing that it is filled with capable people who can stop them."

"Because their idiots," Bruno responded. "And they'll stop at nothing to get what they want. Honestly, I think their just feeling us out; their trying to see what else we are capable of, especially in drastic situations like what just happened."

"That's nothing compared to what will happen in the future," Bertha chimed in, albeit coldly. "A few Tentacruel, Houndoom, Houndour... that's nothing. I'm sure there's something more than that in the future. Team Cosmos is on the hunt for power. It's not just region restricted like many of the teams in the past. This is a global problem we are facing here."

All the while, Tyson stood beside Steven, listening in on the conversation. "Team Cosmos..."

The three professors looked at him. Bruno cleared his throat as he said, "Tyson, uh, go inside the Great Hall. Professor Rowan's about to explain exactly what's happening."


As Tyson made his way to the Fire Red section, he took a seat in between Xander and Camille, who had been absent for the majority of the day. Tyson gave Xander a 'is she okay?' look and Xander returned the expression with an 'I don't know' look.

"Uh, hey Camille," Tyson said a bit nervously.

"Wood," Camille said firmly as she placed her cheek in her palm. "Quiet, Professor Rowan is about to speak."

Now surrounded by all of his fellow professors, Rowan stood above the entirety of Elite Academy and began his address, "Good evening, students. As you know, on this evening Elite Academy was attacked by a fleet of wild Tentacruel. It was also brought to my attention by Professor Steven that the inside of the academy was also attacked by a wild Houndoom and Houndours. As I have stated earlier in this semester, we at Elite Academy will do as best as we can to protect our students. However, instances like these are rare and few. I'm sure all of you have heard of the antagonizing teams of years past: Team Rocket, Team Magma and Aqua, Team Galactic. Unfortunately, a new team has risen... Team Cosmos."

A murmur stirred amongst the crowd, mixed with a bit of shock and fear. Tyson exhaled through his nose. On numerous occasions he had heard about Team Rocket and their attacks on the Kanto and Johto regions. Of course, the legendary Trainer Red was the driving force in pushing them away. But he hasn't been seen for ages. Tyson lived in Pallet Town and had never seen Red in person.

"Team Cosmos is a goofy name for an evil organization to have," Xander snorted as he whispered to Tyson and Camille.

"Yeah, I agree, but they still need to be taken seriously," Camille whispered back.

"And where were you amidst all of the madness, young lady? We were out there risking our lives!" Xander's voice raised as people shushed him.

"I was training," Camille whispered sincerely. "I know I took the loss kind of hard, but I slept on it and decided to go train in the Forest Area. It cleared my mind. Sorry about getting mad at you, Tyson. But don't get detention anymore. At least not on my DBT battle days."

"I'll do my best," Tyson said, rather loudly, causing the Fire Red table to shush him like they shushed Xander earlier.

"Quiet down Fire Red," Rowan said, glaring at their table. "As I was saying, Team Cosmos's goals and objectives are unclear, however, it is understood that they want something to do with the academy. That being said, Elite Academy will continue its school year as planned. However, we are now amping up our security systems as much as possible for the sake of you students. This means, no more late night exploring of the academy. Anyone found out of their dorms past the given curfew time will receive detention. Repeat offenders shall face suspension. Any students who show deviancy past the given rules will receive complete expulsion from the academy. I'm sure I have made myself clear enough. Now, off to your dorm rooms."


"So, you and Steven were the ones attacked by the Houndoom and Houndour?"

"Yep," Tyson said, replying to Xander's question. The trio began walking back to the Fire Red Dorm. "Ike even evolved into Manectric fighting with Houndoom. But Steven's Armaldo was crazy strong. It's Water Pulse sent those Houndour flying out of the window."

"That's the Hoenn Region Champion for ya," Camille smirked weakly. "So, now that we know exactly where the Unknown Dungeon is, when are we gonna stick our noses in it."

"You heard Rowan," Xander said to Camille. "Detention, suspension, expulsion."

"Oh right," Camille sighed. "Since when do you follow rules anyway, Xander?"

"Didn't say I did," Xander smirked. "I'd go if you guys go."

"I'm in," Camille nodded.

Tyson chuckled and said, "I'll be the designated driver then. If we get caught, I'll kill you guys."


"Take a look at this Professor," Steven said, entering Rowan's office. He took out a Premium Ball, releasing the fainted Houndoom he and Tyson battled with earlier.

Rowan stood as Steven laid the Houndoom flat on its side and lifted its neck up.

"You see that?" Steven pointed to a lavender colored marking on the neck of the Houndoom. "This Houndoom was used under experimentation. It's been given attributes of another Pokemon. I'm not sure what because the changes are subtle. It could possible be another Houndoom. But could you imagine them using a completely different species in unison with this Houndoom. Crossing, say, an Arcanine with it? It's strength and diversity would be much greater."

"They're utilizing some sort of splicing mechanism to create stronger Pokemon. They're going beyond natural breeding. Their motives are clear now: they want to use Mewtwo for that purpose. We cannot allow that to happen. It's not ready to be released yet."

"When will it!?" Steven exclaimed, "If the extraction isn't completed soon, Mewtwo will just release itself anyway. It can only be contained for so long!"

"I'm not sure of that, Steven. You just have to trust our scientists. Until then, continue to help protect Elite Academy."

Steven wanted to detest, but dropped his head and said sternly as he left, "Yes sir."
Chapter Eleven
Eye of the Beholder

The holiday break came sooner than Tyson had expected. He breezed through his exams all the while having fun with the friends he had made over the past semester. Students had the option of returning home to celebrate the holidays with their families or they could opt to stay on campus. Tyson chose the latter and he knew that his parents would probably be upset with him because of that. However, Tyson really wanted to speak with someone, seeing as how he now had time to talk since the students were gone.

Approaching Professor Rowan's office, Tyson knocked on the door gently before it opened slightly. Peering in, Tyson said, "Ah, Professor Rowan?"

Looking up from his computer, Rowan said, "Ah, Tyson. Have you been staying out of trouble? Why aren't you home for the holidays?"

"I can ask the same question to you sir," Tyson said with a chuckle and smile. Then he got right to it, "Do you mind if I sit down and talk with you."

"It's not too often I have visitors during the holidays. However, I'll have to decline right now. I'm very busy with my research."

"Right," Tyson exhaled through his nose and shifted his mouth in disappointment.

Rowan spotted the disappointment in Tyson's voice and said, "Tell you what. I'm going fishing in the Evergreen Area later. How about you join me? Then we can talk."

"Great," Tyson smiled. "I'll just head over there now for some training."

"I'll be there in an hour or so," Rowan exchanged the smile and nodded. "Carry on."


The Evergreen Area was several miles north of the main island and the temperatures surely colder up here. The only way to reach the Evergreen Area was via a trolley cart so Tyson boarded the transporter alone with the conductor. Once he reached the Evergreen Area, Tyson quickly put on his bulk coat and set out into the forest. At his side was his Charmander, Draco, who wasn't particularly fond of snowy conditions, but nonetheless survived.

The snow was falling lightly, indicating the beginning of the winter season. Tyson never had experienced snowfall in Pallet so the sight was amusing to him.

"I didn't know it could get so cold," Tyson said, bundling his arms around his body to stay as warm as possible. "Man, I don't see how people in Sinnoh can manage."

Draco silently agreed with his Trainer, walking near Tyson for warmth. As the two ventured into the forest, the snow stopped hitting them on their faces due to the leaves on the tree blocking the path of the snowfall. Tyson continued walking until he stepped on something that felt... weird. It had a mushy feeling to it.

"What the heck?" Tyson looked down as he lifted his eyebrow. Something was on the ground, but Tyson didn't want to investigate it with his hands. Therefore, he continued to twist his boot on the object until eyes opened on it. Alarmed, Tyson began to step on it repeatedly, unsure of what it was. He thought he could solve it by squashing it.

Draco shoved Tyson out of the way because his Trainer was obviously doing more harm than good. From snowy depths of the ground came an evergreen tree looking Pokemon, and it was quite upset with what Tyson had done.

From Tyson's coat pocket, his Pokedex said:

"Snover, the Frost Tree Pokemon. Snover lives on snowy mountains. Having had little contact with humans, it is boldly inquisitive."

Tyson smiled a little and said, "You're kind of like me, little guy. I've had little contact with anyone outside of Pallet, up until now anyway. And I'm probably the most curious guy you'll ever meet."

He slowly approached the Snover, folding his body down to the level of the smaller figure. Snover, appearing to be upset that its personal space was invaded. Snover lifted its arms as a powerful Icy Wind blue from the snow on its body. Tyson flew back from the force of the wind, colliding with a tree.

"Tough little guy aren't you?" Tyson winced as he looked at Draco who had already fired off a few Embers towards Snover to protect Tyson.

Snover dove out of the way from the flames and fire another Icy Wind, but this time at the Charmander. Draco easily got rid of the ice by blowing more flames Snover's way.

"Snover's weaker than you, Draco. Get at it with a Fire Fang!"

Draco roared loudly as he came at Snover pretty quickly. Snover wasn't backing down, though. It came back at Draco with another Icy Wind attacked. Draco decided to take the heat (or cold) of the Icy Wind while flames circulated in his mouth. Once Snover was near, Draco's jaw clamped down on Snover's arm, sending the Snover to a world of pain quickly. Weakened greatly by the double powerful attack, Snover collapsed to ground in agony as Tyson tossed a Pokeball at it. Instantly, the Pokeball stopped shaking upon concealing Snover and it was caught.

Smiling, Tyson walked over and picked up the Pokeball, looking at it. "I'm gonna call you Frosty. It's kind of cliche, but it gets the job done."


Tyson waited for Professor Rowan at the dock near the lake of the Evergreen Area. Apparently this was Rowan's 'secret' fishing area during the holidays. After a few minutes of waiting, Tyson saw Rowan approaching the dock.

"Ah, glad to see you're a punctual young man, Mr. Wood."

"Heh, when you live on a farm, everything had to be right on time, sir."

The two got into a boat and rowed to the center of the lake where Tyson watched Rowan as he began to fish. Tyson was by no means a fisherman and pledged against doing so. He decided to observe Rowan capture a fish on his rod before doing so. Rowan took out the pole and string and attached a Dive Ball onto the hook's end. Finally, he threw the bait into the water and waited. While he waited, he nodded at Tyson, sparking up a conversation.

"Where are your friends? Jacobsen and Peakes? I always see you partnered with them. It's good to have friends like those."

Tyson cleared his throat, "Well, Camille is back home with her family. I'm sure you know how the Jacobsens are by now right?"

Rowan chortled loudly, holding his chest saying, "I suppose you're right my boy. That family really sticks together, all 75 members of it!"

Tyson laughed a little and then said, "Yep. And Xander is on a mini-vacation with his older brother Canalave. So I'm pretty much here by myself."

"So, why didn't you go home? I'm sure your parents miss you."

"I know. I just wanted to stay here and train some more. Also, I wanted to get a feel for the campus. Oh, and I wanted avoid Miltank and Tauros duty back home on the farm."

"I'm sorry, Miltank and Tauros duty?"

"Don't ask," Tyson laughed more. "I also wanted to know more about you sir. You seem to always be busy with things. I wondered if you ever stopped to enjoy life. You know, get away from research."

"A lot of people ask me that, Tyson. Research is my life and I enjoy it very much so. It makes me happy discovering new things about the world. However, there are days like today where I try to get away from it all. I enjoy fishing here on some days. The peace and quiet of this area is soothing and healing to my soul. I'm sure you have something that you love to do; so much that you won't even consider a day without it?"

"I'm not quite sure about that," Tyson said, looking down. "But I have grown to love being a Trainer in just my first semester at Elite Academy."

"I've noticed. Lance has said nothing but praises of you. He says you have potential to be a Master. As do all students of Elite Academy."

"What do you consider the qualifications of being a Master? Collecting all badges in the world? Defeating a regional Elite 4? Becoming a Champion?"

Rowan stroked his chin as he pondered that thought for a moment. Finally he said, "A Pokemon Master... is more than merely accomplishing tasks such as battling. A Pokemon Master is a person who has worked long and hard to earn respect of his peers. A Pokemon Master is a person who cares deeply for others around him or her and would stop at nothing to make the lives of others better. A Pokemon Master is a person who has given back to the community everything and more."

Tyson listened silently.

"Lance, Steven, and pretty much all of our Professors have been dubbed Pokemon Masters by many people in our world for their efforts. Ah, I think the best example, however, would be that of Red from Pallet Town. A Trainer who risked his life for the protection of Kanto. He could have easily focused on his career as Trainer, but put his personal interests on hold to save Kanto."

"But a Pokemon Master wouldn't disappear without. Where was he when Team Rocket attacked Johto!?"

"I don't have all of the answers, I'm afraid..." Rowan's voice trailed off as he observed his fishing rod. Still no pulls or tugs. "Nonetheless, Red is still respected by the masses which is an example of how one act of justice can solidify your legacy as a human being. No one could ever question Red's heart."

Tyson's eyes looked off as he soaked in what Rowan told him, "You're right..."

"Of course I am, my boy," Rowan grinned at him, teasing when he said that he was right. "But seriously, you could say the thought of a Pokemon Master is just like beauty: it's in the eye of the beholder. Anyone you can respect without knowing them personally, why, that's more than reason enough to call someone a Pokemon Master. If that's what you wish to be, you have to set your own path, pave the way for the future people who will come after you. Leave them something to pick up on. They won't be there forever."

"Maybe that's why Red disappeared... he didn't want the world to continually rely on him when things got in danger," Tyson thought out loud.

"It's certainly a possibility, lad," Rowan nodded as he then observed his fishing rod. "Oh! I've got a tug!"
Chapter Twelve
The Unknown Dungeon

After a much needed holiday break for the students of Elite Academy, the new year rolled around and that could only mean that classes were soon to be back in session. Tyson couldn't believe it, but he had survived a crazy first semester at Elite Academy. After the invasion, Tyson wasn't sure what to expect in the future from Team Cosmos or was even in charge of this operation, but he was sure that he was ready for anything that was to be thrown at him.

Tyson had received a message earlier from Camille to meet her in the library around two o'clock. He wasn't sure why she wanted him to meet her, along with Xander, but he assumed that it had something to do with school.

Walking towards the library with Draco tagging along beside him, Tyson entered the large room of books and made his way towards the steps. He couldn't help but remember Wheeler tricking him into coming in here in the middle of the night to meet with Candace. Never again would he fall for that. Though Candace still was pretty to him. He managed to strike a conversation with her earlier today, challenging her to a friendly battle in the near future. She gladly accepted and told Tyson that she would send him a message when she was ready.

As Tyson reach the upper floor of the library, he saw Camille and Xander sitting at a round table, looking at Camille's laptop.

Sensing his presence, Xander looked up and said, "Hey! It's Tyson. It's been a long time, dude."

"Yeah, a few weeks without you guys has made it pretty boring around here. Good to have you two back. How was your trip, Xander?"

"Of course, my brother backed out at the last second, like always. I wanted to come back up here but I didn't have a ride. So, I stayed at home and caught up on some sleep."

"That's... unfortunate," Tyson cleared his throat as he took a seat beside Camille. "What about you and your bros?"

"Oh nothing much," Camille shrugged as she clicked on some documents on her screensaver. "Just getting into the usual trouble with the Jacobsen boys. We managed not to do too much damage to the islands this time."

As her voice trailed off, Camille pointed to a news article on the screen. Tyson observed the article and immediately notice the words scripted at the header of the page.

"Cerulean Cave..." Tyson read on, "...a cave located in the northwestern corner of the city of Cerulean is a solutional cave made with limestone, soluble rock... blah blah blah. Why are you showing me something that I already know?" Tyson looked to Camille and Xander.

"Because," Camille began, "many people who are native Cerulean used to call the cave the Unknown Dungeon years ago. Only qualified Trainers were allowed to venture into the cave. By qualified, I mean those who have defeated their regions Elite Four. I'm sure you know of the dangerous Pokemon that reside in the cave, right?"

"I'm sure he does, Camille," Xander interrupted. "He lives in Kanto."

"Yeah but does he know the most dangerous Pokemon to have ever lived in the Unknown Dungeon?" Camille's eyes shot from Xander to Tyson. "Let me show you this secret document I was able to get my hands on."

Tyson raised a brow as he turned his attention back to the laptop screen. He shot a quick glance at Draco was looking through a bookshelf. Once Draco got the 'no-no' look from Tyson, he returned to Tyson's side, but Tyson did better justice by returning the Charmander to its Pokeball.

"There!" Camille uploaded a document that seemed to be from generations ago. "It was written by Professor Rowan's colleague, Professor Oak. I'll read it aloud:

Legendary Pocket Monster Recordings - Entry 3

It is to my knowledge and understanding that several of Kanto's lead scientists are participating in a massive project that would consist of extracting a gene from the legendary Pokemon, Mew. It appears that they want to create an artificial Pokemon by utilizing the 'Mew gene' and synchronizing it with the 'Berserk gene' created by Professor Giovanni. It's been proven that this operation has been painful to Mew which is why I turned down the opportunity to help in the project, but I know there has to be something that I can do to stop this. It's not worth seeing a Pokemon in pain just for the benefit of science. Splicing Pokemon... it's not ethical.

They're calling this project the 'Mewtwo Operation' and it is said to be taking place in the Cerulean Cave in a location deep within the cave nicknamed the Unknown Dungeon. I can hardly believe that my associate Rowan is even considering participating in this madness. There must be a valid reason behind, though I am not absolutely sure. One thing I am sure of, is that harming Pokemon for the betterment of science shall not be tolerate!"

Once Camille finished reading the article, Tyson took a minute to soak it all in. What exactly was going on in the Unknown Dungeon. What did Professor Rowan have planned?

"I don't know what all of this means for Elite Academy, but it definitely doesn't sound good," Xander sighed, shaking his head. "And why would they re-locate the Unknown Dungeon to the academy? It doesn't make any sense. Aren't they always nagging on about the protection of students? This isn't exactly protection. Not one bit."

"It makes sense, though," Tyson said. "Something is being withheld in the Unknown Dungeon, right? It's pretty obvious. Well, what if its this 'Mewtwo Operation'? Then it's clear: Team Cosmos wants in on it. That and they probably want to take it off of Rowan's hands. What do you think Camille?"

"I think... Team Cosmos is not only after Mewtwo..." Camille replied, eyes glued to the screen.

"Come again?" Xander raised a brow.

"The Berserk Gene. I knew I heard that before. In one of those old documents I watched, Giovanni, who was once the head honcho of Team Rocket, developed the Berserk Gene in a test lab. The Berserk Gene can be planted in a Pokemon's body and it violently raises the attack power of a Pokemon. It's kind of like a hold item. You know, berries and such." She turned to face her two male friends.

"Right," Tyson nodded, understanding what Camille meant. "If a Pokemon has that kind of power, there's no telling how strong a Trainer could be. No one could stop a Pokemon with that much attack power."

"There's gotta be some sort of drawback to that gene," Xander retorted, stroking his chin. "With something that powerful, comes a con to bring it's power down."

"That's the thing. According to Giovanni, he never really perfected the Berserk Gene, nor did he think he ever could," Camille said as she closed her laptop and stood up. "I'm willing to bet on three things: 1. Mewtwo is in the Unknown Dungeon, for reasons none of know exactly why. 2. Mewtwo is probably carrying the Berserk Gene implanted by Giovanni many years ago. 3. Team Cosmos wants the Berserk Gene, whether Mewtwo is alive or not."

"This is all too much," Xander groaned as he slammed his forehead on the table. In a muffled 'mouth-to-table' voice, he said, "I guess we know what comes next then right?"

"We gotta find some way into the Unknown Dungeon as soon as possible to see if our theory is right," Tyson answered for Xander. "We as students have the right to know what's going on."

"Tonight," Camille nodded. "We made that promise before the holiday break, remember Xander?" She slapped him on the back of the neck. "Remember?"


"Alright guys, make sure you stay in the dormitories, as usual. No exploring of the academy past curfew," Brandon said, speaking to all of the remaining Fire Red students who were still chilling in the common room at this hour. "I'm about to catch some Z's. Being a Dorm Officer has it's ups and downs and it gets you tired. Good night."

Camille watched Brandon head to his room, before shooting a glance at Tyson and Xander as they sat on their own love seats near the fire place. "I told Craig, Chris, and Carl about what we're doing."

"What did they say?" Xander asked.

"They think we're stupid and that if we get expelled, it's on us," Camille shrugged.

Tyson chuckled and said, "Well, it's definitely nothing to just shrug about."

"But they did say they would cover for us. Craig has his Mr. Mime sleeping in your bed Tyson. Carl has his Kirlia sleeping in my bed. And Chris has his Magmar sleeping in your bed, Tyson."

"Great," Tyson said sarcastically, "because I want to go to sleep in scorched covers."

"Never mind that," Camille quickly responded. "Let's get moving once everyone goes to sleep."

After another hour of regular conversation, all of the Fire Red students were in their bunks; all excluding Tyson, Xander, and Camille. The trio crept their way out of the Fire Red dorms and entered into the dark, dimly lit hallway. Camille nudged Tyson to lead the way since he saw the entrance to the Unknown Dungeon personally with Steven.

"Did you two bring your Pokemon?" Tyson whispered as he released Draco to provide a much brighter light along their path. When Xander and Camille nodded silently, Tyson continued to lead the way down the corridor.

They soon passed by Steven's office, but luckily no one was inside. After many more seemingly endless turns and twists, Tyson finally led them to the grand entrance of the Unknown Dungeon. He slowly approached the door and gripped his hand around it slowly. Watching in anticipation, Xander gritted his teeth and Camille looked back out of her being paranoid. Tyson got a firm grip on the handle and tried to open it, but it resisted. Locked.

"Damn it," Tyson muttered to himself. "I didn't count on the possibility of it being locked."

"There's gotta be another way in," Xander whispered. "I've watched my fair share of movies. There's always a second entry that no one knows about."

Camille nodded in agreement with Xander as she felt her way on the cold, rugged walls that surrounded the doors. "Architects aren't always as smart as they appear. They typically put secret passage way buttons on the walls. Judging by the solidity of the wall, the most hollow portion of the wall is what we're searching for."

Xander and Tyson stared blankly at Camille's over analysis of the situation. "Well, I wasn't thinking like that, but yeah, that sounds convincing."

Camille rolled her eyes as she stopped her hand at a section of the wall a good distance away from the door. She pressed her hand firmly into the stone block as it sunk in, making a 'click' sound. Soon, the blocks surrounding the secret passage button formed into a rectangular shaped opening. There were steps that went downward from the secret entrance.

"Voila!" Camille smiled cheerfully. "Come on, boys."

"You're more useful than I thought..." Xander snickered as he followed Camille in.

"Be nice, she got us in," Tyson snorted with a smile.


After reach the bottom of the seemingly endless downward spiral of the steps, the trio immediately noticed the beautifully lit candles that led down a dark path to who knows. The walls down here were brick and the floor looked like it had been stepped on too many times for this place to be new.

Taking the initiative, Draco`led the trio down the path.

"Yeah, this place is definitely holding something," Xander said, looking at the ceiling. "Secret passage way gives it away. It's like... why bother having a grand entrance when you can go through the side door? Seriously that locked doorway is a tease."

"Maybe it's not an actual doorway," Tyson looked back at Xander. "Maybe it's a purposeful tease intended to trick students."

"Then why bother having one in the first place!?' Xander reiterated, quite loudly.

"Quiet down you two!" Camille whispered loudly. "Do you two want to get caught!?"

It was not long till the trio reach the end of the seemingly endless path. The only thing standing in their way now was a simple door. Tyson sighed as he reached for the handle bar again and twisted it. Unlocked!

Once the trio made their way into the room, they marveled at the site. The room seemed like a mixture of a hospital front desk blended in with elements of engineering qualities and high tech facility based mechanisms. The trio opted to split as they explored the facility.

Camille walked toward the back wall when she saw a shelf of jars. She took out one of the jars from the slot and read the label. "Balance Gene, Sample 1 - Gamma. Balance... that's the opposite of berserk. They're trying to get rid of the Berserk Gene. Guys come here!"

Tyson and Xander drifted away from their exploration locations as Camille showed them the shelf of jars.

"All of these jars are filled with another gene, the Balance Gene. Professor Rowan's not trying to continue the testing on Mewtwo to make it all powerful... he's trying to make it tranquil."

Tyson looked at a jar and said, "I knew Professor Rowan wouldn't do such a thing. I talked with him during the holiday break. His words are too wise and kind for him to think that."

"Yeah, but," Xande said, "that entry from Professor Oak said that Rowan was a part of the operation."

"True," Camille nodded, before attention was distracted by something on the other side of the room. She spotted some sort of figure being withheld in a plasma chamber in a room through a looking glass. "Guys..." her voice trailed off as she pointed.

Tyson and Xander looked up as they saw the concealed figurine.

"Bingo," Tyson muttered as he approached the looking glass, Draco by his side. "I'm gonna go inside. You two stand watch and signal when you hear something."

The two nodded as Tyson opened the side door that led into the other room. Unlike the testing room, this room was completely dark, the only supporting light was that of the dark orchid glow from the plasma chamber and the machine that it was connected to. In the chamber was a floating Mewtwo, seeming to be in slumber at the moment. It's arms were crossed and its legs were folded upward in a fetal position.

"So... this is Mewtwo..." Tyson voice trailed off as he slowly approached the Pokemon, touching against the glass now.

Draco tugged on Tyson's pant leg, but the boy ignored him. The sight was just too awe inspiring. A bit angered, and possibly jealous at the attention Mewtwo was getting, Draco unleashed a fury of fire as the flames surrounded his body. Darting towards the plasma glass with his Flare Blitz. Unfortunately, the glass was all too powerful and Draco simply bounced off of it, receiving the brunt of the damage.

It happened so fast that Tyson quickly returned his knocked out Charmander and was set on leaving until he realzied... Mewtwo was awakened!

Mewtwo shot Tyson a devious look and summed up a psychic energy ball and attempted to attack Tyson from the inside. Fortunately for Tyson, the glass absorbed the attack and he was able to escape into the previous room.

"Are you crazy!" Camille shouted at Tyson. "You could have been killed! You need to train your Charmander to listen!"

"I get it, Camille," Tyson said, annoyed. "Let's just get out of here before..."

"...Hey! Who's in here!?" an unfamiliar voice was heard from an undisclosed location.

Thinking quick, Tyson came up with a solution to not get caught, "Camille, use your Meditite to mind read where this person is coming from. Xander, use Kricketune to sing if we so happen to run into someone. I'll use my Noctowl to throw off our visitor. Let's go!"

"I choose you, Charmy!" Camille shouted as he released her Meditite, "Mind Reader!"

Charmy sat indian-style for a few moments, reading the minds of people in the surrounding location. Of course, she spotted Camille, Tyson, and Xander's minds but spot another coming from where they came. After she figured it out, Charmy pointed directly forward, "Tite! Meditite!"

Soon, a regular lab assistant emerged from the steps saying, "You kids are in big... oh that's soothing..."

The lovely voice of Butler, Xander's Kricketune, was conducted towards the unknowing assistant, causing him to collapse on the floor into an immediate slumber.

"Good thing I taught Butler how to direct a Sing attack towards an opponent rather than an entire area, huh?" Xander winked and gave the snoozing assistant a thumbs up.

"And just so you don't get any ideas when you wake up... Confusion, Hooter!" Tyson shouted.

His Noctowl flapped up towards the ceiling and unleashed a wave of psychic energy towards the assistants head, jumbling the thoughts and memories of what just happened to him. When he awoke, Tyson was positive that this simple lab assistant would not remember a thing.

"Come on, let's get out of here!" Tyson said to his friends.


"That was some quick thinking, Tyson," Camille said in admiration. The trio had returned to the common room and were sitting back in the seats they were in before they left. "I would have never thought of all that within the time you were given."

"Watching a lot of league matches, you learn quite a bit about tough situations," Tyson grinned. "I learn a lot by watching."

"Wish I could say the same," Xander shook his head.

"Anyway," Tyson changed the subject, "now that we know about the Unknown Dungeon, I think we should discuss what we saw with someone. A professor preferably. Just to get more insight on what's going on."

"Yeah," Camille said, "but who?"

That thought trailed for a moment.

"Bruno," the trio said in unison.
Chapter Thirteen
The Traveling Man

Getting into close contact with Bruno was much harder than it previously was for Tyson. When he first learned about Elite Academy, it appeared that Bruno was the friendliest of all the professors on campus. But as of late, it appeared that Bruno was avoiding him. Even during journeying class, Bruno made himself unavailable for questioning after class. That left a bad taste in Tyson's mouth over the course of the second semester of his first year.

Today would be different, however. For Xander anyway. He grew tired of playing the waiting game with Tyson and Camille, so he decided that today he would force the issue. The situation was making him restless for two reasons: one, the school years was about to be over soon and two, Team Cosmos had been quiet as of late. Something certainly was fishy.

It was the week before final exams and Bruno's journeying class was on their final escapade. This time, they were going to explore the Mountain Area on the eastern portion of the main island.

"Alright class," Bruno said with a hearty laugh and a thirty-two teeth grin, "I'm going to split each of you up into teams of five. Your goal? To meet me at the peak of the mountain. Alive of course. This is your first hike so I'm pretty sure you'll be alright. Now then, break into your teams."

Tyson, Xander, and Camille immediately partnered up with one another since they knew each other the most. Xander spotted Ian and grabbed the tall boy into the group.

"Ian! Glad you could join our group, buddy," Xander said, giving him a light jab on the shoulder. "Now we just need one more person for our group and we will be golden."

Tyson scanned the remaining students who were all circling around looking for groups until he spotted a guy dressed in a Thunder Yellow field uniform. "Hey that guy looks like he's looking for a group," Tyson nodded at the guy.

"Ah, Jean Paul Anthony. You know his father is pretty famous scientist in Sinnoh," said Xander as he waved his hand to Jean Paul.

Jean Paul was a rather tall fellow, not nearly as tall as Ian however. His long black hair went down his back and his emerald eyes were very narrow.

"Greetings," Jean Paul said smoothly. "I'm assuming you guys want me to join your team? I'd be honored."

"Right," Tyson nodded and looked to Bruno. "So, now we have our team. Now what?"

"Now," Bruno immediately replied after Tyson inquiry, "we have five different teams. Each of your Poketch's compasses have been marked with a specific color for your team."

Camille glanced at her Poketch before saying to her team, "Ours is purple."

"There's a starting point on your Poketch's map. You five will each start there and work your way up the path till you reach the pinnacle of the mountain. Be careful. There will be wild Pokemon waiting to attack you so have your Pokemon ready. As a matter of fact, I'm requiring each of you to have the Pokemon you're using for this hike to be out and by your side at all times. Do I make myself clear? Good. Now be on your way!" Bruno commanded before disappearing from the scene.


With his team making their way up their path of the Mountain Area mountain chain, Tyson decided to use his most recently captured Pokemon to help him along the way. His Snover wasn't exactly the strongest of his Pokemon, but it definitely was the most entertaining. There were times where Frosty got Tyson into trouble in Lance's class for abusing Icy Wind too much, turning the tiled floors of the class into an ice rink.

"I think we have a fairly nice team for this hike," Camille nodded, observing her teams Pokemon. "Tyson has Snover. Xander, Croagunk. Ian, Treecko. Jean Paul, Prinplup. And I have my Wartortle. I'd say we're prepared to face some mountainous Pokemon."

"I agree, Camille. It's nice to actually hang with you guys for a chance, what with Lucas and Barry always getting into trouble. Do you guys know they could have got suspended? They were out late one night trying to find a way into the Unknown Dungeon," Ian shook his head in disbelief. "I almost went with them, but my parents would freak if they found out I was breaking academy rules."

Tyson, Xander, and Camille exchanged looks, trying their best to avoid snickering.

"The Unknown Dungeon, y'say?" Jean Paul said, looking back at Ian as he walked behind Tyson. "It's an interesting place. I talked to some of my dorm mates about it and they said that it was once a place that Ace Students could explore. Even then, there are only 15 Ace Students in Pokemon Academy."

"What are the qualifications of an Ace Student?" Tyson questioned Jean Paul. He seemed to know a lot about the university. Then again, Thunder Yellows were generally classified as brainy.

"Typically Ace Students are 3rd, 4th or 5th year students who have received high marks in the classroom, in the field, and have defeated two veteran Gym Leaders or Coordinators in a league regulated battle. I believe there are five Ace Students in your dorm right?"

"Yeah, my older brother Chris is one. Brandon Elm, our Dorm Officer, is another," Camille chimed in.

"I intend to become an Ace Student by my 3rd year," Jean Paul grinned.

Tyson raised a brow saying, "That's gonna be hard, reaching to the rank of a top fifteen student at Elite Academy. Especially with all of us being first years no with no prior experience."

"It's that attitude that won't get you into the Ace category, my friend," Jean Paul detested.

Tyson shrugged it off silently as the squadron of five continued hiking up the mountain. During their conversation, they had made a good amount of progress. It seemed like talking made the journey easier.

Things seemed easy until the group reached a giant rock formation that was blocking the path to the clear peak of the mountain on the other side of the formation.

Xander grinned and said, "Heh! I've rock climbed too many mountains back in Sinnoh. Just get out the way and watch a professional at work. Come on, Bruise."

Followed by his Croagunk, Xander approached the rock formation and got a good grip on it with his hands and feet. Bruise sat on his hinds legs and watched Xander in silence, only letting out a single croak when he knew something was right about this situation. Xander looked back down at Bruise who kept the blank stare upon his face.

"Bruise, get your butt up here with me!"

"Crooooa..." the Croagunk shook his head.

Ian snickered a bit and said, "It appears your Croagunk has sensed something strange about this rock formation."

"What makes you think that, hippie?" Xander replied, turning his head as he continued to climb the rock until he reach the top, standing firm on it as he looked back at his group.

"Well, I observed the posture and facial expressions of your Croagunk. They tend to not move when danger is on the horizon. It spotted that rock formation and immediately knew something wasn't right about it," Ian said calmly.

"In other words, get your butt off of that rock; it's an Onix!" Camille shouted loudly.


Before Xander could even respond to Camille's gripe, the cry of an Onix was heard as the long, rocky body of the Onix slid forward, causing Xander to fall off. Luckily, Xander landed on all fours, managing to escape serious energy.

Looking back, Xander's eyes widened as the Onix stood up on its tail, glaring down at the party of five. Croagunk stood in front of Xander, protecting its Trainer.

"Well you don't see that everyday... I'm willing to bet that Onix was sleeping until Xander climbed on top of it," Jean Paul said, nodding at Prinplup.

Camille shook her head looking up at the large Pokemon, "Well, we gotta handle it before it handles us!"

Xander sneered as he said, "I'll handle this then. Come on Bruise, Mud Slap!"

Bruise ribbeted before flipping upward majestically and slapping his hands towards the ground, sending dirt and mud at Onix's side. When he landed, Bruise landed on his left foot and posed for a moment, waiting on the next signal.

"He's quite the mover isn't it?" Tyson chuckled at Bruise.

"Yeah... well..." Xander said nervously scratching his head. "He's a bit of a showman. Help me out guys..."

The Onix roared, being slightly effected by the Mud Slap, but not so much that it couldn't manage to recover. It lifted its tail as it slammed it down towards the group. Each dove out the way quickly avoiding the impact of Onix's tail putting a big crack on this side of the mountain.

Jean Paul was quickest to respond now. "Prinplup, Metal Claw!" Jean Paul's Prinplup leaped up high, its claw sharpening to the maximum as it sliced it across Onix's body.

"Sheldon, Water Gun!"

Camille's Wartortle aimed at Onix's face it came towering down towards the group again in an effort to use Dig, but it was stopped in its tracks by the beam of water from Sheldon. Ricocheting backwards, Onix fell, but was stopped in its tracks by an array of Bullet Seeds from Ian's Treecko.

"Ah, he finally learned how to master the move," Ian said of his Treecko.

"I'll have Frosty put it to sleep again," Tyson nodded. "Grasswhistle!"

A melodious sound came from the Snover's mouth as it soothed the Onix into a deep comfortable slumber, back into the position it previous was in before Xander rudely awoke. Luckily for the squadron, they made it past to the other side of Onix and continued on peacefully.


"And look who finally decided to show up!" Bruno beamed at Tyson, Camille, Xander, Jean Paul, and Ian as they finally reached their destination. The other four teams were already there waiting. "I assumed you guys would be the faster at coming up here."

"We ran into an Onix, sir," Ian said quietly.

"Ah, my ol' Onix? Don't tell me you woke him up?"

The other four glared at Xander who simply shrugged it off, "We put him back to sleep, peacefully. Could have been worse."

Bruno disregarded Xander's comment as he addressed the class, "Alright everyone. That's it for today. Your arrival here is reason enough to give each of you passing grades on your final reports. It's been a pleasure teaching each and everyone of you about the different terrains native to the island and I hope you think about my wise words when you graduate! Class dismissed!"

The students exited the peak at a provided path on the other side of the mountain. Jean Paul and Ian each said their goodbyes to Tyson, Xander, and Camille as the three stayed behind to talk to Bruno.

"You know my new policy guys, no questions outside of class until further notice," Bruno addressed to them, packing up his things.

Tyson folded his arms and said, "We know, but we're no longer wide-eyed first years, Bruno."

"Yeah," Camille added, "we've dealt with the trials and tribulations of being new students, specifically ones with no prior experience in the traveling in our regions."

"But we've managed through the year, surviving everything you professors have thrown at us," Xander stated.

Sighing through his nose, Bruno said simply, "What is it with you three? You're always sticking your nose into business that you have no authority over."

"Professor Rowan talked about safety at the opening breakfast months ago," Tyson interrupted. "We've been in the Unknown Dungeon. We were face to face with Mewtwo. We know what's going on..."

"Wait a minute..." Bruno lifted a finger, "...it was you three who had that lab assistant knocked out on the ground!?"

Silence fell over the trio of friends. Xander chuckled a little as he elbowed Tyson a few times in the side.

"Good times... good times..." he said with a big grin. "We didn't hurt the man, though. Just thought he was tired... so we rocked him to sleep."

"That's beside the point! You three used your Pokemon against an innocent human. You ought to be ashamed!" Bruno's face was as serious as ever as he stared down at them. "I'm.... disappointed in you three!"

"Are we in trouble?" Camille asked, somewhat afraid.

Sighing, Bruno rubbed his forehead as he said, "No... no. As much trouble as you all have caused, I won't rat you out. But I am giving you detention with me. Tonight. You three think that you're so tough, I'm gonna have you tag along with me tonight in patrolling the Forest Area."

"Isn't that disallowed?" Xander said quickly.

Tyson nodded, "Yeah, we have to be in our dorms by curfew."

"We'd get into more trouble!" Camille agreed.

"Since when did you three follow rules?" Bruno said with a mischievous grin.
Interesting story but the issue I have is this almost an exact copy of harry Potter but with pokemon. It's not even as if theres a passing resemblance you can see direct parallels very easily such as Bruno is Hagrid, Rowan is Dumbledore, Steven is Snape, Wheeler is Malfoy. The incident with the wild pokemon is the troll escape and the scanner that reads your personality is the sorting hat. I would assume now that when they're in the forest they are going to see something to do with Mewtwo and such. If you truly want to make this fic your own you need to deviate from the story alot more because at the moment all you are doing is changing names. I dont mean to sound hypercritical but the fact that almost none of the thought is your own make it quite hard to praise anything.
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