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Favorite artwork of the Pokémon above


Galarian Stunfisk
The Gen 4 sprite in particular I like. It's nothing fancy, but it's just a very well done depiction of Aggron, in a cool pose that does a good job of showing off its design. That's no small feat since it's a Pokémon that's already pretty hard to illustrate!

Ah, too many to choose from with Blaziken being one of my most favorite Pokemon! But I'd have to say this one is one of my most favorite pieces of Blaziken art, an OG and one of my first cards to boot:

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(Just as a tip, this is a game where you post your favourite official art of the Pokémon said above, then say a Pokémon for the next user. Also, please put images in a spoiler tag!)
Ignoring the above user, here’s dewgong!)

I misread a thread again lol


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