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Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

Strawberry is good! I am looking forward to trying vanniluxe flavour :D ( that's a joke, no need to be afraid you vanniluxe that are reading this )
Vanilla's my favorite specific flavor, but my favorite kind of ice cream (if that makes sense) is the banana split blizzard from DQ!
I love chocolate and mint chocolate chip flavored ice-cream.
I love vanilla ice cream. It is plain, but I like its creamy factor. I also like it with caramel, but hot fudge can do too.
I love chocolate the most because It not only taste great but comes combines well with other flavors of ice cream and possesses so much variety
(Mocha chocolate chip for instance). I do enjoy seasonal flavors as well such as pumpkin spice and eggnog
My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla, because I can use chocolate syrup or/and whipped cream for extra deliciousness.
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