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Favorite Pokemon added in the DLC?


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Feb 3, 2023
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  1. She/Her
What are y'all's favorite returning or new Pokemon added in the DLC? I personally am really excited because they added Reuniclus (my beloved :))
I have to say: unlike either of Sword and Shield's DLC mascots: where I hated Urshifu at first sight and only liked Calyrex's character and arc, I'm actually rather fond of Ogerpon and Terapagos. It helps that also unlike Urshifu, Ogerpon's character arc in Teal Mask actually helped me endear to it (whereas Kubfu frankly felt forced) and I actually did feel like I grew a bond with it.

Bloodmoon Ursaluna is a decrepit ursine beast and I'm all for it. I quite liked the quest that involves it too: for the Legends Arceus callback and it being practically a cryptid search.

In terms of returning Pokemon: It's certainly nice seeing the Slugma line, Yanma line, and Basculegion back. I actually played Teal Mask with a Shiny Yanmega that my best friend gave to me as a gift.
Ninetales! Also Indigo Disk seems to be bringing back Meowstic thanks to Espurr's confirmation, so that's literally my two favorites split between the two waves

in terms of mon made specifically for the DLC, easily Ogrepon. She's so precious and must be protected at all costs
clef and snorlax, naturally... them being absent from the base game felt so wrong to me. but i really adore them, so i'm super glad they're back!
also a delight to see furret again, i missed it sorely in swoshi. i'm also pretty happy leavanny and mightyena came back. i'm sad no sign of absol or golisopod though
in terms of the indigo disk naturally the starters are the ones i'm most eager to see (especially gen 5's... not because i have a particular attachment to the starters especially compared to hoenn's and johto's, but because it's been two gens since they were usable in any capacity), but cinccino is a sight for sore eyes as well
MY BOY GLISCOR IS BACK (and exclusive to Scarlet... sadness, I have Violet so I had to trade for one)

I actually played Teal Mask with a Shiny Yanmega that my best friend gave to me as a gift.
I found a Shiny Yanma before I even set foot in Mossui, while I was poking around the starting area, that I proceeded to use throughout Kitakami. (I decided to Nuzlocke the DLC blind, just for funsies. I wiped to Ogerpon after the last battle with Kieran took out most of my best mons.)
YES I 100% AGREE DIPPLIN IS TOO PERFECT!!! Also shoutout to @coordinator lissi for running across kitakami for bringing me a syrupy apple as I don’t have the dlc
I made her try union circle with me as she’s the only other person I know with scvi. I ended up flying to kitakami while attempting to follow some bad instructions from the internet to find those apples. I didn’t even get to see that dipplin evolve :(

Edit(major-ish dlc spoilers): Ogerpon. She is perfect and adorable and her face is precious. Kieran can’t take her away from me.
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I haven't played the DLC yet (gonna wait until Indigo Disk is available before I think about buying) but I'm a pretty big fan of Basculegion (definitely in the top 3 cross-gen evos of all time, and unlike Sylveon and Magnezone I haven't even USED it before) syo having it catchable without Home is neat.

And as for new mons, Ogerpon is Such a creature and I love her and idk I just think Archaludon looks cool. (Would make a good partner mon for Yuzuki Yukari too imo, since I hc she uses steel types and the only steel bunny is a mythical.)
All three of the Paradox Legendary Beasts are great dinos. Walking Wake, Raging Bolt, Gouging Fire. I never expected to like all three of them, but I guess after being fond of the Galarian Birds back in Crown Tundra, I shouldn't be so surprised.
Speaking of dragons, Archaludon and Hydrapple are also nice.
New Pokemon: Terapogos

There are maaany reasons why I LOVE this thing. First its design is adorable. Second it's unique and also extremely good in raids and battles.

It's normal type means it only has 1 weakness which makes it safe to use in quite a lot of raids; stellar tera type and stellar form make it super unique in battle. and the stat boosts in its final form rival Arceus's. Its ability is similar to multi-scale and its signature move is stronger than Judgment with the same accuracy and always hits super effective when in stellar form. If using in raids you should prob use calm mind/tri-attack/energy ball/tera sandstorm.

Also seconding what Chidamari Sketch said.
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Well... ever since New Pokemon Snap, i have found new love for the Ducklett line. They were so incredibly cute in that game, that i was so happy they returned for the DLC.

I am also happy Espurr line is back, because i am fond of the Meowstics. I especially love the female Meowstics colorscheme (While blue is my favorite color, i like male less) and they are underrated mons and i have fond memories of using them in Kalos.
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