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POPULAR: Fic Advertisement Thread

Coltar: Escaping His Shadows Chapter 3 is now out!

Aaron and his friends have fled the citadel and have gotten onto the train, but Mylious is hurt, and tensions are rising.

On another note: The Main story Coltar the Prophecy has had its rating revised. I have edited out a large amount of the more "Mature" themes to make it suitable for "Teen".
heyyyy so I kinda wrote a one shot thing read it please (or dont I don’t care)
Chapter 5! Mare and Brendan arrive in Slateport, ready to take a break and see the sights. Unfortunately, Team Aqua and a certain Dazzling, Dizzying Contest Star have other plans.

Chapter 4 of Coltar: Escaping his Shadows is up. Aaron and his friends arrive in Quigk, Colran - and that's the least of their problems...
New recently from me:
Coltar Series: Escaping His Shadows - Chapter 7: To Virto!

Under the watchful eye of the Colran Ruler, Thomas De Jou, Elkran teens, Aaron and Erik Piscar, Clarence Bourbabel and Mylious Jackson begin to travel to Virto. Erik spends some time learning about himself, while Aaron asks questions about Colran's culture. Meanwhile, Clarence and Mylious's fears become noticable.

Coltar Series: Escaping His Shadows - Chapter 8: Celebrations
Aaron and his friends arrive in Virto, and begin celebrating - under the watchful eye of Lord De Jou, of course. They experience Colran foods, and take part in the festivities.

Coltar Series: The Prophecy - Chapter 16: Deeper than a Flesh Wound
James Spitz and his new friend, the ex-soldier, Raab Finnis head to the holy building. Raab expresses his religious stance until he is interrupted. Clarence spends some time with James, and tries to understand why he breaks the rules whenever he gets a chance.

Coltar Series: The Prophecy - Chapter 17: Trusting Lord Ikur
Kitiku Bryson has been summoned to see the Lord and Doctor Aaron Ikur. Kitiku expresses his dreams, meanwhile Lord Ikur encourages him. Secrets will be revealed.

Independent One-Shot: Dark Dreams
The reader will stop at nothing to become the Champion of the region. But at what cost?
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I wanted to ramble about my verses Ethan and decided “why not get that one bit in your head into words” so I did!

Apologies, but this fortnight I've been busy. So er... here goes.

Recently new from me (3rd June-17th June):

Coltar: Dear Log - A series of diary-esque drabbles part of the Coltar Series set in 1563, but also acts as a stand alone piece.
Alexis Xanthe, a survivor from a shipwreck, continues his survival journey - with some pokémon that simply won't leave him alone by his side - he begins to appreciate nature more. Although, he will find out soon enough that he isn't alone...
Log #14
Log #15
Log #16
Log #17
Log #18
Log #19
Log #20
Log #21
Log #22
Log #23

Coltar: Escape From His Shadows - A Shorter Story, Part of the Coltar Series set in 1965-1966, but also acts as a stand alone piece.
Chapter 10: Glimpse Into Reality
Aaron Piscar and his friends are about to get one of the worst reality checks of their young lives. Elite Lord De Jou, ruler of Colran, has dragged him and Clarence into a festival battle to show them what a real battle could be like. Even with the festival's limiters in action, Lord De Jou, his Lord Interrogator and one of his fellow Lords will not hold back. Not even for the 14 year olds caught up in their fun.

Coltar: Before Dawn - A One-Shot, Part of the Coltar Series set in 1974, but also acts as a stand alone piece.
The first Elkran civil war in the Bloodied Era is underway, or at least it was. A failed attack on the Elkran Citadel has left Erik Piscar and his younger brother, Aaron Piscar, captured. Their father, the Lord Elite, Ellio Piscar intends on making an example of them and showing his people what he does to those who stand up to him. Erik and Aaron have one night before Ellio's plan for them is underway. As they sit in the dungeon, awaiting their fate, Erik makes a decision.

Coltar: The Prophecy - A longer story, Part of the Coltar Series set in 1989, and part of the longer series. It is the first instalment, so no prior knowledge of events will be required to understand.
Chapter 20- All that turns to Dust
The fierce battle rages on between the Colran Lords and the Elkran soldiers with James caught in the middle. With high stakes, and little mercy being offered to anyone unfortunate enough to be hit, anyone and everyone is in danger of being hurt, or worse. Lord Interrogator Spitz, one of the most powerful figures in Colran and Lady Valko Smith, the cousin of the Colran Lord Captain, the second most powerful man in Colran up the ante, using the electric stone. This is a battle of life and death.

Chapter 21- Interrogation
Following the aftermath of the battle, James and the others are taken in for questioning and statements. However, James gets curious, and upsets a few of the Guards keeping watch.
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