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Finn's Pokémon Collecting Blog

Feb 23, 2023
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My favourite thing about Pokemon is collecting them and trading them with others. :yay:
This blog will serve as a sort of progress page with updates as to what I'm currently working on, along with Pokemon I'm interested in! If you ever want to trade, feel free to ask!

Current Goals:​

Not StartedKanto (VC) Origin Dex in HOME
Not StartedJohto (VC) Origin Dex in HOME
Not StartedHoenn Origin Dex in HOME
99% CompleteSinnoh Origin Dex in HOME
Not StartedUnova Origin Dex in HOME
StartedKalos Origin Dex in HOME
Not StartedAlola Origin Dex in HOME
Not StartedFull Ribbon Master (From Colosseum/XD -> SV)
Not StartedComplete N Pokemon Collection in HOME

Now, what do I value when collecting Pokemon?
I value lots of different things, but the most important to me is a matching Pokeball. I don't know why, but it's always been very important to me, and it's why the Apriballs are my favourite!
Other things I value when getting a Pokemon are its Origin Mark, Met/Hatch Location, and OT.

Some Pokemon, such as Event Pokemon, often cannot have many of these criteria, which is why I value them based on other things, such as event type (anime, VGC, etc.), distribution date, Ribbon/Mark and personality (ex: I like Liko's Sprigatito because, obviously, it is based on Liko's Sprigatito from the anime! and I like that anime! So I like the event!)

I play on retail copies of all games I own. For screenshots, I use an emulator with my save file for NDS titles, and Luma3DS' built-in screenshot capturing for 3DS titles.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to share any Pokemon achievements or cherished Pokemon you also have with me, I'd love to see them! :bulbaLove:
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Sinnoh Origin Form Dex Update #1​

Due to it being unknown when Pokemon Bank shuts down, I've decided to buckle down and start on my Origin Dexes. For those who don't know, a Origin Dex is like a Living Pokedex, except that the Pokemon must also originate from their debut game. Introduced in Generation 6, Origin Marks were added to visually show this in a Pokemon's summary. While no Pokemon who was caught in a game before Generation 6 has an Origin Mark (with the exception of the Virtual Console games), I still want to do an Origin Dex for the older generations that will get cut off from HOME once Bank shuts down. In a way, it's their lack of an Origin Mark which makes them unique, because otherwise, they would have the BDSP Origin Mark.

I've already done significant progress on this dex, to the point where it's almost complete. Here were my extra goals for this dex:
  • Matching Pokeballs wher possible.
  • My OT where possible.
  • Keeping the Pokemon Bank stamp in Pokemon HOME (basically means not transferring them to a Switch game)

(Ignore my Empoleon in the wrong spot in Box 1, it should be empty)

Of the Pokemon I'm still missing, I'm going to have to start a fresh copy of Pearl to get them with my OT and a matching ball, which is why Bidoof is missing, as it can only be caught in a Safari Ball in Diamond and Pearl, and not Platinum (which is where this dex sits)
I'm also not sure what to do about the Mythicals. I have a copy of Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, but due to the looming shutdown of Bank and my other goals, I'm not sure if I'll have the time to finish it and get the Manaphy egg from it. If I complete my other goals, I'll probably come back to it and get it. For the other Mythicals (Shaymin, Darkrai, Arceus), while I don't like doing it, I think I'll use the DNS exploit to obtain them through Mystery Gift. I already have "legitimate" versions of these Pokemon in my HOME as a part of my old Living Dex, so it wouldn't be doing too much harm. Otherwise, I might try glitches to get them, as that feels more "legit" than using a method to bypass timed events.

One of the biggest challenges for this dex was trying to match a Pokeball to the large amount of purple Pokemon (Skuntank, Ambipom, Cherrim). After Gen 8, the Dream Ball is usually my go-to for this combo, but it doesn't exist yet, so I usually end up using Heal Balls since they're the closest thing. (Aside from Master Balls)

Sinnoh Origin Form Dex Update #2​

I can gladly say that I'm now pretty much complete with this dex :yay:. After transferring up the Legendary Titans up from my copy of Emerald, I was able to get Regigigas. After playing through a fresh copy of Pearl, which took about a day and a half, I was able to progress through to right before Canalave City and catch 2 Glameow, a Misdreavus and 2 Bidoof (Male & Female) for the dex. I waited on playing through Pearl to get the Bidoof because I wanted them in Safari Balls, and they're only available in the Great Marsh in DP, not Platinum. It also took me a very long time to get them, more than it should ever take to get some Bidoof, since they have a maximum of 5% spawn rate, and they would sometimes end up running, or I would encounter the wrong gender (I didn't have a Cute Charm Pokemon on hand :confused:)
All that's left now is Munchlax, which is just a matter of time at this point, but will definitely probably take a week or two (I can't breed one because I want it in a Net Ball), and Manaphy/Phione + the event exclusive Mythicals.

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