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Event Flowering Love ~ Spring 2024 Shipping One-Shot Competition (Results announced!)

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Jun 8, 2019
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Concluded as of 5/27.
--> View the winners here! <--

Hello you lovely people! It is with great excitement that I'm here to announce... the Spring 2024 Shipping One-Shot Competition! ...or just Flowering Love for short!

Spring has indeed sprung, and it's been a long, long time since Shippers' Paradise held a good old-fashioned fanfic writing event — over five years, in fact! This time, we're collaborating with our neighboring forum section, the Writers’ Workshop, to host this event. Big thanks to them for helping run this! So without further ado...

You've got a little over a month to write a short story featuring a ship of your choice. (Note that both romantic and platonic pairings are equally welcome!)
There will be a few different springtime-related themes for you to take inspiration from, which you'll find down in the Rules & Guidelines.

Our panel of judges (that's us!) will read and consider every entry, then pick a winner in each of several categories. (Keep in mind some of these categories may not be contested, depending on the amount and variety of entries written.)
  • Best Overall Fic + Runner Up
  • Best Romance Fic + Runner Up
  • Best Usage of Theme(s)
    • Best LGBTQ Romance Fic
    • Best Platonic Fic
    • Best Queerplatonic Fic
    • Best Polyamorous Fic
Additionally, there will be a bonus category in the form of a community-wide vote for the overall best story. The winner will be chosen by you!

In terms of prizes, all participants will receive a review on their fic, and the winners in each category will also receive a special, custom-made banner.

The full contest rules are below. If you've participated in past WW events, then these will of course sound familiar to you. Please read 'em carefully!

Rules & Guidelines:
  1. :bulbagarden: The themes are: "Love In Bloom", "A Dream Vacation", & "New Life".
    Try to think of some unconventional situations fitting these themes that your ship might face together. What do you imagine first?
    Your story is not required to be based on one of these prompts, but it is highly recommended, as any entries that do utilize the theme will go into consideration for our Best Usage of Theme category when judging comes around! Other than that, the context, genre, tone, and so on are entirely up to you. Flex those creative muscles and have fun!

  2. :bulbagarden: The word count cap is 10,000 words. Your story should be one chapter and fewer than 10,000 words, no more than that.
    In order to hold everyone to the same standard, please check your word count using this link.

  3. :bulbagarden: You have two weeks to register as an entrant, starting immediately and ending March 31st, 23:59 GMT. To register, just make a post here in this thread. Use this time to come up with a plan for your story!

  4. :bulbagarden: You have seven weeks to write your entry, starting now. The posting deadline is May 5th, 23:59 GMT.

  5. :bulbagarden: Do not post your story until the last two days. To afford roughly equal time for reading to the community and judges, please publish your entry within 48 hours before the deadline. Publish your work as its own thread in the Writers' Workshop, and post a link here. (Just remember to read the Writers' Workshop rules first!)

  6. :bulbagarden: Judging & voting will last three weeks. Judging will conclude at midnight GMT, May 26th. Judges may also participate as writers, but they may not vote for themselves.
Remember that all normal forum and section rules apply, and please conduct yourselves with good sportsmanship!

Don't forget to register as a participant before the deadline. If you have questions, please feel free to ask us here.
Best of luck to everyone; I'm very much looking forward to reading your entries. :bulbaLove:

:staryu: Participating Writers:
Welkamo (x)
mastermind lissi (x)
Herbizarre (x)

airmail (x)
Teebs96 (x)
dcdcdc26 (x)
Blanc (x)
Daren (x)
Railgun (x)
Okido (x)
Audrelite (x)
DragonRoar87 (x)

sleepwick (x)
CyanLaser (x)

:bulbaforums: Judges:
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I’m in! Just a question, you can only write one Fic, right? Or can I have one of each category..?
It's one fic only! Though it has a chance of winning in any of the categories, if said categories apply. (etc. a male/female/female/male fic is eligible for, Best Overall Fic, Best Romance Fic, and Best Usage of Theme(s), as well as best LGBTQ+ Romance Fic and best Polyamory Fic.)
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Before I join, can it be a ship between the Pokemon themselves?

And does it matter if the fic is about a different franchise?
Nope! Non-Pokémon franchises and crossovers are allowed too. Just bear in mind that since this is primarily a Pokémon forum, it's possible that not everyone might be as familiar with the characters involved while reading. But if you're okay with that, then yes, go for it!
The word count cap is 10,000 words. Your story should be one chapter and fewer than 10,000 words, no more than that.
I somehow misread that as "The word number must be at least 10 000 words" and got scared a bit lmao

I'm in ! Now... I think I got the ship I want to write for. Let's see !
Okay, I'm in.

One question: for Pokémon X Pokémon stores would it need to be existing members of that species, or are original ones okay. For instance, a pairing between a wild Staraptor and Swellow?
You're good no matter what! (though out of curiosity, by 'existing members' would you mean Pokémon already in the anime or games or whatever?)
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