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MATURE: (for Language) Popstar Chronicals: Dairy of Chad Shonen (updates daily)

Peppermint Phoenix

The one once known as Alphaphlare
May 7, 2010
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I have dyslexia so I'm not the most avid reader so this is probably gonna suck. But it is going to be real time. It is a Kirby fan fiction that takes place after Kirby's death. PK stands for Post Kirby.

Day 1
Month North East Day 35 Year 1057 PK

"Archie was a cappy like any other until he picked up the Bow" that is all I know about the early life of the Arch Sage. The one who saved Lylia from the Chaos God. But he seems like one cool dude. Feel like a total sissy for keeping a diary but I have to for future generations. Had to ask Ben how to spell generations guess I pack a dictionary. But who can blame me IT'S ALL KAIDEN FAULT IF THE DIDN'T INVADE US we would have schools and not have to fight for ten years. They say they want to build us school but you'd have to be a total dingus to trust Kaiden. FUCK KAIDEN. Why don't they let us be our own country? Fucking assholes. But soon I'll be able to settle the score. And everyone will know the name Chad Shonen. I don't know what my last name means but it always says Shonen on hero comics so that probably means Shonen means hero. I may not "know" it but I know it. MY NAME MEANS HERO. Cause I am a hero. Why else would the Masked Man give me this gun. Better give it a cool name. THE PHEONIX
wow this dictionary is coming in handy. I gotta thank Ben for teaching me how to read without him I would be able to read hero comics or write this. Kinda makes me feel bad about leaving like this but I gotta do this on my own. I'll find the base and join the rebellion. It's gonna be beast.

Day 2
Month North East Day 36 Year 1057 PK

Today was the second day of my adventure. Beat 15 bandits by myself. My martial arts skills were enough to take out most of them. They went down in a smash punch or two. Had to use the Pheonix to take out this big ape with a hammer. That what happens when you mess with Hot Shot. Still I miss my friends. It's a long way to go to find the rebel base and I'm a lot less suspicious by myself then all five of us. Dusk Cloak could probably go by himself being a Bio Spark and all but I don't know he'd probably get in fight in one of those big cities. Ben would probably just get harassed by Kaiden soldiers and have his supplies taken away. Mages can be such wimps. White Wisp probably wouldn't go he wants to help the village. BUT THE ONLY WAY TO HELP THE VILLAGE IS TO TAKE DOWN KAIDEN! I will take down Kaiden. They'll see. I was given the Pheonix for a reason. And Frost Blade he'd probably would issist on going by himself. I have to go. That why I have this. I'm probably going to read some Raz-xor Knight then go to bed. It's old but it's cool. Can't wait til XZ Rex reappears.

Day 3

Month North East Day 37 PK 1057

Today has been total bummer well not a total bummer but still. I got to see all my bros again. Sounds great right? WRONG. It was total bummer not only did make me feel embarrassed by rescuing me when I was losing a fight. They berated me endlessly about leaving by myself. HELLO I'm old enough to handle myself I mean I'm FIFTEEN! So anyways mom felt the need to look through all my stuff what is this a high school locker inspection. I wish it was at least then I'd meet chicks. The sooner I stomp Kaiden the sooner I get to meet chicks. Oh and I can't just go to sleep in tree. We have to get a tent and take turns on watch I mean come on.

Okay Dairy it's a hour later because a bandit attacked me I kicked his ass. But then my friends nag me for writing during my watch. I mean come on I got hit in the face what more do you want. Oh and we had to spend a hour earlier of time I could of spent moving on picking a new path because the path I chose wasn't "safe" enough. White wisp and Ben did the yelling Ken just laughed and Frost Blade called me an idiot LIKE ALWAYS. Man the thing about Ken I don't even feel like calling him by his nickname he's such a dildo. Dust Cloak is too cool for him. Said something about my name meaning boy child I know he's just saying that to piss me off. Then he had the gal to insist the masked man didn't exist. I have the Pheonix right hear asshole.

I should talk about the fight so history can know of my progress it was against some Sir Kibble looking guy except his armor was pretty different. Called himself Zeta Slice. He had three short long fin and a shorter visor. He had this weird symbol on his shoulders. He also had a fancy sword that could slash back the Pheonix's pyro shots. He teleported away when my friends surrounded him. One fancy sword though probably stole it.
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I loved working on this but I had to visit my dads and then I had a hectic vacation so I was unable to keep with the schedule. My current plan is to wait until I can keep the schedule when school starts because I don't want to revive it just to have it die when school starts I apologize for not posting this earlier thank you for time. To whoever actually care if any one does.

EDIT And even if nobody cares about the story it was wrong to let my words become lies and leave things mislabeled without notice.
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