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Fun with the shipper's cup of doom.

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The Dude

The Dude Abides
Sep 29, 2005
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Thanks to Ketsuban, we have an amazing tool called the Shipper's Cup which randomly pairs characters. Here are some of my favorites pulled out of the cup.
SamuraixBugsy(This may already exist. I'm not sure.)
Dr. ProcterxLuana
Santa ClausxFlannery
BrawlyxProfessor Oak(How perfect!)
My all-time favorite Shippers' Cup result:
Being paired up with a younger version of yourself really does take physics to a whole new level of weirdness.
I also like when I get a character and themselves. Like these:
Wow. Those two are suprisingly accurate.
I was stunned when I got Mistyx Rudy. How dare a semipopular pairing appear!?!
Giovanni x Wally
Kaiza (Safari Zone warden) x Professor Oak
Skitty x Bashou
Wendy x Officer Jenny
Drew x Madame Boss
Lugia x Ho-Oh
Norman x Drew (poor Haruka...)

Hmm...Casey doesn't seem to like who she got paired up with!:-D

The next one was Dr. Proctor/Bashou, and the great thing about it is that only Dr. Proctor would know what gender Hun is. He could be a homosexual and we would never know.

Max/Macy is kinda cute.

Norman/Jessibelle...now that would be an interesting episode!

Ho-oh/Kurt could possibly happen. (GS Ball)
GisellexFlannery(Now there's one that I like!)
DrakexJigglypuff(AnythingxJigglypuff is sexy)
GligarmanxDiane(I love Diane. I think I had a dream involving her once.
Bannai x Pikachu
Gary Oak x Latios
Jackson x Misty
Gelarden x Melody
Prof. Westwood x Butler
Bruno x Mr. Briney
Namba x Gary Oak
Sylvester x Max
Sabrina x Eusine
James x Prof. Ivy (*laughs hysterically*)
Misty x Giselle
Prof. Oak x Damien
Jesse x Drake
Tracey Sketchit x Maren
Vicious x Cissy

I looooove crack ships.

EDIT: Is it bad that getting Clair x Latias has given me a plot bunny?
Yas gymleader x Oakley
Brad x Jessiebelle
Wendy x Nastina
Anthony x Tommy
Chopper x Bannai

... That was weird.


Femmegymshipping! XD
I got Mewtwo and Maren (I think she was the captain of the boat in Pokemon 2000), then Buson x Snap, then AJ x Dr Sebastian, then Chopper x Cissy, then Daisy x Falkner, then finally, Ho-oh x Mudkip. Great little thing, eh?
I got:

Fergus (Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back) x Officer Jenny
Latias x Lara Laramie
Mewtwo x Meowth
Officer Jenny x Norman
Santa Claus x Mondo
Sakura x Tyra
Yas gym leader x Celebi

Met Ratio: 2/7
Ohhhh..... nothing is funnier than some random shippings XD

Kanon x May
Pikachu x Lapras
Chikorita x Misty
Casey x Sabrina
James x Chikorita (how funny)
Whitney x Blaine
Jessie x Shuckle
Porygon X Celebi!

Time-breaking paradox with brain-breaking seizure-bringer! OTP! OTP! :p
Hmm,pretty neat.Kind of addictive too. XD

Hey,let's have a little fun with this.Why don't we findout the likelihood of some of the major Ash ships using the shippers cup of doom? (i.e. ash with girls more or less his age) And post your results.

*goes off to the SCoD*

(f*cking hell,Ash RARELY pops up in this thing.I was trying to get a Ash/Misty or Ash/Duplica combo,but I got sick of the clicking...)

Anyway,here's my list of the major Ash ships according to the Shippers Cup of Doom.


I wonder if this is a bad sign for Pokeshipping...
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