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Contest Giovanni VS Ghetsis

I feel that giovanni cared for silver, but just went away when "red" bullied him to. But yeah i fell sorry for N. He never really even thought of that he was doing bad things. i would have liked if N dropped his so called "dad" to an only island in the middle of the ocean before doing anything else at the end.
I feel Giovanni didn't not love Silver, but he just a) didn't have much time due to running an evil organisation and b) didn't know what to do with him. He just wasn't a real fatherly sort of guy.

Ghetsis on the other hand purposely used his son for his own benefits, and even tried to use him to save himself.
Ghetsis without a doubt, bro. D8 I know how terrible emotional abuse is, and it is just terrible that Gay Cheese didn't even care about N in the end. What's worse is that it's implied that N's not even his real son, right? Somewhere there is a mother and father crying and wondering what happened to their green-haired-blue-eyed bundle of joy!

Giovanni is bad, too, though. Abandoning his own son is not cool. He was running an evil organization, and/or he didn't know how to raise a kid? That's tough, but he should have sucked it up and just tried to raise him and find away to get back with Lorelei whoever Silver's mother is.

Giovanni cuz his son became an asshole and sparta kicked me in New Bark Town :(

Hahah! xD I almost wished I voted for Giovanni because of that.
GHETSIS...poor poor poor N :-( I feel so bad for him....being used like that...

Since for Silver-ish things I go by Pokemon Special it really warmed my heart how Giovanni searched for his son over 10 years to find him after he was kidnapped.

Would Ghetsis do that? I think not! He'd just go and find a new tool!! :banghead::banghead::banghead:
Ghetsis hands down
he used his son,lied to him and pretty much called him pathetic
but Giovanni doesn't win father of the year either after pretty much leaving his kid
I'd say they're both pretty bad parents. Giovanni abbandoned his son. Ghetsis used his son to try and take over an entire region and get everyone the release their beloved pets. Ghetsis' and Giovanni's actions were equally bad. Ghetsis is worse as a person, though, IMO. His eyepiece was f*cking awesome, though.
I'd rather my father abandon me than craft me into a socially inept person who can only understand animals with super powers.
i think Giovoni thought Silver hated him before he left, for being weak, being beaten by a child.
So he left, to get stronger, for his son and his organization.
Ghestis, however, had a son for the sole purpose of turning him into a socially awkward tool to control people's hearts.

Ghetsis gets my vote.
Silver was the only to this day badass rival. And was a cool character you wanted to fight. Not just some hindrance you wish wasnt involved with the story every five minutes. (CHEREN AND BIANCA. oh and barry too.) But outright he was a asshole.
N is a cool guy that dispite everything you cant really hate. He albiet confused has a moral compass and gives you the option to change things. All in all he isnt really a bad guy. Just a typical teen going through life finding himself.
Going off their personalities and outlooks. Giovanni had to be the worse parent. However N did in the end seem mind ****** over what was done to him. okay now I lost my point.. But in the end at least N seemed more "normal" than Silver..
Giovanni simply abandoned Silver, and Silver kinda brought up himself and toughened up by himself. At least Giovanni just neglected his child and Silver was free to do whatever he wanted.

Ghetsis brainwashed N and USED his son just for his evil plans. Not to mention that he literally confined N for who-knows-what years. N was not free.

So my vote goes to Ghetsis
Ghetsis, hands down. I'm not too big on N, but I felt sorry for what his abomination of a father did with him. He was basically sired to fulfill a selfish desire and then ditched in the end. Not to mention other things Ghetsis may have orchestrated, which makes him even worse, and the implications that he was a cradle-robber as well.

At least Giovanni has one canon (PokeSpe) where he did everything out of love for Silver in the end. The games certainly head the other direction with the abandonment, but at least Silver found a way to be free of him.
Ghetis by a million miles... Gio might have abandoned Silver but at least he didn't suffur horrifying levels of abuse and mind-rape... Ghetis is the worst person in all of Pokemon ever... he's a complete monster
I can't decide.
It seems that evil organization leaders with their names beginning with the letter G aren't very good parents.
Giovanni. Gordor. Ghetsis.
But I guess my vote goes towards Ghetsis for now, even though the aforementioned three were all pretty bad parents. (Well, not very sure about Gordor as I haven't completed Ranger 1 yet.)
As twisted and evil as Ghetsis is, I've always thought Gio was just plain awesome.

Plus he just looks evil. Can't argue with a Hitler stache.

To be fair, Giovanni didn't completely set up his son's life. Silver ran off and became his own person anyway, unlike N, who's still extremely sheltered at age 18 or whatever he is.
Was it even stated for a fact that Ghetsis was N's father? If he is, then Ghetsis. He basically just used N.
I'm not really sure if he was N's actual father(but I guess he was a guardian), but he is the worst for sure. He's mean and horrible to N. He just used him and insulted him. I'd love to throw him off a cliff. N didn't deserve that and I felt bad for him. Of course.

And he sheltered N his whole life and made him believe that humans don't belong with Pokemon. All he showed him was hate. He's a terrible person.
Going by the games only, (Never read the Manga) Ghetsis, without doubt.

Sure, Giovanni abandoned Silver after losing to Red/Leaf, and that was a very selfish thing to do, but at least he left him unharmed; for all we know, Giovanni may have set Team Rocket up in the first place because he had no other way to provide for his son, and he couldn't face the shame.

Ghetsis clearly doesn't give a damn about his "son" and only used him to gain control of the world. He put N through an unbelievable amount of mental torture and brainwashing. Considering N's name, it's possible he isn't the first child Ghetsis kidnapped and forced into becoming the new hero. Whatever happened to A-M? Ghetsis fed them to his Hydreigon when they failed to meet his expectations. He is an absolute monster.
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