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Mafia Gladiator (2000 film) Mafia - ENDGAME - Commodus's Reign - MAFIA VICTORY

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Day 2 - The Emperor's Mercy

Day 2 - The Emperor's Mercy

Lucius stood in the center of the arena, his young face a mixture of awe and trepidation as he took in the grandeur of the spectacle around him. The deafening roars of the crowd and the clash of weapons were overwhelming. He had heard stories of gladiators, but being here in person was an entirely different experience.

Commodus watched Lucius with a calculating gaze. Maximus looked sternly at Commodus with a mix of concern and disapproval. Commodus knew that Maximus cared deeply for Lucius's safety, and he was determined to use that to his advantage.

With a slight smile playing on his lips, Commodus went closer toward Maximus and spoke in a hushed tone. "Look at him, Maximus. The cheers of the crowd are intoxicating, aren't they? Just imagine the joy he must be feeling right now."

Maximus's eyes flickered between Commodus and Lucius, his worry evident. "Commodus, this is no place for a child. He shouldn't be here."

Commodus turned his gaze back to Lucius, a mockingly sympathetic expression on his face. "You're right, dear Maximus. But the boy is at an age of curiosity, of exploring the world. And what better way to show his loyalty to his uncle, the mighty emperor?"

Maximus's gaze hardened, her concern transforming into anger. "You're using him as a pawn, Commodus. Just like you always do."

Commodus chuckled softly, his eyes never leaving Lucius. "Perhaps, Maximus. But isn't that what family is for? To support each other, no matter the circumstances?"

Maximus's jaw tightened, his frustration evident. He knew that arguing further with Commodus was futile, but his paternal instincts couldn't be suppressed.

Lucius's heart sank, realizing that he had ventured into a dangerous situation. As he scanned the crowd, he suddenly met Commodus' gaze, a chill running down his spine.

Commodus raised his hand in a dismissive gesture, a sinister smile on his face. "Go, Lucius. It is not your place here; just go and seat with our people. Your uncle wishes to keep you safe."

The crowd's cheers seemed distant to Lucius as he hurriedly made his way out of the arena. He felt a mix of relief and unease, understanding that he had narrowly escaped Commodus' manipulative intentions.

Maximus knew that Commodus's actions were far from benevolent, fearing for the future of the Roman people under his rule. Commodus would do anything to not have the Romans rebel against him.

ZinnLav has been removed from the game.


"They said you were a giant. They said you could crush a man's skull with one hand."
Dear ZinnLav,

You are...

Innocent - FULL Role PM reveal AT ANY TIME by sending a PM to me in private saying "I am Lucius." - be it Day Phase or Night Phase. Once revealed, voting power becomes 0.5x (half). Can become and will stay at 0x (zero) if a Townie is ever lynched. If a Mafia is lynched or a no lynch occurs, it stays at 0.5x.

NOTE: Activation of this role guarantees a 24-hour increase during the phase it is used without the need for a majority vote agreement (50% + 1) by the total living players.

You are allied with Maximus's Rebellion. You win when Commodus's Empire is defeated.

A letter fell from the sky, with the contents inside stating the following:


It is now Day 2. The phase ends at 9PM GMT+2 on the 20th of August 2023.
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That felt... weirdly unnecessary, no one asked for it. Seems like our dear host is going to be very bureaucratic when it comes to his self-imposed rules on how votals work this game, tbf this game has elevated mafia game voting to an art form so it is only kinda fitting.
Because Space seems to be something like a Reporter and I got a little to careless and considered this a town clear because Reporter is usually a town role but then I realized that the important word here is usually.
Do you claim receiving a Reporter message from Space?
Oh right, well that is almost fakeable from everyone, though. Hope Space clarifies herself.
no one asked for it.

Regarding Vote Counts; I will make them under the following conditions:

a) I am online and have time to do them.
b) At least 20 posts have been made since my last Vote Count.
c) At least one unvote or vote has been made.

If at least one of the above conditions is not met; I will not produce a vote count.

All three of the above conditions have been met.
The letter that dropped from the sky is the same as the thing underneath their profile (don't know what it's called)
It is called usertitle :)
But yeah I did not make the connection earlier sorry.

Anyway, for now Ex Jamie Raven Space are all out of the question until some stuff is clarified. Right now I would pressure vote for Dawning or Mido, so let's see if they can somehow convince me not to.
Yeah but why randomly clear Space?
Unless it's actually a scum role, but otherwise Space being the Reporter is the only thing that seems logical imo.
Is it really a clear?

I would not assume that unless she clarifies it, this game is enough of a mess.
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