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Guess The Next Poster's Favorite Human Character from Pokemon!

Probably the coolest, most badass main protagonist ever in a Pokemon game, period. Easily one of my favorite characters in the franchise. (y) (And lucky me, he was the first character I ever got to play as in a Pokemon game, since Colosseum was my very first. :D)

The first to dethrone Red. That's no mean feat. But as a NPC I'm rather neutral on him.

Courtney from Team Magma ?
He's frankly one of the main reasons I chose Shield...
....even though I disapprove of his G-Max/ace Pokemon choice because I pretty much consider Gengar to be the Charizard/Pikachu of the Ghost types and I consider Gengar's constant presence another symptom of Gen 1 nostalgia poisoning in general

He's a chill guy, I respect him. But his team is so weird. Like what the hell, Octillery and Ambipom??? Were electric types just limited in Sinnoh like fire types were or...? At least his Platnium team was fixed up.

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