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Guess What the Above Anime or Manga Is About, Based Solely On Its Title!

A class full of assassins doing assassin hi-jinks. Which may or may not include trying to murk their teacher.

Ranking of Kings
A list that ranks many kings (such as King K. Rool, The King/King Harkinian, King Friday, Regina King, Burger King, and King of the Hill)

Magical DoReMi (I watched it the other day)
The story of Momotaro but using types of meat, the protagonist is a ham so that's why it's named Hamtaro.

Pocket Monsters Best Wishes
(One of my favorites)
An anime about Pokémon making wishes and competing to see who has the best wish (which actually sounds like a great idea, tbh)
Kiratto PriChan
Humans learn that they’re not alone in the universe, in the form of a race of aliens who… look remarkably like humans but act nothing like them. Having crash-landed on Earth on an ark of a spaceship from their dying planet, they seek the humans’ help to save them from certain extinction and send them back home. But the humans have other ideas, being more interested in taking advantage of the aliens’ super-advanced technology to fix the myriad problems on their planet. Ultimately, an innocent, not terribly bright, but optimistic and kindhearted kid protagonist is the only one sympathetic to the aliens’ plight, and becomes their sole shining hope in a sea of endless human stupidity. Hilarity — and the occasional heartwarming — ensues.

Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They?
A alien child born amongst humans is raised to fight in a war against their own species, who threaten to destroy the human race for vague reasons yet to be fully uncovered. The titular Apolon is the name of said alien. Much drama and existential angst ensues, amongst much explosions and anime sci-fi asskicking all the while.

I My Me! Strawberry Eggs
A girl and her two alternate selves from other dimensions raise a farm where the chicken give eggs that taste like strawberries.

No game no life
A show about a gamer who's really attached to his games and can't live without them.

Fate/Stay Night
cheesy romance in which "fate" (hence the title) brings together two unsuspecting individuals who are stuck in an elevator or school library or something overnight, which results in them falling in love. bonus points if they were childhood friends who hadn't talked in ten years OR knew but had never talked to one another and had sort of negative first impressions of each other that were disproven over the course of the show

my dress up darling
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