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Guess What the Above Anime or Manga Is About, Based Solely On Its Title!

this kid looks up to this special academy of sorts for ages and wishes to go there, but cannot, up until one day he's invited as a student for some reason or another but it turns out to suck (i guess thats not too far off from the premise of the show)

banana fish
its a fish that lives inside a banana and flops around searching for purposes in life

Pokemon X and Y (sorry i used all the animes i know other than pokemon lol)
Pokémon but there’s some species that live on the moon and the sun that the government wants to find (I tried lol, I’ve watched the entire SM series like 5 times)

Jujutsu Kaisen
a fairy brings a candied apple to a deity, and the deity decides that whoever eats an apple of a similar taste would have their life turn into a fairytale, both good and bad.
A land purely for beauty product advertising, with products placed in colored rooms that seem endless and constantly on film.

The Empty Memories (closest translation to Kara no Kioku)
The army of the free world joins forces with an eccentric but powerful group of magicians-in-all-but-name (alchemists) — who are part of a religion revolving around magic and the supernatural (the titular Brotherhood) — against an evil empire which threatens to take over the world. But not all is as it seems on either side as a conspiracy spanning thousands of years is uncovered involving ancient magic and arts once thought lost to time. What is truly good and what is truly evil? What’s even real and what’s even fantasy, in a world where alchemy exists? Deep anime philosophizing, punctuated by moments of anime asskicking, ensues.

EDIT: Oops! All of that work, too…
Cute girls do badass things in the titular giant mecha, which are the world’s only hope against an invading force. Sounds epic on paper, but most of the anime’s focus is actually on the girls more so than the plot. (You get the idea.)

Dance with Devils
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