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Handheld gaming - what systems/devices do you use?

I play on my New 3DS XL and my Switch OLED as far as handhelds go.

My N3DSXL is softmodded with CFW so if you know, you know (tbh the biggest benefit is being able to dump my physical cartridges and install them digitally, so I don't have to mess around with swapping cartridges + dumping them for use on emulators).

Obviously my Switch OLED is completely stock.

Also have a DS Lite but I just play DS games on my N3DSXL, I'm pretty sure the size of the game window when you hold start when you play a DS game on 3DS (so the game plays at the original resolution and doesn't get expanded to fill the screen and end up all blurry) is the same as the screen on the DS Lite and I'm fully capable of ignoring the black space around the actual game itself because of it.

Honestly I miss handheld gaming, which I know sounds weird because this is a thread talking about it and I'm literally posting about what handhelds I use, but I mean I miss when handheld games were actually their own unique games and not just 'literally the same game on every other platform, just with different graphical settings/details to accomodate the inherent power limitations in a handheld form factor', y'know? It's just something we're missing with modern handhelds.
I mostly play on the Switch now. Will sometimes play on the DS or 3DS too.
These days I use my Switch and my 3DS. Switch is an OLED, while the 3DS is the Pokémon 20th anniversary edition New 3DS with Blastoise faceplates. :3

In the past, I've used a Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, GBA SP, Nintendo DS (half-broken), DS Lite (extremely broken), DSi (lost), original 3DS, and launch-day Switch. I still use my SP on occasion, too.

I also play the occasional game on my phone, which is a Google Pixel 7a.
I have a DS lite, a new 2DS XL, a new Pikachu Edition 3DS XL, and a Switch.

I like that the DS lite has compatibility with the GBA, which is convenient for transferring Pokémon from Gen 3 to Gen 4. I didn't really care about the DSi since it didn't have this feature, though my brother has one and I think it's okay. Though my favorite console for handheld gaming is my 2DS XL because it feels the most comfortable to play on and the right size, neither too big nor small. I also like my Pikachu Edition 3DS XL for its large screen and I use it to mainly play Pokémon Art Academy. I appreciate that the 3DS has a much longer battery life than the DS lite. My Switch is normally docked so that I can use my Pro Controller on the big screen, but I like playing certain games in handheld mode too like Octopath Traver and LG: Pikachu.

What I admire the most about handhelds are their portability, like I can easily take them wherever I want and play it with others. They're just waaay more convenient than home consoles like the PS4.
I have a pretty big collection of handheld devices... but aside from my 3DS and Deck, I don't use them as much as I have in the past.

✧New 2DS XL (replacement for childhood device)
✦PS Vita 2000
✦DS Lite (childhood device)
✧GBA SP (childhood device)
✦Steam Deck (basically a PC)

I used my Steam Deck basically as a handheld laptop (with Windows) for a year, which I will never recommend to anyone -- now that I've gotten a proper laptop, it's only for playing games now LOL... it's nice for emulation, too, if you're into that.

I don't use my Vita as much anymore, but if I'm ever in the mood to play handheld rhythm games, it's usually what I go to, as it has PSP backwards compatibility. I played it much more a few years ago before I got my Switch.

My 2DS XL is what I play the most, though, as it can play all Pokemon games up until Gen 7 which is suuuuper useful -- it also has a nice collection of puzzle games, and is just nostalgic in general to me? Def my favorite handheld of all time, and I'm glad I got it as a replacement to my original 3DS... it's the limited edition Poké Ball version, too!

My DS Lite and GBA SP are both systems I don't really play anymore now that I have better ways to play them both, but they're still there! Nintendogs and Mario Party Advance, my favorites.....

As for my Switch, I actually don't game too much on it LOL... mainly just Taiko no Tatsujin (I have a drum for it!) and Arcaea (a touchscreen rhythm game) whenever I feel like playing more rhythm games.
Sometimes I'll play a few mobile games here and there to pass the time on my mobile since I don't usually carry my Switch when I leave the house. When I'm flying long-haul I'll take my Switch to play on the airplane but at home I prefer to play in docked mode on the big screen instead. I used to play the 3DS a lot but it has been quite a while since I spent any significant amount of time on it.
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