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Hardest Gym Leader?

Hardest regions for gyms?

  • Kanto

    Votes: 12 11.1%
  • Johto

    Votes: 39 36.1%
  • Hoenn

    Votes: 35 32.4%
  • Sinnoh

    Votes: 14 13.0%
  • Unova

    Votes: 8 7.4%

  • Total voters
Kanto: Brock, especially if you chose Charmander
Johto: Clair, her Kingdra hits too hard. (I've never found Whitney that hard)
Hoenn: Tate and Liza, between their annoying Earthquake and Psychic combo, and their Calm Mind spam.
Sinnoh: Maylene, her Lucario is fast hits too hard.
Unova: Elesa, because of one thing: "Emolga" and two words: "Volt Switch"
Overall: A tie Between Maylene and Elesa, a double battle between them would be my worst nightmare.
Gen1 Sabrina, hand's down, then again thats what I get for trying to challenge her before even facing Erika e_e
Gen2I don't get Whitney, OP a pokemon and Miltank goes down, no, no, it was Jasmine and her freaking Steelix D;
Gen3 Lisa and Tate; I had to train a sharpedo to finally take them down
Gen4 Fantina and her stupid Mismagius e___e
Gen5I uh.... honestly don't remember anyone in Unova giving me trouble.....
Johto. Do you know why? I'll tell you why.
That pink piece of rotten beef. The bane of my existence.
Whitney's Miltank.

Uuuuuggggh...I got lucky my first shot, my Quilava survived with 2 HP and outsped the thing, but my team was ravaged. My eternal hatred for Whitney continues to burn.
I voted Unova, mostly because of the Striaton and Nacrene Gyms. I've played through Black/White many times, and those two Gyms have always given me a hard time. I dislike that we have to rely on the elemental monkeys for the Striaton City Gym battle, and Lenora's Watchog has always been a beast in my opinion.
None. They all flail. You have to be terrible at battling to actually find any of them difficult.
I was restarting my version of White today, and I went up against Cilan with a level 11 Patrat, Oshawott, and level 10 Pansear. Needless to say I had to blackout twice before I learned my lesson.

I remembered they were strong, but I didn't think that strong. I had to do a bit of training before I faced him again. For the first gym leaders in the game, they are difficult. The Striaton Trio take the spot as the hardest gym leader in Unova.
Elesa was very hard for me when using the starters. In B2W2, I ended up using Jolteon to make her a whole lot easier. Surprisingly, none of the other Gym Leaders of any region were difficult for me. For that alone, I find that Unova has the hardest ones.
I'd go with Johto. I didn't struggle a lot for most gyms, but Johto seemed the hardest for me.

The most difficult for each region:
Kanto: I'd say Lt. Surge. My starter was Squirtle, and I never really bothered getting a ground type myself.
Johto: Whitney was really annoying, though if I recall correctly I took less than 5 attempts.
Hoenn: I'd have to say Norman. His Slaking annoyed me a lot.
Sinnoh: Volkner, but the Sinnoh gyms were a piece of cake, anyway.
Unova: Elesa. That Emolga was really annoying, and I didn't have any proper counters against Electric (If I recall correctly, at least half of my team was weak against it?).
Kalos: None. I breezed through the game with 0 mistakes.
Johto, due to Whitney and her stinkin' Miltank. I kept on resetting Soulsilver until I got a female starter for that reason.
Hardest gym leaders for me:

Kanto: None of them give me much trouble except for Blue in Soulsilver (if he counts).
Johto: Clair - Kingdra was hard to beat (especially because its only weakness was dragon), and the Dragonair were just annoying because they kept paralyzing me. It wasn't that bad the second time I played Soulsilver though, because I poisoned it and used curse on it. :evil:
Hoenn: Wattson - but only when I picked Sceptile because I ended up having nothing super effective against his Magneton except for mud slap. It was awful. :-(
Norman - He only has one weakness, and his Slaking is really tough if you don't use protect every other turn or something. I think his Pokemon also had facade in case you tried to paralyze or poison them.
Sinnoh: I didn't have trouble with any of them, but if I had to pick one, it would be Volkner because electric is only weak to ground and I never seem to have any ground moves.
Unova: Lenora - Her Watchog gave me a lot of trouble, especially because I was a little underleveled.

I think Hoenn has the toughest gym leaders in general, because even when I'm prepared, they still give me trouble sometimes.
I only played the original Kanto and Johto, so don't know about anything else...
Kanto: Sabrina in the original RBY. Just because she effectively didn't have anything weak against. Once GSC came around, she fell down kneeling to my Sneasel.
Everyone else was a piece of cake too. Especially Brock and Misty - my Bulbasaur (and against Misty, Pikachu as well) had field days in both gyms.

Johto: Jasmine on my first try, due to lack of info for the type relationships with Steel, in-game.
Morty used to be hard too until I realised that I could have my Hoothoot keep Peck-ing his Gengar. Clair wasn't as bad either, because my Jynx was still able to pack good damage against her Kingdra. Whitney was actually quite easy; my Machop had a field day against her Miltank.

If anything, playing against the Kalos gym leaders was harder for me, simply because I didn't expect them to work around their weaknesses a lot more often.
Back when I was a noob that only trained my starter I had much trouble with Tate and Liza. Not because they're hard but because it was practically two against one.
Amazingly enough, I've had no trouble ever with Whitney.
Kanto: None really.
Johto: None really.
Hoenn: This was quite honestly the hardest region for gyms for me. Probably because this was the region I started with and I was a noob to the series. I had trouble with Brawly, Norman, and Tate and Liza.
Sinnoh: None really.
Unova: The first gym. I didn't like the reliance on the elemental monkeys, but I managed to beat the gym without it.
Kalos: None. The easiest region for gyms imo.
Gardenia, the grass type gym leader of Sinnoh. I did not want to go back to that time. I was a HUGE noob to the game, and didn't realize we were supposed to train 6 pokemon equally, I just used my starter and overleveled him and made the rest weak HM slaves. So when me and my Prinplup got to the grass gym, it was utter chaos. I fought her about 50 times before I won...so many bad memories.
There were many difficult ones for me:
Lenora - Hypnosis accuracy seems a little too high.
Candice (Platinum only) - This was mainly my fault. Most of my Pokemon were weak to Ice but the ability combo of Abomasnow then Froslass as well as Double Team got very annoying.
Wake (Platinum only) - Once again, my fault on my Pokemons typing (Floatzels, Ice Fang).

However, 1 made me repeatedly made me want to throw my console onto a Minefield where it would Blow up.
Primeape was simple but Poliwrath was my worst nightmare. In Soul Silver it would always use Hypnosis and the accuracy felt like 95%. I then would used my Awakening but Poliwrath would use Focus Punch which hit my Pokemon like a train (it did Serious damage). When I got Heart Gold I was more prepared but I still failed and my flying Pokemon would still feel the torture of Poliwraths combo. In fact, in Heart Gold, I rage quit and I did Jasmine and Pryce before I came back but he was still tearing my Pokemon apart.
Liza and Tate. Them being so overleveled makes them hard to beat. Luckily, surf didn't hit your allies back then, so that would do the trick.
And then there's Whitney. And her desperation-inducing Miltank.
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