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Has your favorite Pokemon changed a lot over time?

The legendary birds, due to their power and rarity, as well as their roles in the second film. But as more options became available and the concept of abilities was introduced, I lost a great deal of interest in them.
Share if, how, and/or why your favorite Pokemon changed! I'll go first because for a while mine was Mega Rayquaza, but changed to Skitty which is pretty much the exact opposite of that lol. :yay:

Yeah, and it's changed so much that I no longer know exactly what my Favorite Pokémon is (I think it depends on the day lol), since my preference tends to be additive.

Charizard -> Scizor -> Tyranitar -> Blaziken -> Weavile -> Gengar.

I mean, today, Scizor and Blaziken are a little lower in my preference. But, among the others mentioned, any of them equally satisfy me.
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For years Lucario stood firm as my top favourite Pokemon, but over time a bunch of little problems with its design just started bothering me more and more. Eventually, when I was doing one of those favourite Pokemon websites, a dam just burst, and when I ranked by how I truly felt about each Pokemon in the moment without feeling obligated to put it on top just 'cause of the fond memories, Lucario dropped down to, like, fifth place. I still like it, I'm just not forcing myself to call it my favourite anymore.
(Top spot currently goes to Midnight Lycanroc ftr)
Gallade is one of my favorites. I do still genuinely like, but it has dropped a little over time. I like that gets Sharpness as an ability now. Makes it more competitively viable now.
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