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HELP: Help With Fic

Jun 9, 2023
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I'm working on my fic and I mainly just need like....beats? I guess
-take care of one frenzy then move on to the next nearest one
-stuff happens as they travel that gives them more insight into each other
-frenzy quelling two electric boogaloo
-travel again to next frenzy, rinse and repeat with ways to get Adaman and Volo closer Emotionally
-final battle area scenes (red sky, Kamado pinning blame perhaps on Volo since Rei is out of the picture, dialga and Palkia, etc)

It's canon divergent PLA where Volo and Adaman are stopping the frenzies of both the nobles and ride pokemon.
The final final battle will be against Volo but he's possessed by Arceus who is helping Volo’s dream.
During the course of the fic, he'll give up on his "remake the world" desire when he realizes that means Adaman won't exist and Arceus is like "aight BET" lmao
What do you mean here by beats? Because it looks like you have the initial beats set up.

Do you mean adding in between points?
Yeah that's what I mean
Points between the major beats of quelling the frenzies
Alright - so here are somes ideas you could use to fill in the gaps:
  • Is there someone they need to help?
  • Relationship with each other - how does their friendship or relationship evolve over time?
  • Is there something stopping them from dealing with the Frenzy in question?
  • Do they capture any new pokémon on the way?
A lot depends on how long it will take them to get from one Frenzy event to another, but these should help.
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