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HonorShipping Fans [Morty/Falkner]

Offtopic: What movie?

Ontopic: On winter mornings they would stare out thefrosted window of their cabin and out onto the frozen expanse, sipping gently on mocha coffee.
I'd like to see Falkner's scared reaction if a Ariados crawled in through those treehouse windows
"FUCK! MOOORTY!" **cowers in bed against wall**

[Walks into Falkner's room]"What's wron- HOLY FUCKING SHIT!"


"KILL IT WITH FIRE!" **lights igniter wand and tosses it at Ariados**

News headline next day: "Fortree City Ablaze in Bug-Killing Fire"
Me: Good thing I do not have a fear of bugs right Tyranitar?

Tyranitar: *nods* As long as they dont suck blood
And Winona would go all "ಠ_ಠ WTF, guys."

Aww. I'd like to see a double date between Falkner/Morty and Wallace/Steven owo
Wallace would go all bishie sparkle the whole time, though.
I can picture my FR trainer on a date with the rival in FR/LG at the same time for some reason...LMAO
Steven/Wallace, Morty/Falkner, and Leaf(is that the PC you picked?)/Blue?
That's like a recipe for disaster.
And bishie sparkles on Wallace's part
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