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HonorShipping Fans [Morty/Falkner]

Let's add Gold/Silver/Lyra to that group, please? Everyone needs an annoying teenage threesome along with them, right? x3

Okay, questions questions... I think if Morty was feeling upset or down, he'd want to be alone, and Falkner would kind of struggle with 'do I accept that or do I try to forcibly cheer him up' and Morty would probably end up feeling better right when Falkner decided to do... whatever he was going to do to raise his spirits. And then he'd be all, 'huh?', and it would just be adorable. (or it would be in my mind, anyway. >_<)

If Falkner was feeling bad, Morty would probably just do the small things -- do some extra chores and whatnot for him, help out however, and most of all give him the right amount of space while still being there for him. Was that vague? I think that was vague.

...someone is going to have to write this super-date fic eventually, by the way. I hope it doesn't end up being me. >>;;
I might be able to draw that scene at some point...Maybe later this month x_o

And it wasn't vague. Falkner seems like the type to blow his top often, so it'd be good for Morty to give him some space.
Then they'd cuddle.
Okay, new subject.

If they were at Falkner or Morty's house, sharing some quality time by watching a movie or something, who would initiate the romance?
Okay, new subject.

If they were at Falkner or Morty's house, sharing some quality time by watching a movie or something, who would initiate the romance?

I'd say hand touching first then Morty wrapping his arm around Falkner's shoulder...while Gengra and Pidgeot snicker and if there is (like in many movies) a kissing scene I can picture Falkner saying 'Tch that was so obvious it would happen lotsa movies have those scenes and they're so predic-' and then Morty would kiss him on the lips so he'd shut up plus doing other stuff on the couch ROFL and Gengar would be like "Why are they doing that?" and Pidgeot covers the Pidgey chicklings eyes lol
Steven/Wallace, Morty/Falkner, and Leaf(is that the PC you picked?)/Blue?
That's like a recipe for disaster.
And bishie sparkles on Wallace's part

Leaf is the chara from LG. Red is from FR, and pikachu200 was talking about da chara from FR. So.... ORIGINALSHIPPING!!XD
Moving on...
I'm back from camp fans of HonoUrshipping!! Scanning the picture tomorrow so, yeah.
Ok. So yeah *scanning pic* look on my devart profile for it.
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^ Okay I'll do that

Any other topics...I cant think of nuthin that hasnt been said at the moment lols
^ Yep I can see this in battle

Etan: *sweatdrops*
Lyra: How cute
Silver: They're guys how can that be cute!?
Lyra: People accuse us of being cute and we're complete opposites
Silver: Touche
^I mostly thought of them as a Johto gen 4 trio TheCoolHonorshipper...I was just only posting that after reading those 3 on 3 battles from B/W (third one would be Finch)
^OH, XD.... My other computer (da one with the scanner hooked up to it) Is full of stuff, and wont allow me to scan the pic, sorry gaiz, I'll try to redraw it on this computer with my tablet.
Finch: Come on daddy lets do this!

Morty sends out Gengar! *Gengar laugh*
Falkner sends out Pidgeot! *Pidgeot crow*
Finch sends out Spearow! *Spearow crow!*

Ethan sends out Meganium! *Meganium cry*
Lyra sends out Typlosion *Typlosion roar*
Silver sends out Feraligatr! *Feraligatr roars*

I can picture this battle in Violet City
I don't even know how they work yet but it does sound a bit fun when sending out 3 cute pokemons at once!
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