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How are you feeling today? Vol. 2

I've had some kinda cold or something over the past couple of days. It started like when I got COVID and that really scared me, but it seems to have gotten substantially better today, which is not how COVID went when I had it.
Tired. Not like overworked tired, but I just think I need a nap or something
Slightly better. The doctors approved a surgery they were not so sure about before after some tests, so there is renewed hope. Yet there is still some danger and we gotta make patience till Thursday...
Honestly I've been hit with a real lack of confidence in myself recently. Whenever I get to work on something, I keep beat myself up over it and I have no idea why. Maybe it's the state of mind I'm in, I'm overwhelmed, or I just keep thinking I can do better, but am expressing that to myself in the wrong ways. Whatever the case, I hope it goes away soon.
A bit tired (hospital shifts), and worried (about the upcoming surgery and a relative who visited showing COVID symptoms) but somehow actually not feeling sad or angry or stressed, trying to stay more on the hopeful side.
My confidence is a bit more up than usual, but it's been shaky.
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