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Bulbapedia How Can/Should I Upload My Gameboy Printer Pokédex Entry Archive to Bulbapedia?


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Apr 17, 2024
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Hello! For a friend recently I meticulously exported the Gameboy Printer Pokédex Entry output for each Pokemon of Pokémon Yellow and Crystal. It was a lot of effort and I feel like these images may belong on Bulbapedia somewhere, but I am not sure if so or where. Does anyone have any insight? Thanks!

Link to Yellow Pokédex

Link to Crystal Pokédex

(I have the local images on my machine also)
Hi! So we discussed this as a staff and we agreed that images of each Pokédex entry isn't something that we'll need, as the current example images used on the site are enough to convey the idea. We similarly would not likely store the thousands of images of entries for every Pokémon from every core series game. However, if you'd like to archive these, a website like the Internet Archive or a similar such resource might be a good place to record them. Thanks for considering us! And feel free to let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks for your response! Just to be clear these are emulations of the print out from a gameboy to the game boy printer using the “PRNT” command in game, so having them for games past crystal wouldn’t be an issue. I will happily upload them to the internet archive, thank you for the suggestion :)
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