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How engaged are you with social media?

Oct 1, 2010
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I'm curious on our community's level of social media participation!

Do you spend any time in a day/week on a social media platform like Twitter/X, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc? Would you say you spend a lot (maybe too much?) of your time on any of these social media platforms? What's your favorite, if any, to use?
Discord I use quite a bit for a couple friend groups, but not really public servers. Otherwise though I don't engage with social media that much.

Twitter I used to frequent more, but I mostly just now use it to follow artists I like

Facebook I used to frequent back in the day, but I've stayed away from that now, cuz it's basically just family and the like l'd rather not follow and see posts from.
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Barely. This site is the one I’m active on and I engage with. I have tumblr and have made a few friends on there so that counts I guess

I just scroll YouTube, I don’t have a Channel

I don’t really use any other social media

(Oh and I use discord I guess. I’m not particularly active in any big servers, just a few with people from these forums and a couple other smaller ones with other people)
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  • TikTok (Not counting watching TikToks people embed in other sites that I do use)
  • Instagram (I do have an Insta but I literally haven't posted anything on it or really used it since mid-2022, just never understood the appeal personally)
  • Facebook (Literally just use it to keep in touch with my mom, uncles, and a small handful of friends who I only have on FB. I probably only post there like three or four times a week and that's it really, I don't even browse the site anymore)
  • Twitter (As much as I fucking hate Twitter and want it to die)
  • Tumblr (Somehow one of the best social media sites in 2024, who'da thunk it? May be biased because Tumblr is basically the queer and neurodivergent social media and I am queer and neurodivergent)
  • Mastodon (Specifically the retro.pizza instance since that's the instance I'm active in)
  • Reddit (I hate Reddit but it's also somehow still useful)
  • Cohost (Not as much as the above four but I still use it enough to say I actively use it, the problem is that Cohost has like nobody there lol)
I don't count things like Discord and YouTube as social media, like Discord is instant messaging and YouTube is videos but I do actively use both. I only use Discord to chat with a few friends and am active in one group chat of like 15 dipshits which originated as a group chat for a community that arose on the subforum on a Transformers forum I post on and I mostly just watch videos on YouTube and only rarely upload shit.
i usually only really engage with twitter these days which i wouldnt rlly say i use that much anymore either. i have liek two semi-active accs and those r my priv which ive mostly abandoned and a public acc i have only to post abt a niche interest that doesnt have much of an eng community that i only logged into liek once this week. ><
i have an insta acc but ive barely used it in years. i used it 4 a bit last year to talk to a friend that didn't have any other apps but then deleted it again since they stopped responding T^T
i tried making a tiktok acc back in 2022 used it literally only for a couple days and absolutely hated it and never bothered again.
used tumblr from liek 2018-2021 to post art but then i hit art block and now that im drawing again im ungodly afraid of posting on bigger sites.

i dont consider disc a social media but i do use that pretty often. altho i think ive been talking less 2 people these past few days buut thats mostly just me not rlly feeling well so ill probably go back 2 using it super duper actively soon. i dont count youtube as social media either but i havent been using it as much either idk why >_< i never seem 2 find vids i like anymore...maybe im just not looking in the right places idk

edit: ah right i also remembered i still use amino occasionally buuut i mostly just post art sometimes then dip... its super dead these days anyways so not much 2 do there.
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i only have twitter and bluesky, the former of which i feel like i'm obligated to use to keep up with current event (as depressing as they may sometimes be...) as well as keep up with artists that i follow for commission reasons. for bluesky, that's moreso my ffxiv and pokemon account for whenever i have updates to those.

i guess technically i have a tumblr but like... i rarely use it? idk
The only real social media I actually use is Tumblr, which feels so different from most other sites out there that I barely even consider it social media. I stopped using Facebook over a decade ago. I don't have accounts on Twitter or Reddit, but I'll sometimes check certain accounts and threads if they catch my eye. I'm not on TikTok or Instagram. Honestly outside of here and Tumblr my online presence is basically nonexistent lol
I use Facebook messenger to talk to family members who live in different countries. If it weren't for that I would probably delete my account completely. I have twitter and discord accounts but I don't really use them. I browse reddit occasionally but never really post anything. I use it to read about topics I don't really know anything about, or if I'm trying to find reviews for some product I'm thinking about buying. I use YouTube a lot,  mainly to try to discover new music, but it has become increasingly bad for that. I sometimes watch documentaries, news, coverage of some sporting events, etc. I don't think I've ever used tiktok or instagram.
the only social media i really use is tumblr and instagram. instagram i keep to keep up with friends, since most people i know have it & it's an easy way to communicate; i check it often, but i wouldn't really say i find myself glued to it since i don't check the explore page or anything, nor do i follow many people other than my friends. tumblr on the other hand i find myself using far too often, so i often have to log myself out of it to force myself to not spend hours scrolling. other than that, i have twitter, but i really don't use it--i only open it when i want to look at someone's profile... i suppose i use reddit sometimes, but i don't actually have an account nor do i ever intend to make one (as helpful as it might be sometimes when stuff is only for reddit users to view lol); i only use it when i want to easily see real people talking about a topic i'm curious about, mostly people's experiences in other countries or experiences with gender and that kind of stuff. other than that... i don't think there's really anything. my favourite would have to be tumblr i guess, because i find my experience a lot easier to curate there than elsewhere & there are so many amazing artists on there.
The only ones I use nowadays are Tumblr and Twitter, and I've kind of pulled away from interacting with both that much over the past several months, because I've been busier with university (and also because they're just bad for my mental health). I just use them to keep up with what my friends are up to, and find art and fics for my hyperfixations, now.

If we're counting Discord, then I do use that as well - but mostly just for university-related things, like communicating with my group project team.
I use YouTube a lot (mostly for watching vid os from HDVee as well as listening to music), but I am active on Threads and Mastodon and on occasions, I use Facebook. I used to use Twitter/X, but left because of the increasingly vile that populates it after it was taken over by Elon Musk. I do post on Instagram sometimes.
Not that much

The closest thing to social media I’m actually active on is this site

I go on YouTube sometimes when I’m bored

A lot of my friends are on Snapchat so I might get it later but it’s not a priority for me rn
I'm on social media a pretty small amount, which is still way too much :/

Twitter is the one I use the most. I used to browse it via Nitter before Musk killed it, so now I'm forced to login to view anything. I think the site can be okay if curated properly, but for some reason Twitter really brings out the worst in people. Like something about that site just makes people insane. I knew someone from another forum who I respected. I had disagreements with them but the discussions were always respectful. Then, I randomly come across them on Twitter and they're like, totally insufferable. Somehow they're completely different on Twitter vs on that forum.

I also have an Instagram that I only use for viewing memes + contacting friends. It's okay, but I had to delete it off my phone cause I was getting too addicted to reels. I have Discord but similar to Insta, I just use it to DM/VC friends. I really dislike large Discord servers, won't get too into it but I hate the format and the culture. The only server I actively participated in was for a Minecraft server that I've been a part of ever since 5th grade. Unfortunately the server has been dying and it'll probably be shut down sometime soon, but at least the Discord server will stay.

I have YouTube ofc but I don't really count that as social media? I mean they removed a lot of the "social" features such as friend lists, DMs, and wall posts.

Overall, I largely prefer the format of forums. Discussions are often better because people put more effort into them. You're not restricted by an oppressive character limit so you can give as much detail as you need. Unfortunately though it's really hard to find good forums. There are good ones out there but it's less than there used to be. I don't wanna get too into it cause it's off topic from the thread but yeah, in general I prefer the format of forums to social media.
I am on Discord, but I don't really enjoy most servers and only use it for DMs. >.>

I used to have an instagram but I got pretty tired of it and I never saw the appeal in things like twitter. The most I do is write Youtube comments. c:
While I'm trying to cut back on using it, I mostly use Instagram. I have two accounts, one for my Etsy shop and a personal one, though I've been debating whether I should have a separate account for my art and cosplay portfolio.

I hardly ever use Facebook these days due to the insane amount of trashy meme posts and ads I only ever see on there.
i do not care for social media. way too toxic and stressful to participate in.
i use discord a fair bit if that counts, but it's really just to talk with friends.
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