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How full is your Pokedex?

I have all 719 obtained in pokemon x along with a living dex in PokeBank. Most of the ground work came in BW and BW2 where I achieved the Shiny Charm and obtained all the pokemon up to that point. The living dex is and will be a great achievement for me since it will make shiny charms easier to get from now on.
706-enough for the shiny charm. I could care less about event legends, they're too much of a pain in the neck to get your hands on.
Currently, my Dex is 5 legendary Pokemon short, mainly Manaphy, Victini, Keldeo, Meloetta and Genesect. Anyone else willing to touch trade??? Lol!
I have a living dex that is 710 strong, and I do mean all 710 are represented. I am missing:

151 Mew
386 Deoxys
490 Manaphy
491 Darkrai
492 Shaymin
493 Arceus
647 Keldeo
648 Meloetta
649 Genesect

I am also short a couple of the Vivillion patterns. I missed out on the Pokeball pattern and the other special one over the summer, plus I have not yet been able to get all the regions.

I have all 719 in the dex. I don't actually own Manaphy and Shaymin anymore though, since these were tradebacks. I also didn't keep every form of each evolution line, but I do have at least the fully evolved forms of every pkmn. I want to do a live dex so I have some breeding work to do to own these lower forms again, but I guess I won't be motivated to do that until I manage to get Manaphy and Shaymin, which currently seems very unlikely to happen.
699 Seen, 696 Caught on X.
Just 23 to go, most of which are event legendaries, some stone evolutions, Porygon2 and Hitomontop. I've never actually been this close to actually completing the National Dex, and if I recall, my first file on White had about 530ish caught before I restarted.
719 since February 2014! It was a pain trying to get them, kinda worth it though.
I checked the Pokedex in Pokemon Pearl and I have like 130 Pokemon in it, back when I got the game, I wasn't interested in filling up the Pokedex.
Just completed the national dex with 711 captured pokemon. Kinda fitting that the last pokemon evolution line I needed for the pokedex was my first pokemon ever, Cyndaquil.

Now lemme get dem shinies!
I'm looking at 625 on my copy of X right now. I haven't completed it yet but I think with the advent of OR I can go ahead and finish what I started.

OR dex: I'm at 13. Yeah, I got a bit on that one.
I was over at a friends house fixing her sink and her son had a bunch of the hard to get legendaries in his Black. He claims they are all legit and I challenged him on it by moving them all to my bank account... Yup they all moved over to his X game. He traded me all the mons I needed to complete my Dex 100% in return for the mons he needed for the same, I GTS'd the ones I had traded out and now I have a 100% Dex and 100% Living Dex. 719!!

I'm about 3 quarters of my way through the Hoenn regional dex and I plan to make full use of my Pokemon Bank account by completing the Living Dex!
I have 715 ( only missing Mew , Jirarchi, Shaymin, and Victinti.) both my Dexes are complete in X and Alpha Sapphire!
From the games I own and have currently in a finished state...
383 in Sapphire. Missing Mew, Celebi and Deoxys, and only had Jirachi for a moment. Blame the fact that events required attending distribution sites which simply didn't come across this place often.
493 in both Platinum and SoulSilver.
649 in Black.
719 in X. This game also houses my foreign Pokédex project, which just recently reached 3,500 entries total. feel free to send italian mons my way
468 in Alpha Sapphire. I haven't been focusing too much on finishing this yet :p

Additionally, my living dex in the Bank, that also recognizes most form differences, is at 690/809. It could be complete if I had actually focused on filling it, but I've instead let it progress naturally whenever I come across something I don't have there yet. (And by convention I'm not taking advantage of this to complete AS's dex, I'll do that the traditional way.)

I don't think finishing the Pokédex is a difficult task :)
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670-690 as of now [can't remember exact number].

If I could find the time to play through Alpha Sapphire, Y, and White 2, I would be able to finish it.

I got all of the kanto, johto, and unova pokemon. Lack a lot of Kalos, and a little bit of Hoenn and Sinnoh.
I've always been a slacker when it comes to filling the dex. The professor would be disappointed.
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