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Obsolete: How old are you, Pokémon Fans? (Once more from the top)

How old are you? In which year were you born?

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i was born in '93. i'm gonna be 17 next month ^^

i got into Pokemon when i watched it after school in 1998-1999. my first pokemon games were Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Stadium :D
I am 14 going on 15 April 21st.
I've always liked pokemon since it came out, but for some reason, I blanked out during the Advanced Generation.
I love the Diamond and Pearl era, and I've been watching it since like 2008 I think.
wow am I like freaking young here??? and the weirdo?? wanna know why click spoiler

I was born in 1999 and I just got into Pokemon last year

haha this spoiler is to waste ur time!!!:mad:
I miss the late 90s era. So much attention on pokemon, now its kinda fading out of the mainstream :/
I'm 17, and for now I don't know anyone older than me who might likes Pokémon as much as I do.
I'm 20 and I still like Pokemon. Pretty weird wright? Wrong! A lot of people still like Pokemon at the age of 18+! Don't believe me? Well I have no proof.lol
Ripe old age of 22. X)

Born in '88, got into Pokémon on the recommendation of a school friend when the Pokémon craze was still in its infancy and picking up speed. Bought Pokémon Red, and the rest is, as they say, history, innit?

I'm often surprised by the age of Pokémon fans. One of my coworkers is a lady of about 40+, who quite frankly shocked me with her knowledge of the franchise (spanning Gen I to IV!).

I started with Red, finished it and got Blue and Green, and was: "THIS IS THE SAME THING!" but I still played them, then played yellow. by that time GS were already out and I didn't know about them, so I got them both when I found out about them, Gold was my sister's Silver was mine, eventually I abandoned Silver and played Crystal, then my sister stopped playing Pokémon. YEARS later, I found out about RBY, so I bought all three of them (crazy fanboy) And played them all at one time, and started trading, then bought both FR and LG, and traded even more before all these games became useless... they didn't save anymore and my Pokémon were deleted. That was about the time I really got back into Pokémon, and I followed all DP news, but never got around to actually buying any of them as I never owned a DS at that time, When I did buy a DS, Platinum was out so I bought that, and played it like an addict until HGSS came out and I got SS, and played it as well, now waiting for BW in english :)
born in 1994 and been a pokemon fan for 10 happy years, now im 16 to let you know!
EDIT: i forgot to change the 10 to 11(started becoming a fan when i was 5)
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1994! Representing 11% of Bulbagarden's community (who voted, of course). I am honored :D.

My year seems to be the most open about Pokemon, everybody likes it, but nobody really talks about it unless someone asks :p.

Oh, and hello to the rest of the Pokemon Class 2012.
Omg, I'm so old. Born 1990, just hit 20 in August, but I feel wayyy older.
1997 :D Been a Pokémon fan all my life LITERALLY, because my older sister watched it when I was a baby. >w<
1989, so that means 21 as of this post. I remember when it came out. I was in 5th grade when it got really popular and *everyone* brought their cards to school to trade until the teachers put the kibosh on that lol.

It's also nice since you don't seem to get as much flak for liking it. If someone sees you playing and asks why all you have to say is "nostalgia" and they go "Ohhh, yeah, I was so into that." and I can tell them yep and I still think they're cute. Being a girl helps with the cute defense as well.
Born in 1994. Can't remember when exactly but I think I got started with the series in 1998 around Red and Blue's release or 1999 near Yellow's release. Can't remember which exactly, as most of what I remember are the 3rd gen games I've played. Currently I'm 16 but by the time I get White next Spring I'll be turning 17.
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