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Preview HZ010: With Nemo and Colza

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The fact they're not showing who's battling Brassius has me betting it's Nemona doing it.
Liko's the one that wants to get stronger so she doesn't have to rely on the pendant

Plus, gym leaders tailor their team and strategy to the battler, so Liko can absolutely pull a win here if she tries her hardest

Granted, tera's probably going to throw her for a loop, so she'll probably lose to that, not because the leader's stronger than her
I'm not the biggest fan of Nemona, but it'll be nice to see game characters appearing next week since we've not had any yet. Brassius looks like he'll be funny as he is in SV, so that'll be nice to see. I'm guessing it'll be battle crazy Nemona battling Brassius so Liko and Roy see how gyms run. I'm hoping it'll inspire them to challenges gyms every once in a while as they region hop.
So, why do i suspect Brassius didn't see the Black Rayquaza, but a different shiny Pokemon.
Because it’s far too early for them to really get a clue to its whereabouts. Though since they advertised Roy’s goal as wanting to battle the Pokemon of legends, maybe this is what sets him to that as he searches for clues.
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