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Review HZ021: A Mibrim All Alone

Ha ha ha I knew it.

I knew Liko was going to catch Hatenna. Shame I had to miss the rest of it since I was getting a haircut.
Finally, Liko Catch Hatenna after twenty episode. Now, both Liko and Roy have two partner oppose of Dot having one. Wondering if she going to catch as well in future. We shall see.

Overall rating: B

Finally Liko has gotten a second Pokémon of her own. A little on the nose with how long it took her that even Anne, a recurring character we see once in a blue moon and is in school, has a second Pokémon before her though.
I wonder if Hatenna is a special case or if they plan to have all of Likos pokemon just hang out around her outside of their balls (Or if this is only temporary and eventually hatenna will hang our in its ball which is also possible, if not likely)
If the latter then she probably isnt going to get a full team of 6, atleast not fully evolved because that sounds like hell to animate. And cluttered.
For an episode where a protagonists made a capture, this one was kind of...dull? I mean, this episode was basically Hatenna running around the ship and the kids trying to find her. I expected to see Liko actually bonding with her, but they barely interacted imo. It was interesting that Sprigatito was the one who actually asked Hatenna to stay with Liko, but again, I just wish there would have been more interactions with them to really justify it. Honestly, seeing Ann, Dot, and Quaxly was pretty much the highlight of this episode for me. I am glad that Liko finally made a catch though, since she was long overdue a new Pokémon, and it's great that it's a Galar Pokémon. I do hope that Hatenna won't be sitting outside of it's Pokeball like Sprigatito and Fuecoco all of the time though. 5/10 rating for me.
Watched the episodes with subs and even though it was a heavy dialogue one, it was good.

  • Liko found the correct words and emotions to connect with Hatenna. They are just perfect for each other and right now they are showing us that Liko excels at understanding how others feel, which is a great gift to have as a trainer.
  • Sprigatito notices Liko’s feelings and convinced Hatenna to stay. They way they are portraying this pokemon makes them feel like individuals rather than just pets with powers.
  • I was expecting Amethio to turn on his superiors. Things just got a more interesting and I wonder if Gibeon is going to send out other members of the explorers to hunt him down.
Anne gets more screen time and caught a Sandshrew. Liko rescued, bonded with, and caught a Hattena with encouragement from Sprigatito (unusual for a species prone to jealousy but that just shows that Pokémon are more than their Pokédex entries). Ametheo shows up again acting against orders and following shiny Rayquayza, his subordinates tag along despite his intention to go alone.

Now Dot needs to catch a second pokémon to even the numbers.
This series has a lot of episodes you can't really accurately rate untill subs (Unless you know Japanese I guess).

Anyways, good episode. Seems like Liko's whole thing is going to be emotion related. Cares about how people and pokemon feel and is good at it (Sometimes atleast, last episode shows it still needs work in some departments)
I like how last episode showed how trying to be kind all the time can go wrong and do more harm than good. But this episode shows that it doesn't mean its inherently always bad thing and is still a good trait.
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A solid episode for Liko and her development.

I liked how they continued her development from the last episode. She is indecisive and constantly questioning herself, but she is incredibly empathetic, particularly when it comes to Pokemon. We saw this all the way back in HZ002 when she tried to calm all of the Pokemon on the ship. She is also good at getting through to them like we saw with Arboliva and now Hatenna. Hatenna makes sense for Liko, seeing as they both can get overwhelmed easily but taking the steps to broaden their horizons together. She finally realizes that her desire to understand other people and Pokemon is her driving motivation.

I enjoyed how Sprigatito played into this episode. Everyone, including Liko, expected it to be jealous of Hatenna. But in reality, it knew that Liko and Hatenna should be together. I also thought it playing the box was a great cat-related joke. I was happy to see Anne again and how she is growing as a trainer. I hope we get to see her in-person again at some point. Her friendship with Liko is sweet. She wants to focus on battles, so I wonder if she'll be challenging the Kanto gyms in the background and we just get updates on how she's doing over the phone throughout the series. I wouldn't be surprised if her Oshawott evolves before Sprigatito does.

We end with the cliffhanger of Amethio and his subordinates deciding to go rouge and go after the pendant and shiny Rayquaza anyways. It has been a while since we last saw them. Speaking of Rayquaza, I find it hard to believe that a Pokemon that big and typically flies in orbit would be chilling out inside a mineshaft, but I'm no expert.
I really, really liked this episode. The Rising Volt Tacklers is probably my most favorite aspect of this series, so watching an episode that's chock full of interactions between its crew members (including all the Pokemon in it) was really enjoyable for me. There's so many little details in this episode that I appreciated:
  • Anne being shown to keep in touch with Liko, even managing to make some progress off-screen to push Liko towards doing the same.
  • Liko immediately telling Sprigatito to not get jealous at her when she decided to care for Hattena.
  • Sprigatito being very understanding and helpful throughout the whole episode, to the point that it managed to befriend Hattena and convince it to stay with Liko.
  • Dot using their streaming experience to try and help Hattena by relating with its feelings.
  • Roy trying his best to help as well, even if his plan left much to be desired.
  • The other crew members being shown to frequently have friendly banter with each other, and being able to make up very quickly when they do get into actual arguments with each other.
  • Murdock being absolutely ecstatic that this is technically the first face-to-face interaction that he's had with Dot in a long while.
  • All of the Pokemon on the ship being really friendly with the Hattena, like when Alcremie tried to share some food with it, and when Noctowl was fine with Hattena chilling next to it.
Even the Explorers had a nice little moment towards the end, when Amethio initially insisted on doing the mission solo (presumably to not implicate his fellow teammates for disobeying orders from higher up), but relented when his teammates insisted on helping him.

All in all, this has been a really wonderful episode, and I'm glad to see Liko finally getting her first capture outside of her starter.
Second episode in a row to point out that the term Trainer is very wide and isn't always connected to battling. At this point it's clear that Liko will only be battling to protect herself/crew/Pokemon and not seek a battle oriented goal beyond that.

With all the talk about Liko's path, I feel like she is going to make her choice soon. The big reunion with Grandma will probably be very pivotal to Liko and the overall story, and maybe even conclude the "Liko and Roy Set Off" arc.

Almost confident in calling it that Liko will be the one to calm Rayquaza at the end.
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I feel like her goal might atleast be tangentially battle related, given they really seem to want to show that sprigatito atleast does like to battle.
Just yknow, hope it's not the only one who ever does or anything.
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