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Review HZ025: Rivals in the Dark Night

Don't forget that Lucius is called "ancient adventurer".
It is very possible that he lived at a time when Hisui still existed.
Except a couple things that don’t add up is that his pokeballs are more advanced than the wooden pokeballs from Hisui and the he had an Entei and Kleavor despite Hisui being hundreds of years in the past and Entei as a species having only come about 150 years ago.
I doubt the Entei part is that much of an issue mostly because I feel like the ancient adventurer isnt going to be... that recent to line up with the entei thing. (Especially when you concider the fact that its probably a seperate entei from the burned tower one too assuming its also massive like the other two Lucius mons are.)
But yeah the pokeballs don't line up. (Although the anime has altered lore before so)
Either way it can just be a kleavor that just... survived ala bloodmoon ursaluna surviving.
I mean, the anime had an episode in Johto that showed people from like 200 years ago were using regular Poke Balls and then young Prof. Oak had a very old mechanical Poke Ball in the fourth film despite that taking place within the last century. Then Journeys introduced the Poke Ball designs from Legends Arceus. The lore and history of the Pokemon world in the anime are constantly retconned to match up with the newest games.
How would Kleavor be incorporated here? Portal from another time? Be deserted in a far off place? Underground?

With the Teal Mask DLC we know that not every Hisuian Pokemon is extinct. And depending on how ancient Lucius is, him having a Kleavor isn't too farfetched and it just happened to survive hidden in the wild like Bloodmoon Ursaluna.
How would Kleavor be incorporated here? Portal from another time? Be deserted in a far off place? Underground?
Could be some time travel shenanigans involved, or it could be that, like everyone else is saying, the Kleavor just managed to survive hidden away all this time like Bloodmoon Ursaluna. I'll bet it's probably the last/one of the last Kleavor there is in the present day though, if they do indeed fond it in the present and there's no time travel involved.
I think its less about Kleavor being around during Liko's time and more about it being around during Lucius's time.
Which to be fair yeah there doesn't really need to be a reason given.
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