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Review HZS02: The Pendant That Starts It All: Part Two

Sep 16, 2010
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  1. He/Him
The second episode of Pokemon Horizons is available to watch on BBC iPlayer

Please make sure to still keep all spoiler related stuff in spoiler tags.

Voice Characterization -

Alejandra Reynoso
Anjali Kunapaneni
Crispin Freeman
Daman Mills
Erica Mendez
Kira Buckland
Larry Kenney
Lisa Ortiz
Major Attaway
Mara Junot
Michael Schneider
Zeno Robinson

Bill Rogers
Ed Bosco
Erica Schroeder
Haven Burton
Marc Thompson
Tyler Bunch
Xanthe Hunyh
Loved this opening two parter back when they first aired and I still love them now for really bringing a big breath of fresh air to the series.

Dub wise my fave of the main leads have to be Crispin Freeman as Friede, Daman Mills as Amethio and Major Attaway as Murdock.

Crispin just nails the cool leader vibe that Friede has going for him, Daman's great as Amethio and Major's already nailing it as Murdock.

Alejandra Reynoso's great as Liko too. Feels so weird at first since I'm so used to Sarah Natochenny as Ash as the main lead but she really nails it for these first two eps. I feel just as confused and bewildered at everything going on as Liko is which already engrossed me into the story further.

That scene where she realises that she's "the main character of this story" really settles things in.
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