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HELP: Idea Partner Search

Jun 9, 2023
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I'm still on the lookout for a semi-long term writing partner where I can slap ideas at for my fic so I can find motivation to keep writing my outline which currently stands at 135 chapters lol
If possible, I'd like my partner to be familiar with the Legends Arceus plot and be a fan of Adaman/Volo (or not be picky about ships cause I have A LOT that show up in the fic). I'd also like someone familiar with Scarlet/Violet (and possibly have played the DLCs or don't care about spoilers).
Possibly open to me rambling about my OC region based around China and its pokemon and the arc around it.
If you're interested just reply to this or even dm me and we can discuss where we'd like to talk tho I mostly hang around Discord
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