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If Super Heroes/Villains had Pokémon


Lord of the Whales
May 11, 2013
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We all love heroes. We all live Pokemon. What if there was both in one? That's what this thread is set out to accomplish. What if all those heroes and villains from the comics and/or movies used Pokemon instead instead of fighting each other? Which one would they use? How would they use it? Why do you think this? Post it all here.

I'll start with the most obvious one of all. Batman would use Crobat for obvious reasons. Someone trying to rob a bank? Not if Crobatman can stop it! He'll confuse them so much they'll turn themselves in!
Spider man would probably have Ariados at least. With his spider theme, he could have Galvantula as well, but it doesn't seem to fit well with him as much.

Iron Man would have Alakazam in its own suit. XD
Captsin America - Braviary
Batman - Crobat
Green Lantern - Lanturn
Some of my ideas:

Aquaman - Vaporeon
Thor - Electabuzz
Lex Luthor - Weavile
Catwoman - Purrloin
Mr. Freeze - Glalie
Naw, I have to say that Lex Luthor would have to have Persian or maybe Liepard. But probably Persian. It fits the money thing.
Wolverine - Zangoose
Professor X - Alakazam
Martian Manhunter - Deoxys
Aquaman - Gyarados
Loki - Zorua
Penguin - Empoleon
Catwoman - Liepard
Scarecrow - Cacturne
Two-Face - Girafarig (lol)
Killer Croc - Feraligatr/Krookodile
Deadpool - Bisharp
Beast Boy - Ditto
Talia Al Ghul: Gardevoir (The slow knife is sticking out of her chest)

Bane: Infernape (The Fire Rises! Plus Infernape, like Bane, is a martial artist

Elric of Melnibone: Charizard (Resembles Flamefang, Elric's dragonkin)
Bane: Hariyama
Thor: Amoonguss. Thor is inspired from an old viking god. And vikings used mushrooms as drugs. Do you get it?
Thor: Amoonguss. Thor is inspired from an old viking god. And vikings used mushrooms as drugs. Do you get it?

What is this I don't even. Sorry, but still. I think Thor would go more with Thundurus, or possibly Electivire. Loki might go with an Absol, or maybe a Zoroak.
What would the Joker have? Spiritomb? Mr. Mime? Bannette? Yamask? Anything that's creepy could go with him.
I could see Batman with a Cubone. You know, the whole orphan thing and all.

It would probably be a Marowak since they both got past the hardships and rose to be known as great fighters.
And Deadpool would have a Magikarp, or possibly something like a Togepi or Clefairy that knows Metronome.
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