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If you had one Legendary what would it be?

Deoxys. I think he'd be cool to have around, shifting formes and whatnot.
One of the small ones, maybe mew, to keep as a pet, a very powerful pet.
Raikou. It's simply a stunning Pokemon that looks awesome, and it would be a much more fun alternative of transportation.
Virizion. Strange, no?

Beauty... Elegance, grace, power.

I wouldn't wish for more...
Well, I could befriend Mesprit I suppose. I'd also be likelier than anybody else to have Arceus on my team.

Eh. I could wake up Jirachi and get it I suppose.
Haha, crazy choices.

Latios (so I could fly to school or just to generally fly around) and Shaymin (the sky form is cool and that small thing is pretty damn adorable). <3
Well I'd either pick Kyogre or Lugia, not sure which one. They're both my favourites.
And if I couldn't have either of those I'd go with my next, Suicune.
Although I've posted my choice, I'd like to clarify why I chose: Heatran has an interesting design, made of lava plates, and fire/steel is a nice typing.

I like it mostly since it can be either gender, and it's just a good pokemon in battle. (It's not uber. :p!)
That would be hard .-. A toss up between Mew and Shaymin. Shaymin is such a cute little flowerhog and Mew's always been one of my faovrite pokemon.
hmm... deoxys, cause its kind(like thory x deoxys, in the movie)
powerfull, but it still calm and cool
It would be Celebi, as I like its powers and due to it being the only cute legendary that I have never came to legally possess at one point.
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