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EVERYONE: In All the Right Places


O mio padre, there's a ghost in my body
Feb 22, 2023
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I felt like sharing another fanfic with all of you, hence, here I am! This is a triple drabble (a work of exactly 300 words), featuring another adored ship of mine: Lucas/Leaf.

Content Warnings: None

Read "In All the Right Places" on AO3

Reclining against their loveseat's velvet upholstery, Leaf lifted her champagne flute and appraised her lover's refined silhouette where he stood peering into the gilt-framed mirror. From rumpled lab coat to impeccably-tailored dinner jacket, never had she beheld this reserved researcher so dashingly attired.

The jet-black fabric gleamed as it clung and draped in all the right places, accentuating Lucas's trim waist and the pleasing width of his shoulders—a silhouette certain to provoke admiring glances (maybe even subtle envy) at this evening’s gala celebrating the most distinguished academics. Yet Lucas appeared charmingly oblivious to the picture he presented. In truth, Leaf herself had needed to gently correct his choice of tie, steering him away from a dull puce or sage number suitable for lecturing scientifically-inclined minds but all wrong for their glamorous celebration.

She recalled too well his usual muted office garb layered beneath the ubiquitous white coat: how neutrally-hued linens, softly rumpled, muted any evidence of the fine physique they clothed so modestly. Ever focused, Lucas moved through sterile halls and laboratories dressed for utility rather than allure. None save herself ever glimpsed the strong grace of him out of context.

Thus to observe him now preening before her, clad in formal elegance that enhanced his natural gifts, seized Leaf with unexpected pleasure. This glimpse of playful vanity seemed at odds with Lucas’s grounded dignity, yet also bared something more vulnerable. It revealed a wish to please—perhaps even to captivate—hitherto undiscovered.

Just then Lucas turned to her, uncharacteristically uncertain. “So? How do I look?” He smoothed his hands down the suit coat’s front.

A becoming blush tinted Leaf’s cheeks at the unwonted shyness coloring his voice. Setting down her champagne flute, she crossed the carpet to adjust Lucas's tie, gazing up through her lashes. “You look great!"
Even your drabbles don't disappoint, wow! I'm not surprised, really :enzap:

I love the thought of Leaf dressing Lucas in something prettier and accentuating of his features, it's a cute way of characterizing Lucas as a lovably dense workaholic LOL... sure seems like they're a good pairing! I'm assuming this is in your AU where Lucas works as an astrophysicist? Learned a new phrase, ('champagne flute') too, which was also nice -- never knew there were different kinds of glasses to serve champagne in!

You don't leave much to the imagination in your work as always, and I mean that as a positive! Working within a small word limit is tough at times, but you've painted this vivid slice-of-life 'moment' with skill. Lucas' outfit seems very cute... Great job!

(In case you were wondering, your formatting is great here!)
Hi @lisianthus!

Yep, this fic takes place in a universe where Leaf and Lucas met on Pasio after he was dropped off by Hoopa with no idea how to go about his stay there. He'd met Leaf and they'd fallen in love. He became an astrophysicist shortly after parting ways as Professor Rowan's assistant.

I'm glad you liked this triple drabble; it happens to be one of my more liked triple drabbles among the many I've written (I just love drabble variants, whether they be single, double or triple!) I'm glad you could take a new phrase from this one as well; I admit, I had quite a lot of fun balancing word economy with my usual inclination towards more uncommon word usage (because who else has used "sage" or "puce" to describe something duller, ahaha).

At any rate, thanks for reading and commenting!
Review: In All the Right Places
This drabble creates a very well-constructed atmosphere in such a small number of words. The description that is used to depict the relationship between Leaf and Lucas. In particular, I like the attention to detail that you have included regarding Lucas’s personality through his tie choice. I wonder how much of Professor Rowan’s personality canonically strict and to the point personality had impacted his portrayal in this drabble. Furthermore, I like how you manage to balance Leaf’s more elegant nature with how she feels towards Lucas.

In this piece, like Lisianthus said, the formatting is much better and the paragraphs are clearly marked. Furthermore, the grammar is clearcut and correct for the most part throughout. Although, I believe in a few cases an additional comma, or semi colon could break up some of the sentences a little. However, that is more of a nitpick than a major concern.
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