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GO Is it going to be an always online game?


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Apr 20, 2015
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If it is, then it would alienate iPad/iPod users and rack up the data on people's phones.
It is no doubt going to be always-online. For one thing, an internet connection is required for map access. For another, content like Pokémon locations and points of interest is going to be dynamic, since multiple players will be accessing and changing it in real-time. And then there are a few other reasons, like avoiding cheats and handling DRM (particularly important, considering the game will be offering in-app purchases).

I wouldn't worry about data usage though. If Ingress is anything to go by, it'll barely cost you 100MB a month. I know 3G/4G is still quite expensive in some countries, but it won't be a problem in the long-term.
Yeah its like a gps. My cell plain has 2.5 G high speed and unlimited low speed. The gps functions just fine with low speed.
I wil reserve all my data for this game 0_0

^ That's dedication! lol.

I'm sure there will be a way to avoid the carrier rate charges for people who do not have unlimited data. Kind of like Pokemon Shuffle. The "Checking In" mechanic can really help this game be fun. Maybe, everyday, they reset the encounters to make it unlikely to find a Pokemon in the same area you went to yesterday, but you will have to "Check In" under a wi-fi connection to receive the reset.

That's what I believe though. I'm still not sure of what's gonna happen.
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