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Is this appropriate to post in Writer's Workshop under the Mature rating?

Jan 3, 2024
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  1. She/Her
Hiya guys. I want to update my Jasmine story collection with the final story. The first two stories are for everyone. But the last one is more mature because of possible sexual content. Although I am not sure if it might be too explicit for the forums. I am not sure if it's appropriate to post it - particularly because this story has the following text toward the end:

His striking confidence amazes her, along with his unrelenting passion. She can't get enough of it, like an addictive drug. Just what did this man do to her? She giggles before he kisses her again, luring her back into his strong arms, and he further plays with her body. Every inch of her is explored by his rough hands, and she savors every touch.

A cool breeze passes by their shared warmth. Soft moans and rough grunts, followed by the creaking of the wooden bed frame. Her hands clutch the bedsheets as his rhythm gradually builds.

Eventually, they reach the peak of their sexual passion. She embraces him tight, crosses her legs, and arches back when he finishes inside her. The ecstasy of their climax is so intense that they find themselves exhausted in the afterglow. Their breathing, heavily, synced as he pulls out and rolls off of her. He traces his fingertips over her bare back as she snuggles onto his chest. Things are quieter now, like a storm has been quelled.

Is this too explicit for it to fall under the mature rating? If so, I won't post it. I'll just replace the last entry with a diff story. I just want to know. Thanks.
Hiya, Railgun! Glad to see people are making use of this forum~

As for your question -- yes, I'd deem it too explicit to fall under our Mature rating. The first paragraph is borderline to me but is implicit enough to the point where it'd be fine with a Mature rating, but the second and especially third are a bit explicit for us, as you suspected.

Thank you for asking and understanding, I'll need to check out your drabble collection soon! Hopefully you'll have an easy time coming up with a story idea to replace it :enzap:
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