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Mafia It's All About ME 2 Mafia: Endgame: Resourceful Plans - 8/7/18

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Fair enough, but just as a suggestion: in the future days, could you please post a "Votes locked" post when your clock hits 0? That way we know not to post after that. It's nitpicky I know but technically if Elie's vote came exactly 1 minute late, the post before his vote and the 4 posts after it don't technically count along with the vote itself.

Either way, let me explain my case. Jinjo, when he "leaked" his PM, had quoted "You are aligned with the Malcontent Eliminators." Now, any town person automatically knows that's the name for the Town-aligned faction (sidenote: this also makes Max very likely to be town). The fact that MegaPod continued to talk about how Jinjo might have made up the PM after this made me think MegaPod was scum. Does that make more sense?
No, that makes absolutely zero sense. I acknowledged that that’s what I thought before the rulebreaking reveal. I no longer did think so.
No, that makes absolutely zero sense. I acknowledged that that’s what I thought before the rulebreaking reveal. I no longer did think so.

Well of course you no longer think so, the role PM was flipped and it turned out to be the same as what Jinjo quoted to no one's surprise.

My point is, if you were town you should have known immediately that Jinjo was a townie.
Well of course you no longer think so, the role PM was flipped and it turned out to be the same as what Jinjo quoted to no one's surprise.

My point is, if you were town you should have known immediately that Jinjo was a townie.

I guess I can't show a hard example, but the overall tone in #97 reads that you're still considering the possibility.

I've been too much of a hardass about this, and for that I'm sorry. I'm gonna sleep now, and leave it alone. By now the chance of this whole interaction being T/T is more likely anyway, so it's kind of a moot point.
Oh damn what did I wake up to. Why is the phase end at the end of my sleep time, I missed so much.

Either way, let me explain my case. Jinjo, when he "leaked" his PM, had quoted "You are aligned with the Malcontent Eliminators." Now, any town person automatically knows that's the name for the Town-aligned faction (sidenote: this also makes Max very likely to be town). The fact that MegaPod continued to talk about how Jinjo might have made up the PM after this made me think MegaPod was scum. Does that make more sense?
Oh so if I understand correctly, you mean that, since Town team name was revealed by Jinjo, which everyone in Town can confirm, MP shouldn't come up with the possibility of a scum buddy since that's impossible.

Unless someone CC's MP in the coming phase, he should be good.

Because your immediate reaction to this was:
Scum also knows that Jinjo is Town so they can say that just as easily.
Wow a lot happened while I was asleep.

We have a Doc claim and a Bomb claim. Jinjo was unfortunately mod-killed but they were indeed Town (Dreaming God).
Thanks to Elieson's later than last vote, the Doc claim was saved.

I would have propagated a No Lynch after Jinjo's modkill as it wouldn't be good to lose 2 townies on D1. I thought my vote on Zexinator would have some interesting effect but nothing happened.
Okay. I figured out what the issue is. There's a 45 second or so difference between my computer clock and the forum clock, with my computer being faster.
Combine that with a slight delay in the message showing up (because I did refresh my computer as soon as it hit 12:01am, just to make sure no last minute votes popped in), and the fact that I am currently sick and throwing up, and the phase result stands.
Despite the forum time stamp, Ellie's vote on MegaPod did not show up until after 12:01am, according to my computer.
Man now that I've had a fresh night of sleep, I will say that as a frequent host, I normally offer to write up 'Properly styled FakeClaims' for mafia factions, and provide the name of the "Good Guys" aka Town in said fakes, especially since when I got called out for loophole abuse, I was told that it's something that I could technically be reprimanded for. Don't make me source the game but it was like 2 years ago. It's not a definitive thing since it could work either way but like:
  1. MegaPod's public reaction to the original claimpost was weird, since it would mean that MP was assuming that someone else wrote up/added in our name into the claim post
    1. This part is the most debatable part of the entire slot IMO. However...
  2. The timing really isn't all that it was cracked up to be, regarding Cappy's case on MP, since the order was:
    1. Jinjo roleclaimed
    2. Megapod called out the claim and suggested that a scumbud wrote it
    3. Jinjo copypastes their RolePM, including the Malcontent Eliminators part
    4. MP just says "you're not", referring to Jinjo not being allowed to post their RolePM
      1. This is why I wasn't entirely sure what Cappy was going onto, primarily because it sorta reads like Cappy mixed up the order of those posts and rolled with it. It's why it took me a minute to really assemble what Cappy's case was and tried to get more chatter out of both of them (hence me not getting it in 105 and only considering it in 116). Cappy's case on MP being scum relies on the scumbud reaction after the RolePM copy, not before
See what I mean about the order? I guess you could say that MP didn't unvote immediately after the Jinjo RolePM copypasta, which is the one thread that's holding Cappy's logic together from what I can tell. If anything, it could be more easily argued that Cappy was making a mountain out of a molehill to make MP look worse than he actually did, since the other side of the coin suggests that MP didn't unvote because well a modkill was imminent so why bother (something regardless of alignment as far as MP goes).

Tl;dr looking back, this whole case seemed super flawed and Cappy's explanation, while logical, has some pretty big holes.
Tl;dr looking back, this whole case seemed super flawed and Cappy's explanation, while logical, has some pretty big holes.

BTW I'm not saying that I think cappy's scum for this (to the point where they're votable even if they didn't claim Bomb), I just think that the case was way worse than Cappy thought it was.
Day 2: Mass Extermination

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0bQcQLftFM

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsxavPANO8s

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99-n42Xb6NQ&t=9s

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNuN6k8GE1c

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q25i8DGlgN8

Day 2: Mass Extermination

Despite their best efforts, the Community staff members and eight of the other MEs could not find Mental Escapist. (The ninth had locked himself in his room and refused to leave.)
"I wouldn't worry about him too much," said the ME with the superiority complex, "he's a bit of an airhead and not really in touch with reality. He probably just wandered off somewhere."
"True," agreed the Yiddish speaking ME, "he was a bit of a luftmensh."
The other MEs concurred and returned to their previous predicament, namely getting themselves back together again.

The nerdy ME went back to his work bench and was joined by Digulon, who watched as he tinkered with a transporter device.
"You picked that up rather quickly," complimented the Community Executive.
"It's just like riding a bicycle," said the ME, "in my day, I built a lot of Lego models, and replicas of some of my favorite things from the various fandoms I was part of."
"Sounds interesting," said the Scottish staffer.
The ME shrugged.
"It felt like home," he said, "I'd love to be able to get back there, some day."
"Unfortunately that is not possible," the Executive said, shaking his head, "time travel is strictly illegal."
"Surely in a society such as this, the possibility was at least explored," pressed the ME.
"There've been a few theoretical calculations done, to be sure," said Digulon, "but those are heavily restricted files, and wouldn't provide much headway, since they were quashed from above very quickly."
"Fair enough," sighed the ME, "guess I'll have to get used to living here."
"It's not so bad once you've gotten past this initial culture shock," said Digulon.

Meanwhile, Zexinator was talking to a few of the other MEs.
"I'm telling you, Zexinator," the Yiddish speaking ME was saying, "the kiddushes we used to throw at my old synagogue. Oy. You would plotz at some of the wonderful whiskeys they had, and you could sit and kibbitz with your friends for a while."
"Sounds excellent," said the Greek staffer, "unfortunately, there isn't much in the way of religion around anymore. The Webmaster decided a long time ago that it did more harm than good."
"No religion?!" exclaimed the religious ME, "what a shanda! This Webmaster of yours sounds like a real nebbish."
"Religion has caused numerous wars and conflicts, even a thousand years ago, ME," said the arrogant ME, "perhaps this was for the best."
The Yiddish speaking ME spat on the ground.
"Ver derharget," he swore, "any true believe in an all powerful Deity would not commit such atrocities in His name!"
"But science can-" began Zexinator.
"Shah!" shouted the ME, silencing the moderator, "science and religion are not mutually exclusive. In fact, the more I've learned about the nature of the universe, the more I believe in Hashem. For example, the whole fate vs. free will paradox can be resolved using Multiverse theory and a bit of quantum mechanics."
Before the argument could escalate further, another ME joined in.
"Tell you what," he said, "let's throw ourselves a kiddush here, while we're waiting. It'll give us something to do and a way to occupy ourselves."
"So who's catering?" asked the Yiddish speaking ME, instantly liking the idea.
"I'll cook," volunteered the food loving ME, "after all, these silly replicators cannot outperform ME when it comes to culinary arts."
"A social gathering?" said the suave ME, sticking his head into the conversation, "are we perchance allowed to bring dates?"
The cynical ME laughed.
"Dates?" he asked skeptically, "who would you bring on a date? We don't even know anybody!"
"Social engagements are always more fun when there is dating involved," said the romantic ME, sagely.
The bitter ME snorted.
"The day I need your advice is the day life ain't worth living anymore," he said, walking away.
"Vile cur," snarled the chivalrous ME to his retreating form.
The remaining MEs and Zexinator began planning out details for the upcoming kiddush.

Night approached and, after a day of hard work, the MEs went their separate ways, each to their assigned rooms, but some of them didn't stay there for long.
The bitter ME left his room and walked a few doors down. He knocked.
"Come in," said a voice from within.
He entered the room to find its occupant sitting at a desk, scribbling furiously in his notepad. The ME looked up.
"Oh," he said, "it's you."
"Yes, it's ME," said the cynical ME.
"Is there something I can help you with?" asked the author.
"Yes," the arrogant ME said, "you can help ME by dying and not wasting my precious air!"
"Now see here!" said the writing ME, standing up in anger.
He was cut short by the cynical ME's sneak attack, crumpling over onto the floor in a bloody heap.

Dear Master Elementar,

Billy Joel said:
I am the entertainer
I come to do my show
You've heard my latest record
It's been on the radio
Ah, it took me years to write it
They were the best years of my life

A creator of fantastic tales and superb stories, you are Magnificent Entertainer, The Writer.
The embodiment of one of the few creative talents that ME shows any affinity for, you are one of the co-creators of the Bulbagarden Mafia Universe, wherein you have crafted many a marvelous myth and a set of dynamic and memorable characters. Indeed, even before the BMU you were coming up with thrilling tales and scintillating sagas, some of which were later retconned into the BMU. You have won the Best Flavor Writer, Most Entertaining Host, and Best Host awards for two seasons in a row (incidentally the only two seasons you've hosted for, aside from the current one). Furthermore, in addition to being the "official" BMU flavor writer, you are also capable of writing in other formats, as is evidenced by Holiday Mafia 2016 and Holiday Mafia 2017, where you regaled the delighted users with your ridiculous rhymes. Honestly, given that ME is an engineer, it's a miracle he can string together a single sentence, let along an entire saga of stories. Your skill with languages also makes you an able wordsmith, and you have earned the self given title of "The Wordplay Pundit" and the unofficial Bulbagarden staff title of "Chief of Puns." Furthermore, you are also trilingual, though your Spanish and Hebrew are a bit rusty.
Being a storyteller, you usually play the part of the omniscient narrator. As such, you are the Oracle. Every night, you may PM the hosts a yes or no question about the setup of the game. You will receive a yes or no answer to your question upon the phase update.
You are allied with the Malcontent Eliminators. You win when all threats to your faction have been neutralized.

Whistling merrily, the bitter ME walked out of the author's room and walked further down the hallway. He had one other task to try performing before returning to bed for the evening. He approached the second door with caution. That room's occupant was a bit volatile, but could possibly be useful for the cynical ME's sinister purposes.
Before he could even knock, the door burst open and he was hauled within. A muffled shot, barely audible, followed.

Dear Master Enemy,

Cad Bane said:
Always fighting for those in need. That's a quick way to wind up poor or dead...and probably both.

Disgusted with humanity and apathetic towards all, you are Misanthropic Eremite, The Cynic.
Though you've only been alive for a relatively short time, you are as bitter as they come. In your past, you've seen too much and been screwed over by people who were supposed to be your friends too many times. You're utterly appalled with the wretched state than humanity has put the world in, and you believe that the vast majority of humans are trash. You get easily annoyed by other drivers, just for them existing, and think that most humans exist solely to get in your way. You see an evil hidden motive in everything, but you are not surprised by humanity's capacity for stupidity or evil deeds. In fact, you hold yourself aloof from most other humans and view yourself as vastly superior to all of them. Nobody is quite sure just how or why you became so jaded, but, to be fair, a lot of stupid stuff has happened during your lifetime, most of which was caused by humans being shortsighted or idiots, including but not limited to: global warming, the Lewinsky Scandal, the rise of Hamas, the creation of ISIS, the War on Terror, gun violence increases, the 2016 United States Presidential Election, the rise of social media, technological obsolescence, pollution, the Twilight series, and, of course, its bastardized knock offs the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. It's no wonder you've taken on such a negative view of humanity. You hate the sports industry, because you believe that athletes are overpayed and you find the fact that humanity seems to enjoy spectator sports revolting. Furthermore, you hate movies or video games that attempt to "pander" to a specific audience, even when you are a member of said target audience, such as The Force Awakens, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and the upcoming Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Eevee! games. You will not be instantly gratified, and you view these sorts of movies and games as unoriginal, unimaginative, and downright lazy on the part of the creators. All in all, you are a very cranky and negative person and not much fun to be around, but you can provide amusing content on Bulbagarden's podcast, Bulbacast.
Your cynical nature is only matched by your intelligence. Despite, or perhaps because of, your hatred for humanity, you find them extremely gullible and are always able to manipulate them to get exactly what you want from them. As such, you are the Role Thief. Every night, you may PM the hosts Manipulate and Extort <player>. You will prevent the player from using their role that night, and steal a shot of their role from them that may be used on a subsequent night. You may use this ability when using a role that you have previously stolen.
You are allied with the Mafia Enforcers. You win when all threats to your faction have been neutralized.

The romantic ME decided to take a stroll over to his neighbor's room. He was excited to tell him about the upcoming kiddush, and hoped that he could persuade the other ME to leave his room and join them. He approached the room with a rose in his hand, sniffing it delicately. So lost in his own train of thought, that he didn't notice in time that the door to his neighbor's room was open. He walked into a darkened room and was instantly pounced on, dropping the rose. A brief struggle ensued, followed by a second muffled shot. The door was closed.

Dear Meowth's Enemy,

Kilgrave said:
I am new to love, but I know what it looks like. I do watch television.

Buying chocolate and roses for your beloved, you are Mushy Emotionalist, The Romantic.
Not a side often seen of ME, but you still show up every once in a while, mostly when in the proximity of your girlfriend, whom you affectionately refer to as "My Everything."
Growing up, you were bullied physically and emotionally relentlessly. You grew to despise yourself and believed that you would be forever alone. One fateful day when you were still in college, a friend invited you to his 20th birthday held at the local Chabad. Bored out of your skull, you and another friend retired to the living room to discuss Star Trek, and were joined by a beautiful woman.
Instantly, you were impressed and smitten. Though you did not see that woman again for half a year, she remained in your thoughts. After spending the summer between your junior and senior years with her almost every day, you began to realize just how lonely your existence was, and began to contemplate the idea of not spending your life all alone. Eventually, with the help of your friends, you finally plucked up the courage to ask her if she would be interested in starting a relationship with you. You haven't looked back since.
Since you want to prevent people from being alone, as you were, you are the Loverizer. During Night 1, you must select another player. From that night on, you and that player will be Lovers, which means that you will have your own OC chat, and if one of you dies, the other will die, as well.
You are allied with the Malconent Eliminators. You win when all threats to your faction are neutralized.

The culinary ME was just finishing preparing an exquisite dinner for himself when he realized that one of the MEs had not left his room all day.
"The poor guy hasn't had a decent meal since we Regenerated," he thought.
He picked up a plate and walked down the hallway to give his fellow ME a nicely cooked meal. He arrived at the door and knocked.
"ME?" he asked, "I've brought you some food, since I suspect you're hungry."
The door opened a tiny bit. An eye peeped out.
"Leave ME alone!" the ME said, "why don't you all stay the hell away from ME? You're all out to get ME, man! It's a damn conspiracy."
"Easy there, ME," said the chef, backing up a bit, and holding up the plate "I just wanted to-"
Before he could finish the sentence, the door opened wider, and he was snagged by the other ME. The plate of food crashed to the ground, breaking. The door closed, and there was a third muffled gunshot.
"Trying to poison ME, eh?" he said, spitting, "I showed them!"

Dear Moonlight Eeveelution,

Uncle Chan said:
See? Lots of garlic is good for you!

Always cooking up a storm, you are Meal Envisioner, The Chef.
Not to be confused with CheffOfGames, from an early age, you took an interest in the culinary arts, watching your father's cooking and your mother's baking.
You started out small, stirring the contents of various pots, learning how to cook pasta, and how to fry onions. Eventually, you began cooking your favorite dishes on your own and learning how to bake cookies, cakes, and challah (the ceremonial bread eaten by Jews during Sabbath and holiday meals).
Your fondest memories from your childhood are learning to cook from your father and working together on various dishes. Even now, you and your father will occasionally cook together. Unfortunately, because you learned your culinary skills from your father, you also developed his kitchenside manner, and you get cranky when other people in the kitchen interfere with what you are doing and your perfect rhythm.
These days, though, the person who tends to appreciate your cooking skills the most is yourself, but by no means does this make you a bad chef. In fact, your culinary skills and the ability to prepare an energizing and delicious meal makes you the Empowered. Each night you may PM the hosts: Feed <player> a delicious home cooked meal, and that player will be able to use their action, if they have any, twice that phase.
You are allied with the Malcontent Eliminators. You win when all threats to your faction have been neutralized.

The paranoid ME looked around his room at the three dead bodies.
"I should probably do something about those," he commented, wryly.

The following morning, three of the remaining MEs and the community staffers gathered to find a pile of three bodies dumped in the operating room.
"Well this was unexpected," remarked the caped ME, "unfortunate that I couldn't have saved them."
The insane ME laughed.
"Seems like somebody had some fun last night," he said.
"Wait a minute, where are the other three MEs?" asked Enzbot.

Quickly, they discovered Magnificent Entertainer's body, left in his room by his murderer. Upon their arrival to the Yiddish speaking ME's room, they found that there was more bad news.
Hanging from the ceiling, suspended by his tefillin straps, was the religious ME.

Dear Metapod Enthusiast,

The Golem's forehead said:

Debating Talmud passages, and practicing your Torah reading, you are Meshuganah Elder, The Jew.
Born into a family of Orthodox Jews, you attended Jewish private school from Kindergarten through 8th grade. In addition to learning math, science, history, and English, you were also taught Talmud, Tanach, Hebrew, and Jewish Law. Over the years, you became the top of your class and a veritable Talmud Chacham, despite your occasional mishegas. The high school you attended was a Conservative Jewish high school, which broadened your view of Judaism, and definitely toned down some of the chutzpah you had acquired in middle school. However, the Judaic studies classes in your high school were mere child's play for a maven such as yourself. To keep yourself from being bored, you began combining your beliefs in Hashem with your love of science and began writing clever Divrei Torah that you would occasionally present to your synagogue congregation as a regular guest speaker. Among these gems of Torah knowledge is included a resolution to fate vs. free will using Mulitverse theory, and your calculations on how the Earth could simultaneously be 6000 and 14 billion years old by using time dilation.
You've served your synagogue in various capacities, starting out as a Gabbai during your final years of high school, and even serving as the Ritual Vice President on the Executive Board of Directors for a year, before, tired of putting up with not being appreciated by the synagogue president, whom you viewed as a shmendrik, you quit.
Your belief in Hashem and His healing abilities is absolute. As such, you are the Faith Healer. Each night, you may PM the hosts: Pray for <player>, and that player will be protected from any kills that evening, and may have to bentch Gomel the next time they're in synagogue.
You are allied with the Malcontent Eliminators. You win when all threats to your faction have been neutralized.

"What the fuck is going on here?!" shouted Digulon.

It is now Day 2. Phase will end in 48 hours at 12:00am US CDT on July 8th. Would any of the fine gentlemen (aside from Darth) who were killed this phase like to sub in?
Double you. Tee. Ef. Was that? I’m assuming a scum kill, sk kill, mafia kill and vig kill, and one of them on a loverized for big number five?

With us 4 alive, the game is essentially over if we mislynch today. IMO a massclaim is in order but since Cappy and I already claimed, it’s just the Thanos slot and the Pikochu slot (of course, the AFK gents).
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