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Preview JN095: Farewell! The Wandering Rocket Gang!

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Oh, I wish. There's plenty I'd like to do with this soul-sucking machine. At this point I'm near convinced that Giovanni, after seeing the utter state of the TRio in Alola, deliberately gifted them that thing in hopes that relying on rentals and thus removing the bonding aspect of Pokémon battles will make them slip towards the "uncaring criminal" role he desires in Rocket members.

Now that I think about it, this Prize Master style suits Cassidy and Butch rather more than Jessie and James. Those two never did seem like they had actual emotional connections with their own Pokémon anyway. Compare Cassidy and Raticate to Jessie and Arbok, or Butch and Primeape to James and Weezing.
Heck, it’d suit them more considering that the series has actual precedence of them being given rental Pokémon. Remember the time Delibird accidentally delivered powerful Pokémon to TRio that were meant for Cassidy and Biff?
I'm curious to know why James doesn't appear with Jessie, Wobbuffet and Meowth in front of Butch in the preview? It may be a detail but I can't stop thinking about it…
I’m on holiday next week (mine and V’s first trip abroad todgether!!) I thought I was returning early Friday morning but it turns out we have a day longer than I thought which means I’m going to be sunning myself on a beach in Cancun instead of watching this episode live… :lapras::confused::bulbaFacepalm::wynaut::bulbaLove::bulbaWave:
Summary and Partial VA list courtesy of Adamant

One day the Rocket Gang gets completely sick of working part-time jobs so they can raise funds for their operations. And when they meet former companions that are now living freely, they decide to live their own lives...?!

The Rocket Gang are all completely sick of constantly working part-time jobs so they can raise funds for their operations, as well as of their missions constantly failing. They conclude that the failures happen because the Rocket Gachat doesn't give them any strong Pokémon, so they decide to follow Pelipper in order to complain to those in charge. But on the way they run into former fellow gang members Yamato and Kosaburo, which makes them start thinking that there's more to life than the Rocket Gang. What will happen now?!

Voice Cast:
Rica Matsumoto: Satoshi
Daiki Yamashita: Go
Ikue Ohtani: Pikachu
Another incomplete cast list......

What are they hiding this time?

It could be that Yamato and Kosaburou will get a recast?
That VA list is worse than a joke, an episode about the TRio but only Satoshi, Pikachu and Go are listed :rolleyes: Gimme a break. And no there is nothing for them to hide, the PASH interview already confirmed that Yamato and Kosanji’s original seiyuu are returning.

What is new information however is the confirmation that Y/K have left (or “left”) the Rocket Dan since the previous wording was ambiguous!! I love this premise, just hope Yonemura can show some range in the writing. He did (allegedly) write XY063 so there may yet be scope for some genuine character moments and not just pointless, pandering fluff.
Nice to see Raticate also appearing in this episode

Would be nice if Team Rocket decide to quit their jobs full time though I predict the sight of Ash, Goh and Pikachu will make them go back
Definitely only way for them to come back is by winning against the boys. No other option. They have been taking major L since over 20 years and counting.
…oh my gosh I have a whole bag of those plastic fish sauce squeezy thingamabobs in my kitchen. I have never felt closer to Team Rocket
Definitely only way for them to come back is by winning against the boys. No other option. They have been taking major L since over 20 years and counting.
I'm calling it: they challenge themselves to one final battle where, if they lose, they hang it up for good, and no take-backs. And they somehow win.

Then it's revealed Ash and Goh let them win, so we're stuck at the status quo.

Part of me is kind of hoping that this is genuinely when they do hang it up but I'm not holding my breath as it's been a bait-and-switch tactic used before. Not because I have any ill-will against the trio, but I feel like that, after over two decades of failure, you would probably want to realize when enough's enough. This series, in particular, was especially hard on them given they don't appear in every episode, are forced to rely on a gacha machine that gives them loaners that don't have any particular advantages, and their financial situation is highlighted more than ever as they've had to take on various odd-jobs to not just fund their plans but basic necessities as there were a few episodes where they were emaciated thanks to Morpeko.

It's one of those things, though, that as discussed by others, that should warrant several episodes of development for them to ponder where they're going, and what would they actually be doing if they weren't haplessly committing basic larceny.
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