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Kingdom Hearts : Birth By Sleep

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Sep 6, 2009
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Based on the prequel to Kingdom Hearts, released for the Playstation Portable featuring three new protaganists ; Aqua, Ventus and Terra. The basic plot of the game revolved around the trio who were apprentice keyblade wielders and all shared the same dream of becoming keyblade masters. After Aqua becomes a Keyblade Master, their instructor informs them that there is a new species of dark creatures called "the Unversed" and that the Princesses of Heart are in danger. The princesses of heart are princesses from other worlds who posess pure hearts full of light. Their hearts are sought after by the Unversed and several villains including Maleficent, Master Xehanort and his mysterious masked ally. Terra is the first to explore the worlds but quickly finds himself facing a darker side of himself. Ventus quickly follows Terra and struggles to believe the stories of Terra's actions. Aqua is the last to arrive, trailing only slightly behind Terra and Ventus.

RPG Plot : Unlike the Playstation Portable game, Aqua, Ventus and Terra will not be in this RPG unless someone specifically requests to be one of them (Though it wouldn't make sense to be Ventus for example, without having Terra and Aqua as well). A group of childhood friends have grown up together learning under Master Eraqus. All of these children are efficent keyblade wielders. The friends all share the same dream of becoming keyblade masters. Some of the older kids have their mastery exams coming up very quickly. The kids have never visited any actual words but are curious about the other worlds. One day, after finishing a mastery exam, Master Eraqus informs the children of the Unversed and the Princesses Of Heart. Now it is up to the friends to defeat the Unversed, rescue the princesses and discover the truth behind the mysterious Master Xehanort and his masked ally.

Worlds Featured
Enchanted Dominion - The world in which Princess Aurora, Prince Philip, Maleficent and the three good fairies ; Flora, Fauna and Merryweather reside in. This world consists of a forest, a castle and Maleficent's lair. By the time the children arrive, Princess Aurora is already asleep due to pricking her finger on a spindle as part of Maleficent's evil plan.

Dwarf Woodlands - The world in which the Evil Queen, Snow White, the Prince and the seven dwarves ; Dopey, Doc, Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy, Bashful and Sneezy reside in. This world mainly consist of a dark forest, a wildflower meadow, the Evil Queen's castle, the dwarves' cottage and the mine. By the time the children arrive, Snow White is still a servant at the castle and is unaware of the Queen's plot to kill her.
Disney Town - The world that surrounds Disney Castle. Consists of the town and castle. Is the home of Mickey, Minnie, Daisy and Pluto.

Deep Space - A world in the middle of intergalactic space in which Jumba, Stitch and Captain Gantu. Consists of a Federation ship and Jumba's cell.
Destiny Islands - The home of Sora and Riku. Consists of a main island and a smaller island, as well as a cave.

Castle of Dreams - The homeworld of Cinderella, the Prince and her family. Consists of Cinderella's house, Cinderella's garden and the Prince's castle.

Radiant Garden - Kairi's homeworld before her family moved to Destiny Islands. Consists of a town and a castle.

Olympus - The homeworld of Hercules, Phil and Zack. Consists of a large colesium.

Neverland - The homeworld of Captain Hook, the lost boys and Tinker Bell. Consists of the Skull Cave, the Indian Camp and Captain Hook's ship.

Mysterious Tower - A lone tower in which Yen Sid resides. Mickey trains under Yen Sid here. Donald Duck the mage and Goofy the soldier also reside here.

Land of Departure - The homeworld of most of our heroes. Consists of wide grasslands, a training area and a castle in which our heroes train to become

Keyblade Masters.

Castle Oblivion - The original castle in which our heroes train. Home of Master Eraqus. Later destroyed. Originally was part of the Land of Departure.

Keyblade Graveyard - Originally called the Badlands. A small desert land which consists of no monsters or people. Generally empty.

Mirage Arena - A large arena for the heroes to train in at their own liberty.

100 Acre Woods - A miniature world belonging to Winnie the Pooh and his friends. Found in a book belonging to Merlin in Radiant Garden.

Snow White - An innocent young woman who loves singing and picking flowers. She is unaware of her stepmother's jealousy of her beauty. She is driven out of the castle after an attempt to kill her. Snow White spends the rest of the story with the seven dwarves.

Seven Dwarves- Seven little men who go to the mines to mine jewels. They own a cottage in which Snow White escapes to after an attempt to murder her.

The Prince - A young man who becomes infatuated with Snow White and later discovers the sleeping Snow White in the dwarves' cottage and wakes her with True Love's Kiss.

Cinderella - A young woman who is forced to work as a servant to her evil stepmother and stepsisters. Cinderella strongly believes that dreams can come true if you believe. Cinderella desperately wants to go to the ball but hasn't had time to work on a dress.

Jaq - Cinderella's mouse friend who tries to help her any chance he gets. Jaq and our heroes later team up to make Cinderella a ball gown.

The Prince - A young prince who becomes infatuated with Cinderella. Later goes on a search to find Cinderella.

Princess Aurora - A young princess who was cursed by the evil fairy, Maleficent. Pricks her finger on a spindle and falls into an ageless sleep.

The Good Fairies - Three good fairies named Flora, Fauna and Merryweather who team up with our heroes to rescue Prince Philip.

Prince Philip - A young prince who becomes infatuated with Aurora. Captured by Maleficent. Later freed by our heroes and the fairies. Wakes Aurora with Love's First Kiss.

Experiment 626 (Stitch) - A young and chaotic experiment created by Dr. Jumba. Destructive and chaotic by nature, Stitch soon learns the meaning of friendship.

Peter Pan - A young boy who vowed to never grow. Leader of the Lost Boys and friend of Tinkerbell.

Hercules - A young aspiring hero. Son of Zeus, Hercules was turned mortal by Hades and wishes to become a hero so he may rejoin the Gods.

Zack - An aspiring young hero who wishes to be trained by Phil.

Goofy - The King's Captain of the Royal Guard, true to his name, Goofy, is very clumsy and silly.

Donald Duck - A short tempered young magician.

Mickey Mouse - The King, training under Yen Sid. Capable of wielding a keyblade.

Captain Hook
Masked Boy
Master Xehanort
Captain Gantu
Magic Mirror
Lady Tremaine
The Queen

Sign Up Example
Name : (Self Explanatory)
Gender : (Obivious)
Age : (Between 10 and 18)
Personality :
History :
Homeworld :
Inventory : (Should have one Keyblade and one Wayfinder charm)
Appearance :
Abilities :
Other: (Anything else to add?)

My Sign Up:

Name : Reiko Ishikawa
Gender : Female
Age : 17
Personality: At the start of the rpg, Reiko is preparing for the Mark of Mastery exam along with her friends. Reiko is confident about passing the exam and becoming a Keyblade Master. After over ten years of training with a keyblade, Reiko has become very arrogant and full of herself. Reiko considers herself to be one of the best keyblade wielders around. After failing the exam and facing her darker side, Reiko is eventually forced to come to terms with her arrogance. Reiko is also loyal to her friends but she is easily offended and can easily jump to conclusions. Reiko is quite naive and is unaware of the many evils out in the other worlds, which causes her to expose herself to the darkness inside her heart.
History: Reiko grew up in the Land of Departure. Reiko doesn't know much about her family besides that her older sister was a keyblade wielder before her. Her older sister eventually succumbed to the darkness and became evil herself. To this day, Reiko is unaware of this.
Homeworld: The Land of Departure
Appearance: Reiko is around 6'7 and has slightly visible arm muscles. Reiko sometimes wears a white tank top and jeans. Occasionally, she wears a blue jacket over top of the tanktop. Most of the time, Reiko is seen wearing the uniform assigned to her by her instructor. Reiko sometimes wears a red turtle neck sweater and khaki pants. She has slightly long, chestnut hair. Her hair is messily arranged into a bun when she's fighting. When not fighting, she wears her hair down.
Inventory: Reiko's Keyblade, Wayfinder Charm
Abilities: Reiko's element is Fire and she relies heavily on her physical strength. Reiko has average speed but is weak when it comes to magic.
Other: Nothing else to add.

Name: Shigeru Tochigi
Gender: Male
Age : 10
Personality : Shigeru is a the youngest of the group. Shigeru is still a novice with the keyblade and is nowhere near his mastery exam. Shigeru especially values friendship and trust. Shigeru constructs Wayfinder charms for all of his friends using seashells he kept from the beach where he used to live, on Destiny Islands. Shigeru was initially not supposed to follow the others but did so anyways because he was worried about his friends. Shigeru is very wise and mature for his age and often stops to things through.
History: Shigeru grew up on Destiny Islands where he was often picked on by the others. At the age of three, Shigeru moved to the Land of Departure and met the eleven year old Reiko. Despite the large age gap between them, the two quickly became good friends. Shigeru has looked up to Reiko since an early age, but despite his immense admiration for her, Shigeru is often the first to lecture or chastise Reiko for acting too brashly.
Appearance: Shigeru is 4'2 and is very short for his age. Shigeru's short black hair has been recently shaved into a buzzcut. Shigeru wears large glasses on his face, making his face resemble that of an owl's. Shigeru usually wears a collared shirt and tie. For his combat clothes, Shigeru usually wears a white t shirt and shorts.
Homeworld : Destiny Islands
Abilities : Shigeru has rather low physical strength and speed. Shigeru excels in magic, particularly healing magic. Shigeru's main moveset is Cure, Blizzard and Poison.
Other: None

1) No godmodding please.
2) Up to two characters per person.
3) If you wish to rp as Terra, Ventus or Aqua simply ask for permission.
4) Please respect the rules and your fellow rpers.
5) Don't make your character too powerful. Your character must be weak at either Magic, Speed or Strength.
Name: Neith Ebihara
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Personality: Neith's greatest aspiration is to become a hero. Like, in a fairy tale. His dream is to be a brave knight, save a princess, then live happily ever after. He's thus incredibly idealistic, and will often rush into battle, not caring about his life. He is very honorable as well, and wants every fight to be fair.
History: Neith grew up listening to his mother read fairy tales to him, which is what shaped his idea of the world. He has ever since styled himself after the heroes of those stories.
Homeworld: Land of Departure
Inventory: Neith's keyblade. It's shaped like a pin-and-tumbler key, like Fenrir, and looks like it's made of rusted metal. Also, his charm.
Appearance: Neith always wears a red cape. His dad left it to him, and it carries important sentimental value. That, and it looks heroic. He attaches it to his body using metal shoulder plates, and combines it with a red jacket with gold trim, and black pants. His belt has a bronze skull for a buckle, and he always wears thick leather gloves. His eyes are green, and he has spiky blonde hair.
Abilities: Neith combines physical prowess with magic that makes him and his allies stronger. He's not as good at either as he would be if he focused on one, but he makes up for it by combining them.
His spells:
Temper: Neith's or someone else's weapon glows with a blue light, and becomes sharper.

Magnet: This spell allows Neith to throw a punch that disables the target's magic for about a minute.

Gravity: When Neith uses this spell, his touch increases the subject's weight dramatically, making it very difficult for them to move for about thirty seconds.

Barrier: Coats Neith or someone else in a shield of light, reducing the damage they take.

Pearl: Neith's ultimate spell. His arm turns into a cannon, and fires an immense laser of light. It takes a few seconds to charge, and he usually faints immediately after using it.
I'll give it another a day or so then tommorow, I'll post something in the Private RPs. Sound good?
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