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Kingdom Hearts : Birth By Sleep

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Sep 6, 2009
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Reiko shifted slightly in bed. The moonlight from her window beamed into her room.

"Ugh." Reiko groaned, pulling the covers over her head. Just before the covers completely covered her head, she saw something.

"Whoa!" Reiko placed her hands hands on the window and looked all over. "A meteor shower! There's no way I can sleep with that going on!"

Reiko quickly got dressed and dashed out of the castle into the nearby field to watch the meteor shower.
Neith was also outside. He sometimes had trouble sleeping, so he went outside for walks at night. He turned and saw Reiko.
"Reiko!" He said, hearts appearing in his eyes. "Did you come to see me? I'm so flattered!"
"Please." Reiko rolled her eyes. "I came to see the meteor shower. My big exam is tommorow so I need to practice."

Reiko ran around the training arena, swinging her keyblade at the various dummies scattered throughout the arena.

"Hey guys!" A young boy called up from a nearby cliff. The boy was none other than their friend, Shigeru. Shigeru was younger than the two and was still a novice with a keyblade.
"So cruel..." Neith said, sobbing in a corner. Then he saw Shigeru.
"Shigeru!" He cried, glomping the boy. "So adorable!"
"Thank you, Neith." Shigeru sweatdropped from the tight embrace before reaching into his pocket. Shigeru took out three star shaped charms. One charm was yellow, another charm was green and the last charm was blue.

"I made these for you to wish you luck on your exam, Reiko." Shigeru said, tossing her the yellow one. "I made one for you too, Neith."

"Cool!" Reiko said, putting her charm around her neck. "Are these Wayfinder charms?"

"Yes." Shigeru replied. "I made them out of seashells so they're not exactly real charms, I have heard that so long as you and your friends each carry a charm, nothing can drive you apart."
"The power of friendship!" Neith said, holding it aloft, manly fire burning within his eyes.
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