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Did you use Lati@s in your party?

  • I did use Lati@s in my main team.

    Votes: 15 25.0%
  • Nope, they remained boxed.

    Votes: 32 53.3%
  • Yes, albeit reluctantly.

    Votes: 4 6.7%
  • Only for certain battles or post game.

    Votes: 9 15.0%

  • Total voters
Didn't use Latias. I generally wouldn't use a Legendary on my teams anyway, but even above all of that, I already had planned my team, which Latias wasn't apart of. So I Mega Evolved her once and then stored her when I reached Lilycove~

This, precisely. Only legendary I've ever used was Giratina in Platinum, and only because I owned 4 Pokémon at that point (I only use my first six Pokémon). Plus, the whole Lati@s event was so dumb. They could've expanded it into a great post-game plot that would've been sprinkled in with the Delta Episode, or at least made the Eon Ticket event a little more noteworthy than "Oh, we're here. Oh, we caught the one we were missing. Oh, we can never come back here again."
Boxed it immediately after getting a decent Nature. I planned my team ahead of time and I dislike using Legendaries unless it's required by the story like in BW. Soaring in the Sky is nice when you don't have a Flyer but yeah. Also gifting a legendary like that was random, not to mention it felt pretty forced in as well.
Legendaries have no room in my in-game teams; the last time I used one was probably, funnily enough, in Sapphire. So to the box Latias went. Technically it has even never left the PC, though in theory it has via the Eon Flute, but that's just a pretty graphic :p
I used Latias, and I liked that you could obtain it mid-game. What I don't like, however, is that it was given to you with a Mega Stone as well, and Steven just GIVES you a Mega Ring?! What?! It was easy to get, and I feel it should be like basically every other legendary that isn't plot-important; it should be found. Maybe it could be easier, but still.
It was in my team for the five minute trip from the island to the Mauville Pokemon Center
I was already using Jirachi that I painstakingly ported forward from my Colosseum Bonus Disc and Sapphire cart to AlphaSapphire. As well as Diancie from the event. I felt like using THREE legendaries was pushing it lol so Latias only comes out to soar me to places :)
Lati twins are my favourite legendaries by far. But I didn't use them, no. The games are easy enough already.
As I was getting used to the games I used Lati@s when my sister let me play her games. I might still use them in future playthoughs when i do get mu own copies. but In the event if I decide on doing a Nuzlocke or challenge run I might box/bank them instead of using them in the teams (Because as others said they make the game too easy, which would go against one of the purposes of Nuzlocke runs, plus the games are already easy regardless of their presence).

As for the Mega stone, well... It could have worked better if Mega-evolution was an NPC exclusive mechanic until the Delta episode in that case, though some peopl might have cried fowl if that happened becuase we also get it midgame in X/Y (albeit after 3 badges instead of effectively 4)
While I don't like the fact that the Eon Pokémon is given to you so easily--with Mega Stone, Mega Bracelet, and all--Latios is one of my favorite Pokémon, so of course I had to make space for it on my ten-Pokémon team. I like that I can use it so early in the main story without needing to trade it over or something. :3

If I ever pick up Alpha Sapphire, I plan on doing the same thing with Latias. Seriously, Latios and Latias are great, legendary or not.
It's one of the mains in my current OR team. It's not often I use legendaries in story play, so it's a nice change to have Latios in my team.
I used Latios a few times, but then boxed it. I realized that I was already going to have a psychic type and a dragon type on my team because I had a Claydol and I was planning to use mega Sceptile once I got the Sceptilite.
I plan on having Latios in my rotating team, but it'll mostly be there for back-up.
Mine stayed in the box. I almost never use legendaries anymore. Just doesn't feel right. Especially a freebie like Lati@s.
Despite doing a Nuzlocke I did use it and even used its mega. I used it as a last resort though but I don't know whether I'm comfortable with the fact that I used it or not.
The whole Nuzlocke seemed ridiculously easy despite the countless restrictions I put on myself and I'm not sure if its because of Latias or not.
My Latias is on my main team. I originally wasn't going to but then I played with it on Pokemon Amie and the thing adores me more than my own dog does. 'She' is delightful so I swapped out my flying Pokemon and haven't looked back.

I'm not a competitive battler. I don't tend to use legends because I play with my favourites. The way you get the Lati@s seems geared towards players like me because I was just relieved at not having to use up tons of dusk & ultraballs at a stage when money was tight. And surely how easily you get one is balanced by needing to get the Eon Ticket for the other. It's okay for people who can streetpass or homepass but a lot of players haven't got a realistic chance of getting a ticket.
I didn't, but that's solely because it wouldn't really stand out due to how the rest of the team was arranged.
I haven't used the Latios at all (only to soar). He remains boxed. I haven't even used the Eon Ticket to capture Latias yet, that will be a project for the future.
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