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Leak Repository Thread (WARNING: Huge spoilers!)

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May 26, 2016
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To prevent people from having to dig through nearly 300 pages, half of which is very off topic, I have decided to create this leak database. As I find leaks I post them here. Anything written in italics is written by me and is not a part of the original rumor. Also, please note, this is not a replacement for the general speculation thread. If you don't want to talk about rumors or leaks please find the appropriate thread or create your own.
Note: We would prefer you not post links to 4chan or its archives so we're not sending users to sites that clash with our policies. Screenshots are okay, assuming the content aligns with our rules and standards. Please attach screenshots or add them as imgur links.

Below is a catalogue of the leaks we have so far.
Text in this colour is confirmed fake info.
Text in this colour is confirmed real info.

Legendaries are in fact wolves, looks like there will be z-moves back, or something similar, there will be roaming Pokémon but in the big main area between starter town and the city, new gimmick - giantification? It's also used in stadiums, as it sounds you make your Pokémon giant lol. Also you can meet giant Pokemon in rifts (where you fight and catch them) that you can enter...with help of presumably players! Sounds exciting, hope for more on the direct. Coming November 15
-Wild Pokemon are like Pokemon Let's Go (not sure about catching mechanics) [Roaming Pokemon, although I wouldn't hold my breath for this one]
- "Open World" in routes
-Will have raid battles for local and online [Probably what the Reddit leak confused for giant Pokemon]
-Release date is November 15th
Your rival is named Hop, but you will also be facing of against Bede and Marnie

Team Yell is the gang in this game, who are well meaning fans of Marnie causing trouble

To become part of the gym challenge, you will have to get an endorsement. Bede gets an endorsement from Chairman Rose and his secretary Oleana

Eternatus is the evil legendary. The other legendary will be a wolf, who will either have a shield mane or hold a sword like Great Wolf Sif (Although the main legendary is a wolf, this sentence implies that they will be two forms of the same Pokemon when in actuality they are two separate Pokemon entirely). Don't recall its name

Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing are new dynamics that will supersize pokemon in specific areas. Gigantamaxing is different from dynamax as it changes what the pokemon looks like. Meowth looks like long cat. Lapras gets layers like musical bars to its shell and musical notes. Pikachu looks like retro fat pikachu

Sonia is Leon's former rival who is researching the dynamax phenomenon at the behest of her grandmother and professor of the game.

Some pokemon, like Farfechtd, will get regional evolutions, like Sirfechtd.
Meowth looks like a ball of spiky grey fur

Skwovet and Greedunt iirc are chipmunk pokemon who will hide in berry trees and attack randomly if you shake for too many berries. If they attack, you lose half the berries that dropped. (Note: A Trainer in the audience of Milo's Gym is wearing a shirt with a chipmunk graphic, which could be one of these Pokémon, much like how a wearable shirt in Sun & Moon depicted Toucannon before it was revealed. The trailer also shows that the player can shake trees in the Wild Area, although it has yet to be confirmed that this drops berries.)

The fourth gym is the first Fairy type gym, led by an actress named Opal. Milo, Nessa, and Kabu are the first ones.

Before fighting the gym leaders, you have to complete the gym challenges.
  • Milo has you herding sheep pokemon named Wooloo, but Pamper, electric corgi pokemon (There is an electric corgi Pokemon, but the name is actually Yamper, one letter off)., will startle them and send them rolling elsewhere.
  • Nessa has you running through a maze where water blocks the way
  • Kabu requires you to catch pokemon and get 5 points, but you have to be in a party battle with another trainer who's also trying to catch it
While there is a transit system, you will have to go through the Wild Area at times, an open world biome that has a weather system and little pockets where wild pokemon dynamax and have to be beaten in a for person raid. You will randomly see nearby players and interact with them to get their league cards and items

Camping is how you play with pokemon now. You'll get two toys, a feather toy and toy pokeball, which can raise friendship. You can make curry which will raise starts and friendliness

Pokémon will not walk beside you in the overworld map

Scorbunny will have fighting moves, but is pure fighter. It becomes Raboot, but I don't remember the final evolution, except that it looks like a fighter. It looks humanoid

Sobble becomes Sizzile and then Intelleon, a chameleon with a spy theme

Grookey will end up as a giant gorilla that beats a wood drum to attack.

There's a lot I'm missing, but I wasn't planning on leaking until now. I'm angry and upset, and while I liked what I saw, I didn't get too far.

The best Pokémon so far is the blue seagull who when it dives, either gets a barracuda in its mouth or a pikachu, which it launches at its enemy

The evil team is called Team Yell.
One of the Gym Leaders is a girl named Ruri, a Water user. (Ruri is the Japanese name of Nessa, who does specialize in Water-types)
There's a mode that turns certain Pokemon big called Dynamax.

There's an early-game Normal-type named Wool. (The name is actually Wooloo, but close enough)
It's a sheep Pokemon.
It's like a combination of Zigzagoon and Mareep.

The one who looks like the minor legendary is called something-dyna.
I forget, but it was six kana.

Also, Rotom Dex is back. (Although the Rotom Phone is introduced, it is functionally similar to the Rotom Dex).

Like I said, the new feature is gonna be Dynamax.
The Pokemon grow huge.
The Pokemon GO-like raid battles will probably be done in the PV stadium.
The evil team is Team Yell.

The new feature is Dynamax.
The Pokemon grow huge.
That one big Pokemon can fight multiple Pokemon.

I just remembered the minor legendary's name.
I'm sure it's Meteordyna (meteodaina).
It might be a major legendary.
Also, the early-game Normal-type is Wool, a sheep Pokemon.

-Games are known as Pokemon Sword (Pocket Monsters Ken) and Pokemon Shield(Pocket Monsters Tate.)
(Partially True. The games are also called Sword and Shield in Japanese.)

-Region is based on England (specifically London)
(Partially True. Galar seems to be primarily based on England with parts of Scotland and Wales.)

-120 new Pokemon

-Announcement trailer on 12/2/19
(Sword and Shield were announced on 27/2/19
Galarian [regional] Forms do not exist.
No Kalos Post game (Not a spoiler, just to temper expectations)
Any rumor with less than 85 New Pokemon is Fake
Any rumor with more than 115 New Pokemon is Fake
The primary professor is female
Version exclusive legendaries are both wolves
, have dual typing, 1 of which is the Steel typing
No new Megas or Z moves (There aren't any Mega Evolutions at all)
No access to Megas or Z moves prior to defeating elite 4 (These features have outright been removed entirely)
Anything with 2 or more new Eeveelutions is fake
New Pokemons’ Abilities have not been finalized
Gyms are still challenged in linear order
Alolan Variants not obtainable in regional dex
All region’s are represented in regional dex
Johto Pokemon do not play any significant role
Kanto Starters do not play any significant role (Charizard has been seen with Leon, implying that it is his ace.)
Meltan is integrated into the story
There is technically DLC, but it is only for online gift pokemon as of now (DLC=Mystery gift due to movement to the switch)
Fossil Pokemon make a return
Starters all have dual typings not shared by previous starter pokemon (e.g. no fire/fighting, water/dark, grass/ground etc.)
Bug/Dragon “leak” is real. Old footage so the battle hud was a place holder and background detail is incomplete "
(The leaked bug was confirmed fake by its creator.)
  • New ‘Spirit Armor’ system introduced to the game which lets you equip armor or equipment that you have found
  • Spirit Armor adds different effects depending on the item and only one can be attached to a Pokémon at a time (but this is in addition to regular held items)
  • Some held items may be converted to Spirit Armor or at least gain the ability to serve as it; Never-Melt Ice is given as an example which will add an extra 10% chance of freezing an opponent
  • Another example Spirit Armor was given as a fiery necklace that changes an attack’s type to Fire
  • Similar to Z-Moves, some Pokémon will have exclusive Spirit Armor that can only be equipped by them, such as Mewtwo (CoroCoro confirmed that Mewtwo's armor only appears in the movie) and the starting Pokémon
  • All three starter lines remain pure Grass, Fire and Water-type but, if equipped with their unique Spirit Armor, become Grass/Fairy, Fire/Fighting and Water/Ghost respectively
  • The games have a single wolf-like Legendary Pokémon as their mascot, but the Spirit Armor it wields will determine its type and attacks. In Sword it will be Dragon/Steel and in Shield it will be Ice/Steel.
  • Players can connect with others who have the opposite version to unlock the other version
  • The “wolf” Legendary cannot go into battle if it does not have any Spirit Armor equipped
  • There is definitely a connection to Kalos, with many characters re-appearing, but you cannot travel there
Legends are based on Geri and Freki from Norse mythology. Freki is Sword's legendary and is Steel/Dark. Geri is Shield's legendary and is Steel/Poison
Starters final types are Grass/Rock, Fire/Electric, and Water/Ghost. They have an entertainment theme: Grookey represents music, Scorbunny represents sports, and Sobble represents drama
Professor is named Professor Rose and is female (While the Professor is female, she is actually named Professor Magnolia)
Regional dex contains 450 Pokemon
85 new Pokemon
Ghost, Dragon, and Steel type Eeveelutions are introduced.
There is a Dark-type gym
League is the giant tower in the London-like city
Battle Frontier returns
Armored Evolution leak is fake (The armored evolution leak was proven fake when the box legends were announced.)
No regional variants
No new Megas (There aren't even any Mega Evolutions at all)
No new types
No Kalos
Pokemon Bank will most likely die (Pokemon Bank will be replaced with a new application called Pokemon Home. Bank itself will still be supported, it will just be exclusive to the 3DS.)
Plot not as deep as Black and White, but is well written
Legendary for both games is a Wolf who has a defensive/attack form for each respective title.

Armored forms are not a thing.

All the gyms are sports related as Gamefreak plans on tying to the "Gym" aspect of real life. Also wanting to tie in to the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games as Pokemon will have a large presence advertising the Olympics.

There are plans with Pokemon Go and the Olympics for a larger platform of focus on getting people out, playing sports, and being active.

No support or update for Pokeball Plus or newer versions of the controller featuring all 900+ Pokemon. The device was made for the Let's Go series in mind, any future update for the controller will be from that series in mind.

Scorbunny final evolution is a Space Rabbit/Sportsmaster type. Who is a combination of both a football and basketball player. His special move is using the moon and kicking it to land on a Pokemon like a meteor strike. He's part Fairy type.

Grookey final evolution is a large Gorilla looks sort of like a Oni/Cave Person/Tarzan-like character. He wields a huge club. His special move is swinging on vines and knocking its enemies into the sky using his club as a cricket/baseball bat. He's part Dark type.

Sobble becomes a huge Loch Ness monster. He remains lizard-like and is covered in seaweed. He is mistaken for a dragon/dinosaur, but is actually ghost type. His special move creates a mysterious mist and diving into the water to hide like a olympic diver.

There is no companion/third game planned.

No new types.

Post-game may be scrapped for time, but the plan is to travel on boat to Ireland-based island with it's own "real" Loch Ness Pokemon that isnt sobble's final evolution. With stronger trainers and new Pokemon exclusive to that island.

No new Eevee evolution

A limited Weather mechanic where some areas rain/snow but only alternates in certain areas.

Largest region, but only certain sections of the region have a lot of open world to explore.

Part 2(?) Not sure if original OP:

The "evil group" wants to kick Pokemon out of the region because they are a nuisance. The group are average citizens who wear protest attire and wield picket signs. The ultimate motif of the female leader to capture the legendary that influences people to fight or defend themselves.

Each Gym is sports themed

The Pokemon League exists under a different name, each trainer are Knighted by a the Queen.

There is no Corgi Pokemon. (There is a corgi Pokemon, called Yamper.)

There is a mini-game of using a metal detector to find hidden dunes full of rare Pokemon (shinies) and treasures (evolution items, items to sell for money).
You use up to 3 pokemon max from your team to use various offensive and defensive strategy plays
You can only use a strategy once per battle each. And there are plenty to use.
Gym masters specialize in Teamwork moves. Each one you beat, teaches you their strategies.
First gym teaches you Team Attack. Choose up 3 moves from different pokemon, and they execute them all at once. Power stacks.
Second gym teaches you Team Guard. Blocks an attack completely if using 3. Reduces damage if using 2.
Legendaries have their own special Team Attack and Guard. That have added effects.
  • 90 new Pokemon
  • DLC Third Version
  • Main Professor is female and studies Defence
  • Other Professor is male and studies Offence (There is only one professor in this game)
  • Two Legendaries are Steel Dogs, One a Wolf and another a Fox (Both legendaries are wolves)
  • Evil Teams are called Team Lupus and Team Vulpes
  • Mythical Dark Trio
  • Pokemon Gyms similar to Pokemon League Fights in Anime (Stadium Style)
  • Third Legendary is Ghost/Dragon (has ties to Region's lore)
  1. Grookey (Grass) [62|58|58|42|42|58] +OVERGROW/+GREAT JOURNEY*
  2. LEVEL 16
  3. Tanguchin (Grass) [92|78|78|52|52|68] +OVERGROW/+GREAT JOURNEY*
  4. LEVEL 36
  5. Gorokou (Grass/Steel) [122|108|98|62|62|78] +OVERGROW/+GREAT JOURNEY*

  6. Scorbunny (Fire) [50|55|44|55|45|71] +BLAZE/+QUICK LEARNER*
  7. LEVEL 16
  8. Angoria (Fire) [70|75|54|75|55|91] +BLAZE/+QUICK LEARNER*
  9. LEVEL 36
  10. Geishare (Fire/Fairy) [80|100|64|100|65|121] +BLAZE/+QUICK LEARNER*

  11. Sobble (Water) [59|46|66|46|72|31] +TORRENT/+REGAL POISE*
  12. LEVEL 16
  13. Sombekko (Water) [79|66|86|66|92|31] +TORRENT/+REGAL POISE*
  14. LEVEL 36
  15. Solemnewt (Water/Ghost) [99|76|106|96|102|51] +TORRENT/+REGAL POISE*

  16. Chibble (Normal) [58|60|40|20|20|55] +RUN AWAY/+CHEEK POUCH
  17. LEVEL 13
  18. Cheeken (Grass) [78|80|60|40|60|100] +RUN AWAY/+CHEEK POUCH

  19. Grebelle (Water/Flying) [36|30|70|40|70|47] +BIG PECKS/+DAMP
  20. LEVEL 18
  21. Preengret (Water) [66|43|90|63|90|63] +BIG PECKS/+DAMP

  22. Clikit (Bug) [22|49|29|30|20|63] +SWARM
  23. LEVEL 19
  24. Shocust (Bug/Fighting) [42|99|39|30|40|103] +SWARM/+INFILTRATOR

  25. Squizzel (Fire) [60|47|47|87|53|80] +GLUTTONY/+PICKUP

  26. Skrunt (Rock) [60|65|75|32|32|58] +RUN AWAY/+STEADFAST
  27. LEVEL 22
  28. Hogodon (Rock) [80|95|105|40|38|78] +ROCK HEAD/+STEADFAST

  29. Sprud (Grass/Ground) [10|25|18|78|78|48] +EFFECT SPORE †Sword Exclusive
  31. Tuberessa (Grass/Poison) [20|35|78|118|98|52] +POISON HEAL †Sword Exclusive

  32. Singrown (Grass) [47|30|58|50|58|14] +ARENA TRAP †Shield Exclusive
  34. Deeprewt (Grass/Ice) [97|40|100|60|100|4] +ARENA TRAP †Shield Exclusive

  35. Gruppy (Water) [47|36|40|76|66|60] +FOREWARN/+DEEP THOUGHT*
  36. LEVEL 22
  37. Popporo (Water/Psychic) [67|41|60|106|86|60] +FOREWARN/+DEEP THOUGHT*

  38. Corgohm (Electric) [50|62|48|50|62|62] +STATIC/+MOTOR DRIVE
  40. Houndazzle (Electic) [71|82|68|90|92|92] +STATIC/+MOTOR DRIVE

  41. Canaray (Fairy/Flying) [100|20|65|100|100|58] +HEALER/+SOOTHSAYER* †Shield Exclusive

  42. Larvant (Bug) [30|20|40|20|40|30] +SWARM
  44. Solegnaw (Bug/Fire) [50|125|40|90|40|90] +STRONG JAW
  45. LEVEL 30 (LARVANT)
  46. Scarpentair (Bug/Flying) [65|65|60|65|120|60] +WOODWORKER*

  47. Baaree (Normal) [40|40|40|40|40|40] +FLUFFY
  49. Eeraab (Normal) [70|70|70|70|70|70] +FLUFFY

  50. Burrole (Dark/Ground) [80|70|60|40|30|36] +ANTICIPATION/+OBLIVIOUS
  51. LEVEL 31
  52. Snadger (Dark/Ground) [140|90|90|40|30|36] +ANTICIPATION/+OBLIVIOUS

  53. Malkedial (Rock) [51|52|53|54|55|5] +SOLID ROCK/+STALL †Shield Exclusive
  54. LEVEL 33 BETWEEN 12:00 - 12:59
  55. Ignigma (Rock/Psychic) [89|88|87|86|85|5] +SOLID ROCK/+STALL †Shield Exclusive

  56. Putrodent (Normal/Poison) [54|101|54|67|70|93] +POISON TOUCH/+STENCH

  57. Nurembick (Ghost) [24|48|24|48|24|48] +SYNCHRONIZE/+PRESSURE †Sword Exclusive
  58. LEVEL 33 BETWEEN 00:00 - 00:59
  59. Bentock (Ghost) [72|96|48|96|72|48] +SYNCHRONIZE/+PRESSURE †Sword Exclusive

  60. Sirene (Water) [64|58|49|78|78|53] +SERENE GRACE/+SOUNDPROOF
  61. LEVEL 31
  62. Grusong (Water/Ground) [84|68|59|98|88|78] +SERENE GRACE/+SOUNDPROOF

  63. Riposh (Steel/Fighting) [55|130|55|95|55|95] +FIGHTING STANCE* †Sword Exclusive

  64. Parriele (Steel/Fighting) [95|55|130|55|95|55] +FIGHTING STANCE* †Shield Exclusive

  65. Sveltoad (Psychic) [40|35|35|100|30|80] +POISON TOUCH/+SHED SKIN
  66. LEVEL 34
  67. Grotoadsque (Psychic) [50|55|55|124|50|123] +POISON TOUCH/+INTIMIDATE

  68. Lethartha (Rock/Grass) [84|91|60|45|70|12] +TRUANT/+COMATOSE
  69. LEVEL 39
  70. Gargantoth (Rock/Grass) [134|121|100|55|90|22] +LONG REACH/+SAP SIPPER

  71. Snibbletooth (Rock/Ice) [47|83|40|77|43|72] +STRONG JAW/+TOUGH CLAWS
  72. LEVEL 39
  73. Sabravage (Rock/Ice) [67|143|60|77|63|112] +STRONG JAW/+TOUGH CLAWS

  74. Nectareek (Dark/Flying)[22|66|40|66|40|66] +SAP SIPPER/+INTIMIDATE
  76. Shampire (Dark/Flying) [52|96|50|96|50|106] +SAP SIPPER/+INTIMIDATE

  77. Burrowell (Ground/Fairy) [60|54|50|60|120|45] +EMERGENCY EXIT/+MAGIC BOUNCE
  78. LEVEL 35
  79. Tunnelae (Ground/Fairy) [80|64|60|80|150|65] +EMERGENCY EXIT/+MAGIC BOUNCE

  80. Piercill (Steel) [59|119|139|30|30|70] +ROUGH SKIN/+BULLETPROOF †Sword Exclusive

  81. Battaleon (Steel) [95|110|130|60|65|65] +CLEAR BODY/+LIGHT METAL

  83. Jazzelle (Electric) [55|70|60|80|60|82] +SPEED BOOST
  84. LEVEL 40
  85. Blazelle (Electric/Fire) [65|90|70|99|70|112] +SPEED BOOST

  86. Snalchemy (Bug) [30|10|10|90|160|10] +POWER OF ALCHEMY
  88. Helixir (Bug/Rock) [40|32|160|113|160|10] +POWER OF ALCHEMY

  89. Nezanpu (Electric/Fighting) [40|100|40|65|65|95] +RECKLESS/+QUICK FEET

  90. Komoretch (Dragon/Poison) [92|125|62|100|62|71] +CORROSIVE/+MERCILESS

  91. Budzu (Grass) [38|79|45|68|20|33] +ENSNARE*
  92. LEVEL 33
  93. Divivy (Grass/Poison) [77|109|65|108|40|33] +ENSNARE*

  94. Soulloss (Ghost) [28|74|22|59|55|50] +HAUNT*/+AFTERMATH
  95. LEVEL 29
  96. Wightnite (Ghost/Steel) [36|94|36|87|65|60] +HAUNT*/+AFTERMATH
  97. LEVEL 48
  98. Sicklebod (Ghost/Steel) [60|172|40|107|75|70] +HAUNT*/+AFTERMATH

  99. Snozzeem (Psychic) [90|47|77|90|47|90] +HARVEST/+KLUTZ

  100. Stolecat (Dark/Normal) [72|102|55|45|57|110] +PICKPOCKET/+STENCH

  101. Parasitch (Bug) [100|89|78|40|60|101] +PRESSURE

  102. Gazepial (Ghost/Psychic) [70|81|66|104|88|59] +KEEN EYE/+SHADOW TAG

  103. Allarma (Normal/Ice) [60|50|68|90|70|62] +FUR COAT/+SNOW WARNING
  105. Pacalert (Normal/Ice) [82|60|98|109|80|89] +FUR COAT/+SNOW WARNING

  106. Dolphorn (Water) [49|80|62|60|60|78] +SWIFT SWIM/+VITAL SPIRIT
  107. LEVEL 41
  108. Spirolfin (Water/Fighting) [59|130|72|70|80|98] +SWIFT SWIM/+VITAL SPIRI

  109. Automatin (Steel/Electric) [40|50|60|70|60|50] +GALVANIZE/+SURGE SURFER
  110. LEVEL 43
  111. Platomaton (Steel/Electric) [70|80|90|100|90|80] +GALVANIZE/+SURGE SURFER

  112. Trosstee (Ice) [32|102|39|50|60|47] +REFRIGERATE/+MEGA LAUNCHER
  114. Snobrawl (Ice) [51|112|49|112|70|70] +REFRIGERATE/+MEGA LAUNCHER

  115. Tuaterra (Ground/Fire) [114|49|72|110|72|80] +REGENERATOR/+ROUGH SKIN

  116. Jorabby (Normal) [20|30|36|30|36|70] +IRON FIST
  118. Pouchenkik (Fighting) [90|100|86|50|76|100] +PARENTAL BOND

  119. Soothicorn (Fairy) [74|90|67|127|102|84] +DAZZLING †Sword Exclusive

  120. Garness (Water/Dark) [180|100|80|80|74|30] +LURKER* †Shield Exclusive

  121. Hailshel (Dragon) [50|58|42|58|42|50] +BATTLE ARMOR
  122. LEVEL 34
  123. Wyvigid (Ice/Dragon) [70|83|52|83|52|60] +CHILLOUT*
  124. LEVEL 56
  125. Dravalon (Ice/Dragon) [100|133|62|133|62|110] +CHILLOUT*

  126. Nehohiss (Steel/Poison) [133|124|90|123|90|40] +DEADLY POISON* †Sword Exclusive

  127. Trojoyal (Steel/Grass) [124|90|133|40|123|90] +PERFECT DISGUISE* †Shield Exclusive

  128. Galahowl {BANE FORM} (Steel/Fighting) [100|160|60|160|60|120] +UNSTOPPABLE* †Sword Exclusive

  129. Galahowl {BASTION FORm} (Steel/Fighting) [120|60|160|60|160|100] +IMMOVABLE* †Shield Exclusive

  130. Brezoreus (Flying/Water) [124|80|96|100|100|80] +WINDS OF CHANGE*

  131. Drakurus (Dragon/Electric) [80|124|100|100|80|96] +WINDS OF CHANGE*

  132. Serenotus (Fire/Water) [96|100|100|124|80|80] +WINDS OF CHANGE*

  133. Zephangus (Normal) [80|80|124|100|96|100] +WINDS OF CHANGE*

  134. Grimaric (Ghost/Poison) [70|148|70|148|94|70] +CORROSIVE

  135. Omagna (Fire/Ice) [150|140|140|100|50|100] +ANCIENT WEAPON*

  136. *GREAT JOURNEY- When the Pokémon faints, it revives once with a single hit point.
  137. *QUICK LEARNER - Increases Evasion by one stage when hit by an attack.
  138. *REGAL POISE- Cannot fall under the effects of Taunt, Attract or Confusion.
  139. *DEEP THOUGHT - Psychic-type attacks deal 50% more damage, but will miss if the Pokémon is hit before it attacks.
  140. *SOOTHSAYER - Moves that delay their effects have their delay reduced by one turn.
  141. *WOODWORKER - The Pokémon is healed for 50% of the damage it deals to Grass-type Pokémon.
  142. *FIGHTING STANCE - Cannot be Paralyzed or have its Speed stat lowered.
  143. *ENSNARE - An opponent's Pokémon that tries to switch out or escape takes damage equal to 1/8 its maximum health.
  144. *HAUNT - Direct attacks have a 10% chance of forcing its target to switch out of battle.
  145. *LURKER - Dark and Water-type attacks lower the target's speed by one stage.
  146. *CHILLOUT - Attacks have a 20% increased chance of freezing the target.
  147. *DEADLY POISON - When the Pokémon is at full health, its Poison-type attacks always move first.
  148. *PERFECT DISGUISE - Ignores damage from the first super-effective attack dealt to the Pokémon.
  149. *UNSTOPPABLE - Attacks have increased priority by one stage.
  150. *IMMOVABLE - Damage from direct attacks dealt to the Pokémon is halved.
  151. *WINDS OF CHANGE - All weather effects and enemy stat changes are negated while the Pokémon is on the field.
  152. *ANCIENT WEAPON - Attacks from the Pokémon deal 30% more damage.
Cover art features the wolf legendary in each of its 2 formes depending on the version. In the background a larger Pokemon’s shadow looms over it: a winged beast shape in Sword (a dragon?), a humanoid shape with one eye in Shield (a cyclops?). (The box legends are two different Pokemon, not two forms of the same Pokemon.)

New battle mechanic based on distance. Sky battles return. Marine battles for Pokemon that can breathe under water. Diving returns but under water battles/encounters require marine Pokemon.

Galar is known for many of its native Pokemon having branch evolutions. Around 40 Galar species evolve differently depending on what version you own. New branch evolutions for older Pokemon including Johto starters, one of which you receive from Elm, who has come to study Galar’s mysterious effect on evolution.

This new feature encourages trading but you can also obtain the alternate evolution in a postgame safari area located on island to the right of Galar accessible via ferry from Water gym city. The island also has the and battle frontier.

Strong Pokemon trainers in Galar are invited to join official league teams and compete in team battles at gym stadiums. The two highest ranked teams are Team Sword and Team Shield. The top ranked team will ask your rival to join them and the second ranked team (Sword in Sword and Shield in Shield) will ask you to join them. You eventually agree as a favour to the Galar Champion so that you can investigate the top ranked team.

Technically there is no “evil team” in the game but the top ranked team are arrogant and are your main opponents. They have an evil captain and a manager with much more sinister plans that require his team to stay on top to make money from sponsorships. The top ranked team is based in the modern city in the north while your team are from the industrial city in the south. The team captains each possess the wolf legendary in its respective Sword/Shield forme. Once you prove yourself in battle, your captain entrusts his to you to stop managers secret plan.
Noctowl: Ice/Flying (Becomes black, with bits of dark blue.)
Sentret: Normal/Ground (Now has steel-claws)
Furret: Normal/Ground (Has a drill on its tail)
Spinarak: Bug/Ghost (is now black, but the smiley on it’s black is a bright pink)
Ariados: Bug/Ghost (Same as Spinerak. Now has a spooky angry-face on it’s back.)
Jumpluff: Grass/Fairy (Body becomes white, pom-pom-things turn pink)
Sudowoodo: Steel (Now disguised as a pinetree)
Houndour: Dark/Ice (“skull” on its head is now made out of ice)
Houndoom: Dark/Ice (Horns and bone-parts are now Icicles)
Magcargo: Fire/Water (Has now a seashell as it’s house)
Ralts: Dark/Fairy (Green “Helmet” turns dark blue and the dress-part becomes purple)

Kirlia: Dark/Fairy (Same as Ralts, but it’s legs stay white)
Gardevoir: Dark/Fairy (The same as previous, looks a bit like it’s Mega)
Zangoose: Fighting/Dark (White fur becomes black, has sharper claws)
Seviper: Poison/Steel (Has a giant iron spike-ball instead of it’s Knife-tail)
Spoink: Poison (Tail is made of purple sludge and it’s crystal is dark purple)
Grumpig: Poison/Ghost (same with spoink, but it’s pink parts become dark green
I couldn't post this on 4chan because some other person seems to have used my IP and got me banned, so I made a throwaway to post it here. A lot of this stuff is risky as absolute s*** for me to be leaking and I can't post this on any of my own accounts that could lead back to me. I've been a long time play tester for the English version of Sword and Shield, and that's all I can reveal. Moving on, here's what I have:

  • There are 104 new Pokemon. Galar forms are in, like the other leak implied with Meowth. "Sirfetch'd" is actually a Galar form and does not use that name, but the leaker may have called it that to paint a picture of its design. Its leek gets treated more like a cane as well as a color swap to black and white.
  • This time, representation is scattered among all past region Pokemon unlike with Alolan Pokemon just being Kanto. Some examples will be the Gulpin line (they'll look more like sweets) and the Dwebble line (They'll be much more grassy and green).
  • The majority of Kanto Pokemon will return. Strong representation from each other regions as well (though less than Kanto), totaling to a regional dex size of over 600+ Pokemon to make up for not every Pokemon being in the game. Many will only be acquirable through events and Max Raid Battles that get rotated around.
  • Dynamax levels only increase total Pokemon health and go up to level 10. At level 10, some Pokemon gain new "Gigantamax" forms.
  • Skwovet is the standard rodent you will find mostly in early routes.
  • Lofinch is the standard bird you will find in early routes as well, based on the Goldfinch with a love theme.
  • Wooloo evolves into Puffluff. It's wool gets even larger, but it looks more adult like in its features.
  • Raboot's evolution is called Athlabbit and will be Fire/Fighting, based on an athlete.
  • Grookey evolves into Drumunkey. Drumunkey evolves into Bongorilla and will beat a drum to fight. Bongorilla is a Grass/Rock type.
  • Sizzile and Intelleon leaks are correct. Intelleon is Water/Ghost.
  • Zamazenta is pure Steel. Zacian is pure Fighting. Eternatus is pure Dark. You will encounter these legends and the story behind them after the seventh gym.
  • Team Yell's grunts don't know much about their leaders. They go around causing ruckuses and trying to interfere with Pokemon battles and larger events. They're frequently mentioned as troublemakers on television and by locals in various cities and towns. Their main objective seems to be a lot more simple and harmless compared to previous teams, but the leaders are actually using their grunts to distract away from their operations. They are researching how to control Eternatus, in order to defeat Zacian and Zamazenta, the two guardians of the Galar region, in order to take it over.

  • The gym types and order is Grass (Milo), Water (Nessa), Ground (Kabu), Fairy (Opal), Fighting (Penny), Dark (Jora), Steel (Daron), and Normal (Lina). The Normal gym is directly in front of the Elite 4 and isn't a public stadium like the other seven. The Elite 4 reception is the first thing you see when you walk in, with her gym being accessible by entering a different room. Once you beat it, Leon will congratulate you and let you know he's waiting on top of the tower.
  • The Elite 4 system has changed to be more like the Battle Frontier. After clearing the normal gym, your Badge Ring is completed and you're able to challenge the Elite 4 by speaking to a receptionist at the previous room before you challenged Lina. Each member is in a different building with a unique kind of challenge. You can challenge the first three in any order.
  • Enya (Ghost) is in the clock tower building to the left. Lyric (Flying) will be in the Ferris Wheel building and has a Chatot that can Gigantamax. Colt (Bug) is in the red building to the right.
  • Then, you go back into the building that holds Lina's gym. There is a guard standing in front of a different door that leads to the tower. He grants you access to the base of the tower, where the fourth Elite 4 member, Claude (Psychic) awaits. Upon beating him, there is an elevator that takes you to the top of the tower where you battle Leon. His Charizard has a Gigantamax form.
  • Becoming champion unlocks some of the city surrounding the Elite 4. The area you can explore is not as big as it looks on the map, obviously. It is post-game content with several battle facilities that refresh daily, and markets that sell various hold items, TMs, and more items previously inaccessible. More Pokemon will start spawning in the Wild Area than initially.
  • There is a Battle Tower system in the industrial city at the center of the map. This is also the city for the seventh gym, Steel. However, it is locked for a while before you can challenge it.
  • The Wild Area looks a lot better in the play test build. They had to crunch the most stable version for E3. The notorious tree has better textures.
I can't say anything more. Posting this many details is already risky.
  1. Leaks according to 39218777
  2. ---
  3. Info on new pokemon

  4. There is 75 new Pokémon.
  5. The main bird is Poachirp, which evolves into Muggpie and then into Magpin, the thief pokemon. Dark/Flying. It's a Magpie with a top hat looking feather on its head.
  6. Wooloo evolves into a Bagpipe sheep. Normal/Fairy.
  7. Corviknight and Drednaw don't evolve.
  8. There is a ballroom girl pokemon
  9. Impidimp evolves into a weird gargoyle looking demon. Black and red in color.
  10. There is a Water/Poison Urshin that evolves into a colony of urshin.
  11. Impidimp keeps the same type and becomes some kind of gargoyle.
  12. Corviknight and Drednaw are single stages.
  13. There is an engineer pokemon. Fire/Steel
  14. Does eldegoss have another evolution? No
  15. Noblesse girl Pokémon
  16. There is a teapot pokemon (yes...) Fairy/Ghost type

  17. Pseudo is a Green and Red Dragon with a royal theme. Dragon/Fire

  18. Zacian and Zamazenta are Galar defender and protect the land from Eternatus since ancient times. Their armor/sword were actually crafter by their ancient time trainers that died in a war. They are rivals but also friends
  19. It's weird but both are Steel/Fighting

  20. Eternatus is somewhat of a mix of Stakataka, Golurk and Porygon but Yellow and Brown. It's very weird. It's humanoid but its head looks like a Rock Bird. Ghost/Electric
  21. ---
  22. Types of starter final evolutions
  23. Grookey - Grass/Rock
  24. evolves into a punk gorilla with a big Drum. The drum is part of his chest so it looks like the classical king kong move when he bangs his chest.
  25. Scorbunny - Fire
  26. looks very squary and fast. His legs are entirely red and his fur look like a short. His body is black white and red. He's more black than white weirdly enough.
  27. Sobble - Water/Ghost
  28. looks like he's wearing a coat and a hat and he actualky use his tongue to touch his "hat" and hide his face. He also has some blue/grey military camo motif on him

  29. Pictures:
  30. >>39219500
  31. >>39219596
  32. >>39219608
  33. ---
  34. Old pokemon reappearing

  35. The regional forms are two different things: regional only evolutions of old Pokémon, and gigantamax.
  36. Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle are in the game. Charizard have a gigantamax form
  37. There is a Kingler with a big Crown, a Charizard with some runes and red clouds on his body and mouth, a skinny Snorlax etc... Most of them are goofy looking, i think people will hate most of them.
  38. Kirlia is in the game
  39. Is Heracross in the game? No
  40. Do any Alolan pokemon make it to Galar? No. But i think you can transfer them from Go.
  41. Kommo-o was cut
  42. I think Yamask isn't in the game but i'm not sure. Pumpkaboo and misdreavus are definitly in it. Golurk and Aegislash are in the game too.
  43. Corphish and Beldum are in the game. Numel isn't.
  44. machoke evo is cool. It has a mustache and some stripes on its body.
  45. gengar gigantamax with a big tongue
  46. The meowth one is ugly. It's somewhat worse than alolan persian.
  47. There is also an Arcanine with a lot of fur and a flat face, it's horrible. I think it's Fire/Fairy.
  48. ---
  49. Antagonists and objectives

  50. Team Yell is one of the antagonist. They are just soccer supporter with no goal but to hype up Leon.
  51. Leon is the real antagonist he wants to use Eternatus the biggest Pokémon in the serie to control the world (Galar was buildt on him). He isn't very interesting.
  52. ---
  53. Postgame

  54. There is only a Clock tower fighting facility, Eternatus to catch (it's a raid battle) and Pokémon to catch in the Wild Area.
  55. It's a forced raid battle in the end game. To catch it you've to do, so in the post game and do a raid battle against him again.
  56. The reason why he isn't as big is because he's a Cloud that posess things and grow biger by absorbing their energy. His ancient body is what Galar was buildt on but his spirit is eternal.
  57. ---
  58. Misc.

  59. Is the camera free in all areas or just the wild area? Only wild area

  60. Steven Stone, AZ and N appear.

  61. Gamefreak is stressed because Pokemon Company isn't really considering them that important anymore and most devs lost faith and love for their work. The time restraint wzs forced late on development and they already gave designs to make cards and goodies so they were forced to remove features and gain time by removing Pokémons
  62. Most of the people i know are pissed off, but i don't really know about the higher ups. I do know Gamefreak itself is a mess rn because of the situation and they don't know how to handle it

  63. >What features from Pokemon XY, ORAS, and the Alola games were cut out due to GF's having to rush those games thanks to TPC. I know a dex culling almost occured in Gen 7 due to the time constraints.
  64. Everything was cut to be honest. Refresh is kinda still a thing because of the Pic Nic system.

  65. >I've heard Gamefreak asked Famitsu to edit part of Masuda's statement about a future patch from being simply "no" to "It is undecided if there will be a patch". It really is undecided huh?
  66. I'm not certain about the statement thing. I do think that they don't really know what they are going to do. I don't think that they'll patch it unless the uproar continues
Other Pokemon that receiving new Gigantamaxing forms are:
All four of the Tapu Legendaries, which will become masks to become giant colossi.
Charizard, Flygon, Tyranitar, Hydreigon, and Volcarona will receive Godzilla inspired design changes to their Gigantamaxed forms.
Meltan evolves while Dynamaxed into Melmetal.
Rotom who takes control of the entire stadium to fight.

After becoming Champion the player will be given meet their manager Alan who will help with sponsorships, host tournaments and create advertisements & posters that can be seen around Galar. During these missions provides money & unlocks new outfits, TMs, and access to additional locations of Wild Area.

There are over 98 new Pokemon, more counting form changes.

Potentially very single Pokemon can be obtained in the through online raid battle events. Gamefreak plans to have monthly online raids planned, alongside events hosted at local retailers. One of the first raids planned is Torterra to coincide with the Detective Pikachu movie.

Leon is Team Yell's anonymous leader who uses his social media and power of fandom to target and damage trainers reception so they lose sponsorship, in order to remain an unchallenged champion from trainers who he thinks could beat him. He thinks that Sonia purposefully let him win their match years ago and feels weak. He capture's the other version's legendary in order to feel powerful despite leaving Galar unprotected from the evil legendary Eternatus.

Eternatus has the power to control the minds of Pokemon and Gigantamaxing and Dynamaxing them into Raid Pokemon. It's the first outright evil Pokemon and can only be caught via Dynamax. In order to use Eternatus the trainer must purify his evil by befriending, playing, and petting it at camps.

I'll post more later.

The poster of the Dynamax rumor claimed that this rumor was posted by a friend of his using his IP Address.
  • Next Direct is August 2nd, with the announcement on July 22nd.
  • It’s run time is again roughly 15 minutes and about 12 min is actual gameplay (it’s mixed with commentary and other clips much like the previous direct, but this time with much more gameplay). Masuda has an announcement at the end which we’ll get to.
  • 4 new Pokemon are shown. Skwovet and Greedunt, the chipmunk Pokemon, are shown first.
  • Drednibbel, Drednaw’s baby mon, is shown next and finally Tulara, probably based on a peppered moth.
  • Greedunt looks just like the image attached. It's very lazy and in the wild area, it can be encountered near berry trees. They'll sit underneath eating but try to run when you get close. It's very slow and easy to run after. You can also find them in the earlier routes. It’s typing is pure Grass.
  • Swkovet is much slimmer and is a quadruped. Its tail is longer and bushier with some leaves sticking out of it on the sides. It has webbing between each arm and leg and is clearly based on a flying squirrel or sugar glider. It uses the tail leaves to help direct itself as shown while it’s flying in the wild area. You can encounter them by interacting with larger trees in later zones of the wild area but not in the wild. During the encounter, it will fly out of the tree and you have to chase after it. It’s typing is Grass/Flying but is only shown flying during attacks or random short animations in a battle/wild area. >Drednibbel looks a lot like Drednaw but is generally much smaller. Its shell seems to be roughly the same size as Drednaw’s, maybe a little smaller, but the body is considerably smaller. For the most part, only the head crest sticks out past the shell but its head isn’t really retracted inside as a normal turtle would. Its tail is much longer than Drednaws but still has the two same spikes at the end. It’s typing is still Water/Rock.
  • Tulara is just a simple Bug mon. Not much can be said about it other than that its pattern is randomly generated like Spinda’s, with it either being majority black or white with opposite specks. It’s typing is Bug/Poison and seems to be a mid-stage evo.
  • Post game info is also given. Crowne Point is the area at the very top of the map and seems to be only post-game. It has a battle frontier-style area but with at least a dozen different battle building. Battle Factory from gen 4 is one that caught my eye specifically. Most battle facilities from previous gens are included, but I didn’t see Battle Pike from gen 3 or the Battle Train from gen 5. They ended this segment saying something like: “This is only a fraction of the opportunities you can explore in Crowne Point and we are excited to bring you more information on post-game Galar in the future.”
  • At the very end, before Masuda makes his announcement. The silhouettes of the mid-stage starter evos are shown. I can’t really describe them other than the fact that they just get a little bigger. Sobble is still quadruped. Scorbunny is ofc a biped.
  • There were two major points of Masuda’s announcement. First, he goes into more depth about Dexgate (Nat Dex drama). It’s basically just the same reasoning he previously gave, but he announces that you’ll still be able to interact with Pokemon from outside of the Galar dex. When Pokemon Home is released, you’ll be able to bring one untransferable Pokemon at a time to Galar and they will be able to follow you around in Crowne Point. This doesn’t happen anywhere else in the game, just in the post-game city. This only applies to Pokemon temporarily sent from Home and not any that you’ve caught in Galar. The Pokemon is automatically sent back to Home after 48 hours. It’s played off as an “exotic companion rental” in game. You will not be able to battle to trade any Home companions you bring. The next point is rather small but still noteworthy. He announces that Pokemon Home will be free upon release, but will have different monthly plans. You will be able to keep up to 2000 Pokemon in Home for free and each additional 1000 slots is a one time purchase of $2.99.
  • Next trailer on August 7th
  • 3 new Pokemon will be revealed, 4 if you include Impidimp. Also finally show off a couple Galar forms.
  • Seagulp, a blue seagull Pokemon that has a pretty big oval shaped mouth horizontally. Surprisingly, Ice/Flying. It will be introduced with Booracuda, a Water/Ghost barracuda Pokemon that it hunts. Seagulp has a signature Flying attack called Dive Launch, where it dives and picks up Pikachu’s when on land, or Booracuda’s when over water, to launch at the enemy. Silliest move I’ve ever seen. Booracuda makes a funny face when being launched, like it’s going “Boo!” while Pikachu looks caught off guard
  • Impidimp shown
  • New Bug/Fire type based off of a fire ant, Antorch. It’s very red and the sac on it’s end looks like an actual torch.
  • Marnie and Bede are revealed. Bede is a childhood friend, and Marnie is someone who moved into town recently to star on a show. She’s a little famous. Marnie has a Yamper and Bede is shown with a Grookey against the protagonist’s Sobble. That means he gets the starter stronger to you
  • Team Yell grunts are shown after you interact with Marnie, as they seem to be fans of hers. They have a fan club over her and are obsessed. She doesn’t like them following her, so you fight them off. It’s pretty stupid.
  • Opal’s gym is shown off. It’s Fairy type. She uses an Alcremie.
  • Galarian forms. Girafarig turns Dark/Psychic. The dark side of it’s tail possesses the front of the body instead and it gets devil horns with an evil smile. The back of the body looks like normal color Girafarig and the tail is white with a normal face. Sudowoodo looks a lot more like a tree and becomes Rock/Grass
  • Trailer ends with each Eeveelution shown, followed by a black screen and two new cries. I won’t spoil the types
  • Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus are the main legendary trio. Zacian is Steel/Fighting and Zamazenta is Steel/Fire. Eternatus is a Dark type and looks like it’s made entirely out of black gas, though it does have form to it.
  • Meteodyna is the Legendary Pokemon behind the dynamax phenomenon, and the giant drawn into the hill is based off of it when Gigantamaxed. The smaller Pokemon seen near it’s feet are closer to what it actually looks like. It looks like a baby white dragon, and is Dragon/Normal type.
  • Also below Meteodyna’s feet is a mythical pig Pokemon. That one is called Pigsy, a play on the word “pixie” and is a pure Fairy type. I don’t know its relevance to Meteodyna, and it won’t be revealed in any trailer but will likely be in the game files just like all other mythicals.
  • The trio of this game will be based off of wooden soldiers. One is more feminine looking. Their names are Lanswell, Axena, and Boweign.
  • There are no other new Legendaries in Sword and Shield
Lance is the last gym leader he has a hydreigon, kommo-o, dragonite, and duraludon (his ace)
gwyllvern is a ghost/dragon psuedolegendary.there's an event where you can catch him in the wrathiel forest which opens up for you once you beat all 8 gym leaders
there are two new eevee evolutions
serpeon (a dragon type) and haubeon (a steel type)
you can evolve serpeon by leveling him up holding a shiny scale and Haubeon by leveling up with a rusty metal shard and low friendship
both eevees will have gigantamax forms
serpeon will get bigger wings, a longer body, and will grow a thick coat of fur and whiskers
haubeon will gain additional armor pieces and a sword tail
all starters got gigantamax forms even the galar ones but didn't see all
meganium looks like a brontosaurus with bigger antlers and more flowers
empoleon will have more golden details, a bigger trident in its forehead and its back resembling a royal cape
charizard looks very similar to mega charizard y but has more wings, some of its body covered by fire
zacian and zamazenta have gigantamax forms but didn't see them
there's a new rotom
eternatus can corrupt any Pokemon and make them hostile against humans and other pokemon
team yell are pretty much pokemon hooligans
the galar league are the true evil team like the aether foundation in sun and moon
post game lets you battle against all previous protagonists and other trainers like hugh and serena
word around is they're delaying the trailer
nex trailer will show two more trainers opal and kabu
it will also show regional forms like Oddish and regional evolutions like Sirfetchd
Quoting this post that was done on 17th June by Anonymous...

* Galar is completely huge, you know that there is a Wild Area, but there is also an Urban Area that is basically Open World of the city, you will meet lots of people, and they will give you stuff and quests.

* I can confirm that Gigantomaxing is real, there is giga forms to secected Pokemon such as Charizard, Machamp, Jynx and Piplup. You can fight them in an Urban Area. (Pokemon capable of Gigantamaxing can only be found through Max Raid Battles.)

* I saw two new Pokemon, one of them is a Pokemon titan, and looks like a prehistoric black man, and is exclusive to Max Raid Battles. The second one is just whipped cream.

* I know you are sad about the National Dex, but the games are going to feature all the protagonists and rivals from main games in a unique facility, it called Battle All-Stars. Some of them are getting new clothes, especially those from Gen 4 and 5.
  • Got to go play demo at London HQ today. Mostly let us battle with Pokemon that can gigantamax and battle a gym leader.
    • Meowth regional evolution changes from fat fur ball to long munchkin cat, Lapras has siren theme, Pikachu goes obese.
    • Granbull - lots of hanging drool and drool that floats, Ledian - black with red spots
    • Flygon - just wow. Exploudred - heavy metal inspired clearly
    • Escavalier - I didn’t see but others did. More regal looking is the sense I got.
    • Noiven - didn’t see.
    • All 3 sinnoh starters - I didn’t get to see. Signs of remakes?!
    • Dark type gym, Impidimp and it’s evolution are the main Pokemon.
    • I asked what about gen 7 Pokemon and she said there won’t be any gen 7 gigamtamax forms as gen 7 has been done basically
    • Another person asked if they will be any other gigantamax forms and she said something about how in the trailer it looks as if gigantamaxing would be handy for Zacien and Zamazenta basically. So the two wolves will obviously get it to fight off the big bad third.
72 new Galar Pokemon in total.
20 Gigantamax forms. Some popular choices like Flygon, some wildcards like Ledian.
Third game made alongside SwSh is Sword 2/Shield 2 out in winter 2020. Will have the national dex. Always had it. Marketing strategy to make the third game sell and win appraisal from fans I guess. Business 101 stuff.
Third game will have 3 new starters, not available in SwSh. Fighting > Rock > Flying. Fighting is a lynx. Rock is a bear. Flying is a Puffin. These starters are far superior in my opinion to Sobble, Grookey, and Scorbunny. Mythical archer Pokemon in also in the data for event. Predicted to be very popular up there with Charizard, Lucario etc.

Galar, is in my personal opinion, the best Pokemon game to date. It has the same magic of early Pokemon games. The UK provides rich lore and aesthetic not seen since the Japanese regions. Can’t wait for it to be out and everyone to love it.

You’ll notice lots of new things, like the exclusive gyms, new starter/starter types for the sequels. They’ve introduced new ways to distinguish SwSh, and distinguish the sequels and add new ways to introduce new Pokemon later on.
  • Grookey’s final evolution is Grass/Rock
  • Sobble’s final evolution is Water/Ghost
  • Scorbunny’s final evolution is Fire but it has an ability that basically gives stab to Fighting Type moves. It will be able to learn all “punch” moves even ice punch
  • Except for the Kanto starters and some popular Kanto Pokémon like Gengar, no Pokémon that previously had a mega evolution will get a Gigantamax form
  • Kanto Gigantamax = Starters, Arbok, Pikachu, Gengar, Clefable, Meowth, Wheezing, Lapras,
  • Johto Gigantamax = Noctowl, Lanturn, Xatu
  • Hoenn Gigantamax = Exploud, Wailord, Flygon
  • Sinnoh Gigantamax = None
  • Unova Gigantamax = Maractus, Garbodor, Cinccino, Golurk
  • Kalos Gigantamax = Noivern, Avalugg
  • Alola Gigantamax = None
  • Galar Gigantamax = Starters, Wooloo final evo, Dreadnaw, Corviknight, Alcremie, Eternatus, Impidimp final evo, Steel/Ghost Pokémon, New Mythical
  • 98 New Pokemon
  • 24 new Galarian forms
  • 15 Gigantamax forms
  • Grookey's final evolution is grass/Rock. Sobble's is Water/Poison, and Scorbunny's is Fire/Fighting.
  • There is an electric robot (Bottix), a dolphin (Orbofin), a squirrel (Skwovet), a little knight (Cladet), a new deer (Fawncy), and several others. Impidimp evolves into a gargoyle called Dargoyle. Yamper evolves into a greyhound called Barkolt.
  • galarian forms for Jynx, Farfetch'd, Arbok, Houndour/Houndoom, Pineco/Forretress, Cacnea/Cacturne, Glameow/Purugly, Carnivine, and a few others. Farfetch'd Forretress, and Carnivine get evolutions.
  • Gigantamax forms for all Kanto starters, Pikachu, Meowth, Lapras, Machamp, and Empoleon. The rest are for new Pokemon. One is for Bottix. Another was for an armored horse called Chaineigh.
  • Duraludon isn't the psuedo. It's a Pokemon named Regallus, a Fairy/Dragon type.
  • The legendaries are Steel/Fighting, Steel/Fire, and Eternatus is Dark/Dragon. It has a form change that makes it Steel/Dragon.
  • Meteodiana is the Pokemon drawn into the hill. It's exclusive to Max Raids in the postgame.
  • The remaining gym leaders are Fire, Poison/Fairy, Ice/Dark, Electric, and Dragon.
  • Like I mentioned earlier with Meteodiana, Max Raid battles have some exclusive Pokemon. I finished the game and was told by an NPC to check them out for Pokemon I can't find anywhere else. Not sure who else yet.
  • The postgame consists of entering the city behind the Champion's Cup at the top of the map. It's called the Urban Area and will let you challenge different trainers, including familiar ones. It also has quests you can take on.
  • Kalos won't be in the game, but there will be hints of it by NPCs at the train station. Someone says "I hear that our trains are getting connected to Kalos! I can't wait to go there with my Pokemon!" Might mean nothing like ORAS Battle Frontier.
  • Team Yell follows Marnie because she is the runaway princess of the Galar region. The queen, her mother, asked them to keep an eye on her in a way that would not alert the region's civilians. Marnie told them that until she beats the Gym Challenge, she isn't going back. They decide to support her until then. Her number one "fan" is an unrevealed character and her personal retainer, Cedric. He will battle you in attempts to convince you to drop out of the challenges to make way for Marnie so she returns home sooner.
  • Bede is an ambitious, yet greedy trainer that manipulates people around him, including Chairman Rose, who didn't actually want to endorse him. Raised by a rich family with no worries, he lacks compassion and doesn't care for those who strive to meet their goals. He wants to conquer the Gym Challenges and Champion's Cup to show that the system is too easy despite how hard people work, in attempts to demoralize effort.
  • Oleanna is Magnolia's daughter and the mother of Sonia. She is the villain of the game. She has been collecting energy emitted from Dynamaxing to power a device in her base meant to capture and control Eternatus. She wants to Dynamax it for the purpose of consuming Galar in shadow, and to create a world where dark is the new light.
  • Oleanna works with Chairman Rose to encourage people into taking on Gym Challenges and use Dynamax. This is to supply more Dynamax energy for her machines.
  • the legendary of your game is used to defeat Eternatus in different ways. Zacian will slash through the darkness with his sword and free Galar from it. Zamazenta will shield and protect everyone from the dark as it lights the sky with its protective flames, burning it away.
  • There is no Elite 4. You take on the Champion's Cup, which works like a tournament similar to the anime. Leon is at the end. His ace is Charizard that he gigantamaxes, but he has a Regallus.
Last gym is Dragon type once again, kinda annoyed me if I'm honest but the leader is a shocker
Eternatus is more evil than Necrozma was in Sun And Moon and is a dark/dragon type with one of the most ridiculous abilities of all time
Leon will try capture the opposite legendary to the version you're playing which allows for Eternatus' release
The main event for Eternatus will take place at the champions cup where the dynamax energy allows for him to come through from another world - this is Rose's plan all along.
Contests kind of make a return
Psuedo is a ghost/dragon
Galan dex has 713 entries when I was editing but I can assume that there will be more in the next stages
The lore about the legendary trio is the deepest I've seen
Galar Gyms:

Gym 1 - Kabu - Fire Type - Steam Badge - TM59 Incinerate
Gym 2 - Milo - Grass Type - Harvest Badge - TM86 Grass Knot
Gym 3 - Nessa - Water Type - Tide Badge - TM96 Aqua Jet
Gym 4 Sword - Opal - Fairy Type - Sprite Badge - TM77 Scuffle
Gym 4 Shield - Sopp - Poison Type - Spore Badge - TM06 Venoshock
Gym 5 Sword - Bea - Fighting Type - Grapple Badge - TM31 Brick Break
Gym 5 Shield - Allister - Ghost Type - Spirit Badge - TM30 Shadow Ball
Gym 6 - George - Dragon Type - Folk Badge - TM67 Dragon's Roar
Gym 7 Sword - Donnie - Dark Type - Eclipse Badge - TM59 Brutal Swing
Gym 7 Shield - Niklas - Ice Type - Peak Badge - TM70 Aurora Veil
Gym 8 - Wesley - Steel Type - Sheen Badge - TM91 Flash Cannon
"I played the first 90 minutes of Sword and shield. It’s the best Pokemon game so far based on what I played.
The towns are beautiful and well everything was.

In Route 1 I was surprised as there are quite a few new Pokemon in that area. You have Stickight who is a bug Pokemon. Looks like a stick insect.
As well as Yamper and Wooloo, one of the other newbies who was my favourite in that route is called Ikfoxon. Strange name but it’s a little beautiful orange and black fox. The people in the town really hates it though.

Wild area was amazing, I literally spent about half hour there, I could of gone to a city called Motostoke but I was enjoying the wild area too much. The beauty, the amounts of Pokemon, the adventure, the raids, collecting watts for dynamax crystals was just super fun, you will spend so long there and not get bored.
Saw a few new Pokemon there as well. When you shake a weird childish looking tree too much I had a skwovet jump down. Looks like a baby squirrel and was a normal type.
Another new Pokemon I saw in the wild area was beeknight. This was a big bee with bits of armour on and I sharp metal stinger. One of the trainers in the wild area has one and mentioned that Beeknight and vespiquen battle when ever they meet. In my mind I had the duraludon and tyranitar instance come to mind.

Professor Magnolia is a very odd character. She doesn’t give you a starter, she doesn’t seem that nice, she acts and looks fed up of you, Hop and Leon. I got a little bit of an evil vibe from here. Meanwhile Sonia seemed lovely. Professor Magnolia also battles you after you face Hop the second time. She had a Corviknight, Yamper and the starter you and Hop didn’t pick. I don’t think it’s the same one Leon recalled to poke ball when you picked a starter but could be, may find out later in the game but as I said, something about her seems odd.
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Really? I stopped at "the starters are based on entertainment". They seem to forget that Alola already did that.

I guess I never really thought of the Alola starters that way, but now that you mention it I guess you're right. But the sports, music, drama thing seemed possible based on what we've seen from them so far.
that water/secondary type is wishful, found informations about non-toxic chameleons on google.
Knowing that they may do the reverse thing with it. Like they sometimes like to do.

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Here is a leak that I found out about from watching one of Ruffledrowlets videos.

Now the interesting thing about it is that it manages to get the names correct and comes very close with its descriptions of the starters, honestly if feels to close to just be a lucky guess. The description of the legendaries doesn't match the wolves that we have been seeing but I wouldn't be surprised if the wolf image that we keep seeing is supposed to be the third legendary rather than the paired legendaries, plus looking at the Galar Region map the giant Dragon head at the center city seems a bit interesting. The thing that really caught my attention was the whole elementals thing and what they do. This rumor says that you can equip elemental to pokemon to give them a different typing which is very similar to what we expect armor evolution to do except according to this it won't just be limited to Steel there will be elemental armors for all the types meaning you can give any pokemon an additional secondary type making it both stronger and weaker. Which would interestingly fit with the whole strongest pokemon theme that these games seem to be going for and fit in very well with the whole forge your path to greatness thing that the games seem to be going for. This is definitely a rumor that I will keep an eye on.
Here is a leak that I found out about from watching one of Ruffledrowlets videos.

Now the interesting thing about it is that it manages to get the names correct and comes very close with its descriptions of the starters, honestly if feels to close to just be a lucky guess. The description of the legendaries doesn't match the wolves that we have been seeing but I wouldn't be surprised if the wolf image that we keep seeing is supposed to be the third legendary rather than the paired legendaries, plus looking at the Galar Region map the giant Dragon head at the center city seems a bit interesting. The thing that really caught my attention was the whole elementals thing and what they do. This rumor says that you can equip elemental to pokemon to give them a different typing which is very similar to what we expect armor evolution to do except according to this it won't just be limited to Steel there will be elemental armors for all the types meaning you can give any pokemon an additional secondary type making it both stronger and weaker. Which would interestingly fit with the whole strongest pokemon theme that these games seem to be going for and fit in very well with the whole forge your path to greatness thing that the games seem to be going for. This is definitely a rumor that I will keep an eye on.
That was made by @Knightwolf09 if I recall correctly.
Here is a leak that I found out about from watching one of Ruffledrowlets videos.

Now the interesting thing about it is that it manages to get the names correct and comes very close with its descriptions of the starters, honestly if feels to close to just be a lucky guess. The description of the legendaries doesn't match the wolves that we have been seeing but I wouldn't be surprised if the wolf image that we keep seeing is supposed to be the third legendary rather than the paired legendaries, plus looking at the Galar Region map the giant Dragon head at the center city seems a bit interesting. The thing that really caught my attention was the whole elementals thing and what they do. This rumor says that you can equip elemental to pokemon to give them a different typing which is very similar to what we expect armor evolution to do except according to this it won't just be limited to Steel there will be elemental armors for all the types meaning you can give any pokemon an additional secondary type making it both stronger and weaker. Which would interestingly fit with the whole strongest pokemon theme that these games seem to be going for and fit in very well with the whole forge your path to greatness thing that the games seem to be going for. This is definitely a rumor that I will keep an eye on.
And with Flygon being one of The Pokémon rumored to get elemental armor, I can only hope his new typing will be Bug/Dragon. Hell, let’s go even further and have Luxray get the dark type Armor.
Elemental armors? Change of type, stats and ability with a on pokenon item? Nice.
Here is a leak that I found out about from watching one of Ruffledrowlets videos.

Now the interesting thing about it is that it manages to get the names correct and comes very close with its descriptions of the starters, honestly if feels to close to just be a lucky guess. The description of the legendaries doesn't match the wolves that we have been seeing but I wouldn't be surprised if the wolf image that we keep seeing is supposed to be the third legendary rather than the paired legendaries, plus looking at the Galar Region map the giant Dragon head at the center city seems a bit interesting. The thing that really caught my attention was the whole elementals thing and what they do. This rumor says that you can equip elemental to pokemon to give them a different typing which is very similar to what we expect armor evolution to do except according to this it won't just be limited to Steel there will be elemental armors for all the types meaning you can give any pokemon an additional secondary type making it both stronger and weaker. Which would interestingly fit with the whole strongest pokemon theme that these games seem to be going for and fit in very well with the whole forge your path to greatness thing that the games seem to be going for. This is definitely a rumor that I will keep an eye on.
However, this leak claims that the region will be based on Scandinavia, not the UK.
Pretty sure the one about a dark type gym is fake.
As well as the one where the evil team is inspired by the "alt right"
Btw, 2 of those leaks were false - the ones where they posted the dates that there will be a new reveal and what. The new reveals in March. Well there weren't any. Did anyone put those people on blast?
The Spirit armor rumor may be true, but the part where the legendary cannot battle unless it has the armor? I doubt they would do that.

I do like the idea of armored Pokemon. Certain Pokemon would look intimidating and badass, Charizard for example.
The Spirit armor rumor may be true, but the part where the legendary cannot battle unless it has the armor? I doubt they would do that.

I do like the idea of armored Pokemon. Certain Pokemon would look intimidating and badass, Charizard for example.
I agree with you. Forcing a Pokemon to hold a special item just to battle is something I don't think GameFreak will ever do.
What Pokémon would you like to see get an armored form?
Farfetch(flying fighting samurai), flygon, venusaur and blastoise(with type change), machamp, rhydon, the new starters, excavalier, rgampardos, tyrantrum,
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