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Leaks/Rumors Thread

We're getting to that time when the leaks should probably start happening. I found out that BDSP actually started leaking 13 days before release, which is when the video of the gym battle against Maylene was first posted. We should probably start seeing them, but there's just too many trolls.
Leak update:
nothing leaked yet.
I checked all the sources available to me.

If there is a leak, it'll almost certainly be in cartridge dump format, which is .xci.

But...nothing yet...man I hope it'll get leaked soon...
I think we'll probably see gameplay images first from someone playing it because most people don't know how to dump a cart, and then we'll get datamined images and text dumps from Kaphotics and them, since that's how it usually goes.
If it's gameplay images first, then that makes it slightly harder to avoid anything but the new Pokemon. But i'm sure i can figure it out.
Well, the leaks thread usually splits so plot stuff goes into a separate thread. And the dataminers don't really prominently post plot stuff unless you read through their text dumps, if I recall right.
The person who posted the giant box of promotional material that PoryLeaks confirmed had games in is claiming they got a copy. They've been saying details, but we have no confirmation they truly have it.

Did you mean the one on r/PokeLeaks? If so, then I'd say it's probably fake, or maybe parts of it were. They claimed that H-Weavile was shown in the opening, which could be true but not that likely. They also said that we begin in the snow area and Prof. Laventon asked whether we got the Arc Phone or not, which is also a weird claim considering there should be a test before we get to join Galaxy Team.
It's fake. The guy apparently claimed Lian introduced himself after the Kleavor fight, which we know isn't true from the trailers, and he pulled the "I threw in misinformation to protect myself" card when he was called out on it.
You gotta be kidding me. What the hell is up with the ridiculous amount of trolls?
If the right person gets hold on it, we might see something. It's largely out of Nintendo's control if retailers get their hands on them.
Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if GF caught on & took some measures this time to prevent the game from being leaked prematurely.
We've seen them try again and again, but people always find their way around it. Like when they dummied out all the pokemon in the Sun and Moon demo- people still managed to crack everything out of it.

Short of making the games only available via download on release day, they can't really do anything to stop leaks from physical copies. Even if they put some sort of lock on it, resourceful people are gonna crack the files. Pretty sure that's why we're starting to see things like mythicals being added via updates instead of being present in the game at launch.
They halved the game size which basically means the game is incomplete without updates.
To be fair IDK if this would help, because the game carts may be already made with the 12GB version, but even so...
I assume they were just slow with update the eshop page because the game copies were definitely already made and in shipment by then.
They halved the game size which basically means the game is incomplete without updates.
To be fair IDK if this would help, because the game carts may be already made with the 12GB version, but even so...

leak alert: no leaks yet
It could also mean that the previous file size was just a placeholder, couldn't it?

I don't think we really need the leak alert.

At this point I wonder if we'll need the datamine thread, since those are generally used when the game leaks in advance.
We still have time.
They really did a good job on preventing leaks this time- only 100 review codes sent out, making retailers take DAILY PICTURES of the sealed inventory (this may not be true though)…

I feel like they kept all the energy of preventing leaks for this game and let everything happen for BDSP. It’s impressive but I still want it to leak asap!!! Haha
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